A Boo-tiful Wedding


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(I don't own the characters: Carmen Sandiego,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Chase Devineaux,Ivy,Zack,Lee Jordan,Ann Tickwittee,Renee Santz,Armando Arguella, Cruiser,Cole Gannon,Josha,Tatiana, Agnes Acme,Vic-the-Slick,Contessa,Patty Larceny,Sara Bellum,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas and Medeva whatsoever)

Guest Characters: Casper the Friendly Ghost,Wendy the Good Little Witch,The Ghostly Trio (Stretch,Stinky and Fatso) and Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost.

Note: This is fictional and it's a Valentine's Day story about long lost lovers getting back from well...Read for yourself.


The Sandiego Manor

Someone knock on Carmen's door...

Carmen: Now what? *She opened and gasped when she saw an audit with a crew of police officers out of nowhere.*
'Audit': Sorry to disturb you,Carmen Sandiego but the property that you own well I'm afraid the owners want it back.
Carmen: There's seems a mix-up,ma'am! I owe this property.
'Audit': Prove it! *as Carmen went to her office accompanied by the audit.*

Carmen's office

Carmen opens the file and shows the audit the deed to the property...The audit grabs out of Carmen's hands and rips the deed in front of Carmen.
Carmen: *gasped and 😠* How could you I just...*got knock down unconscious before she's about to finish her sentence.*
'Audit': That ought keep her mouth shut,officers take her away. *two police officers dragged Carmen away* Make sure to pack her clothes and her toiletry she might needed those while behind bars.

After police officers just pack up Carmen's things out of her manor...they throw her suitcases in the trunk of the police car and place an unconscious Carmen in the back seat of the police car...The Audit place a sticker of 'Bank Owned Property' in front of the manor.

'Audit': Make sure Carmen Sandiego is place in prison dungeon around the city by the bay's famous prison where no one escapes.
Police officer: You sure,ma'am?
'Audit': What else I just want to make a happy couple settle in this place. *laughed a little*

(end of Prologue)


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Chapter One

Alcatraz Island,San Francisco,CA,USA

As a ferry docked there letting in tourists in...

Tour Guide to Alcatraz (Female): ...I hope everybody's understands the rules.
Tourists: Yes,ma'am!
Tour Guide to Alcatraz (Female): Let's get going,people!

*Casper the Friendly Ghost and his cousin,Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost floating down to the island after the tour guide and the tourists enters Alcatraz.*
Spooky: Here we are,Casper,Alcatraz!
Casper: We're not even old enough to go on a tour.
Spooky: No we're here to meet the prisoners of the past to teach you to be bad and mean.
Casper: Spooky,that's not a good idea!*a security officer shows up*
Security Officer (Male): Hey you two you're not...*gasped and yelled* A PAIR OF GHOSTS!!!! *as he ran off*
Spooky: Well that was a surprise he let us in...*laughing and someone screaming coming from inside the penitentiary.* I wonder what's going on in there.
Casper: Golly! Let's find out,Spooky! *as he and Spooky phase in...and there was the tour guide coming back to the dining hall?!?!*

Tour Guide to Alcatraz (Female): *to the tourists* Hey! Stop what you're...Oh my gosh! *as she ran off.*
Casper: *as he and Spooky shows up and gasped* Golly,it's Carmen!
Spooky: That can't be...*Carmen screamed all cover in chocolate syrup after tourists throws balloons at her...to the tourists* Alright break it up,show's over folks!
Tourist (teenage boy): No,it's not!
Spooky: Oh yes it is! *as he throws the balloons (that fills up the chocolate syrup) back at the tourists.*
Tourist (teenage boy): *to Spooky* I ought *as he's about to punch Spooky but didn't somehow he gasped* Oh fudge,it's a real ghost! *he and the other tourists screamed and ran off.*
Casper: *as he saw Carmen well 😭 after being humiliated by getting covered in chocolate syrup* Carmen,it's me,Casper it's okay me and Spooky are here the tourists are gone you're okay,Carmen. *Carmen still 😭*
Spooky: Casper,I think Carmen has humiliated enough for one day.

Ten Minutes Later...

*An ACME Speedboat docks at Alcatraz...Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson shows up as they got off the speedboat.*

Lee: *as he and his team shows the tour guide and the tourists their own ACME badge* Alright,people,we're from ACME what is going on here?

Tour Guide to Alcatraz (Female): Well it's mess at the dining hall no thanks to this group.
Tyson: Yo,people! Care to explain to us?
Tourist (teenage boy): Okay,we were on the tour alright and then there was Carmen Sandiego and we were forced to throw balloons at her.
Cole: Are the balloons filled with water?
Tourist (teenage boy): Chocolate Syrup! *Lee 😒 as he grab the tourist by the shirt*
Lee: Who told you about this 'special attraction'?
Tourist (teenage boy): It was only a poster when we come inside Alcatraz...seriously I have nothing to do with this. *Lee 🤨 and 😒 with a 😓.*

ACME Headquarters

Director of Intelligence's Office

Stewart Sterling: *while on the phone with Lee* Thanks for telling us,Detective Jordan,return to headquarters immediately! *someone knocking on the door* Come in! *the receptionist enters the office*
Receptionist (female): Sir,some guy wants to see Archie Pelago I told him he's on lunch break.
Stewart: Who is this guy?
Receptionist (female): Some guy who graduate from a career school he said he's a paralegal going to some job interview at the Business District around two o'clock. *Stewart 🤨*

The Lobby

*A guy who looks like Johnny Depp back in the 1990's except his hair color is sort of light henna,clean shaved face and his eyes are brown dressing up nice as a business man reading The San Francisco Chronicle waiting for Archie Pelago when all of the sudden out of the lab Spencer Ross is about to go take a lunch break himself.* (I don't own anything that belongs to Johnny Depp or the San Francisco Chronicle whatsoever)

Spencer: *gasped to the guy* Johnny Tagg!
Johnny: Spencer Ross,my dear friend from Boston summers ago,how have you been?
Spencer: Excellent and you?
Johnny: Great I'm just here to see Archie.
Spencer: Really why are you going to see Archie?
Johnny: I can't tell you,beside I have a job interview to go to.
Spencer: Are you staying somewhere?
Johnny: Well my uncle Robert passed away last year and I'm moving into his house...*Archie Pelago return from his lunch break.*

Archie: Jonathan Tagg?!?!
Johnny: Archie!
Spencer: You know him,Archie?
Archie: Oh yes I know him years ago my you have grown?
Johnny: Of course,Archie!
Archie: Come to my office we've got lots to talk about.
Johnny: Nice to see you again,Spencer!
Spencer: You too,Johnny! I'm heading for lunch,Archie!
Archie: Go right ahead,Doctor Ross! *Spencer leaves as Archie and Johnny head for Archie's office*

(end of Chapter one)
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Chapter Two

ACME Medical Center

*the C-5 corridor appears and so does Jade Ezell along with her cat,Sam and his kitten sister,Socks.*

Jade: *to Socks* Be on your purr-fect behavior,Socks this is your first time coming here so don't get too curious.

Chase Devineaux,Stewart Sterling,Arthur Chance and Lee Jordan is surprise to see Jade...
Chase: I'm glad you made this is very disturbing surprise for ACME.
Lee: Yeah and believe me it's worse...*notice Socks is playing with the shoelaces of his boot.* Hey you little furball that is not a toy.
Jade: *as she grab Socks* Socks,be nice,you'll play some strings later right now...

