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I don't own any of the characters Carmen Sandiego, The Chief, Chase Devineaux, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Cruiser, Phoenix (Chase's falcon), Cole Gannon, Ann Tickwittee, Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright, Josha, Rock Solid, Renee Santz, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas, Medeva and Count Hypno whatsoever

Guest characters: Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scrappy-Doo and the Hex Girls (Thorn/Sally McKnight, Dusk and Luna) (I don't own these characters whatsoever)

This story is a crossover and yes also a Halloween one.


San Francisco, CA,USA

Inside Ivy's SUV...

*Lee Jordan is pouting while Ivy Monaghan is driving and her little brother, Zack along with Lee's Beagle ๐Ÿถ,Reuben.*

Ivy: Oh C'mon, Lee, cheer up at least me and Zack are going to your favorite place with you.
Zack: Yeah, I mean your assignment didn't go well.
Lee: Didn't go well? Zack I was disappointed when the Hex Girls vanished while finishing their Canadian Tour I was suppose to go undercover as their bodyguard to make sure they won't be harm but it was too late.
Ivy: Lee, relax we're just go surfing. *the signal light turn red Ivy stopped her SUV when all of the sudden a familiar van shows up.*

Zack: Whoa, Ivy look at that van.
Ivy: So what, Zack it's just a van
Zack: Not just any ordinary van it's The Mystery Machine!
Ivy: The Mystery Machine?!?! Yeah right, little bro! *until someone roll down the window*

?: Uh excuse me, miss we're heading for Ocean Beach.
Ivy: Oh really that's where we're going uh...
?: Fred Jones!
Lee: Fred Jones of Mystery Inc.
Fred: Yeah I...No way gang look it's Lee Jordan! (as the rest of the team appears)
Ivy: *to Lee* Friends of yours?!?!

Lee: We go back... *to Mystery Inc.* Hi Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy
Scooby-Doo: And Scooby-Dooby-Doo!!! *giggle* (Scooby has a speech impediment or a speech disorder that means he is unable is to speak and is considered mute so I have it in a clear voice translation only)
Lee: Good to see you all come along you guys we're on our way there. *as the signal light turn green both Ivy's SUV and The Mystery Machine heading for Ocean Beach together.*

Ocean Beach

*After the SUV and the Mystery Machine parked everyone unloaded the supplies and the surfboards.*

Daphne: So this is Ocean Beach.
Lee: It sure is...Oh by the way this is Ivy and her brother, Zack
Zack: Hi
Ivy: *sarcastically* Nice to meet you.
*Reuben barked at Lee*
Lee: And this is my dog, Reuben!
Velma: Nice to meet you, Reuben where did you find him, Lee?
Lee: Jade give him to me on my birthday. (read August Seventh at the Studio all shall be explained)
Velma: He's nice!
Lee: And he's part of ACME's K-9 unit whenever I need him.

Shaggy: Well let's get ready for get together beach party!
Fred: Let's

(end of Prologue)
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Chapter One

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA,USA

*Fred and Daphne are dancing to The Hex Girls' song 'I'm a Hex Girl' (I don't own the song whatsoever) while Velma looks at the scenery, Ivy and Lee just finish surfing very early because what else low tide, and Shaggy finishing cooking up some ๐ŸŒญs*

Zack: *to Reuben and Scooby-Doo holding his ๐Ÿฅ* Okay you two...Fetch! *as he throws his ๐Ÿฅ to Reuben and Scooby-Doo caught it again.* Oh Scooby! Again! *Reuben whined* It's okay there's always next time, Reuben.

Shaggy: *yelled*COME AND GET IT!!!

Zack: About time those hot dogs are ready.

Shaggy: Yeah, Zack *as he gave Zack a ๐ŸŒญ* Want some chocolate syrup on yours?
Zack: No way I rather have mustard.
Shaggy: *as he squeeze a bottle of yellow mustard on Zack's ๐ŸŒญ* There you go.
Zack: Thanks, Shaggy!

Shaggy: *as Lee came* How about a ๐ŸŒญ?
Lee: Sure! *As Shaggy gave him a ๐ŸŒญ*
Shaggy: How about some chocolate syrup?
Lee: No, Shaggy but do you have any sriracha ketchup?
Shaggy: Sriracha ketchup? Well thank goodness someone likes a spicy ketchup on a ๐ŸŒญ* Shaggy put some sriracha ketchup on Lee's ๐ŸŒญ* Next time try that condiment on your :fries: after you order it with
Double :bacon:๐Ÿง€:hamburger: and a large chocolate milkshake.

Lee: *sarcastically* Thanks a lot, Shaggy! * as he grab a can of root beer and sit down next to Zack.*
Lee's mind: I rather have :steak: marinade in sriracha and an A-1 steak sauce with :fries:and a large :beer:instead.(A-1 steak sauce I don't own that brand whatsoever)

*as he is about to take a bite of his ๐ŸŒญ suddenly Reuben barked when there's a ๐ŸŒซ coming out of nowhere.*
Lee: *to Zack putting down his can of root beer and his ๐ŸŒญ* Don't you or anyone take a bite of my ๐ŸŒญ.
Zack: Why, Lee? *something crash coming from a foggy area.*
Ivy: What was that fog doing around Lands End?
Lee: C'mon, let's find out. * as he, Ivy, Zack and Reuben heads for Ivy's SVU.*

Shaggy: Hey like what's going on?
Scooby: Yeah, what's going on?

