A Boo-tiful Wedding


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Chapter Twelve

Premier Patisserie & Cafe (a fictional bakery),Blackpool,Lancashire County,England,UK

*Ann Tickwittee and Bolt Upright enter the bakery after Wendy use her teleportation magic to send them right away.*

Owner(female): Can I help you?
Bolt: *as he and Ann shows the owner their own ACME badge* Actually we're here to help you.
Owner(female): Oh jolly good I'm glad you two show up.
Ann: Can you tell us what was stolen?
Owner(female): It's the recipe card of a traditional fruitcake.
Bolt: Fruitcake?!?! But Christmas is over.
Ann: *as she shows Bolt a picture of a wedding cake on the wall* Not that kind of a fruitcake,Bolt,she meant this kind of a fruitcake.
Bolt: Oops! Sorry my bad!
Owner(female): That's alright,mate! The picture you two look at is it.
Bolt: So this wedding cake we saw is a fruitcake?
Owner(female): Is it tradition for both Christmas and for weddings.

Ann: Now tell us what happened to the recipe card?
Owner(female): Oh some woman wants me to sell the recipe card I told her it's not for sale And then the next thing I know someone broke into the bakery and took it.
Bolt: About that woman who is she?
Owner(female): Some redhead in her 40's but looks like twenty-one to me.
Bolt: Why is that?
Owner(female): Simple she must have a nose job and I've figure she got a face lift so she can be younger without wrinkles image that. *Ann and Bolt ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜“*

Somewhere in Zagreb,Croatia

Vic: *voice only* Devineaux,wake up! *As Chase,Stewart and Arthur woke up in a hotel room where Vic,Moe and Lars are happy to see them.*
Lars: Ha! I'm glad Stinkie just stink you three down.
Arthur: Very funny,Vegas we wanna know what's going on?
Moe: Relax,Chance we don't want you ACME agents find out what we're up to.
Chase: If it's something with your boss...we got her and recovering as we speak.
Vic: That's not what we meant,Chase.
Chase: It's not,Fumagalli!
Vic: No,it's a surprise you tell Archie Pelago,there's nothing here.
Stewart: Why should we believe you?
Moe: We're being honest that's all.
Lars: Wanna go for a drink?
Arthur: *as he,Chase and Stewart got up and head for the door.* Sorry,boys we're just leaving!

Another Week Later...

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Medical Center

Carmen: *๐Ÿ˜ after she was checking out of the hosptial*So glad you all figure out whose behind the thefts and why hmm?
Jade: We all figure it was Darlene Willow and there is a reason why,Carmen?
Carmen: A reason?
Jade: Yeah,Carmen! Figure the puzzle fits after all and beside We all escorting you to The Ritz-Carlton Contessa's waiting for you along with the others.
Carmen: What for? There's no ransom!
Jade: No,Carmen it's not!

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Stockton Street

*Johnny enter the lobby and saw his parents.*
Johnny: Mother,Father!
Wanda: Oh Johnny,our son!
Richard: Good to see you,son!
Johnny: What're you doing here?
Perry: *as he shows up* Oh they're just here visiting you.
Johnny: You mean...
Archie: *voice only* It's a surprise for both of us! *Johnny turn around and saw him,Jade,Carmen,Spencer and Arthur.*
Richard: Well,well this is a surprise...Archie Pelago.
Wanda: And we know Carmen Sandiego.
Richard: And Spencer Ross,look at you grow...Archie who are these people.
Archie: Richard,Wanda I like to meet Arthur Chance and Miss Jade Ezell.
Jade: It is an honored to meet you all.
Arthur: The pleasure the others can't make it for a reason.

Contessa: *to Carmen* About time you show up,Carmen...Jeeves! *Jeeves came and brought in a lady in a light blue Calvin Klein floral dress,a white Gucci sandals and white Audrey Hepburn style hat.*(I don't own anything from Calvin Klein,Gucci or Audrey Hepburn whatsoever)
Carmen: Well done,Contessa bringing her back here in time for Archie's sake.
Contessa: Sure did,Carmen! For him and for the love of her life.
Wanda: Carmen Sandiego,wonder what the Contessa met by that? *as Jeeves escort the lady to Johnny.*

Jeeves: Presenting Miss Katelyn Willow! *Johnny looks at her and he and Archie are ๐Ÿ˜ฒ while Katelyn ๐Ÿ˜Š as she looks like Anne Hathaway from the movie version of the Princess Diaries* (I don't own the movie whatsoever)
Katelyn: Surprise!
Archie: My word!
Johnny: Katelyn,you're beautiful.
Katelyn: Oh Johnny I really miss you after all these years.
Johnny: Same here! *when he was about to kiss Katelyn...an ๐Ÿ˜  Darlene shows up*

Darlene: Don't even think about it,poor boy! *Katelyn gasped when she saw Darlene* What in the world? Katelyn,just look at you you're a mess...*point the finger at Contessa* What have done to her you vainly fiend?
Contessa: We made her over...turn her from an ugly duckling into a swan. *Darlene snapped her fingers and two men grab Contessa.*
Darlene: Drown that witch to the pool...*she grab Carmen and push to the two men* And the same for Carmen Sandiego...*she grab Katelyn* Come along,Katelyn wait til' your fiance sees you like this.
Jeeves: *as the two men grab and dragged Contessa and Carmen* Madame,Miss Sandiego!
*Carmen and Contessa struggled as the two men dragged them both away*

Jade: C'mon Spencer!
Spencer: Jeeves,we'll be back with the Contessa!
Jade: And Carmen as well! *as she and Spencer goes after the two men and saving Carmen and Contessa.*

Katelyn: *as Darlene dragged her away* Johnny! Uncle Archie!
Johnny: *as he and Archie goes after them* Katelyn!
Archie: *voice only* We're coming!

Wanda: Oh no!
Richard: *๐Ÿ˜ก and yelled* DARLENE WILLOW,YOU PENCIL-PUSHER!!!