Stewart: You don't need to know,Jade I'm glad you brought Sam and Socks?!?!
Jade: Yes,Stewart Socks is my kitten and Sam's little sister.
Lee: *to Sam* Lucky for you,cat!
Chase: Jordan,this is serious!
Arthur: Jade,take the cats to room 101 all shall be explain.

Jade: Thanks,Arthur! *as she and the cats heads for room 101 and she gasped when she saw Carmen lying in the hospital bed and in a hospital gown.* Carmen!
Carmen: Hello,Jade!
Jade: What're you doing here?
Carmen: Jade,please I'm not here to steal Alcatraz that's for sure. *Sam and Socks jumped onto Carmen's bed*
Jade: Alcatraz?!?! Isn't where all the prisoners used to be until it got shut down in 1963?
Carmen: You have to learn about the June 1962 Alcatraz escape attempt.
Jade: On wikipedia,sis?
Carmen: Jade,honestly don't call me that...Sam oh I see you got a new friend.
Jade: Actually a little sister for Sam her name is Socks!
Carmen: *Socks meowed at Carmen,she started petted the kitten.* Oh hi Socks very cute kitten.
Jade: Now about what happened at Alcatraz?

Meanwhile at Headquarters


*a woman in her 40's who looks like Carol Burnett (maybe because the woman has doing some cosmetic surgery to make herself young over and over again,yikes) and a young lady who looks like Ugly Betty except no braces,her skin in fair and wearing coke bottle glasses.* (by the way I don't own the character 'Ugly Betty' whatsoever)

Woman in her 40's: Now stay there til' I get back from talking to your dear uncle about the biggest news. *as she enters headquarters somehow she was bumped by Johnny and she gasped* Johnny Tagg!
Johnny: Darlene Willow it's been a long time and I'm here...*Archie 😠 because of the woman in her 40's.
Darlene: Don't bought Katelyn,poor boy because she's going to marry a rich man and don't bought asking permissions from me...Archie!
Archie: Darlene,where's Katelyn,I haven't talk to her for a while.
Darlene: You'll see her tonight with her fiance. *Archie shocked of what Darlene said.* I've figure you seen her outside after all years.
Archie: And still the same as always.
Johnny: Katelyn!
Darlene: Don't bought,poor boy just leave!
Johnny: I've better go,Archie I've got a job interview to go to. *As Johnny leaves and notice Katelyn Willow still as he remembers when Darlene forbids Katelyn to see him when she and Darlene are moving to Providence,Rhode Island he couldn't come close to her so he leaves her alone.*

*Wendy the Good Little Witch is flying around with her broomstick and saw Katelyn sitting on the bench and has a ☹...Wendy landed near the pavilion.*

Wendy: Poor young lady
?: I couldn't help that young lady I might scared her.
Wendy: Me too,huh! Who's there?
?: Say no more *as a familiar ghost appeared before Wendy* Hello,young witch I'm Agnes Acme,Founder of ACME.
Wendy: Hello,I'm Wendy the Good Little Witch...Say have you seen Casper anyway?
Agnes: Not did I know of but I heard this Carmen Sandiego is around.
Wendy: Where is she?
Agnes: In the hospital and relax that Jade is talking to her.
Wendy: I wonder why?
Agnes: You'll find out from Casper,wait a minute,Casper as in the little ghost?
Wendy: Yes,you know him.
Agnes: Of course!

Archie Pelago's office

Archie: What?!?! How dare you arrange a marriage like that without telling me first if only my brother-in-law were alive he wouldn't told you not to do that.

Darlene: Well he's not and believe me you'll like him,his name is Jack Pott (Jack Pott is a pun name for Jackpot don't own that pun whatsoever),he's a commodity broker he gone to five universities: Harvard Business School,Yale's Basics of Economics,MIT Center for Digital School,Oxford's Said Business School and Sorbonne's IAE Paris.

Archie: Well I'm not with your choice of men for Katelyn no one would have her except for Johnny if I know my sister and my brother in law would agree because they are friends to Johnny's parents they have something in common.
Darlene: They do not have something in common.

Archie: They do too each one goes to an Ivy League School...When I've found Johnny never gone to an Ivy League School like they did I believe it's the same for Katelyn no thanks to you.

Darlene: Well Archie you're wrong! So I'll see you tonight at the House of Prime Rib you'll change your mind when you meet him. *as she leaves his office.* (I don't own the restaurant 'House of Prime Rib whatsoever)

Archie's mind: *as Archie sighed looking at his sad niece Katelyn being grabbed by Darlene and looks at the picture of his older sister and his brother in law.* Mackenzie,Thomas I feel so worried your daughter's future with a pencil-pusher like her thinking she could make her feel bad I hope there's a miracle someday.

(end of Chapter Two: I made up the families for Archie Pelago myself because in every Carmen Sandiego games no informants,Good Guides (except Renee Santz and Rock Solid) or suspects (except their own twin sibling)mentions any family members of their own which is true and beside I don't own any Carmen Sandiego games whatsoever)
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Chapter Three

ACME Headquarters

Archie Pelago's Office

Archie: I see,Miss Sandiego is very upset over a deed being ripped up in front of her?
Jade: Without a doubt,Archie she said a female audit did that either it's some villainess in disguise or some woman wants her manor very badly.
Archie: Hmm...Could be but I have to go home early my niece is in town.
Jade: Niece?!?!
Archie: Indeed I haven't seen Katelyn since her father passed away when she was only sixteen at that time everybody never likes her except for a young man named Jonathan Tagg.
Jade: What happened to her mother?

Archie: My older sister who is Katelyn's mother passed away when she was only three years old and then Thomas,my brother in law married again to a woman named Darlene who never like Katelyn she use her as a servant.
Jade: At least your niece isn't like Cinderella.
Archie: It was worse,she took every single dime out of my brother in law causing my niece not only going to an Ivy League School but make sure she'll never see Jonathan again...they're almost sweethearts and both her parents and Jonathan's parents are good friends and dream that these two will live happily ever after but it won't happen.

Jade: Don't say that,Archie!
Archie: Miss Ezell!
Jade: *as she opens the door to leave* Someday they'll get back together it won't be easy though but I promise you they will. *as she leaves Archie alone he worries that Jade will be wrong.*

Somewhere in Downtown San Francisco

Banger's Club (a fictional nightclub)

Darlene Willow knocks on the door.
?:*male voice only* Come back til' Five o'clock tonight alright.
Darlene: I need your help,please.
?: *male voice only* For what?
Darlene: There's a young man moving in town and I'm worried he might come to take my stepdaughter away.
?: *male voice only* Really?
Darlene: Well it's a long day and I need to hire a woman to distract that young man from coming to get to my stepdaughter.
?: *male voice only* Well why you didn't say so! *the doors thanks to a man who has shaggy short hippie hairstyle wearing a Hawaiian shirt,khaki pants,blue colored eyeglasses and hi-tops.* Hi name's Wally Banger owner of this swinging nightclub. (Wally Banger is a character I made up named after the drink 'Harvey Wallbanger without 'Harvey' space out 'WallBanger' and add a 'y' hey I don't own the drink whatsoever)
Darlene: Darlene Willow, at your service,Mr.Banger I need a woman who can distract a young man from getting into my stepdaughter.
Wally: Really what's the guy's name?
Darlene: Johnny Tagg
?: * female voice only* Did you say Johnny Tagg?
Darlene: Yes, do you know him?
?: *as the female appears to look like Spencer Jill Hastings,a character from the Pretty Little Liars series books and TV adaption series except for that glittery smile and her hair is semi-curly (by the way I don't own any characters from Pretty Little Liars series whatsoever).* Yes I know that bookworm who I bullied years ago.