Zack: Party's over for us.
Lee: Mystery Inc. head back downtown.
Shaggy: Like okay!
Velma: *as Ivy starts the SVU and drives off to Lands End* Jinkies! I wonder what's going on with them.
*as ๐Ÿš“ shows up when Mystery Inc. start cleaning up their beach party. a ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™€๏ธand a ๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ came out of the car.*
Female Police Officer: Oh terrific another ๐ŸŒซ incident.
Male Police Officer: What are you kids doing?
Fred: Just packing up.
Daphne: Our friends from ACME just left for Lands End
Male Police Officer: Then we better help them out.
Female Police Officer: Let's go! *as they head back to the ๐Ÿš“ and drive to Lands End.*

Lands End

*Ivy's SUV stops there.*
Ivy: *after rolling down the window* Oh! *Reuben cover his nose*
Zack: Whoa, what's that smell? *Lee hears some splashing coming from outside.*
Lee: Ivy, let's head for the ruins of Sutro Baths.
Ivy: *as Lee came out of the SUV* Lee, why there?
Lee: Someone shouldn't be swimming there. *as he and Ivy left Zack puts on a respiratory mask when the ๐Ÿš“ came.
Female Police Officer: What's going on?
Zack: *showing the two police officers his ACME badge* Just finding out where the๐ŸŒซ comes from while my sister and a friend of ours are heading for the ruins of Sutro Baths.
Male Police Officer: I'll heading for the ruins you help him find where the ๐ŸŒซ comes, get some back up just in case.
Female Police Officer: Right!

Alcatraz Island

? (female): *while looking at the scene on the ๐Ÿ”ฎ with three mysterious women dressed in gothic clothing* It works like a charm without any alarm.
Three mysterious women: Yes, Milady!
? (female): Instead turning security guards into ๐Ÿธs let get them confuse with a lot of ๐ŸŒซs.
Three mysterious women: Yes, Milady!
? (female): That's all now have a ball.
Three mysterious women: Yes, Milady! *as the three mysterious women leaves as a shadow figure shows.*
? (male): I'll still keep an ๐Ÿ‘ on those girls.
? (female): Of course...Don't them be out of your force!
?(male): Exactly! *as the shadow figure leaves*

(end of Chapter one)
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Before I go on to Chapter Two there some monsters based on the Scooby-Doo episodes who are now appearing in this story...Don't worry you'll find out who it is and reasons why.

1. The Ghost of Captain Cutter (SDWAY: A Clue for Scooby-Doo: however the monster will be known as Ghost Diver)
2. Pterodactyl Ghost (TSDS: Hang In There, Scooby-Doo)
3, Miner 49er (SDWAY: Mine Your Own Business)
4. The Ghost of Witch McCoy (TSDS: The Ozark Witch Switch: however the monster will be known as 'The Witch of the Ozarks')
5. Giggling Green Ghosts (SDWAY: A Night of Fright is No Delight)
6. Witch Doctor (SDWAY: A Tiki Scare is No Fair)
7. Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster and the Gypsy Fortune Teller (SDWAY: A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts)
and 8. The Mummy of Anka (SDWAY: Scooby-Doo and a Mummy, too: however the monster be known as The Mummy of the unknown Pharaoh only)

I don't these characters whatsoever.


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Chapter Two

ACME Headquarters

*The C-5 appears and so does Jade*
Jade's mind: I wonder what's going on this time and why the Chief's office?
*Jade knocks the Chief's door.*
Chief: *voice only* Come in. *Jade enters the Chief's office*
Jade: Why Chief welcome back.
Chief: I heard you got something from us.
Jade: Yes, Chief *as she shows her digital ACME ID card to him on her padphone*
Chief: I can't believe my ๐Ÿ‘€ what I'm seeing but there's one thing you must do before heading for your next assignment. *as he gives her some forms.*
Jade: Chief, isn't that for ACME agents with higher rank missions?
Chief: Not just for higher rank missions but also lower rank missions and you're the only amateur detective that haven't rank with ACME for someone who is mentally fill those out and give them back to me do you understand?
Jade: Yes, Chief! *as she grab the forms and leaves the Chief's office.*

The File Room

*Jade reading the forms when all of the sudden Lee Jordan enters the room.*
Lee: Jade, what're you doing?
Jade: Just reading these...*Lee gasped at what Jade is reading*
Lee: Where did you these forms?
Jade: The Chief give them to me to fill out and sign it.
Lee: Why?
Jade: He told me that these forms for higher rank missions but also lower rank missions. *Lee grabs the forms from Jade* Lee, I need to fill those out and bringing back to him.
Lee: Jade, you're a free agent and amateur detective and these forms I'm going to take these over to an ACME agent who can check out these forms and if I'm right these forms are fakes...Why don't you go home okay?

Jade: Fine, Lee I'll go. *as she leaves the file room and headed for the Chief's office she knocks on his door* Chief, I need to talk to you for a minute...Chief, it's me, Jade why don't say something?
ACME Janitor: Miss, I'm afraid the Chief isn't here.
Jade: What?!?! I saw the Chief almost an hour ago.
ACME Janitor: I'm afraid he's not here well except earlier I saw some some witch locking his door I gasped and well...
Jade: *gasped* Oh no it can't be...I better go! *as she leaves ACME Headquarters and the janitor shrugged after Jade left.*

Meanwhile at Fisherman's Wharf Pier 39

At a Halloween Costume Shop

Scrappy-Doo: *voice only* Oh boy these costumes will look great at a Halloween party hosted by ACME.
Shaggy:*voice only* And no wonder why we're invited they say they plenty of food.
Scooby-Doo: *voice only* Yeah, food! *giggled*

Fred: *as he came out of the dressing room as 'Elvis Presley' and impersonated his voice* Well how do I look?
Velma: You look like Elvis.
Fred: *impersonated as Elvis* Uh-huh thank you very much, Velma!
Daphne: *voice only* Velma, how come you're not buying a costume.

