The Jinx is On


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Chapter Eleven

Somewhere else...

*Count Hypno stares at Medeva's ๐Ÿ”ฎ when Medeva return.*

Medeva: Hypno, looking at my ๐Ÿ”ฎ thank goodness you're stand tall.
Count Hypno: Check out Branson, Missouri my lady. *Medeva look at her ๐Ÿ”ฎ and shocked*
Medeva: I'm green with envy whenever I see that redheaded ACME agent named Ivy.
Count Hypno: She's not even alone, look!

Branson, MO,USA

*People running out one attraction to another after 'The Witch of the Ozarks' shows up throwing a lot of glitter bombs*

Daphne: Boy that glitter bomb is too much of a messy prank.
Ivy: I agree let's get her.
Daphne: Right! *as she and Ivy jumped and grab 'The Witch of the Ozarks' together they found out it was jetpack backpack .*

Somewhere else...

Medeva: That Daphne Blake, she and Ivy can go jump in the lake. *cast a spell onto her ๐Ÿ”ฎ*

Branson, MO,USA
*Daphne and Ivy screamed so does 'The Witch of the Ozarks' and fell into Table Rock Lake at least they got out of the water in time.*

Daphne: What happened?
Ivy: I don't know, Daphne we've just got plunge. *The Witch of the Ozarks coughed off the water out of herself along with the wig off and the make-up as well* *gasped* Ann Tickwittee!?!?! I don't believe it. *Ann fainted*
Daphne: We've better take her to the hospital.
Ivy: I'd better contact paramedics at the ACME Medical Center in St. Louis.

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

Four hours later...

Conference room

Stewart: What happened in Branson, Commander?
Ivy: *on screen* Daphne and I found Ann she was disguise as the Witch of the Ozarks.
Lee: Is she okay?
Ivy: *on screen* She's unconscious at this time.
Fred: And where's Daphne?
Ivy: Just showering around to wash away the fishy smell.
Fred and Shaggy: Figures!
Stewart: Commander, stay where you and Miss Blake are we're heading your way to St. Louis.
Ivy: *on screen* Thanks, Stewart! *screen-off*
Shaggy: Boy I can't wait to try some of pork spareribs smothered in sweet honey mustard sauce, toasted ravioli with extra mozzarella cheese and gooey butter cake and frozen custard ala mode for dessert. *Scooby-Doo got his mouth-watered for those.*

Zack: Eww Shaggy c'mon I don't think we're not going to St. Louis.
Stewart: That's right, Detective Monaghan because you three stay here because I'll contact Miss Jade so she can get you three to Nashville by C-5 while your sister and Detective Jordan heads for Germany with Fred and Miss Blake. *Shaggy and Scooby groaned*

Zack: Don't worry you two it'll be alright beside we're going to meet Jade anyway.

The Hermitage, Nashville, TN,USA

Maylee: So Scrappy how did you know about the Phantom Shadow?
Scrappy-Doo: It was my uncle Scooby who told me about it.
Jade: Really?
Scrappy-Doo: Yep, my uncle Scooby is one of the heirs of the millionaire who turn out to be a Confederate solider.
Jade: Confederate solider?!?!
Scrappy-Doo: That's right and then something happened...
Jade: *๐Ÿคซ quietly as she points the finger at a VILE Henchman* Hold the story, Scrappy we're just getting lucky after all.

Maylee: *quietly* That henchman is guarding something in that cabin.
Jade: *quietly* Also known as Alfred's cabin...*to Scrappy* Now about what happened?

Scrappy-Doo: *quietly* My uncle is about to inherited one million dollars from that millionaire with three cousins and a nephew by staying overnight at his house on the island...until all but my uncle Scooby left the island because he and his friends were about solve the case of the Phantom Shadow until they found it became a green ๐Ÿ‘ป with chain on its left wrist and then there was another one but in the end they turn out to be lawyers in disguise unfortunately that one million dollars are in Confederate money.

Jade: *quietly* That kind of money is worthiness.
VILE Henchman: *after he hears Jade's Padphone beeping* Hm! *as he sees
Scrappy-Doo: *quietly after Jade looking at the message from Stewart* Uh-oh, Jade look out!
Jade: *quietly* I...Yikes!
VILE Henchman: Surprise! *Maylee ๐Ÿ˜ฑ as he is about to grab Jade Scrappy came and cover his eyes* Hey you puppy get your paws off my eyes!
Scrappy: I've got him.

Jade: Well done, Scrappy back-ups on the way *as she press the transfer button on her padphone and out from the C-5 corridor are Zack, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo after Scrappy jumps off the henchman all three landed on top of him.*

(end of Chapter Eleven I'll be back with the next chapter and happy Halloween!)
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Chapter Twelve

The Hermitage, Nashville, TN,USA
Scrappy-Doo: Way a go, Uncle Scooby you really splat that creep just in time.
Scooby-Doo: *as Zack and Jade tied the henchman up with a rope* I did!
Shaggy: We sure did by three seconds.
Maylee: *as she pick up a key* And that's not all the henchman has a key to the cabin.
Jade: Good work, Maylee let's see what's inside that cabin.

Inside Alfred's cabin.

Shaggy: It looks dark.
Jade: Unless you see a can of phosphorous paint glowing. *using her flashlight* a make-up kit, a sewing machine?!?! This ain't no costume shop.
Maylee: *as she uses her flashlight and saw a piece of paper* Oh Chop Suey, Jade I've found a clue an important one.
Shaggy: Whoa what a weird shopping list.
Jade: That's no shopping list, Shaggy! This clue is really important.
Shaggy: What're you mean by that?
Maylee: It means we're almost solving the mystery.

Jade: Zack, remember you've found that small cauldron near Ocean Beach.
Zack: Yeah and the chemist got hallucinate from it so what?
Jade: I have a suspicious feeling Medeva and Count Hypno are making something dangerous and using the Hex Girls to gather some ingredients but what is the purpose and why? *Green ghosts appears *

Shaggy/Scooby-Doo: Yikes!
Zack: Oh man a pair of green ghosts!
Maylee: Let's go outside! *as she, Jade, Zack, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo ran out of the cabin.*
Scooby-Doo: Shaggy, wait where's Scrappy?
Scrappy-Doo: *as he use the garden hose* Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!! PUPPY POWER! *and sprays the green ghosts.