Wally: Ah Emma,I see you're up!
Emma: Anything for me.
Wally: This woman named Darlene needs someone who distract this young man away from her stepdaughter.
Emma: Really?
Darlene: Yes I want you to distract Johnny for me.
Emma: Johnny ha,I can get rid of him.
Darlene: No I want you to fall in love with him.
Emma: Fall in love with him yuck! I rather eat sushi.
Wally: Emma,she's serious.
Emma: No,I'm not good with nerds like him.
Darlene: Then I might as well leave and take 'my business'elsewhere.
Wally: Hold on, I've got a friend who will help you out.
Darlene: Where can I find this friend?

Five Minutes Later

In the basement of Banger's Club

*Wally,Darlene and Emma came out of the elevator head to a closed door.*
Wally: *knock on the door* Hocus Pocus! I need to focus! *the door automatically opens.*
?: Come in! *as Wally,Darlene and Emma enter the room there was Medeva as always concoction a potion.* Oh darn you,Wally where's your folly!
Wally: Sorry to interrupt your potion making,Medeva but this woman needs help some guy who knows her stepdaughter years ago and believe she wants Emma to distract him from getting to her but you know Emma she refused.

Darlene: Hmm...*starring at a purple bottle* What is this potion?
Medeva: My essence of love is more than a turtledove.
Darlene: This potion might work on Johnny once he sees Emma he won't be bought with Katelyn again.
Emma: Katelyn?!?!
Darlene: My stepdaughter whose going to married a rich man.
Emma: Really so you want me to distract Johnny from Katelyn before marrying a rich man? Alright I'll do it for your own reason but still I hate him.

Darlene: Medeva,how much for this potion?
Medeva: My essence of love is not for sale the last time I sold a potion ends up stale.
Darlene: I don't care just help me alright?
Medeva: I use the potion but there's a cure to break this romantic commotion.
Darlene: A cure?!?!
Medeva: Anything loud is like breaking up a cloud.
Darlene: Or in this case a heart.
Wally: Emma,please do this.
Emma: * 😒*Fine Wally,whatever!
Vic: *voice only* Wally,Wally!
Wally: Oh terrific Vic the Slick I bet he wants a shot of tequila right now I'll better go back upstairs. *Wally heads back for the elevator.*

(End of Chapter Three...Don't worry the next one will be a funny one and trust me it will.)
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Chapter Four

San Francisco,CA,USA
Alamo Square

Johnny's House

*After settling in and got his job interview finish...Johnny is on his cellphone with his father,Richard.*

Johnny: I'm start working first thing tomorrow,Dad!
Richard: *on the phone* Your mother and I are very proud of you,Johnny I hope you can find someone to show you around the town.
Johnny: I wish if I have the time,Dad!
Richard: *on the phone* Johnny,you'll have plenty of time to make friends.
Johnny: Old and new!
Richard: *on the phone*What'd you mean?
Johnny: I met my old friend,Spencer Ross summers ago.
Richard: *on the phone* And?

Johnny: Katelyn's Uncle,Archie Pelago and her stepmother Darlene shows up.
Richard: *on the phone* Unbelievable!
Johnny: Dad,she told me that Katelyn is going to married a rich man.
Richard: *on the phone* When?
Johnny: I don't know,Dad...she wanted me to stay away from her.
Richard: *on the phone* That pencil-pusher Darlene is always like this.
Johnny: And still is. *the doorbell rang* Dad,there's somebody at the door.
Richard: *on the phone* Well we'll talk to you later,son. *Johnny hang up his cellphone and answers the door and saw just a bottle of red dessert wine.*
*Johnny pick up the bottle,place on the kitchen counter and Johnny nodded his head and is about to closed the door Chase show up.*

Johnny: Oh hi,I'm...
Chase: Jonathan Tagg!
Johnny: Yeah I'm him everybody calls me,Johnny uh...
Chase: Chase Devineaux!
Johnny: How did you know where I live?
Chase: Archie told me where you lived.
Johnny: Is he with you?
Chase: He's at the House of Prime Rib meeting his niece and her fiance.
Johnny: I've figure Darlene just find the man for Katelyn to keep away from me.
Chase: *🤨* Really...Johnny,I quite thirsty mind if I take a sip of wine.
Johnny: Sure,Chase in fact take the bottle with you I don't drink.

Meanwhile outside of Johnny's house

*Emma shows up waiting for Johnny to come out of his house she takes out something out of her purse.*
Emma: *reading from a piece of paper* Let the one who drinks this wine shall be mine.
Emma's mind: *Emma is 😁* I cannot believe I'm doing this to help that woman! *the door opens* It's about time! *only it's not Johnny it's Chase!*
Chase: *looks at Emma* Wow! Hello gorgeous!
Emma: Why hello,I'm Emma Ruld! (Emma's last name is Ruld therefore Emma Ruld is a pun name for Emerald and no I don't own the pun name whatsoever)
Chase: Chase Devineaux! Do you wanna go to my place and get to know each other?
Emma: Sure! I'll drive you show me the directions to your place. *Chase gave Emma his car key.*

At the House of Prime Rib

*Archie came and saw Katelyn Willow dressing in an outdated dress?!?!*
Katelyn: Uncle Archie!
Archie: Oh Katelyn it's been a long time.
Darlene: *as she and a man who looks like Leonardo Di Caprio except his hair is bleached blonde and cleaned shaved face shows up.* Ah Archie you made I like you to meet Jack Pott.
Jack: How'd you do,Archie? *as he is about to shake his hand with Archie but he refused.*
Archie: Fine,Jack and you? *Jack 😒*
Darlene: *to Archie* Oh he's just excited to see you. *to Jack* Be polite.
Jack: *to Darlene* I wish but...
Darlene: *to Jack* No buts,Jack let's go in!

Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas are already in the restaurant treating themselves to a prime rib dinner...

Moe: Boy ACME is green with envy tonight this is the best place around.
Lars: Yeah too bad the prime rib is better and taste delicious than a steak...huh! *as he saw Archie,Katelyn,Darlene and Jack entering the restaurant.*
Moe: What's wrong...Oh no it's Archie Pelago what's he's doing here.
Lars: It's not,Archie,Moe it's the girl.
Moe: You mean the redheaded?
Lars: I meant the brunette look at her she looks ugly.
Moe: You're right,Lars that wardrobe is outdated you know.
Lars: Worse than Vic's
Moe: Lars,I've got a plan let's get fresh up at the boy's room.
Lars: *as he and Moe stands up* Good idea! *and they left going to the men's room after Moe paid for the meal while Lars leaves a little tip for the server.*

Archie: *to Darlene* You still make Katelyn wear those hand me downs.
Jack: *to Darlene* Told you to get her a new wardrobe and makeover.
Darlene: She looks fine,gentlemen,right Katelyn?
Katelyn: Well I...*Darlene kick her foot* Okay! *she 😞*
Jack: *to Darlene* Now you listen to me,Darlene either she gets a makeover or the wedding's off in fact there's not gonna be one.
Darlene: What?!?!
Jack: *to Darlene* It's true,I'm a busy man and I don't have time to be in love with a freak like her.