Velma: I already made my costume figure I dressed as a 'Ghostbuster'
Fred: You already made one.
Velma: I have find a jumpsuit my size, find the right patches and find the equipment.
Shaggy: *coming out of the dressing as a beatnik* Like a proton pack?
Velma: Not only a proton pack, a ghost trap, a P.K.E. meter and a Ecto goggles! I've got those already order online. *Scrappy-Doo came out as 'Sherlock Holmes' and his uncle Scooby-Doo came out as a aviator.* (I don't own anything from 'Ghostbusters' whatsoever)

Scrappy-Doo: I hope I don't jinx up the party unlike what happened at the Doo family reunion.
Scooby-Doo: Oh Scrappy nothing's gonna happened this Halloween. *Daphne came out as 'Carmen Sandiego'*
Daphne: Ta-da! What're you think of this costume? *the gang are surprised as the real Carmen Sandiego came out as a witch.*

Carmen: Not bad, Daphne except for one thing.
Daphne: What's that?
Carmen: I suggest you wear a brown wig or dyed your hair instantly it washes off completely after words.

Velma: You're not going to ACME's Halloween party are you, Carmen Sandiego?
Carmen: Actually I'm going to the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.
Shaggy: Like you don't have relatives there.
Carmen: I'm just going for a celebration of those who lost their love ones...Adios, Mystery Inc.! *as she head back to the dressing room.*

Fred: Wow! That's one excuse!
Shaggy: C'mon, Freddy like let's get out of our costumes and purchase them.

Downtown San Francisco

*Three girls dressed in causal gothic clothing walking around feeling sort of tipsy*
? ( long black hair, green eyed, pale skin girl) : Boy, am I drain from what happened?
? ( pig-tailed blonde hair, black eyed, pale skin girl): Us too, Thorn.
? (red short hair ,black eyed, dark skin girl): Look there's a herbal shop.
Thorn: Good ๐Ÿ‘,Luna! Dusk why don't you wait here while me and Luna pick up some herbs.
Dusk: Okay, Thorn! *as Thorn and Luna enter the herbal shop*

*Suddenly Cruiser came*
Dusk: *to Cruiser* Hi!
Cruiser: *to Dusk* Whoa! *๐Ÿ˜* Hey there, babe the name's Cruiser.
Dusk: Hi I'm Dusk!
Cruiser: Dusk of the Hex Girls!?!?!
Dusk: That's right where are you going?
Cruiser: I was about to get some jalapenos for a Halloween Party.
Dusk: Oh you're helping out with the supplies
Cruiser: That and searching for a DJ or a local live band.
Dusk: Well who do you work for?
Cruiser: Well I'm a mechanic for ACME.
Dusk: ACME?!?! The ones who pursuit Carmen Sandiego?
Cruiser: That's right!
Dusk: Oh thank goodness I need you to send a message to ACME.

Count Hypno: *as he appears* Dusk!
Dusk: Oh no it's Count Hypno!
Cruiser: Why you...*Count Hypno got Cruiser ๐Ÿ˜ต and he fainted*
Dusk: Hypno, leave him alone.
Count Hypno: Silent! *uses his ๐Ÿ‘€ at Dusk when Thorn and Luna came out of the herbal shop*
Thorn and Luna: *gasped* Count Hypno!
Count Hypno: Let's go, ladies! *again using his ๐Ÿ‘€ at Thorn and Luna* Your lady wants you three back at once we're leaving now and take him with you.
Hex Girls: Yes, Count Hypno! *as the Hex Girls grab Cruiser and leaves with Count Hypno.*

Count's mind: At last no one can solve the mystery not even that free agent after all no can...*laughed out loud*

(end of Chapter Two)
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Chapter Three

The Chief's house, San Francisco, CA,USA

*Jade finished decorated the outside when The Chief comes out from the inside.*

Chief: I'm truly appreciated the help for me thank you, Miss Ezell.
Jade: You're welcome, Chief! I thought you'll be in the office and making fill some forms before heading for the field.
Chief: Miss Ezell, I didn't give you those forms today.
Jade: That's what I've figure, Chief I almost signing those forms.
Chief: Oh Miss Ezell, you should've known better it's only the ones with higher ranks.

Jade: Yeah I know but then the janitor saw a witch and then he blanked out after words he told me you're not in the office.
Chief: After what happened from almost tough you and the others been through to find me and the others held captive. (read page 5 from A Totally Weird Caper at the Studio) I'm glad I let Archie Pelago take over as a temporary chief until my decision whether to retire or not I'm still in a hiatus and :confused: as well.
Jade: Chief I haven't seen Archie today I better go back and look for him.
Chief: Be careful, Miss Ezell.
Jade: I will, Chief. *as she leaves to go back to ACME Headquarters when all of the sudden she saw Count Hypno and The Hex Girls dragging Cruiser.* *quietly* Oh fudge! *as she walked fast as she can and gasped after taking a picture on her padphone*

ACME Headquarters

The Pavilion

*Lee walked inside along with Scrappy-Doo and saw Jason Argonaut and Jessie Lyon decorated for the annual ACME Halloween Party.*

Lee: *To Scrappy-Doo* I'm glad you didn't tell them the big surprise have you?
Scrappy-Doo: No way I wouldn't tell the big surprise for my uncle Scooby and his friends I just told them there'll be food.
Lee: That's good to know hey Jason, Jessie.
Jason: Hey Lee check these pictures what're you think?
Jessie: I've figure we needed some pictures of celebrities who knew Scooby-Doo.
Scrappy-Doo: Wow! The Three Stooges, The Harlem Globetrotters, Oh boy I didn't know my uncle Scooby knows Batman and Robin.