Green Ghost #1: Hey!!
Green Ghost #2: Cut it out we all soaked!
Jade: *as Scooby turns off the hose...gasped* Archie, Bolt!
Archie Pelago: Would someone tell us what happened, Miss Ezell?
Bolt Upright: And why are we wet?
Jade: It's a long story!

Inside the ACME jet plane

Stewart: *on screen* I'm not surprised of what we found out what's going on and there maybe some explanation for this case.
Jade: Somehow whatever Medeva and Count Hypno are trying to pull it's going to ruined Halloween for every single ACME agent that's why we need to go to Germany at once.
Zack: Yeah and our guess is there's trouble.
Stewart: *on screen* In Darmstadt...the Frankenstein Castle, Russian Chapel and the Market Square are getting strange sounds and something to do with a gypsy fortune teller telling locals and tourists to leave at once.

Jade: And there goes the Halloween Party down the drain this year.
Stewart: *on screen* I'm afraid so. *Scooby gulped*
Shaggy: That means no food at all. *he and Scooby ๐Ÿ˜ญ*
Stewart: *on screen* Calm down you have us to help you and the be careful all of you!

*as the jet plane speeds off for Germany*

(end of Chapter Twelve: Sorry I've failed to finish my story by Halloween but I'll still continue on)
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Chapter Thirteen (Even though Halloween's over I'll still go on)

On the road to Darmstadt, Germany after the ACME cargo plane land them from the Frankfurt Airport.

*Inside the Mystery Machine (Fred's driving of course)*

Lee: So let me get this straight you guys were buying Halloween costumes?
Daphne: All but Velma she ordered her 'ghostbuster' gear online but unfortunately the ones she order got sold out.
Fred: And the worse part is we have to return the costumes after we've found that our costumes are rental.
Daphne: So much for the recommendation of finding the Halloween costume shop at the City by the Bay.

Ivy: Well we have to cancel this year's Halloween Party because of Medeva and Count Hypno by using our friends to distract us as monsters.
Fred: The ones we face before.
Lee: And Ivy and I have no contact with either Jason, Jessie and ACME agent Hilda Braun.
Daphne: Hilda Braun?!?! *as Ivy shows the picture of Hilda Braun as a helicopter pilot*
Ivy: She's a helicopter pilot expert from ACME Headquarters in Berlin and a better rock climber.

*Fred hits the brakes as he saw a black kitten*
Daphne: Freddy!
Fred: I didn't want to run over a little black cat, Daphne.
Lee: Otherwise you would be superstitions. *Ivy lightly head slap Lee* What?!?! *Daphne open the door with a small bag of grain-free kitten treats she shakes it and the black kitten jump onto Daphne and she shut the door.*
Daphne: I knew this kitten wouldn't resist a treat, uh Freddy!
Fred: Right, let's go! *as he gets back at driving on the way to Darmstadt.*

Darmstadt, Germany

*the Mystery Machine stop when Jason, Jessie and Hilda shows up.*

Hilda: Ivy!
Ivy: Hilda ,what happened?
Hilda: It's hard to say but...*as the C-5 Corridor appears and so does Jade, Zack, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy.*
Jade: Guten Tag you guys.
Daphne: Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy
Jessie: Zack, Jade!
Fred: What happened?

Jade: All we found out that Medeva and Count Hypno send out their henchmen and henchwomen were responsible for making those costumes resembles to ghosts and monsters from the Mystery Inc.'s past. *a black kitten meowed she gasped* Daphne, where did find that black kitten?

Daphne: On our way here I don't know who owns him.
Jade: He could be a stray. *a black kitten purrs at Zack*
Zack: Get away from me.
Ivy: Oh Zack don't be superstitions!
Zack: I wish it would've been the Hex Girls.
Hilda: Hex Girls?!?!
Fred: They're a girl band group.

Lee: And they were kidnapped when I was about to protect them while finishing up their Canadian tour but it was too late for me. *Two shadow figures peeked and hears the conversation.*
Hilda: I know Jason fill me of all the details of what happened to them and ACME
Jason: Hey I'm just give her a head's up of what's going on so far, Lee
Lee: I'm glad you did but what about here?

Jason: Every night a gypsy fortune teller appears in the Market Square...she said a wolfman howls around The Russian Chapel and something about Frankenstein's monster being awaken at Frankenstein Castle as some warning to locals and tourists unless they leave town they'll go away.
Lee: I don't like the sound of this.
Fred: Right we better split up tonight.
Jade: I've got a weird feeling our friends are still in trace by Hypno.
Zack: And that Medeva is still up to something very bad.
Scrappy: You got that right, we gonna teach that witch and Hypno some manners.

Hilda: I'll contact ACME Berlin and search for the Hex Girls by sky.

Ivy: Good thinking enough time for us for a strategy.

(end of Chapter Thirteen)
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Chapter Fourteen

Darmstadt, Germany

Russian Chapel (nighttime)

*Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, Scrappy-Doo, Lee and Jade shows up.*

Shaggy: Boy what a scary place to have a wolfman howling around a chapel like this.

Jade: This chapel, Shaggy was designed as a private chapel for Nicholas the second and the last tsar of Russia whose wife Alexandra formally known as Alix, princess of Hesse and by Rhine granddaughter of Queen Victoria of The Untied Kingdom and Empress of India.

Lee: That's right, Jade she was born here...and the chapel was once named after her mother in law who was a Princess from Denmark...*gasped as he sees light from the inside* Jade, looks like someone's inside. *Scooby ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿฅถ*
Shaggy: Yikes! I bet that's a ๐Ÿ‘ป inside.
Scrappy-Doo: Really let's splat'em!
Jade: No we don't, Scrappy Lee and I are going inside you, Shaggy and your uncle Scooby stay outside.