(end of Chapter Twelve)
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Chapter Thirteen

The Ritz-Carlton,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Swimming Pool *after the two men tied up Carmen and Contessa the two men grab one lady each.*

Contessa: Let us go,gentlemen!
Henchman#1: Let's drown'em! *Casper phase in as the two men were throw Carmen and Contessa into the swimming pool.*
Casper: What're you think you're doing?
Henchman#2: What else,kid we're...*as he and Henchman#1 well ๐Ÿ˜จ and they ๐Ÿ˜ฑ grab Carmen and Contessa*
Henchman#1: The hotel is haunted...Let's drown'em at the bay! *Unfortunately the two men were too late when Jade (in her medium blue battlesuit) and Spencer (in his forest green battlesuit) have arrive.*
Jade: Put'em down,boys!
Henchman#2: With pleasure! *Push Contessa down to the pool and Henchman#1 pushes Carmen down to the pool and the two men ran out.*

* While Casper goes after the two men...Jade and Spencer enter the swimming pool with their own battlesuit into snorkeling mode...both of them rescue Carmen and Contessa by using a waterproof laser cutter to free them.*

The Lobby

Five minutes later...

Perry: I can assure you,Mr. and Mrs. Tagg your son took off with Archie to save Katelyn and stop Darlene.
Richard: Why is that?
Arthur: We have a warrant for her arrest for robbery.
Wanda: Robbery what for?
Arthur: She was making sure that Katelyn is going to married Jack Pott.
Wanda: Jack Pott? We've never heard of him...Johnny said that Katelyn will marry a rich man.
Arthur: Actually she's going to married a con artist no thanks to Darlene's lies.
Richard: Ooo,Wanda we had enough of that lying piece of trash like Darlene.
Wanda: After all our friend Thomas passed away and Darlene stolen his money away and cause Katelyn not to attend college.

The Two Henchmen: *yelled* A GHOST!!!!!! *and then they stopped running after tripping over a serving cart thanks to Jeeves roll it down.*

ACME Headquarters

Interrogation Room

Thirty minutes after ACME agents arrive and arrest the two men while Jeeves took Carmen and Contessa back to The Covernzi Mansion.

Henchman#1: We were paid for by that redheaded lady to get rid of Carmen Sandiego and her rich friend.
Maylee: Is that so?
Jessie: You better tell us why?
Henchman #2: Okay,okay that redheaded lady is worried that her maid is about to be beautiful than her.
Maylee: Where is Darlene Willow?
Henchman#1: We don't know!
Jessie: Where's Katelyn Willow? *two men well ๐Ÿค”*

Ten minutes later...Casper and Wendy goes to Haight-Ashbury after the two men confess where Darlene hidden Katelyn...an abandoned hostel?!?!

Wendy: This must be it.
Casper: I'll see if she's inside. *as he phase through the wall...hears someone ๐Ÿ˜ข it was Katelyn in sweat clothes he sneaks in quietly* Hello there!
Katelyn: *stop weeping* Oh hello there! What's your name?
Casper: I'm Casper
Katelyn: I'm Katelyn Willow...oh you're a little ghost!
Casper: That's why I am!
Katelyn: Are you alone?
Casper: No I'm not! *as Wendy appears*
Katelyn: Oh my...*to Wendy* You must be Casper's friend.
Wendy: Yeah I'm Wendy...come on let's get outer here!
Katelyn: Like this? I can't!
Wendy: Don't worry allow me! *as Wendy waves her magic wand and vanished*

Twenty minutes later...Johnny's House,Alamo Square

*Johnny sets up dinner and serve himself ๐Ÿฅ— until the doorbell rang Johnny answer the door he saw...Katelyn in a sleeveless green tweed Chanel dress and white sandals with a matching purse (I don't own Chanel whatsoever)
Johnny: *๐Ÿ˜* Katelyn,I'm so glad to see you once again but how! *and he saw who brought Katelyn over here...Casper and Wendy as they fly away.*

Katelyn: Johnny,do you live here now?
Johnny: Yeah,Katelyn this house used to be my uncle Robert's he passed away.
Katelyn: So what happened after we never saw each other?
Johnny: My grades weren't enough to get me to any Ivy League school so I end up in career school and I've got a diploma in Paralegal.
Katelyn: Paralegal?!?!
Johnny: Not like a lawyer like dad is.
Katelyn: You just got employed by a lawyer.
Johnny: Yes Perry Legal is my supervisor I help him out for any cases.
Katelyn: I'm proud of you,Johnny! *somehow she gasped when she was about to kiss Johnny she's back in sweat clothes again.*
Johnny: Oh no,Katelyn! *Katelyn ran out of his house* Katelyn,wait!

Medeva: *laughed out loud while Katelyn ran in tears within a distance from Johnny's house* Glad I turn it back to rags instead of tags. *laughed out loud as she disappears while Spooky was trying to scary a family away.*

Spooky: That witch,Medeva,I swore I'll get my boos on her. *Spooky speed away.*

(end of Chapter Thirteen)
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Chapter Fourteen

The next day

Julia's,San Francisco,CA,USA (remember Culinary Chaos)

*it's lunch time and Jade enjoying a hamburger lunch the way Julia Child made it except Rooster make the burger with plant based ground meat instead of the regular ground beef...Brie made fries out of cauliflower instead of the grand Russet Potato...served with a diet sweet iced tea she ordered.*

Brie: We have a lot of waiters and waitresses working here after school and in the summertime.
Rooster: Apparently people wanted to eat healthier by making their own favorite food taste better we just want your opinion,Jade. *Jade swallowed her food*
Jade: The lunch you prepared it's not bad...This is a great idea! If a customer ask for a request the next time they want to order something for any reason just make sure the customer is satisfied with the taste.
Brie: That's true the customer's always right. *the waiter place the guest check onto the table where Jade is finishing her lunch.*

Jade: I heard you did help out with the catering.
Rooster: That's right,Jade we did.
Brie: We've got license to catered thanks to the State Department of Health.
Rooster: We do mostly the food for weddings,birthdays,anniversaries and high school reunions.
Brie: We don't do high school proms and funerals.
Jade: *๐Ÿ˜ฅ*That's wonderful!

