A Boo-tiful Wedding


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Chapter Twenty-Two (there's not gonna be any mention of the coronavirus (alias CO-VID 19) in this story whatsoever after all it's fictional)

Before the Wedding...

San Francisco,CA,USA (May 16th)

Randy's Bridal

*Katelyn enter with Wanda Tagg,Jade,Ivy,Tatiana and Maylee...there was Lorenzo Dupioni*

Lorenzo: Ah ladies thank you for coming!
Wanda: You must be the fashion designer.
Lorenzo: Indeed and thank you ACME for recovering the dress.
Jade: Our pleasure,Lorenzo!
Lorenzo: As I promise I will design a dress so which of you ACME girls is getting married?
Ivy: Nether one of us is engaged.
Tatiana: *pointed her finger to Katelyn* Actually is this girl.
Katelyn: Hello,I'm Katelyn Willow,I'm Archie Pelago's niece and I'm going to get married on June the sixth.

Lorenzo: And whose the lucky man you're going to married?
Katelyn: Johnny Tagg.
Wanda: He's my son and she'll soon become my daughter in law.
Lorenzo: Do you have a dress in mind?
Katelyn: I wanted to wear my mother's but no matter what I can't find the dress that looks like the one she wore on her wedding day...somehow my maid of honor told me about you and the dress your grandmother design.
Lorenzo: Ah,yes! *as he shows Katelyn the picture of the wedding dress mention earlier* Is this it?
Wanda: *Katelyn 😲 and ☺* It's beautiful! Can you make that one?
Lorenzo: For your future daughter in law I will and Miss Katelyn whose your maid of honor?
Katelyn: Jade is she's the one who told me about the dress your grandmother made.

Lorenzo: And these three are the bridesmaids?
Katelyn: Yes I want to make them wear Columbia Blue and the dresses should be mismatch.
Jade: Katelyn's father is a Columbia Medical graduate and the flowers are orange to represent her mother as a Princeton graduate major in landscaping design.
Lorenzo: Yes I told you that already and the dresses should be mismatch?
Katelyn: Of course.
Wanda: Based on their personalities.
Lorenzo: Do you have a flower girl? *Wendy the little good witch appears*
Wendy: No need to find one?
Jade: She's the flower girl and she'll wear a red dress to represents Cornell University.
Wanda: Ah my best friend attended there she major in hotel management and she lives in Kauai: Hawaii's Garden Isle.
Katelyn: That's me and Johnny's choice of our honeymoon! *Wanda ☺*

Meanwhile at Suits and Tux (fictional store)

*Johnny appeared in a blue 🤵 for trying on before the wedding.*

Richard: You look amazing,son! *Archie,Spencer,Zack,Josha and Cole 😄*
Johnny: Thank you,dad!
Richard: Are you sure you want your tuxedo blue?
Johnny: Of course,dad that's why I pick the colors for the best man and groomsmen.
Richard: Ah to represent the college your mother and I attended but what about your future uncle in the family.
Johnny: Easy I pick brown for him.
Archie: Representing Brown University I never attended there.
Zack: But my sister did. *As Casper appears in a blue tuxedo jacket and a red bow tie.*
Casper: How do I look?
Johnny: Like a ring bear,Casper!
Archie: Ah to represent the University of Pennsylvania.
Richard: My best friend graduate there he's a dentist in Boston.

(May 23rd)

Premier Patisserie & Cafe

*Cake tasting in progress*

Bolt: *after tasting the chocolate cake with a rich dark chocolate buttercream frosting* Mmm...I love this flavor you sure the chocolate is from Mexico?
Owner (American female): You bet it is!
Johnny: It is good but it's best to have a vanilla almond with the lemon mascarpone frosting as a bridal cake.
Ann: True but it won't be fair for you.
Richard: Now hold a minute... *to the owner*can we have two cakes?
Wanda: Richard!
Richard: Wanda what I meant to say is one bridal cake and one groom's cake.
Owner (American female): Of course so that way everyone have two pieces of one cake each.
Johnny: Can you make a shape of a trout?
Owner(American female): Why not I can make a good groom's cake but I don't so snakes.
Johnny: Perfect make it in chocolate,please!
Owner(American female): You got it! *everyone cheered*

(May 29th)

ACME Headquarters


Shirley: *on her 📱* I'm glad you're coming over,cousin to film the wedding...it's not for me * notice the ghostly trio setting up the chairs.*Can I call you back,cousin...thanks! *she hung up her 📱...and walk to the ghostly trio* Boys,what are you doing?

