The Great Trans-Syberian Adventure

Tenchi Masaki

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Chapter 47
Tenchi slinging his sword and guitar on his back was ready to stride out of there, but Maggie said, “Hey not so fast there lover boy.” Polly asked, “Hey! What about patience and planning?” Tenchi responded, “When people's lives are in danger sometimes immediate action is required.” Ann giggling said, “Yeah whenever it’s Patty’s life.” Tenchi holding back a blush said in a slightly raised voice, “So anyway we know enough to begin engaging Zalmoxis’s forces. This will be a standard tactical op with limited support from the ground and air. We’ll be running the countryside and disabling all relevant towers, and neutralizing high-level hostiles. Or in short: Save the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world Any questions?”

As Tenchi engaged tinting on his smart glasses resulting in an eye-roll from Kylie, Paige squeaked, “Oh my god he’s so cool!” Quickly gathering her composure she continued, “I mean um, he’s going to help stop Zalmoxis and that’s really nice you know.” All the major players were told their parts and headed out to provide tactical support for Tenchi who immediately was in his element. That being wandering aimlessly which he had done since he was a child. If he ever got too far from home say, another country for instance his grandpa would always mysteriously show up to bring him back. Now he was speeding through the Siberian countryside outside of Irkutsk.

The tourists thought the events were more bonuses to their already unique trip. Who else got to say “When we went on the Trans-Siberian VILE turned the region upside down and ACME made it right again”? The Zalbots were spread out across the land at data hubs recharging or awaiting commands to be downloaded. They were a lot like campsites and from them, small groups would head out to patrol near the hubs area or roam the land in search parties looking for the Globe. The hubs were either basic cylindrical copper-colored metal with a crystal that pulsated energy or larger tree-sized variants. Worst of all were the house-sized domed bases a large opening in what Tenchi saw was the front showed there were on average twenty Zalbots ready to charge out and attack anyone foolish enough to approach.

Of course for Tenchi and Djinn, it was quite simple to evade their detection and take them out with arrows when necessary. Tenchi figured they would be a more silent long-range option. When Tenchi came across the Irkutsk tower and saw it was easily climbable he scurried straight to the top and saw there was a platform with a machine in the center. Tenchi placed the Globe tablet on the device and data was downloaded to it causing the blank area to be filled in with map data. Djinn cynically commented, “Seriously? This Zalmoxis twit made huge towers anyone can see give you location data making it easier for his enemies to stop him? If he’s a god I’m a bloody grand piano.”

Once the data was looked over by Tenchi he replied, “I don’t think Zalmoxis built these towers they seem to be an information network that helps those who would oppose him. Quite handy indeed.” As Tenchi said that the tower then activated fully and sent out disabling commands that shut down all Zalbots in the effective range. Once Tenchi and Djinn realized this would happen when all towers were accessed, they made it a priority to visit each one. Mobile Command was told of the towers' purposes and attention immediately shifted to the generals as the primary threat. Having disabled the Zalbots they were the only ones still active in the areas. And once the towers were accessed, their location would then be traceable on the Globe Tablet.
This led Tenchi to head to the first general's location where Tenchi saw he had acquired a Globe piece.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk having suddenly lost control of his forces and wanted those responsible to pay. His specialty was blades used to cut things and he planned on serving up sliced detectives. Tenchi took him head-on with his sword and soon gained the upper hand over the evil foe. The general said, “Your victory means nothing! All shall bow to Zalmoxis!” He promptly exploded after his last defiant words leaving Tenchi and Djinn to go back to Irkutsk to meet up with Team TKT. Tenchi then saw a cheering crowd of people waiting to greet him.

The idea that an adventuring detective was along for the ride all the way to Vladivostok was too exciting for some people. But Team TKT took it in stride as they made sure Polly and Ann much to their annoyance learned something while they were there. Ann told her instructors, “Irkutsk is the capital of eastern Siberia and experienced rapid growth after gold was discovered.” Polly added, “This is dumb! Zalmoxis is doing bad things! The city is also considered the Paris of the north and is filled with brick mansions and Orthodox churches.” While Polly and Ann complained the fact of the matter was the team was only as fast as the trains they rode on. And since they were on a tour it would only leave when it was time. So everyone relaxed in the music room on the Golden Eagle as it and the Clockwork Train chugged along.