Brie: Well we did the food well except for the wedding cake in which I'm not good at but at least Premier Patisserie and Cafe help out.
Jade: Wait Premier Patisserie and Cafe? That's in Blackpool,England,UK.
Rooster: Actually there's one right here...In fact that pastry company is extending their business a month ago when the owner from Blackpool told us.
Jade's mind: Too bad the owner didn't mention that part to Bolt and Ann when they're around. *her padphone beeps*
Jade: *as she looks at the message from ACME* Oh terrific...*to Brie and Rooster*Thanks for the lunch *and she paid the amount based on the check and a tip for the waiter* I truly appreciated. *grab her purse and padphone and leave.*

Waiter: Did that customer just left?
Rooster: She really left a tip for you.
Waiter: That's good to hear... *as he grab the check and the money with the tip Jade left for him.*Thank goodness!

ACME Headquarters

Archie Pelago's office

five minutes later...the C-5 appears and so does Jade

Archie: About time you show up Miss Ezell!
Jade: Yeah,and I suddenly just finished lunch at Julia's so what's going on?
Archie: *๐Ÿ˜ž* It's my niece,she's gone again.
Jade: What?!?! I thought Casper and Wendy found her and they brought her to Johnny's house.
Archie: Well she's not Jonathan told me what happened last night.
Jade: Archie,you mean?
Archie: That Darlene she made Katelyn wear sweat clothes instead of a nice outfit.
Jade: Where's Johnny now?
Archie: The Ritz Carlton all of the other agents are unavailable at this time except for Detective Chance he's with the Taggs.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel

The Lobby

Arthur: We'll do whatever it takes to stop Darlene.
Richard: Well you ACME agents don't know Darlene as much as we do.
Wanda: *as Emma disguise herself as a waitress from the hotel's restaurant* We got evidence about her you can send this to Archie he'll be surprise to see this. *as she hands over an envelope containing something to Arthur...as Emma place a cup of tea on the table for Johnny's attention*
Arthur: Thank you,Mrs. Tagg!
Johnny: Uh mom,did you order tea?
Wanda: No I didn't,Johnny!
Johnny: Well someone place a cup of tea and I wonder why?
Arthur: I don't know whoever is here...It's probably it's complimentary!

Emma: *as the C-5 appears so did Jade she reads a note* Let the one who drinks this tea shall see thee. *Arthur drinks the tea and feels ๐Ÿ˜ already when he's about to see Emma.*
Jade's mind: Oh no,Arthur he must have drunk something. *Arthur walk to Emma.* Emma,I should've known.

Wally: *disguise as a lobbyist* Oh no,not again! *and then he bumped into Jade.*
Jade: Going somewhere?
Wally: Yeah,getting outer here! *as he ran Jade follow him*
Jade: Stop you fiend.
Wally: Emma! Emma! Retreat! *Emma laughed with Arthur*
Arthur: Who's that?
Emma: Just a friend...*as Wally grab her* Bye!
Arthur: Emma,wait! *Until Jade uses a whistle onto his ears and ๐Ÿ’”* What the...Jade!
Jade: No more love on the run,Arthur! (remember that part of the lyrics to Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen I don't own the song or part of the lyrics whatsoever)

Arthur: What? Wait a minute what just happened to me all of the sudden?
Jade: Were you drinking something?
Arthur: Tea,why?
Johnny: *as he shows with his parents and the envelope* There you are,Arthur here you left this behind.
Arthur: Oh thank you,Johnny! I've almost forgot about that.
Jade: Let's get back to headquarters,Arthur!
Arthur: Oh right!

(end of Chapter Fourteen)
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Chapter Fifteen

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

*Arthur and Jade came out of the elevator after coming from the parking garage*
In the Hallway

*Archie is ๐Ÿ˜  and ๐Ÿ˜ž when he step out of his office*
Jade: Uh-oh!
Archie: You've got that right,Miss Ezell! That Darlene has a legal aid come in and brought in...this *as he shows Jade and Arthur a piece of paper that said filing of motion to squash warrant of arrest without evidence*
Arthur: Really? Because we've got evidence about Darlene already.
Archie: That's why we need proof of evidence. *Arthur hands over the envelope to Archie* I'll see to it that the legal aid will be sorry for this within the next twenty-four hours.

Shirley: Mr. Pelago,your lawyer is on the phone line one.
Archie: Thank you,Shirley! That's all I needed to know. *as he heads to Shirley's desk.* Miss Ezell,go home immediately.
Jade: Right,Archie! See you later,Arthur!
Arthur: *as Jade uses her padphone to C-5 herself home* Same here.
Arthur's Mind: Can't believe Jade told me I've been hexed by Medeva's love spell...wait a minute that happen to Chase when he drink the wine and then Spencer smells the perfume and now me drink the tea that suppose to...That's it! That girl named Emma has something to do with this. *Arthur heads for Johnny's House in Alamo Square.*

The Covernzi Mansion,outside of Milan,Italy

Vic/Patty/Moe/Lars: What?!?!
Moe: Boss,are you mad?
Lars: You can't be serious.
Vic: You've better not be joking,boss lady because ACME is your enemy.
Carmen: True but we have no choice. *Sara Bellum shows with Jeeves*
Jeeves: Professor Bellum...
Contessa: *to Jeeves* We know it's her,Jeeves!
Jeeves: *to Sara* Professor,so you want...
Sara: Later,Jeeves right now it's important.
Jeeves: Yes,Professor! *as he leaves*
Carmen: What did you get? *Sara gives Carmen a replacement deed to Carmen's house.*
Sara: You'll getting your house back,Carmen! *Carmen ๐Ÿ˜„*
Patty: Yay,Aunt Carmen! Let's celebrate!
Carmen: Not yet,Patty we need a plan at once.

Meanwhile in Boston,MA,USA

Agnes Acme: *as she and Casper head for Evergreen Cemetery at the Brighton Neighborhood (I don't own the cemetery or one of Boston's neighborhoods whatsoever)* This is it,Casper!
Casper: Golly,the spirits are waking up. *Yup,the spirits are waking up including a couple who is a doctor and a landscaping designer* Oh hi my name is Casper and this is Agnes Acme.
Agnes Acme: Hello,are you the parents of Katelyn Willow?
Ghost(male): We are...I'm Thomas Willow and this is my wife...
Ghost(female): Mackenzie...why is there something wrong with our daughter or my dear brother.
Agnes Acme: Your brother is upset that woman you married Thomas took everything away even your daughter's heart is broken because of her.
Thomas: Darlene she never learns to appreciated her I told her to be nice to Katelyn but never listens...I warn Darlene that I cannot married her because she wants my money.