*Somehow there's no powers at the restaurant customers panic.*
Darlene: What's going on here? *some shadowy figure grab Katelyn.*
Archie: Katelyn!
Katelyn: Uncle Archie,help! *Archie is going after the kidnapper but got knock down on the floor by another shadowy figure and ran off take Katelyn.*

Meanwhile at Chase's apartment

*Chase opens the door and let Emma in first and then himself when all of the sudden his grand piano is playing by itself.*
Chase: Hey who's there!
Emma: I didn't know you can play a piano.
Chase: I used to play the guitar.
*Piano still playing*
Spooky: *laughed as he appeared* I'm trying to play all eighty-eight of them...*Spooky looks at Emma...whistled* Hi ya,Toots! *Emma 😱 so loud well she ran out of the apartment somehow Chase was surprised*

Chase: Whoa! What just happened?
Spooky: You brought in a girl and I just got scared her off *laughed*
Chase: What?!?!
Spooky: I mean it you just brought in a girl and then I scared her boy was she pretty for a cocktail waitress.
Chase; What?!?! Emma's a cocktail waitress!?!?!
Spooky: Uh yeah!
Chase: I think I've been hexed with love.
Spooky: *🙄 and 😮* I bet that witch Medeva cast a spell on you well see ya! *as he phased out.*
Chase's mind: The first I took a sip of wine and the next thing...*Chase :eek:*I've got weird feeling about Emma I mean the question is what's her connection with Medeva and...The Wine! *Chase heads back to his car and saw the bottle of wine he took earlier out of Johnny's house.* Hmm...Maybe Spooky's right Medeva did cast a spell on me but why?

(end of Chapter Four)
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Chapter Five

At the House of Prime Rib just two hours after Katelyn has been kidnapped...Ivy Monaghan with her brother,Zack and Bolt Upright are interviewing witnesses to the scene of the crime.

Zack: *to the hostess* You didn't see who turn off the power do you?
Hostess: Not did I know of I always show guests to the table to enjoy the atmosphere.
Ivy: *to the waiter* And you didn't see anyone there after the power went off did you?
Waiter: No except there's two men went to the men's room and that's about it.
Ivy: Two men,describe them.
Waiter: Well uh you see miss...
Darlene: *interrupted* Don't bought asking anymore questions...I know who kidnapped Katelyn and he's the one who wants to win her heart after all these years.
Archie: Darlene!
Bolt: Who?
Darlene: The poor boy who was at the place Archie works.
Archie: Jonathan Tagg?
Darlene: Archie,I want you to search his house and interrogated him.
Archie: Now hold on just a minute,Darlene!
Darlene: Do it or else?!?! *Archie 😒 and 😞*

The Next Day

San Francisco,CA,USA

Business District

The Law Offices of Legal and Associates

Johnny: I wonder what happened to your partner,Mr.Legal?
Perry Legal: His license of law has been revoke after what happened and you don't need to worry about him he's history as of last year. *Until Lee Jordan shows up.* Can I...
Lee: *Interrupted as he shows Legal his ACME badge* No need! Jonathan Tagg You're coming with me.
Johnny: What did I do? (Remember Here Comes the Crime it used to be the Law Offices of Legal,Galease and Associates well it seems Carmen's lawyer (Lee Galease) just well...what Perry Legal said already.)

Meanwhile at Jade's house

*Jade is about to get something to drink when all of the sudden she saw the refrigerator door open and she decided to close the refrigerator door.*

?: Ow!
Jade: Huh?!?!
?: Hey open the door! *Jade opens the front door and saw no one then closed the front door.* Wrong door!
Jade: What ya mean...*something smells bad* Ew! *as she sits on the chair* Goodnight!...Hey! *when she was slipped from the chair when suddenly Stretch one of the Ghostly Trio appears unto Jade.*
Stretch: I was sitting here! *Jade gasped* Boo! *Jade 😒 and Stretch tries to scared with a 🤪.*
Jade: *still 😒* Oh fudge! *as she opened the refrigerator door opens there was Fatso with a bucket of Fried Chicken on his hand.
Fatso: *as he offers Jade a 🍗* Wanna leg?
Jade: No thanks I already ate,Fatso...*yelled* NOW GET OUTER THAT FRIDGE!!! *Fatso did as Jade open the sink cabinet door to grab something.* I don't know how you ghostly trio show up but you're not gonna haunt this house. *as Stinkie appears*
Stinkie: Oh yeah! *screamed as Jade brings out a can of heavy duty air freshener spray.*
Jade: Okay,boys what's going on?
Stretch: Well since you put it that way we've got something important to say.
Fatso: Yeah it's about something to do with a pulling some heist.
Jade: VILE?!?!
Stretch: Not exactly!
Stinkie: Some lady wants a big mansion in Switzerland for a couple.
Jade: Was she some realtor?
Stinkie: No that lady when she looks like she has her nose job done.
Jade: Nose job!?!?!
Stretch: Yeah by spending somebody's pocket and not give any for her maid. *Jade gasped as she remembers what Archie said to her.*

Jade's Flashback

Archie: It was worse,she took every single dime out of my brother in law causing my niece not only going to an Ivy League School but make sure she'll never see Jonathan again...

*Jade's flashback fades*

Jade: Oh fudge!
Ghostly Trio: What?!?!
Jade: Something tells me there's some ghost of a chance that Carmen Sandiego is telling the truth about the deed being ripped up...Goodnight! I'd better warn Archie he isn't gonna like this.
Stinkie: You better not because that lady will denied everything and blame it on someone else if something happens to her maid. *as Jade's Padphone beeps*
Jade: I gonna warn him at once and who knows what's gonna happen next.

(end of Chapter Five)
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Chapter Six

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

*The C-5 appears and so did Jade.*
Darlene: *voice only* Are you sure Johnny isn't responsible for her disappearance?
Lee: *voice only* It's true,ma'am Mister Tagg wasn't at the restaurant last night when this happens he was at home at the time trying to settling to this town.
Archie: *voice only* Detective Jordan's right,Darlene!
Darlene: *voice only* Well I say you're wrong,Archie, I'll see to it that Katelyn is found without your help! *as she leaves she bump into Jade.* Watch where you're going?
Jade: I'm sorry!
Darlene: Sorry doesn't cut it! *as she leaves ACME in 😡*

Archie Pelago's office

*knocking on his door.*
Archie: Come in! *Jade open the door and sees him and Lee.*
Lee: Hey Jade what's going on?
Jade: Well I bump into a lady by accident I apologize to her and she's rude enough to refused.
Archie: I see you met Darlene Willow.
Jade: That was her.
Lee: Yeah,Jade she blames Johnny Tagg for kidnapping Archie's niece but I talk to him he wasn't at the restaurant.
Jade: The name of the restaurant?
Archie: The House of Prime Rib...Seriously I'm not happy.
Jade: With Darlene?
Archie: Her and my niece's fiance.
Jade: Fiance?
Lee: Yup,I was about to digging the dirt on the fiance Archie's niece is going to married. *as he leaves Archie's office.*

Jade: Let me guess her fiance is not the right one.
Archie: *sighed* You're right,Miss Ezell I don't even like the guy in fact he's sly.
Jade: So does Darlene and you're right she take your brother in law's money by getting a nose job.
Archie: Where did you hear that part? *as he's about to drink a cup of water.*
Jade: The Ghostly Trio told me all about it when they were in my house *Archie is shocked when spits out the water.* What was it something I said?
Archie: Miss Ezell,Shall we talk to Miss Sandiego at once?
Jade: As long as she doesn't escape from us.

ACME Medical Center

*Casper phase through and still Carmen is in Room 101 recovering from a humiliation at Alcatraz this time she dressed in her red pajamas.*
Carmen: Casper,what're you doing here?
Casper: Just wondering how you're feeling?
Carmen: Good then again I'm still recovering,Casper!
Casper: Okay,I'll be right back! *as he phase through the wall.*

All of the sudden someone came inside ACME Headquarters while Lee searching for the profile of Jack Pott in the file room.
?: *male voice only* Yeah,I'm looking for the medical center I've transfer from the Mayo Clinic.
Receptionist (female): *voice only* Oh then follow the arrows that will lead you to the Medical Center.
?: *male voice only* Thanks!