Lee: Yeah Scrappy, that was the old times before Robin decided to become Nightwing.
Scrappy-Doo: Oh boy, Wonder Woman, the Flash...Wow! Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Sandy Duncan my uncle Scooby has a crush on her. (I don't own these celebrities or any DC Comic characters whatsoever)
Lee: Really, Scrappy? I wonder where Cruiser is he said he'll be back for the jalapenos...I'd better call him. *as Jade came*
Scrappy-Doo: Oh boy it's Jade!
Jade: Scrappy-Doo, what are you doing here?
Scrappy-Doo: Just helping out with the party.
Jade: You didn't tell your uncle or anyone in Mystery Inc. about the surprise have you?
Scrappy-Doo: No, just telling Uncle Scooby about the party and the food.
Lee: *on his ๐Ÿ“ฑ* Where are you at, Cruiser what's taking so long?
Jade: Not unless he's capture by Count Hypno.
Lee: Count Hypno?!?! *he turns around and saw Jade.* Jade, I thought I told you to go home.
Jade: I was about to, Lee but unfortunately I was about to show you this on my padphone. *as she shows Lee the picture she took already.*

Lee: *gasped* Oh no, Cruiser! *gasped* The Hex Girls are here.
Jade: Were here I've got a feeling Count Hypno got them in a trace we got to warn the others. *an alarm signal of an emergency.*
Scrappy-Doo: What now?
Jade: Scrappy stay here...where's the alert come from?
Lee: It comes from the Lab. *as he and Jade came out of the pavilion there saw medical staffs taking a chemist to the ACME Medical Center all of the sudden Spencer Ross show with a respirator on his face.*

Spencer: Jade, Lee don't go inside.
Lee: What's going on, Spencer?
Spencer: Our chemist just got hallucinated by accidently inhaling the water Zack brought in two nights ago.
Lee: Not good.
Jade: What's it made of?
Spencer: I don't know but trust me you wouldn't drink water that would get you hallucinate.

*Lee and Jade are shocked at what Spencer said*

(end of Chapter Three)
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Chapter Four

ACME Headquarters

Director of Intelligence's Office

Spencer: Here's the report from the lab about the cauldron of water pick up two nights ago and believe me it's awful.
Stewart Sterling: Awful is right *reading the report.* Oh great this water contains some poisonous plants that is considered dangerous.
Jade: I wonder what they are.
Lee: Trust me, Jade don't even eats some poison berries, smelling some weird flowers or pull some crazy roots off unless you're a witch making a potion of course.
Jade: A witch?!?! Lee Jordan, I'm not Medeva, okay? *someone knocking on the door.*

Stewart: Come in. * Jessie enters his office.*
Jessie: Some teenage sleuths and a great Dane wants to see us.
Stewart: Miss Lyon take them to the conference room I hope they have some evidence.
Jessie: That and finding a veterinarian.
Stewart: Veterinarian?!?!
Jessie: Yeah they found Chase's falcon, Phoenix! *Everyone in Stewart's office gasped*

Conference Room

*Jade, Spencer, Lee and Stewart are surprised Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, Fred, Daphne and Velma.*

Jade: Mystery Inc. It's been a while
Velma: And I'm glad we're here.
Shaggy: We've got something important for you, guys. *Velma hit the play button on her digital recorder.*

The Recording
? (male voice): Boss, thank goodness you're here.
? (another male voice): We need to talk you, Carmen it's important. *cough*
Carmen: *voice only* Spill the beans, boys.
? (man's voice): Me and Lars were in the U.S./Mexico border.
Carmen: *voice only* Why did you boys go there?
?(man's voice): Making sure it's safe for you to have a siesta before enjoying 'The Day of the Dead'
Lars: *voice only* All of the sudden I'm not happy with...oh fudge!
?(man's voice): Lars!
Carmen: *voice only* What's going on, Moe?
Moe: *voice only* I don't know but we smell something weird.
Lars: *voice only* Yeah and that Medeva is cooking up trouble and believe us she wants use on the security guards during a heist.
Moe: *voice only* And Count Hypno has kidnapped a group of girls in gothic clothing making them do her dirty work.
Carmen: *voice only* I was afraid she might do that after I warn her not to.
Moe/Lars: What're we do, boss?
Carmen: Let ACME handle this, boys drugs are something I wouldn't do in my life of crime.

*end of the recording*

Daphne: That's all we heard and then they left.
Fred: And who are Moe and Lars?
Jade: *gasped* Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas they're Carmen's henchmen and friends of Vic the Slick.
Lee: And Medeva and Count Hypno are responsible using the Hex Girls as her servants.
Stewart: Just as we thought this is going to be some weird case...I remember Chase was making sure no drug dealers coming through the borders of the U.S. and Mexico.

Jade: Yeah and the other agents they're missing as well.
Fred: Then let's work together and solve this mystery before Halloween wanna say?
Jade: I agree everyone's working overtime to search not only Cruiser and Chase.
Lee: But the others too.

Shaggy: Let's not what if we run to a ghost or worse.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, worse!
Velma: It's our chance we got whether you two like it or not, either act bravely or act as chickens.
*Shaggy and Scooby-Doo acting as a chicken*

Lee: C'mon you two this is important if we all don't solve this mystery by Halloween there's not gonna any food or in this case no Halloween party.
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo: Okay we do it alright for the party.
Lee: That's better let's get it on with this case.

(end of Chapter Four)
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Chapter Five

ACME Headquarters

The Pavilion

*Jade and Lee return to the pavilion*

Jason: Hey you two.
Jade: Jason, where's Scrappy?
Jason: Chasing Phoenix where else?
Lee: Oh no he wouldn't!
Jade: I hope not. *as she and Lee goes and finds Scrappy-Doo until Scrappy came.* Scrappy, I told you to stay at the Pavilion.

Scrappy-Doo: I've found a piece of paper attached to Phoenix. *as he gave the piece of paper to Jade.*
Jade: *read the piece of paper* Go to a beach in Arizona?!?!?!
Lee: Arizona doesn't have a beach.
Jade: No but it's a clue to find our friends I believe this case is already begun, Lee.