Casper: Why did you marry her?
Thomas: I didn't she force me to.
Casper: Golly!
Agnes Acme: What a rude thing she did to you and now she ruined your daughter's life by not seeing her love life.

Mackenzie: Johnny Tagg is the best man for her we knew and his parents knew that they'll be together forever.
Thomas: Darlene just don't like the boy and his parents...they are very good people.
Casper: But what're we gonna do?
Mackenzie: You'll got to gather a lot of your friends as possible.
Casper: How?
Thomas: The ones who are alive not just you,Casper.
Mackenzie: The ones who are friendly and helpful.
Casper: I think we know what you mean.
Agnes Acme: Thanks for the advice.
Thomas/Mackenzie: You're welcome and farewell. *as Casper and Agnes Acme flies off.*

Jade's house
Jade: *to Sam and Socks* Don't worry you two Mom's on her way to pick you two up you'll get...*Sam and Socks ๐Ÿ™€ and ran underneath the couch.* Sam,Socks what's the...
Ghostly Trio: ๐Ÿคช(Stretch),๐Ÿ˜ (Fatso) and *burping Stinkie with a bad breath* *Jade still ๐Ÿ˜’*
Jade: Okay,boys what'd you want?
Stretch: Oh did we scared ya?
Jade: No but you three ghostly stooges scared my cats. *Sam and Socks still underneath the couch scaring the tails out of them.*

Stinkie: Sorry about that! It's just we wanted to info you about Carmen Sandiego getting her house.
Fatso: And maybe a possibly to get a pair of lonely lovebirds back together.
Jade: How did you know that?
Stretch: We overheard what Carmen told her gang how and they need ACME's help.
Jade: That's good but there's one catch.
Ghostly Trio: What's that?

Jade: It's Darlene and that no good fiance of Katelyn well,a fake one no doubt.
Stinkie: We know she's the one who hired a cocktail waitress with the help of Medeva's magic.
Jade: Where did you get that information?
Fatso: Spooky is the one who inform us.
Stinkie: We wish we wanted to inform Carmen but Contessa's butler well...
Jade: Well what? *Stretch shape shifting his face into ๐Ÿ‘น.* ๐Ÿ˜ฑ An Oni!
Stretch: *as he shape shifting his face back to normal* Yeah,that mask if we ever come to her mansion he'll scared us with that mask again.
Jade: Probably to scared you three away if you're not a relative of Contessa's.
Ghostly Trio: Now she tells us.
Jade: Boys you leave now and don't scared anybody again or else. *heads for her room*
Stinkie: Or else what? *as Jade shows the Ghostly Trio a black flag that a ๐Ÿ‘ป and ๐Ÿšซ on it he,Stretch and Fatso screamed and phase outer here.*
Jade's mind: Hm! That got their attention! *as she heads back to her room to put the flag away.*

(end of Chapter Fifteen)
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Chapter Sixteen

San Francisco,CA,USA

*Armando Arguella and Renee Santz are walking around the Mission District to search for Katelyn*

Renee: Katelyn...Katelyn!
Armando: Katelyn...huh! *as he saw Darlene coming out of the limousine.* Renee!
Renee: *as she came* Oh great it's the evil stepmother minus the ugly stepsisters.
Armando: Katelyn's no Cinderella,Renee!
Renee: She went inside to a travel agency.
Armando: *read the sign* Roam About Travels...Why that place? (Roam About Travels is a fictional place)
Renee: I don't know but we've better find out. *somehow Armando got knock down from behind* Armando...*gasped as two men grab her.*

The Next Day

ACME Headquarters

*the C-5 appears and so did Jade,Sam and Socks.*

Socks' mind: I wonder what's wrong with ACME this time.
Sam's mind: Our owner will find out c'mon sis let's get some mice and bugs out of the cafeteria.
Socks' mind: *as she and Sam ran to the cafeteria* Right behind you,brother!
(Remember cats don't talk just their own mind does.)

Archie Pelago's office
*someone knock on the door*
Archie: Come in! *Jade enters his office by opening the door.* Ah,Miss Ezell! About time you show up.
Jade: Of course,Archie I have to pick up the felines from the vet...so what's going on? *As Archie shows Jade a card.* An Invitation Card?!?! *reads the invitation card* You are not cordially invited to the wedding of Katelyn Willow and Jack Pott at the Chapel of the Bells...What no wedding date? No directions to a wedding chapel like the Chapel of the Bells? That name sounds familiar...but why?
Archie: That's just it,Miss Ezell I won't be able to see her walk down the aisle I hope Darlene doesn't make her wear her wedding dress when she marries my brother-in-law and...

Jade: *interrupted* That's it,I've figure Darlene never makes her wear her wedding dress.
Archie: And why not,Miss Ezell?
Jade: Remember when a wedding dress was stolen from a bridal salon in Roanoke,Virginia.
Archie: Yes,why?
Jade: Darlene wants Katelyn to make her wear that stolen dress to the wedding unless Katelyn is fat and ugly.

Archie: Say no more,Miss Ezell I think we're getting close to solving this case. *the phone rings...to Jade* Hold on a minute! *pick up the phone.* Archie Pelago...What?!?! What happened,Richard...Oh no! Thank you! *hang up the phone* It's Richard Tagg,Jonathan's father he told me that he's been kidnapped from his job this morning.

Jade: Oh fudge! I just remember Arthur was at Johnny's house
Archie: I remember he talk to me about Emma Ruld but hung up his phone and I don't understand.
Jade: My guess is someone knock him down and hang up the phone for him...I wonder what's Emma's story
Archie: I don't know, Miss Ezell, but I want you,the junior rookies,Detective Jordan and his team to go with you.
Jade: I'll go right now!

Legal and Associates,Business District

Five Minutes Later (Team ACME: Jade,Lee,Cole,Tyson,Jason,Maylee and Jessie came shows up by C-5 of course)

Legal: I'm not making this up,detectives this is an outrage.
Lee: When was the last time you saw Mr. Tagg?
Legal: About an hour ago and then some brunette girl came in and took him.