*Lee got out of the file room and went to the Receptionist.*
Lee: Hey,who did you talk to?
Receptionist (female): Some male nurse came from the Mayo Clinic.
Lee: *🤨* The Mayo Clinic?!?!
Receptionist (female): Yeah,why?
Lee: Alert security at the medical center I bet that's a VILE henchman in disguise.
Receptionist (female): Oops! I made a boo-boo!
Lee: *as he ran* Sure did! *as Archie and Jade shows up the receptionist dial the number for the medical center.*

Jade: Was that Lee heading to the medical center?
Receptionist: Sure is.
Archie: Let's go! *as he and Jade head for the medical center.*

ACME Medical Center

*someone knocking on Room 101.*
Carmen: Come in! *the door breaks down the henchman who disguise himself as a male nurse shows up with a pillow...Carmen grab her pillow and throw the pillow.*
Henchman: Ow! *As Carmen jumped off from the bed.*
Carmen: Try to get rid of me by suffocating with a pillow?!?!
Henchman: Oh yeah! *Carmen kick the henchman on his stomach.* Why you? *grabbing Carmen.*
Carmen: *as the henchmen is giving her a bear hug.* Ah! Let me go! *Lee uses the pillow to hit the henchman's back to release Carmen as she fell to the floor.*
Lee: *as the henchman turns around and saw Lee.* Seriously, a bear hug for your boss? Didn't think so.
Henchman: *as he goes after Lee* Why you? *Lee duct as the henchmen heads for the wall...Henchman 😵 and fainted to the floor.*

*Jade and Archie shows up at the medical center.*
Archie: Oh my stars! *Carmen coughed after getting a bear hug Lee lifted her up to her bed.*
Jade: Carmen,are you alright?
Carmen: After what that henchman did to me no I'm not alright! *Lee handcuffed the henchman.*
Archie: I don't understand why would a henchman just decided to...well?
Jade: Attempted to get rid of the elusive Carmen Sandiego?!?!
Archie: That's it!
Lee: *as the security officers grab the henchman.* Better interrogated this troublemaker! *As Casper came back.*

Casper: Did I miss something?
Lee: Yeah,Casper this guy wants to get rid of Carmen badly. *as Lee leaves as he heads to the interrogation room to interrogated the henchman.*
Jade: I hope there's no injuries.
Archie: Miss Ezell,I'll get the doctor for Miss Sandiego's sake while you stay here and protect her.
Jade: No problem,Archie!
Casper: I'll be around if anybody needs me. *as Casper phase through the wall.*

(end of Chapter Six)
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Chapter Seven (I know this is suppose a Valentine's Day story...but it's going to be longer than except hope everyone understands)

The Covernzi Mansion,outside of Milan,Italy...Contessa's Personal Fitness Room.

*Contessa is doing pilates when all of the sudden someone knocking on the door.*
Contessa: Come in! *As her butler,Jeeves came.* Jeeves!
Jeeves: Mr. Skeeter and Mr. Vegas are here,madame!
Contessa: Where are they?
Moe/Lars: *voice only* Coming,Contessa! *as they came running in their own gym clothes on (Moe in sweats and Lars in tank top and shorts with their own sneakers) they both tripped over to the floor.* Sorry!
Contessa: Any luck looking for Carmen?
Lars: Not a sweat,Contessa!
Moe: Yeah,not a thing except for...*someone screaming*
Jeeves: Oh dear,I'll check the kitchen,madame! *and he did and saw the refrigerator door open the maid is hiding underneath the table is scared.*

Maid: *as she peek from the tablecloth.* Jeeves there's a big fat ghost raiding the refrigerator!
Jeeves: By Giorgio,young maid there's no such thing a...
Fatso: *holding a tiramisu* Hello,nice place you got there!
Jeeves: Oh my...*as he ran back to the fitness room.* Madame there's a ghost in our house.
Contessa: Are you sure,Jeeves? *Stinkie shows up*
Stinkie: Of course he is...*Moe and Lars 😨 Contessa just fainted after Stinkie use his bad breath onto her.*
Jeeves: Madame!

*Screaming coming from outside...Katelyn enter the house when Stretch scared her with an 🤪.*
Jeeves: Oh dear!
Katelyn: Help me! Help me!
Jeeves: *to Moe and Lars while carrying Contessa.* Care to explain to madame,gentlemen. *Moe and Lars 😁 and shrugged as well.*

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
Interrogation Room

Henchman: I wasn't chose to do this.
Maylee Young: Oh yeah,tell us the truth was you been sent by VILE to bear hug Carmen Sandiego?
*Henchman 😰*
Maylee: Alright we're not discuss this again. *Henchman 😓.*
Casper: *voice only* Please tell them the truth!
Henchman: Why should I...*🙄😨 as Casper appears* Okay! Okay! I'll tell! I'll tell!

Ten minutes later

The Conference Room

Archie: Just as I thought,Darlene did this.
Chase: Pretending to be an audit just to get rid of Carmen for a couple's new home...Why? Did she setup the whole kidnapping thing?
Lee: That's what we all like to know!
Arthur: Anything unusual since she arrived?
Archie: Ladies and gentlemen,Darlene is just more than a pencil-pusher.
Chase: Johnny Tagg,the wine,the cocktail waitress named Emma Ruld what's the connection?
Bolt: And what about your niece's fiance?
Lee: I look at the file room and found nothing about Jack Pott.
Stewart: Jack Pott?
Lee: Yup...Wait a minute how did you know about him?
Stewart: I remember he's a con artist who make other stock brokers sells the goods from major producing countries,exports,oil reserves,imports and more to the black market.

Archie: *gasped* I knew Darlene was lying about him being a commodity broker and gone to five universities.
Jade: Five Universities?!?!
Archie: Mostly with Business Schools,Miss Ezell....Harvard Business School,Yale's Basics of Economics,MIT Center for Digital School,Oxford's Said Business School and Sorbonne's IAE Paris.
Ivy: Why don't we check out those business schools?
Zack: Swell idea,Ivy they give us the information about Jack Pott.
Jade: I doubt you'll get any information from those deans in business schools..Stewart's right he is after all a con artist.
Taitana: Wouldn't hurt to try?
Jade: Alright can't said I didn't warn you.

Back at the Covernzi Mansion,outside of Milan,Italy

*After Contessa wake up from getting knock off from Stinkie's bad smell.*

Contessa: How dare you,boys bring home a stranger you know Carmen is no negotiator for any demands for someone's life.
Moe: It's not what we think,Contessa?
Lars: It's not like an ultimatum,honest?
Moe: We never wanted a ransom for her life.
Lars: Well just look at her. *Contessa looks at Katelyn.*

Contessa: Oh by Giorgio,Jeeves!
Jeeves: Yes,madame!
Contessa: See you can find the best places to get this girl a makeover...I wonder who she is.
Lars: All we know she was with Archie Pelago. *Contessa came to Katelyn.*

Contessa: What's your name?
Katelyn: Katelyn Willow oh please don't hurt me.
Contessa: Do you know a man named Archie Pelago?
Katelyn: Yes,he's my uncle on my mother's side of the family.
Contessa: You don't have a mother or a father do you?
Katelyn: Just my stepmother,Darlene I'm not only her stepdaughter but I'm her maid.