The Recreational Center

Shaggy: Boy ACME has got a good TV screen.
Fred: Yeah can't to watch the latest โšพ game. *as he turn on the TV as Jade came.*

Female News Reporter: This just in ghosts are everywhere around the world from Mexico to Germany to Egypt and even around the U.S. from Sutter's Mill to Nashville to Branson even Hawai'i as well.

Velma: Mexico?!?!?! Isn't that where Carmen is heading for the Day for the Dead?
Daphne: More likely, Velma!
Jade: I'll say

Shaggy: Like Jade what are you doing here?
Jade: Searching for the clue go to a beach in Arizona but I've figure there's no beach there unless you go to the border of Mexico. *grab a travel book about the travel book and saw what she looking for.* here it is...Puerto Penasco.
Mystery Inc.: Puerto Penasco?!?!
Jade: It's Spanish for 'rocky point'
Shaggy; Rocky Point as in Rocky Point Beach?!?!

Jade: Not really, Shaggy it's a small city northwest of the Mexican state of Sonora it has been nicknamed 'Arizona's Beach' as it is closest to Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma...I better warn everybody at ACME we're going to solve this case before Halloween starting now. *as she heads back to warn ACME at once.

Shaggy: Do you think Jade's right about this.
Fred: Without a doubt, Shaggy let's go, gang!

*as Jade informs ACME...Mystery Inc. just heads off .*

Shaggy-Doo: Jade, Lee, Uncle Scooby and his friends just left.
Jade:* voice only* Good Scrappy! I've got everyone while on their own assignment on the double.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico (at night)
Outside of Las Palomas Resort (I don't the resort whatsoever)

*Mystery Inc. got throw out of the resort by a couple of security guards.*

Daphne: That was the dumbest thing you said in Spanish, Freddy!
Fred: Well I'm sorry, Daphne I just to tell the manager have you seen anything going on every night?
Velma: Unfortunately you told the manager where's the nearest bathroom instead... And Shaggy and Scooby just ran off to the ๐ŸŒฎand ๐ŸŒฏ bar.

Shaggy: We can't help it, Velma like Mexico is one place for those. *the C-5 appears and so did Jade, Ivy, Zack, Lee, Scrappy-Doo and Phoenix as Miguel Fernandez and his chihuahua, Estrella shows up.

Miguel : So glad you guys show up.
Lee: Miguel, what's going on here?
Miguel: People are never going to the old port, the beach walk, nor the fish market or the sandy beach anymore because of the ghost diver locals stay around El Mirador, a neighborhood area here.
Ivy: Ghost diver?!?!
Miguel: Si, Commander Monaghan and some weird tourist with his friends and a dog well...ask where's the nearest bathroom was.

Jade: Sounds like someone from Mystery Inc. forgot to speak Spanish a little better am I right, Fred Jones? *Fred gasped and shrugged*
Lee: *slap his forehead with his hand* Oh brother!
Zack: Next time learning from Rosetta Stone or better yet, Babel, Fred. (I don't own those foreign language skill brands whatsoever)

Fred: Thanks for the advice, Zack *Scooby is crazy in โค with Estrella*
Miguel: Ah Estrella is in love with that great Dane.
Scrappy-Doo: That's my uncle, Scooby-Doo! He's loves cute girl dogs.
Lee: How come you never a girl dog for yourself, Scrappy?
Scrappy-Doo: I'm jinx. *someone moaned and everyone screamed* Uncle Scooby everybody look.

Shaggy: Zoinks!
Jade: That's the ghost diver. *Phoenix squawked and flying at the ghost diver.*
Ivy: Phoenix, be careful! *the ghost diver tries to scared him off.*

Fred: We've got to stop that ghost diver.
Daphne: Any ideas?
Shaggy: Yeah like remember suds up Captain Cutter.
Velma: Yeah and he turns he's not a ghost at all.
Fred: Except we don't have a bar of soap.

Miguel: Leave it to me...*As he uses his grapple gun and swing kick the ghost diver's stomach and fall into the ocean.*
Scrappy-Doo: Hooray! You splat that ghost diver!
Miguel: Let's find out who it is.
Team ACME, Mystery Inc. and Scrappy-Doo: *gasped as the ghost diver has been unmasked when they arrive.* Chase Devineaux!

(end of Chapter Five)
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Chapter Six

A First Aid Station between the city of Nogales, AZ, USA and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Chase: *as he woke up and he saw Ivy and Lee* Commander Monaghan, Detective Jordan what are you two doing here?
Ivy: We like to know what happened to you, Chase?
Chase: I was making sure there's no drug dealers coming in and out of Mexico then Phoenix squawked and I saw a girl in gothic clothing.
Lee: *as he shows Chase the picture of the Hex Girls* Can you recognize one of them?
Chase: *points to Thorn* Her I recognize and I blank out.
Ivy: What did you mean you blank out.
Chase: I don't know...ow!
Lee: Well I've figure you were in a trace, Chase.
Chase: In a trace?!?!
Lee: By Count Hypno!
Chase: I should've known.

Meanwhile around the border entry...

Zack: We've got to wait for Ivy and Lee to come back.
Jade: I know, Zack! I was at the lost and found room at least I've found this.
Zack: A plastic bag?!?!
Jade: Yup containing some herbs.
Zack: Herbs? I bet it contains the poisonous plants we've found out from that cauldron of hallucinated water.
Jade: Don't think so, Zack it's just a pound of whole cloves, a half pound of peppermint leaves and an nine inch white sage leaf smudge stick.
Zack: Why those?
Jade: I don't know, Zack! Better transfer this bag to Spencer maybe he can find out where the spices comes from. *press the transfer button on her Padphone to send the bag to Spencer.* Now that's done we'll...*Phoenix squawked and flying in a circle outside.* It looks like Phoenix has found something outside c'mon, Zack. *as she and Zack headed outside, spotted Phoenix and saw a piece of paper attached to the tree near the first aid station.*

Zack: Good job, Phoenix!...*read the paper* A river in Colorado?!?!
Jade: That's all! That's another clue.
Zack: Jade, there's only one hundred and fifty-eight named rivers around Colorado...*As the Mystery Machine shows up when Ivy and Lee came out of the First Aid station*

Scrappy-Doo: Hey you guys!
Ivy: Scrappy, don't worry about Chase he'll be alright he's going to get transfer around the ACME medical center.
Jade: Phoenix, you'd better stay with Chase until he recovers. *Phoenix squawked until Ivy's cellphone rang.*
Ivy: I'd better take this call you all.