Cole: How?
Tyson: Yo,he don't know alright?
Cole: * ๐Ÿ˜“*Gotcha!
Jason: Is there anything else you know,Mr.Legal? *Maylee and Jessie saw a clue...Maylee use the evidence bag and Jessie use the tweezers to pick it up from the welcome mat.*

Legal: She's not alone she's with some guy dressed as a hippie.
Jason: We might as well check out Haight-Ashbury.
Jessie: Or maybe not Maylee and I found a clue.
Jade: What did you girls find? *Maylee gave Jade the evidence bag* a business card.

Lee: Flip it over,Jade!
Jade: *as she flip the bag and reads the business card* Banger's Club,Downtown San Francisco,Wally Banger,owner...555-BANG (2264).
Lee: I've never heard of that place before.
Jade: Yeah no address do you think it's a private nightclub for VILE?
Cole: We may want to talk to Carmen about this and how to get in.
Tyson: Sounds like a great idea.
Jason: Now wait a minute should've we need a strategy first?
Jade: You're right,Jason we've better get back to headquarters and fast.
Maylee: While you do that we'll find out about this hippie named Wally Banger.
Jessie: Smart thinking,Maylee.

Legal: I hope you'll find him.
Jade: *as she and the rest of Team ACME leaves* And we will.

(end of Chapter Sixteen)
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Chapter Seventeen

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Outside at the pavilion...

Jade's mind: While Lee informs Archie,Chase and Stewart about what's going on so far I hope there's a chance to figure it out how to get into that nightclub.
Casper: Jade!
Jade: Casper,I'm glad you're here what's going on?
Casper: Jade,I spotted Katelyn getting into a limousine with Darlene and a guy
Jade: *gasped* Where are they heading?
Casper: Something about a nightclub near Folsom Street.
Jade: Casper,I'm going back inside headquarters,go on ahead but don't let them see you wait for ACME to arrive.
Casper: Okay,Jade! *as he becomes invisible as he flows on while Jade return inside.*

Archie Pelago's office

Archie: *while talking to Richard Tagg by voice speaker* So there's no ransom note.
Richard: *on the voice speaker * No ransom note Wanda and I are worried about him.
Archie: Same here. *someone knock on his door.* Come in! *as Jade enter his office* Miss Ezell,anything so far?
Jade: From Casper,Archie!
Richard: *on the voice speaker* Casper,the little ghost who saved me and my wife years ago...what did he tell you?
Jade: He said he spotted Katelyn along with Darlene and her 'fiance'.
Richard: *on the voice speaker* Where?
Jade: Heading for a nightclub near Folsom Street.
Archie: Goodnight!
Richard: *on the voice speaker* My son might be there!
Archie: Stay inside the hotel,Richard ACME will take care of this.

Conference Room
Ten minutes later...

Chase:...So we need a strategy to get in and unfortunately Carmen inform us that it's a private nightclub not owned by a VILE henchman.
Archie: In other words we need a few volunteers to go undercover.
Stewart: Going undercover? Sounds okay to me. *someone knocking on the door.*
Archie: Enter! *Zack enters the conference room* Detective Monaghan,I'm glad you show up what's going on?

Zack: We've found the nightclub near Folsom Street.
Stewart: What's the name of the nightclub,Detective?
Zack: Same as the business card.
Archie/Chase/Stewart: Banger's Club!
Chase: Just as we thought we needed to go inside that club.

Zack: At least I've got us an idea to go in...Lee! *as Lee shows up...*Archie and Stewart both ๐Ÿคจ and Chase well ๐Ÿ˜’ of what Lee is wearing.* It's semi-casual and semi-formal.
Chase: Jordan,what's with the 'Miami Vice' look?
Lee: *as he removed his sunglasses* Chase,I ain't entering the Don Johnson impersonation contest...it's a club wear. (I don't own anything from Miami Vice or Don Johnson whatsoever)

Stewart: Monaghan,what time does the club open?
Zack: Five o'clock tonight.
Stewart: Since you got an idea how get us into that club let's run them out of business.
Chase: Good idea,Stewart,Jordan!
Lee: Yeah!
Chase: Lose the sunglasses! *Lee ๐Ÿ˜”*

Banger's Club

In the basement...

*Johnny is tied up to the chair and gagged up with a handkerchief.*
Wally: Just relax...Emma is on her way. *laughed as the elevator door opens and there is Emma.*
Emma: Guests are waiting for you and Johnny! *Wally dragged Johnny to the elevator and the door closes the elevator and then opens again.*
*Wally removed the handkerchief from Johnny.*

Darlene: Well,well the poor boy.
Johnny: Darlene,what is the meaning of this?
Darlene: This is going to be the last time you see my stepdaughter oh I almost forgot...*as Jack Pott shows up who is ๐Ÿ˜’ with Katelyn dressed in the stolen wedding dress.* Jack Pott,meet this poor boy,Johnny Tagg,poor boy this is my future son-in-law.

Jack: Hmph! More like a piece of garbage to me like Katelyn is.
Darlene: Jack,you know better than that in front of your future wife.
Jack: Darlene,she's still an ugly duckling after what that Italian Countess did to her she's no swan at all...*Emma came out in a little black dress he whistled at her* Wow! Now that's a lady.
Darlene: Don't bother Emma,Jack she will completely fall in love with the poor boy...Sorry dear Emma I like you to meet my stepdaughter and her fiance.

Emma: Really,so this is your stepdaughter,Darlene. *Darlene shook her head 'yes'* Pathetic! *Katelyn ๐Ÿ˜ฅ when Wally hears the sounds of a car...look through the peephole and he gasped.*
Wally: Darlene,take the elevator and head for the back door I'll take care of the 'guests'.*Darlene took Katelyn and Jack to the elevator.* Emma,drag him to the next room I'll make him drink later.