Lee: Just look out for the wolfman.
Scrappy-Doo: Right! *as Jade and Lee enter the chapel.* Come on out wolfman we ain't afraid of you my uncle Scooby will scared you off.
Scooby-Doo: Me?
Shaggy: Yeah like remember when we enter Franken Castle and you use the piano keys to scared the wolfman away. *something howled scares him and Scooby*

Inside the chapel
* Jade and Lee listen to two VILE Henchmen.*
VILE Henchman#1: *voice only* There's that sound again.
VILE Henchman#2: *voice only* That Medeva should've been hired by our boss scared the pumpkins out of us.

Jade: *quietly* It looks like they're waiting for Carmen to show up and explain about what Medeva's up to?
Lee: *gives Jade the voice changer quietly* Then they will but don't show yourself.
Jade: *quietly* Right! *as she activates the voice changer to throw her voice as Carmen Sandiego.* Boys!
VILE Henchman#1: It's the boss!
VILE Henchman#2: About time we need to talk to you about Medeva.
Jade: *as Carmen/voice only* Stay where you are and tell me what's going on?
VILE Henchman#1:*as Moe and Lars shows up and saw Jade throwing her voice as their boss* Can you at least talk to us in person?
*the Howling sound scared Moe and Lars the same with Shaggy and Scooby*
VILE Henchman#2: On second thought we might explain to you another time.
Jade: *as Carmen/voice only* Why is that?
Shaggy; *yelled* ZOINKS!!!!!!!!!!!! *as he and Scooby bumped unto Moe and Lars and again unto Jade and Lee.*
*The voice changer broke into pieces.*

Jade: *quietly to Shaggy and Scooby*Terrific way to broke an ACME device. *as the two henchmen shows up*
Lars: At least get off of all of us. *as each got off from another*
VILE Henchman#1: Moe, Lars, what's ACME doing here? *Jade and Lee gasped as they hear someone nearby*
VILE Henchman#2: And that meddling creep with his dog.
Scooby-Doo: Dog, where? *as the Wolfman shows up* Yikes, Shaggy!
Shaggy: Let's all get outer here! *he, Scooby, Jade, Lee, Moe, Lars and the two henchmen screamed and ran out of the chapel and the wolfman is chasing after them.*

Scrappy-Doo: What the...The wolfman I'll get him...Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!! PUPPY POWER!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy, no! *Scrappy jumped unto the Wolfman.*
Scrappy-Doo: I'll get you! *sudden something โšก him and cause him to get off of the wolfman Jade grab Scrappy and ran...The Wolfman howling and still chasing after them.

(end of Chapter Fourteen)
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Chapter Fifteen

Frankenstein Castle, outskirts of Darmstadt, Germany

*after Fred park the Mystery Machine...he, Daphne, Ivy and Zack notice no ones around.*

Zack: No wonder Mary Shelley thought about this castle is an inspiration for writing 'Frankenstein' in 1818 would it be interested to find out if it's true?
Daphne: No way, Zack that would scared the jinkies out of us.
Fred: Yeah, Zack it's just only a story it's not even real.

Ivy: Oh yeah then what's tall, green and ugly?
Zack: Oh it's the monster of Frankenstein...*๐Ÿ˜† then ๐Ÿ˜จ* Monster of Frankenstein ?!?!
Daphne: It's just of a display.
Fred: Enough time for us to split up. *something growled*

Daphne: What was that? *something growled* There it is again!
Ivy: Zack, I hope it's not your stomach growling.
Zack: Don't think so, sis.
Fred: Well let's look for clues here Daphne and I will check out the forest.
Ivy: Zack, you and I should check out the chapel. *something came close and growled.*
Fred: And you...*gasped and gulped* Oh boy!
Daphne: Jeepers, it's alive! *Yup it's Frankenstein's monster growling at her, Fred, Ivy and Zack.*
Zack: Yikes! Frankenstein's monster!

Fred: Let's get back to the Mystery Machine!
Daphne: I'm with you, Freddy!
Ivy: Same here!

*Fred, Daphne, Ivy and Zack enter the Mystery Machine and Fred drives back to Darmstadt to meet up with Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, Scrappy-Doo and the rest of Team ACME (Jade, Lee, Jason and Jessie).*

Inside the Mystery Machine

Fred: Whew! That was close! * suddenly a โšก and there was Frankenstein's monster growled he, Daphne and Zack screamed while Ivy wrestles with the monster.*

Market Square, Darmstadt, Germany

*While Jason and Jessie are waiting in line with others who wants their own fortune read.*
Jason: *as Jessie taking care of a black kitten* C'mon do you except to keep that bad luck charm with us.
Jessie: Oh Jason, Kuro is a not bad kitty
Jason: Kuro?!?!
Jessie: Kuro is Japanese for 'black' and I say Maylee would love a black cat like him. *Jason gulped*

'Gypsy Fortune Teller': I see you were going is canceled.
Carmen: *disguise as a photographer* Yes, I was looking for a certain witch I like to talk to.
'Gypsy Fortune Teller': Really?
Carmen: That's right do you know where she is?
'Gypsy Fortune Teller': Not really! I'm just predicting the future.

*Jade, Lee, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, the two henchmen, Moe and Lars screamed as they were chase down all the way to Market Square by the wolfman.*

Shaggy: Now what?
Scrappy-Doo: I should've splat that wolfman.
Jade: Not splat, Scrappy, splash!
Shaggy: Splash?!?!
Lee: *points his finger to a water fountain* The water fountain!
Moe: Oh that splash brilliant!
*The Wolfman shows up*
Shaggy: Yoo-hoo! Mr. Wolfman over here! *the Wolfman goes after them but falls into the fountain.*

Scrappy-Doo: We got that wolf wet! *And then the Mystery Machine shows up and the rear doors open that's where Ivy throws Frankenstein's monster into the fountain.*

*Jason and Jessie cheered*
'Gypsy Fortune Teller': What is the meaning of this?
Carmen: Nothing gypsy or should I say *snapping her fingers* Renee Santz.
Renee: *unhypnotized* Oh what just happened?
Fred: Now let's see who these monsters are.

*Daphne unmasked Frankenstein's monster while Scooby unmasked the wolfman after they got out of the fountain.*

Zack and Ivy: Rock Solid!
Lee and Jason: *shocked as they saw Tyson Jackson* Tyson!
Lars: Oh boss, what is going on here?
Carmen: As usual boys Medeva and Count Hypno no doubt.
Moe: Are they around here?
Carmen: They just left.