Fortunately, the two Junior detectives realized what Team TKT wanted them to figure out on their own, that they were protecting the passengers on the Golden Eagle as well as the townsfolk. Polly was slightly upset with herself for not realizing that sooner went to Tenchi’s room on the Clockwork Train to say she was sorry. Polly trying to think of a conversation starter said, “Um, I liked that Anetti cooking class we had in Irkutsk… borscht is yummy.” Of course, what they cooked wasn’t borsht but Shchi, and all Polly and Ann did the whole time was fidget in their seats until the food was ready. Tenchi told her it was their job to be defenders of the people during the Zalmoxis incident and that the two of them understanding and not being told that, is what was important.

Polly hugging Tenchi replied, “You’re the best teacher I have.” Kate heading to her room asked Tenchi if taking on two generals; one by day the other by night was safe. Tenchi told her they were not the main threat just a distraction. Once Zalmoxis returns there would be no use for them anymore so once we eliminate them the then we can find Zalmoxis Prime. The Globe Tablet is saying there should be six total, so five left to go. And Tommy contacted Mobile Command saying they found another Globe piece so there’s six left of them left to track down.

Everyone saw this was going to be very straightforward as the Zalbots were wasting no time hiding what they were doing. Tenchi decided to track down the Globe pieces than scale the towers to activate them. Team TKT would all be going to face the next general marked on the Globe tablet. The Peaky Blinders were sent to find the Globe piece in the area but were now hiding from the fiend as she searched the area for them. Tenchi and Kylie came in to face the General Elecbot and saw she was charging up electricity while slowly pacing around. Ben said, “I thought Zalmoxis was a man.” Tenchi replied, “It’s whatever it wants to be. Now go get her Kylie!” Kylie looked at Tenchi then walked toward the general.

Kylie said, “Vessel of Zalmoxis Zamfir, as a duly designated resident of the city, county, and state of New York; I order you cease and desist any and all military activity and return forthwith to your place of origin!” The general stopped and looked at Kylie asking, “Are you a god?” Kylie answered, “No.” Leading the general to respond, “Then… die!” The general unleashed a blast of electricity at all of them sending them flying back but otherwise, they were unharmed. Tenchi said, “Alright this chick is toast.” At which point Tenchi, Kylie, and the Peaky Blinders all started to fight the general.

Kylie delivered the finishing blow and sent the electric lackey flying back and onto the ground. The general said, “This means nothing, we shall prevail.” Before exploding. Kylie informed Tenchi he was on his own when fighting the rest of the “Robot Generals” and try not to take too long without her. Tenchi happily preferred it that way in this instance. The Zalbots weren’t too numerous and their numbers were further thinned by them spreading out across the area. The generals were the only ones still functioning after a tower was activated so all Team TKT needed to do was defeat them and hopefully, Zalmoxis would stay in The Grey and not return.

When the time came the trains departed the station headed for the next city, Ulan Ude. But first was the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baykal. This was great news for Team TKT. And terrible for the Zalmoxis Army, the current phase of the trip would take days normally to reach Ulan Ude. The passengers would be traveling through scenic landscapes and hanging out at Lake Baykal. Team TKT would be mopping up the Zalbots during this timeframe. Tenchi constructed a launcher to catapult and retrieve his motorcycle so he could come and go from the Clockwork Train whenever he wanted.

The remaining four generals would be doing their best to stop Team TKT however, and the first was Polidori though he really preferred not to. Being a consummate coward he was only concerned with his own life ironically being a vessel for Zalmoxis meant he had the greatest chance of preserving and achieving Zalmoxis’s plans. That was if however people weren’t willing to oppose him, which Tenchi made quite certain as he scaled yet another tower and activated it. Polidori was angered more that he would have to confront these detectives than seeing his side losing ground. He decided it was best to be a manipulative schemer, something he valued highly.

He wanted to stay at Glass Bay Beach with Patty, but Zalmoxis Prime expected results. Thus he had to actually fight back something he found disgusting. He could always run back to Glass Bay anyway and make excuses as to why if things got tough. So it was with extreme annoyance that he went to face this “He” named Tenchi. Tenchi was busy racing towards the Globe pieces along with a passenger onboard, Paige Turner. She had told him Patty was responsible for the Globe is in pieces and that the generals want the Globe more than anything. Paige had been going over the details and plans of action on ACME and VILE’s side over and over.