Contessa: How come you never finished school?
Katelyn: I did just high school but I didn't go to college because Darlene said girls will never succeed in the professional world like a doctor,a lawyer or an actress of stage,TV and the silver screen girls will end up failing and end up as housemaids.
Contessa: Not that's true.
Katelyn: To her it is...She warned me never to marry the man of my dreams because he is a poor boy.
Contessa: Poor boy?
Katelyn: Yes,his name is Johnny Tagg,I want to marry him instead of Jack Pott,Darlene wants me to.
Contessa: Why?
Katelyn: *started to 😢* She's more beautiful to spending all of my father's money and making sure I'll end up ugly and fat for a rich man's sake...I refused to be that way. *😭*

*The Ghostly Trio also 😭 after listening in on Contessa's conversation with Katelyn.*
Contessa: *as Jeeves gives Katelyn a tissue to dry her tears* There,there it'll be alright trust me you'll be beautiful and you always know that Johnny Tagg will fall in love with you.
Katelyn: Like this?
Contessa: Darling this outfit is out of style!
Jeeves: I agree I think clothes shopping will change your look and I believe you need a special makeover...you need better eyes,better smile,better lips and so forth.
Contessa: And you might need to workout and needs some spa treatments...Moe,Lars contact the others it's time for her to learn some socializing.
Jeeves: And as for those ghosts...
The Ghostly Trio: Yes! *Jeeves hold a mask of a 👹 and they screamed as they phase out of the house.*
Contessa: What did you do that for,Jeeves?
Jeeves: Just using this for un-related guests such as them.
Contessa: Well that explains everything.

(end of Chapter Seven)
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Chapter Eight

The Next Day

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

Johnny: So Darlene is behind all of this what about the kidnapping?
Archie: I'm not sure about that,Johnny. *all of the fax machine just suddenly print out a message.*
Johnny: Now what?
Archie: *grab the paper out of the fax machine and 😲 with the message.* Why don't you just head home for the day,Johnny I'll keep you informed.
Johnny: Okay I will...
Archie: In the meantime why don't you do something for a while not if your boss is gonna stop you.
Johnny: Right,thanks! *as he leaves Archie's office and then coming out of the garage it's Cruiser.*

Cruiser: *to Johnny* Hey going somewhere?
Johnny: Going home!
Cruiser: Nuh! You're going on a tour of the city by the bay.
Johnny: What?
Cruiser: Trust me,you'll like it I'll just wash my hands! *Cruiser heads for the men's room to wash his hands.*

At the Lobby

Emma: *grab a bottle of perfume and read the back while spritzing on herself.* Let my true love be delight and be polite.
Emma's mind: I hope it'll be someone else beside Johnny Tagg I mean I met Chase Devineaux but that little ghost ruined my romance with him.
?: Excuse me,Miss!
Emma: Ah! *she turns around and saw Spencer* Oh hello!
Spencer: Hi I'm Spencer Ross,are you looking for someone?
Emma: Johnny Tagg
Spencer: He doesn't work here but I was wondering what are you doing here?
Emma: Just going to take him to lunch and talk for old times for all the mean things to him.
Spencer: Speaking of lunch,I'm going to lunch as well wanna join me?
Emma: Sure I mean I like too we'll get to know each other.
Spencer: Great I'll just take off my lab coat and we'll go to Seismic Joint Cafe inside the Exploratorium.
Emma: That would be great! (I don't own the Exploratorium or the Seismic Joint Cafe whatsoever)

Ten minutes later...
*The C-5 appear and so does Jade.*
Receptionist (female): Hey Miss Jade!
Jade: Hey I'm just hear to see Archie finding out what's going on?
Receptionist (female): Okay...Oh I almost forgot you left your perfume behind.
Jade: Perfume,what perfume?
Receptionist (female): *as she shows Jade a bottle of perfume* This perfume.
Jade: Now hold on a second I don't wear that scent.
Receptionist(female): It's kinda flowery,fruity and a little spicy if you know what I mean and I just saw you left with Doctor Ross.
Jade: I didn't go with Spencer!
Receptionist (female): Huh! You mean you weren't the one wearing a black sleeveless top and a knee length skirt? *as Jade puts on a pair of rubber gloves.*
Jade: No I didn't...I think you're confused with another girl.
Receptionist (female): Come to think of it she didn't wear glasses uh oh I did it again!
Jade: Oh Shirley you did it again as usual. *as she grab the perfume from Shirley's desk* But I'll take this perfume as evidence of love gone wrong. *as she heads for the lab to drop off the perfume.*

Meanwhile at Fisherman's Wharf
Cruiser: Enjoying the town so far?
Johnny: Are you kidding I love this town? But still I prefer going to work...
Cruiser: Just relax let's go to Pier Fifteen.
Johnny: Pier Fifteen?!?!
Cruiser: I need to rest my legs again.
Johnny: Okay! *so he and Cruiser sits down on the bench near the entrance of the Exploratorium...when all the sudden Casper shows up by landing to the ground.*
Casper: Johnny,Johnny Tagg?
Johnny: Yeah,it's me...Casper,I haven't seen in a while.
Cruiser: You know that little ghost?
Johnny: Are you kidding my parents were on a sailboat around Cape Cod I was ten years old at that time and they were in danger they try to head back to shore.

*Johnny's flashback around 1990,Cape Cod,MA,USA.*

*Young Johnny saw a storm coming this way.*
Young Johnny: Oh no! Mommy! Daddy! Casper save them!
*Yup the waves toss and turn...his parents Richard and Wanda they screamed when the mast just snap off the sailboat...Casper rush in to save them by becoming a sail to save them.*
Young Johnny: Mommy! Daddy!
Richard/Wanda: Johnny!
Richard: Thanks for rescuing us,Casper!
Wanda: Without you our boy will be all alone without us.

*Johnny's flashback fades*

Casper: Boy,you've grown...
Johnny: I sure did,Casper I'm a paralegal it's too bad I didn't attend an Ivy League School like my parents did.
Casper: Golly,it was hard to attend there.
Johnny: True but I did end up in a career school to get a diploma for paralegal takes me two years to earn it.
Casper: I'm proud of you,Johnny.
Cruiser: But still he's...what the?!?! Hey Johnny take a look at this...*as he,Johnny and Casper saw Spencer and Emma coming out of the Seismic Joint Cafe.

Johnny: Hey that's Spencer!
Cruiser: Yeah and who's that chick?
Johnny: Emma Ruld,I know her from high school.
Cruiser: Old girlfriend?
Johnny: I wish but she's being a bully on me.
Cruiser: On you?
Johnny: Yeah,she hates my brains,my looks and my guts! *Cruiser 🤨* I'm serious! She's been picking on me ever since.
Cruiser: Mind if I get her for myself?

