The Return

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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She was there with me as Apple Jack and friends showed up after an equestrian adventure happened.


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Part 2

Crim hopped on the elevator. She was looking to go to the 18th floor, the penthouse. The ride up gave her time to think, "You know, I could just turn around now, start over somewhere new. No one has seen me yet.," she said to herself. But Crimson made her choice.

She was lost in a train of thought when, suddenly, the "ping" of the elevator doors opening snapped her out of it. Crimson Hill walked down the long hallway to a door made of an old oak, her heels clicking along the way. She counted the rings on the old door out of habit and solidified that things were still the same as they once were.

She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Unwarranted anxiety started to set in - she had no worries her old key would still work. After all, she had kept up with the rent.

The door opened. Inside was her old apartment, now entirely too big for her. "I don't need all of this.," Crim said. She made her way to her bedroom, running her finger through the dust that had settled on her furniture.

Inside of her closet were ball gowns and evening wear, reminding her of a grand time she once knew. Her old masque from the masquerade ball was still on the bedside table, right where she left it. But, oh God, what about...

Crimson hurriedly pulled out all of the junk from the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Before she left, she had made a false bottom out of a plank of wood. Below that bottom were secrets. Important ones, at that. She lifted up the plank and...

(To Be Continued)

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