If Tenchi wasn’t focused on the mission especially the stealth assaults against the Data Hubs it might’ve gotten a little annoying. All the “Hey listen!” And repetitive information would’ve driven a normal person insane. But it was like someone telling a car lover about car facts they had a high tolerance level for things they enjoyed and Tenchi enjoyed what he was doing. Paige’s analysis of enemy bots and their weaknesses helped keep Paige from thinking about her failures and if Patty was okay or not. Paige did however find it annoying that the Zalbots that found a Globe piece would put it in the protected room of a relic dungeon. They had to solve puzzles and push things around to get through it just to fight an underpowered guardian. Paige assessed that they could use combat and hardware upgrades big time.
Of course, she said this while getting to hold onto Tenchi which she didn’t mind after seeing his performance in the field and love of all things geeky.

So as she realized to her shock on telling Tenchi, “We have acquired three more pieces for a total of five.” This trip would be over within the next few days. And since she was writing down everything her combat and enemy analysis turned to chronicle everything Tenchi was doing. She found herself immersed in her recordings as she went over the adventures thus far. Paige started geeking out as she said, “Your approach strategy at Data Hub #16 was flawless! They didn’t see you coming at all then you took them down one by one!”

And that long-range arrow snipe on the tower guard at the campsite was so dead on! You had the arrow naturally fall directly on the top of its head!” Though to Kylie all of Tenchi’s combative exploits like her own were par for the course. To the uninitiated like Paige, they were quite impressive as she recounted their dungeon crawling experiences. “The air dungeon was seriously overblown I won’t insult you by pretending highly trained people could get through. I think I’ll mark it as level 1 Easy, yes that’ll do. So then the three areas of sun, moon, and star we had to clear to get those relics in order to open the door which was this cool iris lens design! So I guess it was the journey that made the destination in that case.

The wood dungeon is where d say things got tough when those Zalbots were chasing us towards that chasm we had to swing across, it was terrifying! And when I um[blushes] gave you a peck on the cheek for luck I think that’s what made us make it to the other side. Then it was hopping on wooden pillars into the large room of pillars clustered together slowly increasing in height like an asymmetrical staircase. Very surreal if I must say!” Tenchi felt he should interrupt Paige’s retelling informing her, “Ms. Turner, you do realize you’re traveling along being held by one hand dangling above a treacherous drop into an acid pool?” Paige taking a second to better assess her situation replied, “Why um, yes of course I’ve been paying attention! And I must say once you acquired those “Electromagnet Boots” from the treasure chest we’ve been able to get to areas in this dungeon we couldn’t before. I have total faith in your ability at this point!”

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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Chapter 48
Needless to say, Team TKT had figured out that the “Cult of Zalmoxis” had turned out to be the good guys. At some point in the past, they either knowingly or not shifted from blind followers of a genocidal mad program; into pretty nice people. From the Eder family to Vitale Dascalu and his curation staff; they all were opposed to Zalmoxis’s evil schemes. They had been offering help to ACME by calling Team TKT with information about Zalmoxis. Tenchi and Paige could call and get tips on how to progress through an area. However, they chose not to take that option but would review the information later out of respect for their help. This did lead to a debate about whether it was okay to use prior knowledge exclusively.

One side debated it saved time since you would know where to go and what to do when you got there. The other argued it would make the person incapable of adaptive thinking since having not figured things out on their own and applied their knowledge, they would be at a huge disadvantage if anything unexpected happened. Polly and Ann were unexpectedly on the side of “Going in blind” because everything was a surprise. Tommy, Ben, and Maggie had to say however that knowing what was in a room was vital if you were going to treasure hunting. Paige even told them she would compile their information and hers into a Strategy guide. The current mission was paramount though Patty had to be saved as soon as possible.

And progress was looking good at least until Polidori showed up. He brazenly dropped down in the Rock Dungeon and introduced himself. One would almost confuse it for bravery if they didn’t know him better. He was so annoyed that he had to confront the enemy that he wanted it over and done with and so there he was. Of course, he made sure to have many Zalbots there to surround Tenchi and Paige. But instead of seeing the advantage; He wasted no time taunting the “He” face to face and told them both where Patty was and how Zalmoxis planned on using the forces of Strength, Intelligence, and Bravery contained in the Globe. Then Polidori ordered the Zalbots to attack making sure to take advantageous attacks when he saw the chance.