Stretch: *as Archie shows up* Just getting ready for the wedding ceremony!
Archie: I appreciated that,boys but the settings are taken...And The Chief isn't going to be please the way you three set it up.
Ghostly Trio: *as Casper shows up* WHAT?!?!
Casper: It's true the ceremony will be taken place at the Conservatory of Flowers.
Fatso: That's okay let's make a reception instead.
Archie: Sorry boys the reception is already taken.
Shirley: The reception is going to take place at the Palace of Fine Arts,fellows. *Jade came*
Jade: Bottom line Carmen and few of her gang members are invited with a condition...no stealing allowed and the dress code is dressy casual or semi-formal.

Archie: We already got everything cover including some help from Miss Santz who conducting the live music for the ceremony,Palace Galore are already finished making the wedding bands after returning the engagement ring and Detective Jordan brings in a photographer and a DJ from South San Francisco after helping him out arresting the drug dealer there.

Jade: Julia's is going to catered the wedding food at the Palace of Fine Arts.
Shirley: The marriage license is taken care of by Johnny and Katelyn,one of Johnny's friends from high school is now a officiant who is going to be a preacher once the new church is build and I'm calling back my cousin from Fresno he'll be responsible to record the wedding.
Archie: For the Chief who still resting at home...Now boys do us a favor? Put everything back! *the Ghostly Trio 😁*

Agnes Acme: *as she appears* You heard him...*yelled at The Ghostly Trio* PUT EVERYTHING BACK WHERE YOU THREE GOT IT FROM!!!
Ghostly Trio: Yes,Ma'am! *as they start everything back.*

(end of Chapter Twenty-two...Happy ending is coming up soon)
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Chapter Twenty-Three

Evergreen Cemetery,Brighton Neighborhood,Boston,MA,USA

(June 5th)

*The spirits have awaken especially Thomas and Mackenzie Willow...Agnes Acme and Casper came while Spooky and the Ghostly Trio sees an opportunity to spook up the people in Boston before dawn.*

Mackenzie: That's wonderful!
Thomas: It's a shame that we'll miss it tomorrow.
Agnes Acme: Of course you two can't come during the daylight.
Mackenzie: We can go anywhere but only at night and we have to return before sunrise.
Casper: But there's one problem you two can't get to San Francisco.
Thomas: It's true,Casper! We have to stay here. *Suddenly 🌟 appears and it forms into an angel*

Angel: (in form of a 🕵️‍♂️)Hello you must be Casper the Friendly Ghost!
Casper: I am!
Angel: Good to see you again,Agnes!
Agnes Acme: It's been awhile,old friend!
Angel: That was a very good job you and everyone did to get these two lonely lovebirds together at last after all these years,Casper.
Casper: It was nothing! Me and Agnes are going back to San Francisco for the wedding.
Angel: Well it's true however I think the 👰 should dance with her father but only for tomorrow night.
Casper: Until midnight?
Angel: *nodded his head 'no'* It's not a Cinderella deal,Casper! Believe me it's one surprise the 👰 will never forget.

(Wedding day: June 6th)

San Francisco,CA,USA

Johnny's house

*Spencer,Zack,Josha and Cole dressed in a blue tuxedo with a crimson bow tie,crimson ranunculus boutonniere and black dress shoes when someone knock on the door.*
Zack: *as Spencer look through the peephole* Uh oh the 👰 should've be here!
Spencer: Relax,Zack,it's only Johnny's parents. *he opens the door lets Richard who dressed in a black tuxedo,black bow tie,crimson ranunculus boutonniere and black dress shoes and Wanda who dressed in Dartmouth green skirt suit and matching shoes and hat when Johnny comes downstairs in a blue tuxedo,white bow tie,white ranunculus boutonniere and black dress shoes with a pair of gold cuff links in shape of an owl head and face.*

Wanda: Oh Johnny you look handsome.
Johnny: Thank you,mother and thanks for the cuff links,father.
Richard: You're welcome,son well we better get going you don't want to be late for your wedding.
Johnny: I won't miss this for the world...C'mon,boys my wedding awaits.
Zack: Oh yeah let's go!

Stanyan Park Hotel,Haight-Ashbury just seven minutes from the Conservatory of Flowers.