*Emma gagged Johnny again with a handkerchief and dragged him to the next room*

Entering Banger's club dressing in their own club wear are Chase,Stewart and Lee...
Lee: *๐Ÿคจ*Weird the door's already open.
Chase: We better take precaution,warrants ready?
Stewart: Ready and willing...*as he,Chase and Lee gasped as a big cage dropped in onto them*
Lee: What the...*Medeva laughed out loud as she appeared by magic.*
Medeva: We've got you in the cage too bad you're not going backstage. *laughed out loud as Wally shows up.*
Wally: Well a trio of invaders from the law enforcement wanna try to shut down my club,huh? Didn't think so.* as he snapped his fingers and three men dressed as they were in the hip-hop business appears.* Search'em.
Lee: *as Wally opens the cage and his three men enter the cage.* Yikes! Looks like our undercover just got blown.
Chase: *as Stewart well...๐Ÿ˜“* That's terrific,Jordan! Terrific!
Lee: *gulped* Now I know exactly how a cavity search feels like.

(end of Chapter Seventeen)
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Before I go on the next chapter I'm struggling with something to get this story right and it'll be a happy ending in the epilogue after all so all of you wait a little longer.

P.S. There's a reason why read my post in Quarantine.
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Chapter Eighteen (sorry for all the wait everyone)

San Francisco Police Department,San Francisco,CA,USA

*Jade and Archie enter the police department after Chase make a phone call well after what happened*

*Archie rings in the service bell...๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ shows up*
Archie: Excuse me,officer we're from ACME one of our colleagues just call here.
Male Police Officer: ACME as in ACME the ones who pursues Carmen Sandiego *as Jade shows her digital ID to the ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ*
Jade: The one,the only,officer.

Male Police Officer: I was afraid you two might come we're trying to shut down that nightclub down since that one is private and illegal run by some hippie.
Jade: * as she shows ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ a picture of Wally Banger*As in Wally Banger?!?!
Male Police Officer: That's him unfortunately he hires a lawyer to leave his place alone after we try to raid him for justice.

Archie: Got any proof? *๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ shows Archie and Jade a motion to squash a warrant link to a crime.*
Male Police Officer: We talk to the D.A. he's not impressed so does the criminal court judge...she's isn't a happy in fact we're not happy as well the D.A. is trying to get two warrants one to search and one to arrest somehow we're out of ideas.
Jade: Maybe not,officer but I have a 'ghost' in mind.

Meanwhile Wendy the good little witch flies around her broomstick...*Wendy saw Jade outside of the police department.*

Wendy: Jade!
Jade: Wendy,thank goodness you're here...Archie and I need your help at once.
Wendy: How?

Inside Banger's Club

*Wally is making a cocktail for Johnny while he still tied up and Emma removed the rag of his mouth.*
Johnny: What're you trying to do to me?
Wally: Just fixing up a cocktail of love for you.
Johnny: Look I don't drink cocktail heck I don't drink anything bad period. *Wally added a drop of Medeva's Essence of Love.*
Wally: Just relax it'll be all over for you because you and Emma will live happily ever after.
Emma's mind: Ew! I rather find a ๐Ÿธ and ๐Ÿ˜— it so it can turn into a ๐Ÿ’ช handsome ๐Ÿคด and beat the living daylights out of this nerd.

Outside of the nightclub...Spooky shows up to Casper

Casper: Spooky you're not gonna believe what happened...
Spooky: I know Wendy told me already anyway the police are on their way...you stay here and wait for them to arrive while I'll go and find that witch Medeva before it's too late.
Casper: *as Spooky phase through the wall invisible.* Be careful,Spooky!

Back inside the nightclub after Moe and Lars enter inside....

Lars: Wally...making a drink?
Wally: Yeah!
Lars: *grab the drink* Don't mind if I do.
Moe: Lars,huh? *grab a piece of paper* Let the one who taste this drink will be the one's eye to wink? Hey Wally what kind of hocus pocus magic is this?
*Wally ๐Ÿ˜จ after Lars drinks up the cocktail and surprise he's ๐Ÿ˜‰ at Emma.*
Lars: *to Emma...๐Ÿฅฐ* Hey there gorgeous! I'm your knight in shining armor.
Moe: *quietly as he untie Johnny from the chair* More like a fool in love if you ask me.
*Johnny ๐Ÿคซ*
Lars: *to Emma* Don't mind him he's just...* the girls from downstairs screaming as Spooky phase through the wall when Emma is about to scream Lars covered her mouth* Don't worry I'll talk to this ghost you just checked on your friends downstairs,okay! *Emma nodded 'yes' and head downstairs*

Wally: Why you? *Moe grab Wally. Johnny stands up and leaves the nightclub*
Moe: Let's you and me go outside my friend will talk to that ghost. *as he dragged Wally outside of his nightclub...when all of the sudden a bunch of ๐Ÿš“s with a ๐Ÿšจon...Wally gasped when Moe ran off.*

Back inside the nightclub

Lars: Listen here,pal I'm in love with that girl she's gorgeous...
Spooky: Oh I'm sorry to break up the romance that fast...Let's be pals!
Lars: Okay! *Thanks to Spooky's joy buzzer he screamed and then all of the sudden...๐Ÿ’”* Whoa! What just happened?
Spooky: Medeva's love spell wore off. *Lars slapped his forehead*
Lars: Oh no Carmen wants me and Moe to look for her...*to Spooky* do you know where that witch went?
Spooky: She's not here! *Lars ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜“*
Moe: *as he returns and yelled* WHAT!?!?!
Spooky: I'm telling ya,boys! That witch isn't here.
Lars: And Darlene?!?!
Spooky: Not there...why you ask?
Moe: Our boss has something of hers taken away.
Spooky: Huh?!?!
Lars: *notice the ๐Ÿšจ* Nevermind,little ghost! Let's talk somewhere else!
Moe: C'mon,Lars let's take the backdoor!
Lars: Good idea! *and they did except Spooky phase through*

(end of Chapter Eighteen)
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Chapter Nineteen

ACME Headquarters

Interrogation Room

Wally:*to Archie and Jade* You two have nothing on me.
Jade: Oh really,Banger!
Archie: We've found evidence of foul play.
Jade: We've found out you were responsible for smuggling girls from ages 16 to 21 from every single states except for Alaska and Hawaii of course.
Wally: They just runaways.
Archie: At least the police interview all of them and not one of them is a runaway.

Wally: They just wanted some money.
Archie: Well one of them wants to work at a grocery store.
Wally: What for?
Jade: Paying off the student loan of course.
Archie: Or paying off the parents' car that a teenager well make an accident.
Jade: Like texting on their own ๐Ÿ“ฑwhile driving for an example.
Archie: You better everything or else? *Wally ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜“*

Three hours later...