Tenchi and Paige caught on to his game pretty fast and he soon found himself on the back foot with the rest of his forces but that’s when final escape plans kick in. General Rockbot was quickly substituted in as Polidori fled the scene making sure to remind the “He” that Patty was in his possession. This backfired badly as hearing this caused Paige to be enraged and swing her sword sending out a shockwave that decimated the majority of the regular Zalbots. General Rockbot unfazed began to attack and though he was quite stubborn, he too fell at Tenchi and Paige’s hands as they cleaved him in too. Paige said, “This time rock doesn’t beat scissors.” Djinn commented, “I think you found the bad joke girl of your dreams.” Tenchi said, “Another one bites the dust.”

Kylie radioed in and said, “Enough of the one-liners, you have robots to scrap.” Tenchi and Paige sped off for more tower climbing, but now they would be regularly harassed by Polidori taking cheap shots when he could. But try as he might he couldn’t stop each of the towers from being activated. On the last one, he went all out unleashing his power sending torrents of arcing energy at Tenchi screaming, “You feckless trash! Why can't you just die!?” Tenchi absorbed the energy with his sword while Paige reached the top and activated the tower. Polidori flew up the tower and said, “Well it's nice to see you aren’t totally useless. Patty on the other hand tells me your nothing but a failure!”

Paige glaring at the baseless coward returned, “Thank you. In your own twisted way, you have let me know Patty is fine. Because she would never say that about anyone!” Polidori charged at Paige who patiently stood her ground. Then she suddenly sidestepped and sent the villain tumbling overboard. He immediately unfurled his bat-like wings and flew away screaming, “I’ll get you my pretty! And your little Detective too!” Paige said in response, “I seriously doubt that, scumbag.” Paige turned to Tenchi and said, “So, my detective what now?” Tenchi replied, “Now we end this.”

The two-headed for General Airbot’s location and on starting to fight him Paige understood why the air dungeon was so easy, He wasn’t in it. As they dodged blades of air and powerful air bursts they found staying behind stable objects was effective then they attacked when he was wide open. General Airbot shrieked as he fell to the ground defeated. He told them, “You can not stop the winds of change no matter how hard you try.” Tenchi replied, “When the wind blows in your favor anything is possible.” Paige agreed to say, “He was nothing but hot air.” The Trans-Siberian had made it to Lake Baykal during the night and as they traveled to the train stop, the dawn began to conjure a magical image of the landscape.

Having switched over to a steam train the passengers on the Golden Eagle were now on their way to Polovina Station to take scenic photos by the lakeside. Team TKT posed for photos in various groupings and situations. As well as a customary sure to be embroidered later “Happy Holidays! November 2025” for each of them to remember the trip. Their main stop was Port Baykal but the beautiful scenery was what took their breaths away. It had to e said at this point members in VILE that had ended up on the wrong end of dealing with Team TKT regretted their actions. As they saw continued sending updates and posts to the net as well as letters being written and sent, they saw they were missing out on a unique experience in what would otherwise be a scenic tourist trip at best. The Trans-Siberian is a once-in-a-lifetime trip on its own but then throw in an action-packed adventure here and there and you have a whole lot of stories to tell when you get back.

What drove the point home was Paige’s actions in the field and completely ignoring rivalries between ACME and VILE in order to save Patty made her popularity start to grow in the villainous ranks. And some were just plain jealous, such as Sachi and Candy but they were more focused on finding ways to get attention thrown their way. Especially before Candy had to leave to see her family as she said, “The Corn Family reunions cannot be ignored! Hahahahaha!” Sachi complained, “Your family has multiple reunions every year! I think they can be ignored.” But Candy had to tell Sachi that family was very important and all family branches from the Wheats to the Grains had to keep in touch especially around the holidays as all branch families attended The Fall Corn HarvestFest.

Sachi commented, “Your “Family reunion” sounds more like a crop harvest to me.” Lars Vegas needing to vent his frustration stated, “Get a look at all the treasure being stumbled upon by Tenchi and Paige and they turn around and say “We have that item already.” Are you kidding me!? I would take everything I came across, and no none of you can have any.” Vic yelled, “Seriously! They’d be done already if they just read the strategy guide why do we gotta sit through all the monotony?” The Contessa informed the two crooks about more important things saying, “you two dunderheads seem to be overlooking the fact that Zalmoxis needs to be fought and if they aren’t strong enough, no amount of outside help will matter.”