Casper: I'll get'em and find out why?
Cruiser: Suit yourself,little ghost! *as Casper flies towards Spencer and Emma.*

Emma: Huh! *😱 so loud* Another ghost!
Spencer: Oh Emma...Huh! Casper what're you doing here? Johnny,Cruiser!
Emma: Oh great if isn't Johnny Tagg.
Johnny: I would like to know why are dating with Spencer?
Emma: I have nothing to say...In fact I prefer to get rid of you instead of loving you.
Cruiser: Listen,Missy! You're coming with us back at ACME and explain the whole thing.
Emma: Not chance! *suddenly smoke appears and Emma disappeared so did Casper.*
Johnny: Hey where did Emma go?
Spencer: Where did...nevermind! *Casper floats following a helicopter?!?!*

Inside of the helicopter
Emma: About time you pick me up.
Wally: Yeah,I wish you would've fall in love with that man the lady wants you fall in love with.
Emma: Well I wanted to get rid of him not fall in love with him.
Wally: C'mon,Emma...*Emma screamed as she saw Casper following them.*
Emma: Wally it's that little ghost again!
Wally: Ghost! *Casper wave hi to Wally* Good Grief! Emma open the glove compartment. *Emma did and she is 😒*
Emma: Ghost repellent?!?!
Wally: Trust Medeva,Emma it works!
*Emma spray the ghost repellent onto Casper and he coughed as the helicopter flies away.*

(end of Chapter Eight)
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Chapter Nine (Even though Valentine's Day is already over still I've got to continue with this story)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Conference Room

Archie: It's been almost a week and no sign of the kidnappers nor my niece's whereabouts however ACME Rome just learn that Carmen's Mainbrain Professor Sara Bellum is in Bratislava,Slovakia two days ago.
Jade: I wonder what for?
Zack: Don't know,Jade!
Chase: We also learn that Professor Bellum left Bratislava for Zagreb,Croatia early this morning.
Ivy: So we better split up!
Archie: Smart thinking Commander Monaghan because you and your brother to head for Bratislava *as he hands out a piece of paper.* There's the address to the place Professor Bellum went.
Zack: Thanks,Archie you may not be the Chief but you're a good substitute.
Archie: Thank you Detective Monaghan! Get going! *Ivy and Zack leaves the conference room as he hand Chase a piece of paper* And Devineaux,go to this place in Zagreb,Croatia.

Chase: No problem,leave it to me,Stewart and Arthur to get going as well. *as he leaves the conference room.*
Jade: That means I have no assignment whatsoever.
Archie: Miss Ezell,you and I are going to the lab and find out about the wine and the perfume.
Jade: Right,Archie! *as she and Archie leaves the conference room at once.*


Josha: Other than that it's unknown.
Jade: Not a source,huh,Josha?
Josha: Other than Chase told me he's been hexed by Medeva's Magic after he took a sip of the wine.
Jade: Medeva put some strange love spell on Chase.
Archie: Unless Medeva has someone do it onto Mr. Devineaux for make that person fall with him for no reason,
Jade: And somehow he's end up back to normal with what? A loud noise?
Archie: *🤔 and 🧠🌩with 💡* Could be a possibility,Miss Ezell! As of now let's just focus on looking for my niece.
Jade: Thanks,Josha!
Josha: Anytime,Jade! *as she and Archie leaves the lab.*

In the hallway

Lee: *voice only* Without asking me first,Cruiser?
Cruiser: *voice only* I didn't mean to,Lee? I mean nerd boy here just got flirting with that girl.
Lee: *voice only* Spencer!
Spencer: *as Archie and Jade came* I didn't mean to.
Archie: What's all the commotion about,Dr.Ross?
Spencer: Archie,I've been smitten with love by a whiff of a perfume and then I've got snap out of it by Emma screaming so loud because she saw Casper.
Jade: Uh-oh,Spencer!
Spencer: What Jade?
Jade: I think you've been hexed by Medeva's love spell. *Spencer 😨😲😓.*
Lee: Hexed by Medeva's love spell?!?!
Cruiser: Yeah right,geeky girl there's no proof! *Archie's 🧠 suddenly went 💡with an idea.*
Archie: Maybe not,gentlemen back to the lab.

The Lab

*Both Archie and Spencer wear gas mask while Josha hands the perfume to Jade.*
Archie: Miss Ezell!
Jade: Here goes! *while spritz the perfume read back of the bottle* Let my true love be delight and be polite. *Lee,Cruiser and Josha smell the scent and each 😍 onto Jade.
Lee: Hey boys Jade's looking at me.
Josha: No way Lee Jordan! Jade's looking at me. *as Jade puts on a earplugs and headphones onto her ears so did Archie and Spencer.*
Cruiser: Nuh-uh Mexican boy she goes for a grease monkey.
Lee: Yeah right,Cruiser she doesn't her hands dirty and likes to be clean at the same time.
Cruiser: Oh yeah!
Josha: Si,Cruiser!
Cruiser: Why don't we fight to find out whose going...*all of the sudden he,Lee and Josha screamed after Archie uses the air horn and then three 💔s.*
Lee: Whoa,what happened?

Archie: Just as I thought it's Medeva's magic alright.
Cruiser: Who?
Jade: *as she,Archie and Spencer remove the headphones and ear plugs off of their own ears.* Medeva,I've figure she's up to something but we don't know she was doing and why the wine and the perfume.
Cruiser: And Emma as well?
Archie: Emma...hmm!
Cruiser: Well that Johnny guy told me that...
Lee: Johnny?
Jade: Of course,Archie must have met him already.
Archie: Yes Jonathan what's the connection?
Cruiser: All I know is Johnny is being bullied by Emma back in high school. *Jade,Archie,Lee,Spencer and Josha are 🤨 and 😲 what Cruiser was saying all along.*

Josha: Ay Caramba!

(end of Chapter Nine)
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Chapter Ten

an eye clinic in Bratislava,Slovakia

Ivy: I hope you speak Slovakian little bro.
Zack: Hey don't I know it,sis.

*Translated from Slovakian*

Zack: *to the receptionist* Hello,we're from ACME and we like to talk to you.
Receptionist: Sorry I am busy right now.
Zack: But it's important we were wondering if you see this woman. *as Ivy shows the receptionist a picture of Sara Bellum.*
Receptionist: I'd never seen her in fact she's not here.
Zack: No she was here yesterday.
Receptionist: Come to think of it...I've seen her alright but she made an appointment for someone who needs laser eye surgery.
Zack: *as he shows the receptionist a picture of Katelyn Willow.* Like her.
Receptionist: Yes in fact the lady was here forty-five minutes ago,it's been paid by a woman from Italy whose gives us 1000 euros to paid for the eye surgery for both eyes so the lady can see clearer than before. (1000 euros=$1,200 in U.S. Dollars)
Zack: Thank you! *as he and Ivy leaves the eye clinic*

*End translation*

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

Jade: *on her padphone while writing the information down from Zack.* Unbelievable! Thanks for telling me for all this Archie's gonna flip when he sees this report...Talk to you and Ivy later,bye! *as she hung up her padphone Wendy shows up.*
Wendy: Hi,Jade!
Jade: Wendy,what brings you here to ACME?
Wendy: Some blond woman is coming in disguise herself as a nurse.
Jade: Uh,oh! Could be a henchwoman,Wendy? Follow her but don't let her see you.
Wendy: No Problem! *change from her red cloak into an invisible cloak* How's this?
Jade: Ah much better than Harry Potter! (I don't own the character 'Harry Potter' whatsoever.) Now hurry! *Wendy speeds off while invisible with her broom underneath her invisible cloak and heads for the medical center...all of the sudden the nurse enter room 101.*

*Wendy gasped as she was about to head there all of the sudden she hears the conservation...*

Patty: *voice only* Aunt Carmen!
Carmen: *voice only* Patty,what're you doing here?
Patty: *voice only* Vic and the others are worried about you...Even the Contessa.
Carmen: *voice only* What did she do?
Patty: *voice only* She just helping out a woman who related to Archie Pelago as his niece.
Carmen: *voice only* Niece?!?!
Patty: *voice only* True,Aunt Carmen that right after Moe and Lars grabbed her from the House of Prime Rib she explain the whole thing to us.
Carmen: *voice only* Figures she's doing something for someone's relative and I can feel somebody is hearing our conservation...*Wendy 😁 as she's been revealed when the invisible cloak change back to her red cloak * Wendy the good little witch!
Patty: Haven't seen you since Halloween,last year! (remember Jade's Ghost Stories/The Haunted House Caper)
Carmen: *to Wendy* Whatever you do don't tell no one especially Jade about this conservation they'll be surprise to know. *Wendy 😉 and 🤫🤐 as a promise not revealed this for Carmen's sake and speeds off in her broom fast.*

Meanwhile at an aesthetic clinic in Zagreb,Croatia
Chase,Arthur and Stewart enters the clinic...
Chase: *whistled* Check this out.
Arthur: No wonder why my mother wouldn't go here to get a face lift.
Stewart: You sure about that,Chance?
Arthur: Definitely,after all she was born a princess.
Stewart: Which makes you a prince.
Arthur: Uh no,Stewart she's an exile Latvian Royal Family member and my father is an American Naval Intelligence Specialist. (about his mother..it's fictional to be honest I just don't want to be confused with the real exile Latvian Royal Family just so you know.)