Jade: Carmen, what is Medeva's plan?
Carmen: She was trying to bring back someone out from a book?!?!
Jade: What kind of a book?
Carmen: Jade, you and ACME are on your own I've figure Medeva cause hallucinations in Mexico.
Tyson: Yo we were in Mexico!
Rock: At Sonora Market in Mexico City's historical center where there's a pig-tailed girl purchase a black kitten.
Jessie: *as she shows Kuro to Rock* You mean this kitty. *Kuro meowed*
Rock: That's the one.

Carmen: Well that's leave one ACME agent left being in a trace no doubt. Let's go, men!
Moe, Lars and the two henchmen: Right, boss! *as they follow Carmen*

Daphne: I wonder what Carmen meant telling us there's one ACME agent left being in a trace.
Jade: My guess we all go to ACME Berlin at once.

(end of Chapter Fifteen)
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Chapter Sixteen

ACME Headquarters, Berlin, Germany

Jade: *to Stewart on screen while he's in St. Louis, MO, USA with Ann recovering* So far we've found Archie, Bolt, Tyson, Rock and Renee they recovered alright.
Stewart: *on screen* So does Ann
Ivy: How are you feeling, Ann?
Ann: *on screen* I've never felt better except I still have a bad headache.
Lee: You better get some rest, Ann get well soon.
Ann: *on screen ๐Ÿ˜’* Thanks a lot, Lee Jordan!
Daphne: I hope there's good news from Velma.
Stewart: *on screen* I doubt it, Miss Blake, I don't have no word from her since she arrive in Cairo, Egypt while helping out an ACME Academy student in fact she worries not only her, but her uncle as well.

Jade: Her uncle?!?!
Stewart: *on screen* You all head there at once. *screen off*
Shaggy: Poor Velma she is out there all alone. *he and Scooby ๐Ÿ˜ญ*
Fred: Guys get a hold of yourselves we're going to Egypt right now and if we're lucky we'll solve the mystery.
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah let's go save Velma!

Cairo, Egypt

ACME Academy (almost four hours later thanks to the ACME Cargo Jet)

Amira (a ten year old ACME Academy student who takes care of Romanov, Arthur Chance's German Shepherd Dog): I'm glad you came, detectives I need your help.
*Romanov barked*
Jade: Romanov! *Romanov jumped unto Jade and kissed her with his tongue* Hey watch the ๐Ÿ‘“!
Lee: That's a relief you're alright, Romanov! *Romanov came to Lee and kissed him.*
Jade: If you all excuse me I'm going to the ladies' room, powdering my ๐Ÿ‘ƒ and clean my ๐Ÿ‘“ as well...I'll be listening while I'm in there. *as she heads for the ladies' room.*

Lee: Hm! Jade just hate to get all slob from you, Romanov. *Romanov whines*
Scrappy-Doo: Cheer up, Romanov we'll find your owner.
Fred: Amira, Director Sterling told us you've got an uncle.
Amira: Why yes my uncle Kamal is one of the curators of the Egyptian Museum here...I'm glad he's moving to Giza next year.
Fred; Why is that?
Amira: A brand new Egyptian Museum was suppose to be open there this year but it's not even ready yet, I'm happy for my uncle yet sad at the same time.
Zack: Cheer up, Amira you'll see your uncle in Giza.
Amira: Not until I'm finished with school, Zack.

Ivy: But when was the last time you saw your uncle?
Amira: Three days ago when a sarcophagus arrive at the museum along with Arthur Chance who has been volunteer to make sure all the artifacts be protected and escort safely to Giza.
Zack: Whoa Arthur's been volunteer?!?! And a sarcophagus...*๐Ÿคจ* Weird!
Fred: And what happened after that.
Amira: *started to ๐Ÿ˜ข* My uncle disappeared along with Arthur and then this girl named Velma told me she was volunteer to help with some case and she too disappeared.
Shaggy: Like where?
Amira: I don't know!*๐Ÿ˜ญ as Jade came out of the ladies' room*
Jade: Calm down, Amira, we'll find them at the Egyptian Museum my guess is there's something wrong there.
Lee: I say let's go in before the museum closes tonight.

The Egyptian Museum (nighttime)

Zack: *as he returned* The guard told us that there's no one around but still making rounds every night.
Jade: That's for sure...*gasped as she sees a sarcophagus* Hey everybody check this one out is this the one Amira talk about.
Zack; Yeah but it's not telling us who this one is.
Jade: No one knows who this mummy is.
Fred: In fact archaeologists are confused after bringing into museum.
Shaggy: I wonder why?
Daphne: No ones knows who they were.

Fred: Right, Daphne and we have to search for Velma.
Lee: Especially looking for Arthur and Kamal, Amira's counting on us to find her uncle.
Ivy: Then we'd better at once.
Fred: Right, Ivy...Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy you three stay here with Jade and Zack while Daphne and I go upstairs with Lee and Ivy.
Jade: At least Jason and Jessie are staying with Amira and Romanov until further notice.

(end of Chapter Sixteen...oh about that new Egyptian Museum go to Egyptian Museum all shall be explain I don't own the website nor the museum whatsoever)
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Chapter Seventeen

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

Ground Floor

* While Scooby-Doo sniff out for a clue...Shaggy worries about that sarcophagus but not Scrappy being cautious for everybody's sake.*

Jade: *quietly* Velma...Arthur...Kamal!
Zack: *quietly* No one can hear...uh oh!
Jade: *quietly* Now what?
Zack: *quietly* Jade, there's Medeva.