Carmen of course knew the same as Contessa and was expecting a favorable outcome in due time. In fact, all the Crime Council were of the same mind on this. Zalmoxis needed to be stopped quickly and it was felt they were making good progress in that regard. Paige’s reports were vital due to the spotty communications situation and while they were full of fangirl quotations they were giving accurate accounts. Such as the 20-minute ferry crossing from the Port towards the outdoors Museum of Wooden Architecture. Then it was off to the Lake Baykal museum and aquarium. Polly screamed, “No more museums! Not one of them has said anything about politics!” Ann snapping pictures replied, “But the fish are nice though.”

Paige reminded them they were on the lookout for the General Aqua and any signs of Zalmoxis mischief. She wrote in her Techo, “Our guide in all things limnological was Yevgeny and he is very well informed and passionate about Lake Baikal. He works for Baikal Complex company and He made the serious but static exhibits come to life to the point where Polly and would stare in wide-eyed wonder waiting for an exhibit to move, only to sulk in disappointment when they didn’t. But they still learned a lot about Lake Baikal's geology and its nerpa dolphins. The lake's nearby wildlife and a submarine simulator which everyone enjoyed as The researchers and other staff worked throughout the museum. Yevgeny also took us on the adjacent hillside nature walk where all the tree species are labeled. It was stunningly beautiful on a warm sunny autumn day with views of the sparkling blue lake which looks like a vast sea. Request: VILE make vacation destination pronto!

While cultural experiences were being appreciated Team TKT readied for the coming battle with General Aqua who it seemed was on Mt. Chersky. The team battled their way up the mountain while the tourists had the option of hiking or taking a chairlift. Team TKT had to get this fight over with before the tourists got to the top so they didn’t waste any time dashing through the water jets and other hydro-powered obstacles. When they reached General Aqua, Polidori was there to taunt them as usual. But the team had no time for his twisted words and focused on general Aqua throughout the fight. Once beaten he said, “Your world will be consumed by the tsunami of Zalmoxis!” as per the norm Polidori saw no point in staying once it looked like his side was losing. He fled all the way back to Glass Bay Beach to await the team's arrival.

The team was enjoying an alfresco barbecue along with the tourists who got to witness the fighting as they rode along with the chairlift. Kate wondered given Patty being held in captivity if they should be embarking on all these side quests, social gatherings, and… fishing of all things. But on the contrary patience and understanding were important. As Tenchi reeled in a huge lunker; he told Kate, “Focusing on singular goals will make you drop your guard when you least expect it.” Djinn interjected, “What he means is he wants to tell Patty he caught a, really, really big fish.” As the tourists boarded the train they wondered what the next phase of the trip would bring.

For Tenchi, it brought dreams or at least a voice in the dark of night. “Te…n… Ten…chi… Tenchi… wake… up. You… have… to… stop Zalmoxis. I… will be waiting for you…” Tenchi had a new alarm to wake him in the mornings which, given whose voice it was didn’t upset him at all. The next part of the trip to Glass Bay as they found would be pretty combat-free. Tenchi would have to go out of his way to look for fights and would just have to focus on getting the final Globe pieces. Polly however was upset at the change in combat and decided to make her opinion known.

Polly said, “This is ridiculous there are no dungeons anymore. I like when you went through dungeons now it's just running through the area and climbing towers. That’s dumb! I need to see more action-packed adventuring!” Tenchi told her the change in approach was based on trying something new, plus there were no generals left except Polidori who was at Glass Bay. This meant their best strategy was to secure the region from Zalmoxis’s forces by activating the remaining towers and getting to Patty over the next four days. Of note were the strange buildings that popped up over the Siberian landscape. They were found to be Youkol Shrines that were created long ago for the people who chose to fight against Zalmoxis Prime. Once entered it was seen they were relics that maintained the wishes of the one who entered the stasis field.

The Youkol Shamans that were preserved in the stasis field focused on the message they wanted to impart to the future hero who would enter the shrine and had their body remain in the meditative pose they had chosen. Tenchi was given a message and relic orb, a sphere of energy that was absorbed by his Globe Tablet. Paige was given a Youkol Tome a relic that could form boulder-sized blocks and seven by five-foot walls using hard light holograms. She exclaimed, “This… is… the… perfect… weapon…” She combined it with her tablet and Hobonichi Techo to make one formidable weaponized archive. The team spread out as the trains came into Ulan Ude searching for all the shrines in the area. Then it was off to see the large statue of Vladimir Lenin as Tatyana knew from there it was on to Mongolia.