Conference Room

Jade: Listen up everyone thanks to Wally's confession...It seems Darlene has wedding plans for Katelyn and Jack in Las Vegas.
Cole: Las Vegas,that's one city that couples want to elope there.
Jade: But there's more than that.
Archie: Jack Pott is going to Los Angeles before smuggling outer here to Quito,Ecuador...We've figure he's going there.
Jade: But before he does Darlene told him to come to Las Vegas' Chapel of the Bells.
Jessie: Chapel of the Bells?!?!
Jason: Why that one?

* Jade shows him,Cole,Tyson,Maylee,Jessie and Spencer...a picture of a famous movie star,two DVD movies and Archie shows the team as a video clip of some couple elope there on his ๐Ÿ’ป.*
Tyson: Honeymoon in Vegas? Vegas Vacation? Never saw these.
Archie: This is no time for movies.
Jade: This is serious and we're not finished just yet. (The movies mention already I don't own them whatsoever and about the picture of a famous movie star and a couple eloping at the Chapel of the Bells...I don't own the wedding chapel you'll find out at the wedding chapel website and you'll find out.)

Archie: Somehow Darlene stole something from Miss Sandiego.
Maylee: Her hat,her coat?!?!
Jade: Worse Maylee...Darlene stole something important from Carmen.
Maylee: You mean?
Jade: Yup *as she shows the team Carmen's Swiss Bank account book and the team weren't surprise* And we don't know why she did it.
Archie: And seriously it's true.

*Suddenly Casper appears by phasing through the wall*
Casper: Hi ya guys!
Cole: Casper what's up?
Casper: What's up is Wendy and I spotted Jack at the LAX (Los Angeles International Airport I don't own that airport whatsoever)
Archie: Well done,Casper...Let's split up and team up.
Jade: Right Archie...Tyson you,Cole,Jason,Maylee and Jessie head for L.A. and find that '๐Ÿคต.'
Archie: While the rest of us head for Vegas stop the wedding before it's too late.
Casper: My uncles are already there waiting for me,I told Wendy to stay in L.A. and search for Jack.
Jade: Good thinking,Casper we're going right now!
Archie: I'll get Jonathan at once he'll save his future ๐Ÿ‘ฐ to be. *Jade ๐Ÿ˜‰*

(End of Chapter Nineteen)
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Chapter Twenty

LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) Los Angeles,CA,USA

*Thanks to Jade and the C-5 Tyson,Cole,Jason,Maylee and Jessie arrive...An airport security officer show up.*

Airport Security Officer (male): Thanks goodness you ACME agents arrive on time...we spotted your suspect at Terminal 3.
Tyson: Thanks! *as he and the rest of the team heading for Terminal 3 there they saw Nadia Raye*
Nadia: Tyson,there he is and he's not alone. *as Jack Pott met the legal aid.*

'Legal Aid': *Handing Jack a ๐Ÿ’ผ* With ACME out of the way they won't bother your plans.
Jack: Any luck for a ticket to Quito?
'Legal Aid': *hands Jack an โœ‰*Gate 38,Flight 27...Are you sure about this?
Jack: Yeah!
'Legal Aid': And what about your '๐Ÿ‘ฐ' shouldn't you marry her first?
Jack: Katelyn?!?! Forget her I bet Darlene doesn't know nothing I ain't marrying her stepdaughter to make that lady be happy and go to Maldives for a honeymoon?!?! Not a chance I rather have Emma Ruld with me instead.
'Legal Aid': Good point! *he and Jack laughed*
Jack: Pick her up at the Banger's Club when you can.
'Legal Aid': Right,Jack! *as they split up...Jack heads to purchase a ticket to Quito,Ecuador with the โœ‰ that the legal aid gave him to slip while the legal aid goes to the exit.*

Tyson: *yelled at Jack* YO,JACK,FREEZE!!!! *Jack saw ACME and ran off*
'Legal Aid': Why...*Nadia judo chop the legal aid from behind*
*Jack is about to get away when Wendy the good little witch stops him*
Jack: Hey let go *as he dropped the ๐Ÿ’ผ on the floor when Wendy lets him with her magic and papers spilled when Tyson,Cole,Jason,Maylee and Jessie arrive along with the airport security officer.*
Maylee: *as she sees the paper and saw what Jack is up to the airport security officer handcuffed Jack* Well what'd you know we have a warrant for your arrest anyway,Jack.
Cole: And so does your friend.

Meanwhile in Las Vegas,NV,USA

Outside of The Chapel of the Bells *Jade,Archie and Spencer along with Johnny and Jade's pair of crime-fighting felines (Sam and his kitten sister,Socks)*

Translated from Spanish

Amber Rojo: * after using her night vision binoculars* Mr. Pelago, I spotted your niece she at a room at Fun City Motel next to the chapel.
Archie: Where is Darlene?
Amber: Waiting for the groom to come.
Jade: There's not gonna a wedding at all,Amber,thanks for the info.
Amber: You're welcome.

*end translation*

Fun City Motel

Archie: *as he,Jade,Spencer,Johnny and the cats arrive they saw a pair of henchmen guarding the door.* Terrific!
Johnny: How are we going to pass the guards to save Katelyn? *Sam and Socks went upstairs and Sam meowed at the henchmen.*
Henchman#1: Scram you furballs!*Socks jumped unto Henchman#2*
Henchman#2: Hey get off of me your little pest get me off. *Sam jumped unto Henchman#1*
Henchman#1: Hey!
Johnny: Well that's one way...hey where did you...*two henchmen got judo chopped from behind*
Jade(in her medium blue instant battlesuit): *after she and Spencer (in his forest green instant battlesuit) appeared after they changed and goes stealth* It's okay,Johnny let's get inside *Spencer grab the hotel key card.*

Inside the hotel room...*after Jade and Spencer return into their own outfits Katelyn is still in the stolen wedding dress weeping.*
Johnny: Katelyn?!?!
Katelyn: Johnny! *as she and Johnny got reunite with a hug* How did you...?!?!
Johnny: *interrupted* No need to know,Katelyn. *as Jade spotted a garment bag coming from Randy's Bridal.*
Katelyn: Jack's on his way.
Spencer: No he won't,Katelyn.
Jade: Our friends just apprehended him *Spencer found the ring box from Palace Galore.*
Katelyn: Darlene will find out what you all are...
Jade: *interrupted* No she won't and she doesn't need to.
Katelyn: Unless I'm fat?
Jade: Maybe? *as she saw Casper and his uncles (the Ghostly Trio) coming* Then again maybe not.