Medeva: *laughed as she places a small cauldron on the floor* Time for 'The Jinx' it's better than stealing The Great Sphinx. *laughed*
Zack: Uh oh! *Medeva drops a dry ice pellet into the small cauldron.*
Jade: *while wearing a respirator as she gives one to Zack* Here!
Zack: Thanks, Jade! *as he puts on his respirator*

Shaggy: *quietly* Boy all this mystery keeps me hungry! *sniff something weird* Whoa! Is it me or is that Daphne's old perfume?
Scrappy-Doo: Ew! I don't like the smell of it.
Scooby-Doo: Yuck! Me too! *whines because of his nose*
Shaggy: *quietly to Jade* Like no ones around, Jade! And whoa that's smell!
Jade: *quietly as she gives him a respirator* Cover your ๐Ÿ‘ƒwith this, Shaggy you'll be alright!
Shaggy: *quietly* Thanks, Jade! *as he puts on his respirator*

Medeva: *laughed* Aw too bad we're not playing gin rummy you all will play nice with the Mummy.
*she uses her magic to the sarcophagus and then something happened and she vanished*

Shaggy: Zoinks! The sarcophagus is opening!
Zack: Got a bad feeling about this! *The Mummy got freed from the sarcophagus and growled*
Jade: No wonder why that sarcophagus isn't made from stone no doubt!
Shaggy: Gangway, everybody because we're leaving!!!
Scooby-Doo: I'm with you, Shaggy!
Scrappy-Doo: Alright you mummy let's brawled!
Scooby-Doo: *grabs Scrappy* C'mon, Scrappy!
Scrappy-Doo: Uncle Scooby, lemme at that mummy!


Fred: So far no clues! *Lee spotted something on the floor with his flashlight.*
Lee: Oh yeah and then what do you call this?
Daphne: Freddy, Lee just found Velma's ๐Ÿ‘“.
Ivy: And without a doubt it's broken look!
Lee: You're right, Ivy!
Daphne: We've got find Velma we're on the...*she accidently press a button and vacuum her in* right track!
Lee: Daphne!

Fred: Oh terrific Danger-Prone Daphne did it again.
Lee: Oh yeah Danger-Prone Daphne just found some secret passage.
Ivy: I wonder where this leads us.
Lee: My guess is where it takes Daphne *vacuum him as well* And me!
Ivy: Lee!

*Count Hypno laughed after Fred and Ivy turn around and saw him.*
Ivy: Count Hypno, we've should known it's your trap for us.
Count Hypno: Thank you, detective at least you two are next.
Fred: Not with us around we have friends who are here.
Count Hypno: I'm sorry, Frederick but your friends are done for. *laughed as he snapped and henchmen shows up and grab Fred and Ivy* Take them away! *laughed as the henchmen drag Fred and Ivy into the same place Daphne and Lee are in.*

Hypno's mind: Sooner or later we will find ourselves lucky! *laughed*

(end of Chapter Seventeen)
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Chapter Eighteen

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

The Library (ground floor)

Shaggy: *after getting chase by the mummy he, Jade, Zack, Scooby and Scrappy hides here.* Boy that was close.
Jade: *quietly* Lower your voice, Shaggy we're in the library you know.
Zack: *quietly as he reads a book about certain rulers of Ancient Egypt* And not a bad place to hide in...but can't find out about who that mummy was.
Jade: *quietly* We better check that sarcophagus out.
Shaggy: *quietly* Are you crazy, Jade? What if that mummy comes back for it. *Scooby whines*
Scrappy-Doo: *quietly* Aw c'mon we can't have that mummy scares us off.
Jade: *quietly* I agree, Scrappy let's go!

Five minutes later...

Zack: *looking at the material of the sarcophagus with his ๐Ÿ” to Jade* You were right about the sarcophagus it isn't made of stone.
Jade: *saw a tag from the sarcophagus* And I've figure this sarcophagus isn't three thousand years old.
Shaggy: You mean this sarcophagus is just...
Jade: A phony. *someone growled*
Shaggy: Yikes the mummy!
Zack: Oh man, Jade behind you!
Jade: Upstairs! *as she and Zack head upstairs.*
Scrappy-Doo: I'll get that mummy this time!
Scooby-Doo: *grabs Scrappy* Scrappy, no! Let's go! *as he and Shaggy try to go upstairs the mummy stops them.


Zack: I wonder where Ivy and Lee are?
Jade: Same with Fred and Daphne. *Zack accidently press the button and he and Jade just got vacuumed in Jade rip off some wallpaper as she and Zack fell into an empty room but they are not alone.* Oh fudge!
Zack: *screamed* Mummies! Six of them!
Jade: And all of them are struggling in bandages! C'mon! *The Hex Girls shows up by magic*
The Hex Girls: Welcome to the afterlife.
Zack: It's the Hex Girls!
Jade: But under Hypno's spell...Zack unwrapped those mummies!
Zack: *gulped* Okay, Jade!

Dusk: *to Jade* Tell us did you finish filling the form?
Jade: What form?
Luna: The one 'The Chief' gave ya?
Jade: Oh that form I read it but didn't fill it out on time.
Thorn: Why not? Would you like to see 'your sister'?
Jade: You mean...
Lee: *after Zack unwrapped him* Jade, Medeva's tricking you she's trying to...*getting rewrapped and Zack screamed as he got wrapped up as a mummy by magic as Medeva and Count Hypno shows up by magic.*

Jade: *gasped* Medeva, Count Hypno I might have a guess you're trying to make me join VILE.
Count Hypno: That's a possibility, Miss Jade whether you cooperate or not.
Medeva: We're going to make sure you join VILE and let's leave for the Nile. *laughed as she use her magic on Jade then she fell asleep Count Hypno grabs her*
Count Hypno: Let's go girls she will help us find the book.
The Hex Girls: Yes Count Hypno! *as they left Team ACME (Ivy, Zack and Lee), Fred, Velma, Daphne and someone else wrapped up as mummies.*

Meanwhile at the ground floor

Scrappy-Doo: *gasped as he saw Medeva and Count Hypno along with the Hex Girls and Jade from the window as they place Jade onto a box truck* Uncle Scooby, Shaggy, look!
Scooby-Doo: Yikes, Jade!
Shaggy: What're we gonna do?
Scrappy-Doo: *as he open the door* You and Uncle Scooby distract the mummy I'll saved Jade...Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!!! *as he run* PUPPY POWER!!!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Scrappy-Doo: Whee!!! * as he jumped and enter the back of the box truck and then the door closes as the driver start to ride off with him and Jade.*
Scooby-Doo: Oh no Scrappy! *whines and Shaggy screamed so loud* Shaggy! *as he enter back in the museum and saw Shaggy getting dragged by the mummy*
Shaggy: Scooby! Help!!!
Scooby-Doo: Shaggy! *as he came to the mummy* Hey you let him go! *uses his judo chop onto the mummy to let go of Shaggy.
Shaggy: Thanks Scooby! *Mummy gets angry and he and Scooby screamed as they go upstairs and then Scooby press the button and he and Shaggy got vacuumed inside...hoping to get away from the mummy.*