The towers and shrines that dotted the area were found and accessed until the high-rise buildings marking Ulan Baatar, the world's coldest capital city. Mongolia knowing of the situation made it clear that ACME would have full support, and not “The VILE” as they referred to Paige. Paige upset replied, “I can see the largest city in Mongolia is also the rudest!” Polly and Ann were only concerned with running off excitedly to the Winter Palace. To their shock and horror, however, they saw it was yet another… museum. Tenchi and Kylie happily ambush educated them on the six temples and then the Khan Khentii lands which were a protected wildlife preserve. Serving as the cultural, industrial, and financial heart the city is the center of the road network and is connected to the Trans-Siberian and Chinese Railway systems.

Polly and Ann fled to the train to seek refuge from Kate who told them traveling would be museum-free for the next several days. Everyone, in general, saw the next few days as a rest and preparation period for the final showdown to come. The food being served the entire trip had been very good and over the next few days, the guests were encouraged to get to know the staff and relax. The staff had been well acquainted with ACME already having taken many detectives on the various routes throughout Russia. They had been speaking to Team TKT as often as they could concerning passenger safety and had been doing their best given the situation. One of them named Yuri had been given the role of liaison by the conductor, Mikhail and the two of them had kept morale up and services working as normal. Now they were going into their standard “Final stretch” routine while Tenchi and Kylie informed them of the situation daily.

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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Chapter 49
The team made progress on the tower activation side of things but the final globe piece was near Vladivostok. As the trains came nearer to the city, Tenchi and Paige focused on finding the Youkol Shrines. Polly and Ann saw advertisements for the Corn Family reunion on tv and that it was taking place in the eastern Pacific with the theme being “Sea Salt”. Polly said, “So Pop Corn is going to get sea salted. I don’t think that will work well with Candy though.” Ann told her not to worry about it and hope there would be a safe place for the passengers when they got to Vladivostok. When they arrived at the port city of Vladivostok they had come to the end of the Trans-Siberian line.

The main naval base of the Pacific Fleet was located here and the military was on full alert. Everyone toured the city and saw the central square where the soldiers of Russia were honored. And from the Eagle's Nest, the team got a great view of the harbor where they saw the Russky Bridge with a section that spans 1104 meters, made it the longest stayed cable bridge in the world. Kate remarked that this adventure would be a memory of a lifetime as did one of the passengers. Standing aside Tenchi and Kylie asked him, “So how do you like being a passenger on a normal train for once Mr. Conductor?” Mikhail responded, “Well they don’t fly or hover that’s for sure but the heart of a train is what counts. It does remind me of those two kids when they came on the Toyland Express and saw what it could do.”

Tenchi and Kylie commented that the next thing they knew they were all grown up and doing great. Now all that was left was Polidori and the final globe piece. Paige said, “Your Globe Tablet says it should be somewhere between the city and Glass Bay. Probably where that relic fortress has risen.” Team TKT saw that Polidori was dancing gleefully on the outer walls of the ancient building saying he had found the final piece and soon the others would be his as well. Tenchi not having time for Polidori drawing things out asked Kylie for the fastest route through the fortress to its treasure room. Kylie accessed the ancient schematics on the Globe Tablet and relayed the information to him. Tenchi reviewing the route suddenly said, “Kylie that route takes me straight through the wall.” Kylie responded, “You said you wanted the fastest way.”

Tenchi activated his suits “Armor mode” and set his gun to “platform” as he sprinted forward towards the fortress evading and maneuvering past all the enemies and traps. He crashed through the wall and continued dodging and progressing straight to the treasure room on a lower level in the fortress. He simply ran towards the open air and fired his gun in front of him creating energy platforms to leap from one to the other until he was above the treasure room. He then blasted straight down weakening the ceiling and proceeded to smash through in quite an impressive fashion. Polidori was horrified however and ran out of the room and towards Glass Bay. Tenchi grabbed the final piece and headed out after him where he met up with Team TKT. There they saw Glass Bay off in the distance as well as Polidori who came to a stop at the center of a circular-shaped symbol.