Chase: Cut it out,gentlemen!
Arthur/Stewart: Sorry!

Translated from Croatian

Receptionist: Can I help you,gentlemen?
Chase: Yes,we're from ACME and we were wondering if you see this woman *as he shows the receptionist a picture of Sara Bellum.*
Receptionist: I don't think so you've got the wrong person.
Chase: Are you sure,ma'am? *Arthur saw Sara Bellum outside and so did Chase.* Nevermind,thank you!
*end translation as Chase,Arthur and Stewart goes after Sara Bellum around downtown.*

Arthur: What the...Where did the professor go?
Stewart: *after he smells something weird* Oh great did something crawl here and died?
*He,Chase and Arthur 😵 and fainted*

(end of Chapter Ten)
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Chapter Eleven

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

Casper: Wendy,why did you erase the report that Jade is about to give to Archie while he's away?
Wendy: *🥺* I'm sorry Casper, I've got no choice Carmen told me not to tell anyone even Jade from what I heard from her and Patty Larceny's conversation.
Archie: You should've done in the first place,Wendy.
Wendy: They wanted to make a surprise for you and ACME.
Jade: I don't understand why Carmen told you that I should've come with you but I realize I have to do something for Archie's sake.
Archie: The truth is Miss Ezell you did the right thing helping out for me. *a paper print out of his fax machine.* Oh my! *read the paper* Oh dear!
Jade: Bad news,Archie?
Archie: Definitely!

The Conference Room

Ten minutes later...

Archie: We have no word from Directors Devineaux and Sterling and Detective Chance from Croatia I shall inform Commander Monaghan and Detective Monaghan about the last report being erased by accident when they return from Slovakia.

Lee: So now what?
Archie: Detective Jordan take your team to Beverly Hills and investigated Palace Galore,a jewelry store around Rodeo Drive.
Lee: *gets up from the chair* I'm on it. *leaves the conference room.*
Archie: Miss Ezell,head for a bridal shop in Roanoke,Virginia,a fashion designer needs our help take the junior rookies with you.
Jade: On my way! *as she leaves*
Casper: And what about the other detectives?

Archie: I just remember Mr. Upright and Miss Tickwittee is in ACME London.*as he give Wendy the address of where the theft is.* Make sure they get this address and stay out of trouble is that clear?
Casper/Wendy: Crystal! *as Casper phase through and Wendy speeds off with her broomstick.*

Palace Galore(a fictional jewelry store),Beverly Hills,CA,USA

Tyson: Dang,no wonder why everybody goes Rodeo Drive to purchase something.
Jeweler (male): Rodeo Drive is the best for the rich to buy something.
Jason: Yeah,we wanna know what was stolen?
Jeweler (male): Only the most expensive engagement ring in all of Beverly Hills...*as he pointed the finger of the display.*
Cole/Jason/Tyson: Whoa!
Lee: *whistle* that ring cost one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars ($125,000).
Jeweler (male): Yeah it's a five carat diamond,round shaped and ideal cut platinum band.
Lee: No wonder...Katy Perry wore that ring when she was married to Russell Brand,the one who played Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to The Greek and voicing Dr. Nefario in the Despicable Me movie series. (I don't own anything from Katy Perry or Russell Brand or the movies that he appeared and voice as whatsoever)
Cole: Was there anybody who wants that ring?
Jeweler (male): There was a woman whose stepdaughter is going to get married to some rich broker and believe me he couldn't afford it in fact he met her but believe me that bride to be needs a new look according to the groom to be. *Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson 😲*

Randy's Bridal (a fictional bridal store),Roanoke,VA,USA (inspired by David's Bridal and Randy Fenoli from TLC's Say Yes To The Dress when he was the Fashion Director of Kleinfeld Bridal store from 2007 to 2012 according to wikipedia...by the way I don't own the stores David's Bridal or Kleinfeld Bridal store nor TLC or the show Say Yes To The Dress and the website wikipedia whatsoever.)

*The C-5 appears and so does Jade,Maylee and Jessie Lyon.*
Jade: *shows the fashion designer her ACME digital badge* Sir,we're from ACME and we like to talk to you.
Fashion Designer (male): Hello,I'm Lorenzo Dupioni the fashion designer.
Jade: Tell us what happened today?

Lorenzo: I created this wedding dress *as he shows the girls the wedding dress he designed*
Maylee: It's beautiful!
Jessie: I wonder how much for that dress cost? My mother would love to wear that one for her and dad's wedding anniversary.
Lorenzo: Thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). *Jessie :eek:*
Jessie: Too expensive for Mom's taste.
Maylee: Tell us about the dress what's it made of.

Lorenzo: Ivory white floral embroidered silk from Malaysia,lovely white cultured pearls from the Philippines and Swarovski crystals from Austria. *Jade saw a picture of another wedding dress.*

Jade: Why would someone steal that dress instead of this one? (the wedding dress reminds me of Jacqueline Bouvier when she married John F. Kennedy before he became The President of The United States of America back in 1953 except the neckline is a sweetheart,the sleeves are flutter and the skirt is like Grace Kelly's when she married Rainier the Third,the Prince of Monaco back in 1956...I don't own those wedding dresses whatsoever)

Lorenzo: Ah that dress was designed by my grandmother,Georgette Dupioni it is special because it was designed for a woman named Mackenzie Pelago,a Princeton University graduate major in landscaping designing to a man named Thomas Willow,a Columbia Medical graduate...but the dress I created well it was supposed to go to the bride who is the daughter of the Mayor of this town to a young congressman from Richmond whose hoping to become a nominee for our state's next governor.

Jade: Now before we leave do you know who stole the dress you designed?
Lorenzo: Now did you mention? A woman wants the dress for her stepdaughter because is marrying to a rich broker.
Maylee: Can you describe her?
Lorenzo: She looks like Carol Burnett back in time where Miss Burnett host her own comedy skit show...That's all I know about the woman if you bring that dress back I might design a dress for any of you girls.
Jade: Thanks for the info and we will bring back the dress in one piece. *as the girls leaves*

outside the bridal store

Maylee: I don't understand a lady who looks like the younger version of a famous redhead woman stolen that dress for her stepdaughter I don't get it.
Jade: Well I do,girls!
Maylee/Jessie: What?!?!
Jade: I've figure who it is?
Jessie: And who's that?
Jade: Someone who stole money out of somebody's pocket for a nose job?
Maylee/Jessie: Ew!!!
Jade: Yup and I believe there's a connection to this case and we're going to find out why.

(end of Chapter Eleven)
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