The Empty Room

Shaggy: It's not the best thing to do but we got away from that mummy.
Scooby-Doo: Yikes, Shaggy, look!
Shaggy: Mu-mu-mummies! *one of the 'mummies' struggles to escape but lands onto him and Scooby all of the sudden the other six 'mummies' were all turn into a giant ball by accident from a some gift-wrapping machine by Shaggy pulling the lever and coming out of that empty room there was the mummy in which it got scared and try to out run that giant ball but couldn't because it landed with the giant ball with Shaggy and Scooby who stuck with the giant ball and roll out of the museum along with Fred, Daphne, Velma, Ivy, Zack, Lee and some man who were unwrapped thanks to Shaggy's accident.*

Inside the back of the box truck...

Scrappy-Doo: *to Jade by shaking her* Jade, wake up, wake up it's me, Scrappy!
Jade: *as she was woke up in time* Huh, Scrappy! Where are we?
Scrappy-Doo: *as he opened the door of the box truck* We're getting outer here.
Jade: What in the world...Scrappy, look!
Scrappy-Doo: Hey it's Uncle Scooby, Shaggy and they got the mummy in a giant ball.
Jade: *as she point her finger at the others* They're not the only ones look! *Jade was right there's Fred, Daphne, Velma, Lee, Ivy, Zack and some man screaming for help!*

*the driver hits brake and crash unto The Nile Ritz-Carlton's outdoor swimming pool when he notice the giant ball is rolling down towards him as least Jade transforms her attire into her medium blue instant battle suit just in SCUBA mode she and Scrappy rescue him to get out of the swimming pool.*

Driver: Would someone tell me what is going on?
Jade: It's a long story! *as a giant ball make a huge cannonball splash unto some hotel security guards.*

Three hours later...

*The Cairo Police Department with a few tow trucks to tow out the box truck came along with Amira, Jason, Jessie, Romanov and Kuro shows up unwrapping the ones who were kidnapped wrapped in a towel*

Amira: *to the man who was kidnapped earlier* Uncle Kamal!
Kamal: *as he hugged his niece* Amira! I'm glad it's over that witch and that jazz musician will pay for what they did to me and the others.*
Velma: *๐Ÿ˜ * I can't believe my ๐Ÿ‘“ are broken.
Shaggy: All thanks to all the trouble we cause.
Fred: It's not us, Shaggy it's that witch Medeva and Count Hypno!
Daphne: They're the one who should be blame for.
Shaggy: I meant what happened tonight.

Lee: *as he and Ivy dragged the mummy out of the swimming pool* Ruining everybody's night.
'Mummy': And they still escape if we haven't stop them for what they're doing.
Shaggy: Whoa! Like that mummy can talk?
Jade: *back in her attire* That's no ordinary mummy *as she unwrapped the bandages of this mummy as Jason and Jessie were shocked*
Jason/Jessie: Arthur!
Jade: That's right Arthur Chance was hypnotized by Count Hypno along with the other ACME agents.
Lee: You were under Medeva's spell something about a book?!?!
Jade: But I didn't get under her spell she put me to sleep Scrappy woke me up on time.
Scrappy-Doo: Aw shucks it was nothing really? *Scooby hugs Scrappy*

Jade: Let's head back to ACME Cairo at once.
Shaggy: What?!?!
Jade: Because this case is still far from closing.
Fred: And she's right, gang we've got find out what Medeva and Count Hypno are up to.
Velma: And find the way to save the Hex Girls and stop the plot.

*Medeva is ๐Ÿ˜ก when she sees what happens while looking at her ๐Ÿ”ฎ while on her way to the airport.*

(end of Chapter Eighteen the Nile Ritz-Carlton hotel I don't own that nor SCUBA whatsoever)
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Chapter Nineteen

ACME Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt

Stewart: *on screen while back at ACME Headquarters in San Francisco, CA,USA* I'm very glad everybody's alright.
Zack: I'll say
Shaggy: Like yeah we all got the agents back to normal.
Fred: All we need to do is to stop Medeva and Count Hypno.
Velma: And save the Hex Girls before it's too late.
Stewart: *on screen* What did find out so far?

Jade: So far we've found the same cauldron as Ocean Beach, Medeva calls her potion of hallucination 'Jinx'
Stewart: *on screen ๐Ÿคจ* Jinx!?!?! *someone knock on his door* Come in!

Spencer: *on screen* Sorry to bought you but the lab team found something from Thorn's diary.
Stewart: *on screen* What has the lab team found out?
Spencer: *on screen* I've found out about the peppermint and the cloves it turns out some medicine.
Stewart: *on screen* Medicine?!?!
Spencer: *on screen* For clearing up the throat.

Daphne: Of course all we remembered what happened in Oakhaven.
Velma: And found out about the truth eleven years ago.
Stewart: *on screen* Then you all must take the next flight to Boston and on your way to the Oakhaven neighborhood in Salem.
Shaggy/Scooby-Doo: What?!?! No way!
Lee: There's other no choice you two we all have to go tomorrow.
Stewart: *on screen* And Dr. Ross go to Boston tonight by ACME Jet Plane and take Thorn's diary with you along with Miss Young at once.
Spencer: *on screen* You got it, Stewart! *as he leaves Stewart's office*
Stewart: *on screen* I want you all to be careful there.

The Next Day...