Katelyn (in her wedding dress,pearl stud earrings,matching necklace,her hairstyle is shoulder length and chignon up-do,veil,Juliet cap and white shoes with makeup matching her skin): *to Jade in a Columbia blue dress: 3/4 sleeves and A-line,orange jade stone stud earrings,matching necklace,orange low heeled pumps,her hairstyle is the ponytail with an orange headband and her makeup that matches her skin* Oh Jade,am I nervous?
Jade: Not at all,Katelyn the only one who nervous around the bridal group is Ivy.
Katelyn: Oh you told the dressmaker she's tomboyish?
Jade: She sure is. *someone is knocking on the door.*
Katelyn: Oh no Johnny should've be here.
Jade's Mind: I hope Darlene doesn't escape before Katelyn say 'I Do' to Johnny. * she opens the door it was Archie in a brown suit with a red bow tie,cardinal red peony boutonniere she very relieve.*

Archie: Miss Ezell I was hoping...*😲 at Katelyn* Oh my,Katelyn as if I see your mother again you look so beautiful.
Katelyn: Thank you,Uncle Archie! I hope the bridesmaids have arrive.
Archie: They're outside! *Jade saw her friends dressed in Columbia blue like Maylee dressed in Cheongsam with orange Mandarin Collar,orange snood,orange jade stud earrings,a little bit of makeup that match her skin and orange ankle strap low heel pumps,Tatiana in a off the shoulder chiffon and high low hemline,orange gem drop earrings,orange ankle strap sandals,her hairstyle is an up-do with a faux orange blossom headband and her makeup matching her skin and Ivy who is in 😡 with Jade dressed in a high-neck top with a matching ruffle wide leg skirt pants,orange chandelier earrings and orange open toe sandals,her makeup is based on her skin and a limousine is parked.

Jade's mind: *Jade 😓😬 when she saw Ivy in a 😡* Oh boy I'm so in trouble! I bet Zack will be laughing his head off when he sees Ivy like that.

After checking out of the hotel...

Jade: *gulped* Now don't get angry,Ivy I know today is Katelyn's wedding and I want you to look nice as a bridesmaid I'm so sorry.
Ivy: *in a 😕 * You don't need to apologize,Jade,I understand the one who should be apologizing is Cruiser.
Jade: *😑* Cruiser?!?!
Ivy: Yeah I'm not the only one whose angry Lee is too after he took a picture of me in this dress with his cellphone.
Jade: * 😌* Oh I get it Cruiser is not a dressy casual person like all of us I've figure he still into blue jeans and hi-tops
Ivy: Exactly,Jade!
Archie: *as the chauffeur opens the limo door* Ladies,it's time for the wedding,driver the Conservatory of Flowers!*as he,Katelyn,Jade,Ivy,Tatiana and Maylee enter the limousine.*

Driver: You got it,Mr. Pelago! We're good on time and we can't be late. *as the driver drives them to the Conservatory of Flowers.*

(end of Chapter Twenty-Three...There still time for a happy ending I promise)


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Chapter Twenty-Four

West Gallery,Conservatory of Flowers,San Francisco,CA,USA (June 6th)

*While Renee (in her light teal kimono dress,matching beret,gold hoop earrings and brown sandals) conducts the orchestra to Pachelbel's Canon in D to let the guest in.

Carmen: *in a light gray well tailored pantsuit,powder blue blouse,black pumps and pearl jewelry set* This is really a beautiful choice they pick.
Chase: *in a tan suit and brown shoes* They sure did. *as he sits down along with Carmen.* I was hoping you weren't showing up.
Carmen: Yeah my gang try to find the right outfit for a wedding.


Jade: *as she steps out of the limousine to Casper and Wendy (in a red dress)* Casper,Wendy is everyone getting comfortable inside?
Casper: *after he phase his head out* No the guests are arriving on time and believe me it's never felt better.
Wendy: We're glad we made it early.
Casper: Oh by the way there's two more coming but only for tonight.
Jade: Ah I bet it's a surprise.
Casper: You got it.