Lee: Weird? A river in Colorado?!?! What kind of a clue is that?
Fred: Beats me we better go to Colorado and search for a river.
Velma: Freddy, there's only one hundred and fifty-eight rivers around Colorado we all can't figure which river in Colorado.

Ivy: *after hanging up her cellphone* Guys, It's Maylee she's need our help around the Grand Canyon something about a pterodactyl terrorizing the tourists there while she looks for Cole Gannon.
Lee: Oh no, Cole!
Shaggy: Zoinks! Did you say pterodactyl?
Ivy: Yeah why?
Scooby: *shocked* Pterodactyl Ghost!
Velma: Oh Scooby c'mon there's no Pterodactyl Ghost scarring around the Grand Canyon.
Daphne: At least we can try whitewater rafting around the Colorado River.

Jade: That's it, Grand Canyon has a river called the Colorado River and that's where Maylee is at while looking for Cole I've got a bad feeling that Cole is in a trace like Chase did.
Zack: You think Count Hypno hypnotized our friends and pretend to be a ghost or even monster.
Jade: Without a doubt he's been doing that when any ACME agent once to talk to one of the Hex Girls but Hypno hypnotize them because The Hex Girls are scared of him and Medeva.

Ivy: Oh my gosh, Jade you could be right and what about that hallucinated fog.
Jade: Just poisonous plants and stuff.
Scrappy-Doo: Poisonous plants like making drugs?
Jade: More likely, Scrappy!
Fred: Let's head for the Grand Canyon and fast.
Velma: Get in, Team ACME *as Jade, Ivy, Zack and Lee enter the Mystery Machine and Jade activated the C-5 corridor through her Padphone*

(end of Chapter Six)
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Chapter Seven

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ,USA

*Tourists ran off from the activities from a pterodactyl?!?! as the C-5 appears and so does the Mystery Machine.*

Maylee Young: *yelled voice only* HELP!!!!! *as Ivy uses her binoculars and saw that the pterodactyl got Maylee.*
Shaggy: Zoinks! We were right it is the Pterodactyl Ghost.
Zack: He's got Maylee!
Ivy: It's time to fly.
Lee and Jade: Right! *Ivy, Lee and Jade use their own bracelet and transform their attire into their own instant battle suit (Ivy in teal, Lee in deep black and Jade in medium blue) and activate their own jetpack backpack and fly to rescue Maylee while Scrappy-Doo gear up with a helmet and a jet powered backpack.*

Zack: Scrappy, what're you doing with that?
Scrappy-Doo: Helping out what else... *activate the jet powered backpack.*Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA!! PUPPY POWER!!
Zack: Hey come back with that!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Shaggy: Freddy, Scrappy took off!
Fred: Let's follow him.
Zack: Hurry he took my jet powered backpack.

Somewhere else

Medeva: *use looking at her ๐Ÿ”ฎ* Well, well done Pterodactyl Ghost that ACME rookie is toast...*gasped* What is this...a puppy flying not so defying.
Count Hypno: That puppy is nephew of that cowardly mutt named Scooby-Doo. *Medeva shocked*

Around the North Rim

Scrappy-Doo: Hey let's splat that pterodactyl?
Ivy: Scrappy, are you crazy?
Scrappy-Doo: I'm not crazy...*somehow the jet powered backpack is losing its boost.* Uh-oh! Yikes!!

Zack: *as he uses his binoculars and saw Scrappy-Doo* Oh man, Scrappy is falling.
Shaggy: C'mon Scooby we've got to help him!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!

*Scrappy land unto the Pterodactyl Ghost.*
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Scrappy-Doo: I've got you now you ghost...*somehow he just press a button in which just release Maylee.*

Maylee: Whoa!
Jade: Oh no, Maylee! *Maylee press the button onto her hot pink bracelet and voila her instant battle suit appears with a nanotech version of hoverboard.*

Lee: She's okay, girls she's safe.
*Zack and Mystery Inc. ๐Ÿ˜Œ*

Scrappy: Whoa! *suddenly something's ripping and torn down.*
Ivy: Lee, did you see...?
Lee: I see it. *as he flies up and Scrappy-Doo screamed*
Jade: Scrappy! *as she swoops down to save Scrappy.*
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Scrappy-Doo: I'm okay Uncle Scooby!

Lee: Ivy, look the pterodactyl is about to fall.
Ivy: Let's save it. *and they did but gasped* Lee, look at this pterodactyl.
Lee: What the...Ivy we better land safely.

Five minutes later...

Velma: Now let's see who this one is?
Shaggy: Hope it's not who we think...*Fred removes the costume.*
Maylee: *gasped* Cole Gannon!
Lee: *shakes Cole* Cole, wake up!
Cole: *as he open his eyes and saw Maylee and the rest of Team ACME.* What happened?
Maylee: I don't understand tell me why.
Zack: Jade was right the whole time our friends have been in trace.
Ivy: Then head back to headquarters and find out.
Jade: I agree, Ivy.
Fred: In the meantime we'll try and get back in this weird mystery and find out what next.