ACME Headquarters, Boston, MA,USA

Maylee: *adoring Kuro the black kitten after Jessie gave him to her* Aw, so cute!
Jessie: At least we all took care of him and feed him.
Zack: *as he and Lee well being superstition* Well almost.
Scrappy-Doo: Alright we going to splat that witch and The Count once and for all.
Lee: Hey Scrappy take it easy alright save it for tonight.
Shaggy: In the meantime let's search for good old Boston baked bean ๐Ÿฅช and eating the biggest slice of Boston Cream ๐Ÿฅง.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Lee: Yuck! I have rather have a roast beef sandwich from Kelly's. (I don't own the restaurant Kelly's Roast Beef whatsoever).
Jade: Would you consider a ๐Ÿž๐Ÿฅฃ of New England Clam Chowder from the cafeteria instead?
Lee: Nope! I'll wait for dinner then.

Fred: C'mon we better tell you what happened on our way to Oakhaven.
Ivy: Consider a good idea!. *Shaggy and Scooby gulped*

*on the way to Salem's Oakhaven Neighborhood*

Inside the Mystery Machine

Ivy: So that's what Medeva and Count Hypno are looking for.
Spencer: A spell book of some source.
Lee: That maybe the reason they use our friends to distract you guys while doing something along with the Hex Girls by helping them with some weird stuff that witch Medeva made the potion called 'Jinx' but she didn't realize it's destroyed along with two people inside that book eleven years ago.
Daphne: You got that right, Lee.
Velma: At least I've got new ๐Ÿ‘“ thanks, Jade.
Jade: You're welcome, Velma I was about to donated that to the local Lions Club where I live.
Velma: Lions Club?!?! (It's an international non-political service organization, yes they accepted old eyeglasses and no I don't own that organization whatsoever)
Jade: Yeah, when my old ๐Ÿ‘“ aren't good anymore I've figure it's better to give to someone who couldn't afford new ones by donated them whenever I go see an optometrist there was the donation box. *gasped as she sees the strange fog again* The Jinx.

Shaggy: Yikes!
Scooby-Doo: Oh no!
Scrappy-Doo: Not that fog again! *somehow Jade disappeared again.*
Lee: *putting on a respirator along with Ivy, Zack and Spencer* Huh...Jade! Oh no she vanished!
Spencer: *as Zack hands out the respirators to Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne.* And so does Thorn's Diary.
Zack: And I just know what happened to them...Look! *Count Hypno lifted Jade away with the help of Medeva's magic of course...Everyone is not impressed.*

(end of Chapter Nineteen)
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Chapter Twenty

Oakhaven Neighborhood, Salem, MA, USA

Inside a Mansion?!?!

*Jade got tied up in a chair by Count Hypno*
Count Hypno: *to Thorn as he gave her diary* Thorn find a spell to hypnotize ACME's 'secret weapon' in your diary.
Jade: *๐Ÿ˜ * My friends will come and save me and stop you and Medeva for what you did to the other agents.
Medeva: *as she appears by magic* Oh really you better look and find the spell book.
Count Hypno: By midnight tonight is that clear?
Jade: *still ๐Ÿ˜ * I won't help you find that book. *Count Hypno slaps Jade's face*
Count Hypno: You better!
Medeva: Girls cast a spell don't make her yell.
Hex Girls: Yes, Milady! *as Medeva and Count Hypno vanished by magic.

Ten minutes later...

Dusk: *to Thorn* Find what spell to hypnotize the girl?
Thorn: No, Sister Dusk I've found none.
Luna: We should go to the bookstore and find it.
Jade: Or maybe you can make one yourselves you know your voice box is going to getting dry anyway.
Thorn: *to Jade* Good idea we better do that before we get you hypnotize.
Jade's mind: *Jade ๐Ÿ˜“* Me and my big ๐Ÿ‘„*

*The Mystery Machine shows up just in time get out of the van as well.*

Fred: Okay we better split up and search for Jade.
Spencer: No telling what Count Hypno is going to do with her.
Scrappy-Doo: I would love to splat that count.
Lee: Same here!

Fred: Shaggy, you and Scooby well...
Shaggy: You don't have to ask us twice...C'mon Scooby!
Scooby-Doo: Right behind you, Shaggy! *as he and Shaggy leaves*
Zack: Where are those two heading?
Daphne: Where else where they're going?
Zack: Oh swell grabbing a bite to eat.
Velma: Let's check out the rest of the area.
Ivy: Right, Velma! *as she, Velma and Zack leaves while Lee pair with Fred, Daphne and Spencer while Scrappy search as well...alone*


Jade: Girls, I'm kinda tied up here I've got something in my backpack you might need.
Luna: No wonder we smell something around here.
Thorn: Dusk untied her.
Dusk: Yes, Sister Thorn! *as she untied Jade from the chair...Jade remove her backpack from her back open her backpack and grab the plastic bag out of her backpack.*
Jade: There you go, girls! By the way who owns this mansion?
Thorn: Ever heard of Ben Ravencroft?
Jade: I've never read his books but I know someone who did read his books...Does the name Velma Dinkley ring a bell? *The Hex Girls scowled at Jade...Jade gulped* Nevermind go on!

An hour later...

Lee: Fred, Spencer and I check out the hardware store no sign of Jade, Medeva or Count Hypno.
Daphne: I even check the clothing store nothing fancy and no sign of Jade there.

Zack: We checked out the village and all we saw was an old giant ๐Ÿฆƒ.
Ivy: A stuffed giant turkey, little bro!
Zack: Well excuse me, sis!

Fred: Say where are Shaggy and Scooby?
Velma: Where else where those chickens would be.
Daphne: Oh no I hope they didn't stuffed themselves again
Spencer: Wait where's Scrappy?
Fred: We don't know let's split up one more time and Zack can you get Shaggy and Scooby out of that restaurant.
Zack: No Problem! *as he heads for the restaurant when all of the sudden Shaggy and Scooby screamed as they got throw out.*

Restaurant Owner (male): And don't ever come back to this restaurant you hear me? *and he slam the door.*
Zack: Well boys, how's the food?
Shaggy: It's just terrible Oakhaven Restaurant is under a new management the one run this place well retired.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah!
Zack: Well Oakhaven has changed since your last visit...any sign of Jade?
Scooby-Doo: *nodded his head* Nuh-uh!
Zack: C'mon let's go back to the others.