Forty-Five minutes later...

Outside the Chapel of the Bells

Darlene: *๐Ÿ˜ * Ooo...where is that groom he should be here by now. *When suddenly a fat ๐Ÿ‘ฐ show up* Katelyn about time you fatten yourself up in my beautiful dress... don't you know it's bad luck to see your groom...Katelyn,are you listening to me? Still thinking about that poor boy? Well you can forget that boy...Katelyn,are you going to answer me *as she removed the veil* Kate....*instead of Katelyn she saw Fatso and screamed*

Fatso: Surprise! *Darlene is running away until she tripped to the floor and grab Carmen's Swiss Bank account book from her and a travel brochure to Bali,Indonesia.*
Darlene: Give those back you invisible fool.* Stinkie came with his bad breath and Stretch wrapped around her...the 'invisible fool' appeared to be Archie in his Bistre instant battlesuit* Archie!
Casper: *as he shows up* You're under arrest,Darlene!
Darlene: *screamed so loud as Amber and the Las Vegas Police Department arrive with Jade and holding an arrest warrant for Darlene Willow* GHOSTS!!!!

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Conference Room

Lee: Can't believe we all miss the whole thing.
Archie: While Commander and Detective Monaghan try to bail everyone out of jail time...This case is solved and because of this false arrest charges were dropped immediately thanks to all the evidence we gathered.
Renee: That's a relief.
Ann: Relief is right.
Bolt: The question how did everyone figure it out.
Maylee: Jack was about to escape to Quito with a list of foods from Japan to Ireland and be export there to the black market all over the world.
Cole: But the worse part is that he's not gonna marry Katelyn he just fooled Darlene without telling her.
Chase: At least the district attorney will listen the conservation between him and the 'legal aid'.
Arthur: Which gets Darlene jealous and upset at the same time.
Stewart: While Wally Banger and Emma Ruld are charged with trafficking young ladies from the lower forty-eight states.

Jade: So before this trial...
Archie: There's not gonna a trial,Miss Ezell those four are going to be in jail for a long time.
*Team ACME cheered* In fact I have something for all of you.
Lee: Like what? Catch Carmen Sandiego?
Archie: Not quite,Detective Jordan...I need you all to do something for me and I want you all to help me out for my sake. *Team ACME groaned*

(End of Chapter Twenty trust me it's far from over)
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Chapter Twenty-One

Three weeks later...

Johnny's House,Alamo Square

Johnny: *as he and Katelyn opened the door* We're home.
Katelyn: Uncle Archie! It's looks dark I hope you pay the electric bill before we left for Boston.
Johnny: You know I do,Katelyn. *somehow the lights are on.*
Team ACME: *yelled* SURPRISE!!! *everyone clapped*
Archie: Welcome home you two!
Katelyn: Uncle Archie,I thought you're house sitting for us.
Archie: Well I did but I have to do some redecorated the house while you two are away.
Johnny: *he and Katelyn are ๐Ÿ˜ฒ at the home.* How did this happened? *Casper appeared*

Casper: We can all answered that.
Jade: *in a white T-shirt that said I โค๐ŸŽณ on it with blue denim skort (a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt or a skirt with a pair of integral shorts underneath),white socks and white canvas sneakers* When you two left for Boston,Archie told us to redecorated your house.
Archie: It was your uncle's ghost that told us so.
Johnny: Yeah I wanted to do that but I don't have enough money I have to pay off my student loans and the bills real important...for a paralegal's salary.

Archie: Everyone volunteer to do that free of charge.
Jade: Yeah! Lee Jordan,Cruiser, his other friends and his team rookies remove the old furniture.
Lee: *rubbing the back of the neck and ๐Ÿ˜“ wearing his favorite blue jeans,brown shoes and a white T-shirt that said I โค ๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ* Yeah! It was a back breaker but we have to do it anyway.
Arthur: It's a lucky thing Archie told us to spend wisely on our own pocket money for redecorated the house.

Stewart: * given a ๐Ÿงง to Katelyn and Johnny* However Carmen Sandiego wants us to give you two couple this after Archie return her Swiss Bank account book she decided to give this...It something you lost because of Darlene's spending habits on herself. *Johnny and Katelyn are again ๐Ÿ˜ฒ... when they saw a money order check. *
Johnny: I can't believe it Carmen Sandiego gives us almost ten thousand dollars.
Chase: Coming out of a Swiss Bank account?!?! Unbelievable!

Jade: *her Padphone ring and she pick it up* Hello!
Carmen: *voice only* I was hoping the couple are surprised.
Jade: They are thanks to you,Carmen. *The rest of Team ACME is surprised who contact Jade.*
Chase: Jade,if you please *Jade hands Chase her Padphone to him* Okay,Carmen how much give'em?
Carmen: *voice only* Nine thousand Swiss Francs!
Ivy and Zack: Nine thousand...
Jade: *interrupted* In U.S. Dollars that's nine thousand nine hundred fifty-four dollars and sixty-seven cents.
Lee: *whistled* Whoa! Talk about being generous!
Carmen: *voice only* Let's just say it something they might need for the future.
Chase/Archie: Future?
Katelyn: Carmen's right and this is why. *as she shows her uncle and everyone in Team ACME...an engagement ๐Ÿ’* Me and Johnny are engaged. *Team ACME cheered*

Spencer: Wow! Congratulations!
Johnny: Thanks,Spencer! All I did was ask her uncle for the permission of Katelyn's hand in marriage in private.
Archie: And it's true and I really want him to marry Katelyn and Miss Ezell was right you two will live happily ever after.
Jade: It's not only a happily ever after,Archie it's just a beginning for this couple.
Carmen: *voice only* Indeed,Jade! Well I've better go,detectives...Ciao! *as she hung up Jade's padphone*

(end of Chapter Twenty-one this story is about to have a happy ending)

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