*Vic in a powder blue leisure suit,Lars in a cobalt blue leisure suit and Moe in a gray suit with a bow tie.*

Moe: This is something.
Lars: *sniffed* I know Moe,weddings makes everyone cry.
Moe: Well don't be a crybaby whatever you do.
*Patty in a lemon yellow cocktail dress,Sara in a blue gray blouse and gray dress pants,Contessa in a sea foam green dressy jumpsuit and Jeeves in a Chauffeur Uniform each sits down.*

Lee: *in a navy linen blazer,khaki slacks and brown loafers who is 😠 at Cruiser* I don't care what you look like you have to look good for a wedding.
Cruiser: *who almost dress like Chris Farley as Matt Foley on a Saturday Night Live skit except no glasses and yes wearing he's wearing his high-tops as usual* What am I,Lee a motivational speaker?
Lee: No Cruiser and I told you to wear dress shoes not high-tops.
Cruiser: The invitation didn't say that.
Lee: *shrugged* Oh brother! (I don't own Saturday Night Live or anything from Chris Farley or any SNL characters whatsoever)

*as Jason and Tyson each wear a linen blazer,slacks and dress shoes along with Ann in a lavender blouse and khaki colored dress pants,Jessie in a spring green sleeveless mid length dress and white sandals,Perry,Stewart and Arthur each wear a suit,necktie and dress shoes,Armando wears a suit with dress shoes and bolo tie,Amber in a orange cocktail dress,Nadia in black cocktail dress,Bolt in a suit with a bow tie and Shirley in a dressy skirt and top*

Chase: *quietly*Jordan,Cruiser! *as Lee and Cruiser came to Chase* Sit down,you two! *And they did...as a Officiant and Johnny shows up first then his parents came and seated...here comes the bridesmaids.*

*Cruiser chuckled at Ivy when she,Tatiana and Maylee shows up on the left.*
Cruiser: *Lee stomped on his foot* Ow!
Chase: *quietly* Jordan!*as the groomsmen (Zack,Josha and Cole) shows up on the right.*
Lee: *quietly* I'll explain later,Chase! *Here comes Jade the maid of honor...each girl holds a bouquet of a ring of green hydrangea and orange ranunculus...here comes Spencer the best man...Casper the ring bear who holds a pillows with a pair of white gold ring bands inside a ring box and Wendy the flower girl throws the flower petals on the floor.

*Renee now conducted the orchestra to Richard Wagner's Bridal Chorus*

Officiant: Everyone rise! *the guests stands up as Archie escorted his niece,Katelyn Willow and she holding her bridal bouquet of white roses (purity and innocence),Lily of the Valley (sweetness and happiness) and baby's breath (everlasting and undying love) to Johnny* Whose gives this woman to this gentleman in holy matrimony?

Archie: Her Family and I are? *as he escort Katelyn to Johnny* I'm proud of both of you! *as he heads down to the chairs.*

Officiant: Please be seated! * the guests did* Dearly Beloved we've gather together to this day forward to untie these two in holy matrimony...*Cruiser makes sure no one interrupts the wedding* If there's someone who objected that these two should be wedded speak now or forever your peace.

Cruiser: *as he stands up* All good here no objectives please proceed *Lee and Chase each lightly head slap him* Ow! What?!?!
Chase: *quietly* Sit down!
Cruiser: *as he sits down* Sorry my...*Lee covers his mouth*
Lee: *quietly* Pipe down,Cruiser!

Officiant: *😌* Jonathan, will take Katelyn to be your wife as long as you both shall live?
Johnny: I do!
Officiant: Katelyn,will take Jonathan to be your husband as long as you both shall live?
Katelyn: *☺😊 at Johnny* I do!

Officiant: They will say their vows.*as Katelyn give her bridal bouquet to Jade*

Johnny: I,Jonathan take you, Katelyn to be my wife I promise to be true and good to you in good times and in bad to have and to hold, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health...For this day forward until we are apart.

Katelyn: I,Katelyn take you, Jonathan to be my husband I promise to be true and good to you in good times and in bad to have and to hold,for richer or for poorer,in sickness and in health...For this day forward until we are apart.

Officiant: The rings,please! * Casper brings in the rings* Hope you can place the ring on her left ring finger. *Johnny pick up the ring band to be place on Katelyn's left ring finger.*

Johnny: Katelyn with this ring I thee wed as a sign of promise of my love and faithfulness.

Officiant: Katelyn,you'll do the same thing for Jonathan. *Katelyn pick the ring band to be place on Johnny's left ring finger.*

Katelyn: Jonathan,with this ring I thee wed as a sign of promise of my love and faithfulness.

Officiant: And by the power invested in me by the state of California I now pronounce these two husband and wife let no man or woman come to tear them apart...*to Johnny* Jonathan,you may kiss your bride! * Johnny and Katelyn kiss together as the guests applause and Renee conducted the orchestra to Mendelssohn's Wedding March.* Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you for the first time as husband and wife,Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Tagg.

(End of Chapter Twenty-Four the epilogue is coming up right after every guests goes to the reception at the Palace of Fine Arts while the wedding group gets into photos.)
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