*after fixing up a medicine for the Hex Girls' own throat they breathe unto the vapors suddenly...*

Scrappy-Doo: *as he thru the window* Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!!! PUPPY POWER!!! *as he knocked down the medicine to the floor.*

Jade: Scrappy!
Thorn: *๐Ÿ˜ * Why you little puppy we ought...
Jade: Scrappy, did you did what I think you did?
Scrappy-Doo: They breathing into something to hypnotize you.
Jade: They're just trying soothe their own vocal cords. *The Hex Girls are ๐Ÿ˜ก at Jade and Scrappy-Doo* Then again let's leave! *as she and Scrappy leaves the room.*

Outside the Mansion

*Lee hears something breaking from the inside*

Lee: Everybody let's go into that mansion.
Shaggy: You mean the Ravencroft Mansion?!?!
Fred: C'mon Shaggy!
Scooby: Yikes, Scrappy! *as Team ACME (Ivy, Zack, Lee and Spencer) and Mystery Inc. are about to head for the mansion Jade and Scrappy ran out when the Hex Girls chasing them out of the mansion and Jade stopped at a fountain still operated.

Thorn: We've got you now!
Ivy: *as she uses her grappling hook gun on to a tree.* Duct, Jade! *as Jade ducted Ivy swings and kicks Thorn onto her stomach and knocks down not only her but Dusk and Luna as well into the fountain.*
Zack: Way a go!
Scrappy-Doo: Hooray!
* Mystery Inc. along with Lee and Spencer cheered*

The Hex Girls got out of the fountain...

Thorn: What happened?
Dusk: I feel so drain out.
Luna: That makes all of us!
Jade: Trust me girls, it's a long story.

Medeva: *as she and Count Hypno appears in magic* Darn you ACME agents you mess my chance now we put everyone in the trace.

Thorn: Forget it you witch we're not your pawns anymore.
Jade: That's right, Medeva, it's over in fact there's no spell book to free Ben Ravencroft in fact it's history. *as a ๐Ÿš“ shows up to the mansion*

Thirty minutes later...

Police Officer (male): I'm glad you all got outer that was suppose to be torn up into pieces instead having it as a museum somehow these two has something to do with this fog in the pot we found recently.

Jade: And I've figure they were trying to find that book but didn't realize it was destroyed eleven years ago.

Count Hypno: *as he and Medeva were handcuffed by Ivy and Lee using a magic proof handcuffs* What?!?! Unbelievable!
Medeva: And we would've gotten away with this if it hadn't been those meddling kids and you bunch of ACME squids.
Count Hypno: And that also means those pair of trouble mutts!
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah when you get even with Mystery Inc. You mess with Scrappy-Doo *raspberry with his tongue*

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

three days later

Conference Room

Jade: *while talking to Chase, Stewart, Arthur, Archie and Bolt* And that's about it!
Chase: What about 'The Jinx' Doctor Ross?
Spencer: It's made of sprigs of Wolfsbane, some belladonna berries, a mandrake root and a drop of nutmeg essence oil.
Stewart: So that's what it was...Well done.
Chase: Let's get some rest even though Halloween has passed so we've better figure out what to celebrate the honor of our friends from Mystery Inc. and beside meeting adjourned! *as he, Stewart, Spencer, Arthur and Bolt leaves the conference room.*

Archie: *to Jade* Miss Ezell!
Jade: Yes, Archie!
Archie: In my office, please! *as Jade enters Archie's office.*

Inside Archie Pelago's office

Archie: Tell me you didn't fill out the form that Medeva when she was disguising herself as our Chief.
Jade: I didn't fill out the form I've found out it was fake she's just making me join VILE that's what Lee found about it.
Archie: I'm glad you didn't fill it out and beside the real form is for the high ranking agents only, Special Secret Agent. *Jade ๐Ÿ˜ฒ* :oops: Did I say that already? ๐Ÿ˜ Seriously I did...Even though it's not official to ACME I've figure that would fit for someone whose mentally challenged against any Carmen related crimes such as yourself.
Jade: If it is official I'll take by heart...Thank you, Archie!
Archie: You're welcome, Miss Ezell! May you go home now! *as Jade leaves...Maylee shows up.*

Maylee: Hey Jade!
Jade: Maylee, I was about to leave what's up? *as Kuro pops up from Maylee's back* Maylee, I thought the Hex Girls wanted Kuro back.
Maylee: Actually the Hex Girls told me that they can't take Kuro with them on the road so they want me to keep him as my very own.
Jade: I couldn't agree more.
Maylee: And he's going to be part of the ACME Animal Action Team alongside with Sam, Socks and the rest of the pets.
Jade: Just don't let no one get so superstitions over Kuro.
Maylee: No problem, Jade I have to feed him, place to sleep and I'll clean the litterbox too, bye!
Jade: See you later, Maylee!

At a Pizzeria in North Beach

Shaggy: We're glad that mystery was so long we have time to enjoy some pizza
Scooby-Doo: You said it, Shaggy!
Scrappy-Doo: And this place is ๐Ÿถ friendly *as Jade enter* Hey Jade's here!
Daphne: Hey Jade!
Jade: Hey gang, thanks for inventing me I wish the others would come but they're too busy.
Fred: I'll say!
Velma: But what brings you here, Jade?
Shaggy: Is it the food?
Jade: Actually no Shaggy, you guys are now the official members of Allies to ACME for solving mysteries and unmasking villains and why they did it in the first place.
Shaggy: You mean...
Scrappy-Doo: That was the surprise I didn't want to blurt it out for you guys you earned.
Fred: Thanks, Jade!
Scooby-Doo: Thanks, Jade!
Velma: Now let's order some food!
Shaggy: Alright! * And they did order some ๐Ÿ• (Shaggy like pepperoni and extra ๐Ÿง€ with pickles on the side, While Scooby gets a Scooby snack one, Fred and the Girls prefers the works, Jade gets a low carb slice of ๐Ÿง€ with mushrooms and ๐Ÿฆƒ pepperoni and a ๐Ÿฅ— on the side and Scrappy gets a ๐Ÿฆด shaped :pizza: and yes they got a drink of :water:as well.*

Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Dooby-Doo! *laughed*

The End!
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