Team TKT told Polidori to surrender only for him to stick out his tongue saying, “When my master arrives it is YOU who will surrender! But first, it's time to meet old friends!” At this, the defeated generals appeared and started to attack one by one. But it was to no avail the rush of bosses were each defeated again. But as the last general fell, the ground shook and from the circular symbol, a pillar of light shot into the sky. Zalmoxis Prime appeared before everyone and without speaking a word raised another energy wall cutting off Tenchi from the group. Patty had run-up to the wall on her side and was visibly worried about the turn for the worse things had taken.

But Tenchi was ready to fight the real Zalmoxis as an amused smile appeared on the villain's face. Zalmoxis said, “You wish to face me? That is admirable no one dared challenge me when I first walked the earth. But now I see there is some bravery in humanity after all.” Zalmoxis’s forces had assembled on the shore and were poised to attack the city. Things were looking bad for the city but suddenly artillery fire started raining down on the evil army. It was being caused by the Russian navy and the Corn Family who had decided to intervene as part of their family bond-building exercises.

Colonel Corn ordered aloud, “The Corn family will use this experience to grow stronger together! No force on earth can tear the roots of our family apart! Now fire!” Zalmoxis's army was effectively decimated as the battle continued, while Tenchi watched as Polidori was revealed to be Zalmoxis’s sword. Zalmoxis then said, “Brave hero… face me!” As he charged forward he was met by a powerful sword swing from Tenchi as their two swords collided creating an explosion of sparks. Tenchi gained the upper hand and plunged his sword into Zalmoxis’s chest. The energy walls came down and it appeared as though Zalmoxis was defeated. Until his mechanical body began to glow and change into a giant siege weapon. Tenchi calling his bike by remote hopped on with Patty. She took Tenchi’s bow and began firing arrows at the weak points on the machine as he drove around it. Once enough damage was done the machine exploded and all that was left was Zalmoxis’s essence.

As Zalmoxis faded away his last words were, “You need me… this world needs me… there is no way you can live without me to guide you.” Tenchi replied saying, “We’ll be just fine on our own, but thanks for the offer.” Patty hugging Tenchi said, “Aww, you are so sweet at the weirdest times! But seriously we don’t need crazy computer gods. Bye-bye now.” Patty raised her hand and unleashed a luminous sealing technique and as Zalmoxis disappeared, everyone began cheering and celebrating as all of his forces broke apart and disintegrated into golden dust. Tenchi radioed Mobile Command to tell them Zalmoxis had been beaten and his essence sealed away. When he turned around towards Patty he saw she was looking out to the sea; her hair and dress blowing in the wind.

Djinn said, “This is the part where you walk over and try not to say anything stupid. And just so you know, I’m counting down until you do.” Tenchi went over to Patty and asked her what she thought of the beach and its story. Patty calmly replied, “You’re being clever again huh? This beach is glass, porcelain, and tiles dumped here by a factory years ago. Or in other words a crystal junkyard, and I think it is amazing!” Tenchi replied, “It was great this trash ended up being Siberia’s treasure, just no walking barefoot.”

As he said that he turned his head towards Patty and saw her gazing fondly at him, causing him to get instantly on edge. Patty said, “Oh so you want to walk on the beach with my shoes on? That's kinky.” Tenchi speaking words before thinking responded, “Well um, beach walking is a serious step and only two people who love each other should walk together!” Patty blushing replied, “Well I feel pretty safe around you and I wouldn’t mind walking with you anywhere[kiss].” One kiss on the cheek and Tenchi was in another world but Djinn brought him back down to earth saying, “Two minutes and nineteen seconds; logged and noted.” Tenchi quickly responded saying, “Shut up Djinn!” Patty covered her mouth to hide her laugh as Tenchi’s Soprano watch alarm sounded.

Djinn remarked, “Hmm, “The spring green luminita will bring harmony when the song plays on the jewel shore”, you must be thrilled Tenchi. Patty curious asked Djinn what he was talking about. Djinn floating into the air to escape Tenchi trying to silence him replied, “Oh nothing Luv it’s just you’re the chosen one and this guy swore to protect you, along with Carmen using those overhyped globes of theirs they got from Pythagoras. But if you ask me all you need is my power to protect you.” Patty was taken aback and realized Tenchi had to have gone through a lot to get to her. She asked him what he had gone through and Tenchi commented, “Well I caught a really, really, big fish.” Djinn threatened to smack Tenchi as he floated back down onto Tenchi’s back.