(end of Chapter Seven)
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Chapter Eight

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

Conference Room

Stewart: I've got a call from the border patrol and they said they didn't contact Chase to help them out.
Lee: Then someone told him to meet him at the U.S./Mexico border.
Zack: That someone has to be Thorn of the Hex Girls I mean who is she?
Stewart: All we know is her real name is Sally McKnight born around Salem, Massachusetts' Oakhaven Neighborhood.
Velma: Which is true in fact she's also one sixteenth Wiccan on her mother's side of the family.
Stewart: Also known as a pagan witchcraft practitioner.
Ivy: Whoa I hope she doesn't use black magic.
Fred: I don't think so, Ivy! Thorn, Dusk and Luna uses herbs for medicine, her father runs a pharmacy back there.

Stewart: As of now some of the ACME agents are missing I even contact others around the my right hand assistant for example is helping out with an ACME Academy student whose uncle is one of the curators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo I haven't spoke to him since last week.

Zack: I remember Josha left for Maui to make a upgrade the telescope at Haleakala Observatory I try contact but he wasn't there.
Ivy: Unless one of the Hex Girls wants to talk him about Medeva but...oh no!
Daphne: Oh no what, Ivy?
Ivy: Jade told us that our friends are in trace thanks to Count Hypno.
Lee: Well Jade is right and she went home to pick up her cats.
Velma: And Scrappy went with Jade.

Stewart: Somehow we just learn some areas mention in the news are haunted... say where are Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. *Shaggy and Scooby-Doo came in* Boys, next time knock on the door.
Shaggy: Sorry about that.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah sorry!
Fred: Well, gang it's time to split up.

Stewart: Good idea, Fred because you will be pair up with Detective Jordan someone scares the tourists from the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in the area called Sutter's Mill.
Lee: Where gold is discover there in 1848.
Stewart: Don't think about digging for one, Jordan.
Lee: Right, Stewart, Let's go, Fred!
Fred: You've got it, Lee. *as he and Lee leaves the Conference Room.*

Stewart: Miss Blake, you will be pair up with Commander Monaghan Branson, Missouri is haunted because of 'The Witch of the Ozarks'.
Daphne: Really? I can't believe I'm pairing with you, Zack.
Zack: Actually, Daphne you're pair up with Ivy.
Daphne: Oh is it alright with you, Ivy?
Ivy: You bet, Lee told me you've got a black belt in martial arts.
Daphne: It's true, Ivy I don't need to be a damsel in distress all the time. *as she and Ivy leave the Conference Room.*

Stewart: Miss Dinkley, You're going in the ACME jet plane to Egypt...*as he gives Velma a picture of an ACME Academy student* Find any information from her about my missing right hand assistant.
Velma: No Problem! *as she leaves the Conference Room.*

Stewart: As for you two...Since you came in late for no reason you two will be pair up with Detective Monaghan.
Shaggy/Scooby-Doo: What?!?!
Zack: It's true guys I bet there's something strange in Hawai'i.
Stewart: In the island of Oahu, Detective in the place called The Polynesian Cultural Center some weird man with a Tiki mask scared the tourists and no idea why.

Zack: But what about Jade and the others.
Stewart: I send Argonaut and Miss Lyon to Darmstadt, Germany to help an ACME agent there...And I'll send Miss Young to Nashville with Jade and Scrappy helping her out there.

(end of Chapter Eight: Sorry it took a little long I'm trying to catch up with this story before Halloween and no matter which time zone you're on...'fall back': That means the Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday the first of November.)
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Chapter Nine

Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie, Oahu, HI, USA

*After arriving by plane Zack, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo enter the Polynesian Cultural Center...*Shaggy and Scooby ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿฅถ.*

Zack: Hey you two what's the matter?
Shaggy: Scooby and I remember about what Mr. Sterling about a man in a Tiki mask remains us of the Witch Doctor and that stone idol statue called Mano Tiki Tia.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, Witch Doctor!
Zack: Mano Tiki Tia there is no such of an idol as that in Polynesian Mythology.
Shaggy: Scoob and I were surprise when we find out all along it was a hoax thanks to a journalist who is a pearl poacher in the end anyway it's all in the past. *poof appears the Witch Doctor.*

Witch Doctor: You foolish morals you have step on scared ground now 'the fire queen' will make you pay.
Shaggy: Zoinks!
Scooby-Doo: The Witch Doctor! *and then a big red lady appears from out of nowhere and throw a ๐Ÿ”ฅball on the ground but fades quickly.*
Zack: Oh man it's Pele! Hide some place safe.
Shaggy: Now you're talking c'mon, Scoob!
Scooby-Doo: I'm with you, Shaggy!

Zack: *after entering the Fijian temple gasped* What the...a ๐Ÿ“ฝ and a ๐Ÿ’ป wait a sec...what's this? *as he saw a ๐Ÿ““ and it has Thorn's name on it.* I'd better find Shaggy and Scooby at once. *as he ran off*

*The Witch Doctor hear ๐Ÿฅs was only a ๐Ÿ’ฟ player that Shaggy and Scooby-Doo found*
Shaggy: *throw his voice* Witch Doctor, you won't get away for what you're trying now you will face the creature of the jungle.
Witch Doctor: Huh! *screamed as he saw the jungle creature scaring him and he fell into the water.*
Shaggy: *as he and Scooby removes the palm leaves.* We got him, Scooby!
Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo!!!
Witch Doctor: Help me, I can't swim this far help!
Shaggy: Like let's grab a canoe and save him.

ACME Medical Center, Honolulu, HI,USA

Three hours later...

Josha: *in a hospital gown* Oh bueno I'm not that surprise after what happened I don't even remember anything.
Zack: After what happened I'm glad you're alright, Josha thanks to Shaggy and Scooby.
Shaggy: It's our pleasure but what happened to Pele?
Zack: It turns out it's just a hologram and special effects over by a ๐Ÿ“ฝ and a ๐Ÿ’ป and I even found a ๐Ÿ““ belonging to Thorn of the Hex Girls.
Josha: Hex Girls?!?! Never heard of them.
Zack: It's a long story we'd better head back and by the way get well soon, buddy!
Josha: *as Zack, Shaggy and Scooby leaves* Thanks, Zack!

Jade's house

*Jade is talking on the โ˜Ž with her mother about how are Sam and Socks are doing at the Vet's office while inside the den.*

In Jade's bedroom (cats don't talk their mind does)

Scrappy-Doo: *to Sam and his sister Socks who is now almost a month old and growing up just like her big brother* Boy you're lucky to have each other and working together as a team.
Sam's mind: That's for sure!
Socks' mind: Yeah like so! *and then Jade's padphone ringing and Socks meowed as Jade finished talking with her mother when she enter her room.*
Scrappy-Doo: Jade, your padphone!

Jade: *as she picked up her padphone* Thanks, Scrappy! *to Sam and Socks* Mom's going to pick you both up as soon as she can. *on her padphone* Hello!
Maylee: *voice only* Jade, it's Maylee!
Jade: Where are you?
Maylee: *voice only* Nashville!
Jade: Is something going on there?
Maylee: *voice only* Just getting myself some hot chicken tenders with two slices of white bread, some pickles, Cole Slaw on the side and pick up a bottle of :sprite: to go from Prince's Hot Chicken Shack (real place I don't own that place)
Jade: Maylee, why?
Maylee: *voice only* I'm on my way to the Hermitage something strange is going on there I'm just hungry right about now.
Jade: You'd better head there and wait for me and Scrappy, is that clear?
Maylee: *voice only* Right, Jade! Oh my order's here I'll be at the Hermitage right away...Thanks!

Jade: *after hanging up her padphone, place it in her backpack, open and close the door with her room key after herself, Scrappy-Doo, Sam and Socks gets out* C'mon, Scrappy, we've better head for Music City, USA...*to Sam and Socks* As for you two, stay here till mom gets here. *Sam and Socks meowed happily as Jade activated the C-5 corridor for her and Scrappy.*

(end of Chapter Nine)
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Chapter Ten

Meanwhile at Sutter's Mill, Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, Coloma, CA,USA

Fred: We've look around that ghost town it seems it's not only tourists but locals alike.
Lee: Even The Stuckslacker Mine is deserted.
Fred: Didn't Sterling told you not to...
Lee: I know, I know I'm not digging for gold, Fred I'm just looking....*Someone moaned so loud he notice something on the ground.* Then again just found what we're looking for.

Fred: A wire and its attached to a speaker.
Lee: Let's follow that wire. *and he and Fred followed the wire.* Oh fudge the wire leads us to James Marshall's Cabin and guess whose inside?
Fred: *shocked* Oh swell it's the Miner Forty-Niner I remember that guy who wants to digging the last gold in Gold City.
Lee: Really, Fred did he?
Fred: Except I've found that the Miner Forty-Niner turn out to be a short man going after black gold.
Lee: As in crude oil?
Fred: You've got that right.
Lee: Thank goodness he didn't struck platinum. *Miner Forty-Niner saw Fred and Lee they gasped and ran.*

*Miner Forty-Niner follows Fred and Lee to South Fork American River and then that ghostly miner well just trip over and fell in the river.*
Lee: Figure we didn't plan a trap.
Fred: Thank goodness!
Miner Forty-Niner: *when the river carry him away* Help!
Lee: What the...Fred, let's borrow a raft and save him.
Fred: Let's go!

Twenty-four minutes Troublemaker rapid.
Miner Forty-Niner: *holding on to a rock* Help!!!
Fred: There he is.
Lee: *in his deep black instant battle suit using a nanotech lasso to the Miner Forty-Niner* Grab on! *and the miner did...Lee gasped* Cruiser!?!?!

ACME Medical Center, San Francisco, CA,USA

Three Hours Later

*Cruiser still shivering from the cold water of the Troublemaker rapid at South Fork American River at least Fred and Lee grab a lot of emergency blankets to cover Cruiser and thanks to Lee contact the paramedics at the Medical Center a helicopter got him safely in time*

Stewart: I don't understand what's going on here, Detective Jordan first Chase then Cole and then Josha.
Lee: Now Cruiser he told me he was on his way to the grocery store to pick up some jalapenos for the party when he talk to Dusk of the Hex Girls and then he got blank out by Count Hypno.
Stewart: Oh great we might as well cancelled this year's Halloween Party because of him and Medeva.

Lee: I agree and of course the big surprise for Mystery Inc.
Stewart: They'll get be the surprise later and I notice there's few reports from ACME all over the world they saw Medeva and Count Hypno along with the Hex Girls brainwashed by them.
Lee: Uh-oh! This case is never going to be like trick or treating ever again.

the Hermitage, Nashville, TN,USA

*outside Maylee finished up her lunch.*

Maylee: Whoa! And I thought the Buffalo Wings are the spiciest chicken around but this one takes the cake. *as the C-5 appears so does Jade and Scrappy-Doo.*

Jade: I'm glad you made it in time, Maylee.
Maylee: And just finished my meal.
Jade: Good let's get inside this plantation.
Scrappy-Doo: Plantation?
Jade: Yes, Scrappy The Hermitage is a plantation belong to the seventh president of the Untied States, Andrew Jackson from 1804 until his death on June 8,1845.
Scrappy-Doo: Isn't he the hero of the Battle of New Orleans?
Jade: You got that right! *strange noise coming from the outside.*

Maylee: Did hear what I hear?
Jade: I sure did!
Scrappy-Doo: Alright you weirdo show yourself. *as a green shadow with a chain appears and giggling.*
Jade: Oh my stars look!
Scrappy-Doo: It's the Phantom Shadow.
Maylee: :eek:
(end of Chapter Ten)
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