Patty coyly hinting at Tenchi said, “By the way, My grandparents really like you; my Grandpa Larceny loves to fish, and Granny Larceny taught me to be a better golfer.” Tenchi commented, “Your Grandma is Granny Larceny… “Grand Larceny”?… I’m guessing she expects bigger and better things from you. Patty noting the intentional bad joke sent her way responded, “Ha, ha, ha, Mr. Funny, Gasp! No Mr. Crickets! I can call you that! And oh yeah my dad is totally gonna like you now! Mom did ever since she found out you were from the Masaki Family…”

As Patty continued, Team TKT decided why run-up to Tenchi and Patty, when they could spy on them from behind large rocks and bushes instead. To that end, Polly was getting impatient and said, “I don’t care I’d Patty Larceny’s grandma is Grand Larceny. When are they gonna kiss already?” Kate replied, “She kissed him already now keep it down.” Polly said, “It didn’t look like it from this angle more like snuggling.” Ann said, “Playback the video on your techo and shush!” Polly seeing the magic moment replied, “Oh my god replay time!

Maggie informed everyone it was tea time and she felt serving tea and crumpets was customary at spying times like these. Though in the past she and her brothers were always looking for the best ways in and out of places and learning the guards' faces. Kate was reminded of her fiancée and wished he had been more faithful so they could have had times like these. But that was his loss and her gain she had found real friends and true purpose with ACME. Now she hoped those two could be honest with each other’s feelings. Tommy and Ben were cheering for more action as the sappy talking was getting old and they would prefer he be more honest and take her in his arms right then and there.

Patty picked up a piece of rounded glass and told Tenchi, “I was supposed to steal this beach but… you… caught me by saving me so thank you and um, “Curses, I’ve been foiled!” Is that how Carmen says it?” Tenchi said, “Close enough though she usually escapes silently. And since you haven’t stolen anything I don’t think escape is necessary.” Patty quickly realized this was a beach made of discarded items and that this was no accident on Carmen’s part. When she realized what was happening, she had Patty postpone her theft in order for her to be “Apprehended” by a dependable guy. Patty told Tenchi, “This was to keep me safe. Aunt Carmen knows best I guess. Though since you’re here I’m guessing she approves of you too.”

Tenchi blushing unconvincingly replied, “Well what she thinks is evil, and doesn’t concern me one bit! And I’m gonna catch her real soon too, you’ll see yeah!... I need a vacation from this vacation.” Patty remarked, “You’ve had enough vacation already Mr. and you did nothing but what you enjoy that being an amazing ace detective. And you even… caught the girl.” The beach started to sparkle in the morning sun making it look like lit candles twinkling. And as the steady stream of tourists grew and wanted to see what was happening got closer; they felt a sudden gust of wind blow in from off the ocean. It started to lift the pieces up around Tenchi and Patty swirling until they couldn’t be seen by all the shimmering pieces acting as a lovely shield for two people wanting a little private time.

The onlookers however wanted to see all a good public display of affection, but it was of no use as whatever happened between them was for them to know and everyone else to only guess at. The tourist however felt that sudden wind was quite special after seeing the beautiful glass dancing and sparkling in the air. Polly and Ann said, “Wind nothing, they were using their energy!” This of course couldn’t be proven as any number of reasons could be put forth.

Team TKT as well as the steady stream of arriving tourists all applauded that is until Colonel Corn yelled from one of his ships loudspeakers to say whether the threat was eliminated or not. Realizing the Colonel was not patched into Mobile Command, mostly because his daughter worked for VILE the necessary information would simply be forwarded from Delores’s side at Home 01 after getting it from Eddie on Mobile Command. The Colonel said, “This had better be good you ACME grunts! My daughter's life was in danger and now it's time to see who was wheat, and who was chaff on this mission!”

As the Colonel reviewed the mission files details, he saw in all there hadn’t been many instances of attacks on the Siberian population thanks to Team TKT going after them beforehand. The Russian authorities informed them there would have been a bigger problem if the Zalmoxis Army had been ignored and extended their thanks to ACME Detective Agency for Tenchi and Kylie’s exemplary actions in the field. Of note, Ms. Paige Turner was also acknowledged for her role in stopping the Zalmoxis threat and all charges against her would be dropped. Which the Colonel found quite unfair as his daughter was held accountable. Nevertheless, he had to agree that the ACME Siberian offensive was quite effective in the end. But decided if the Corn family was made aware of the situation sooner, things would have ended far more quickly and efficiently.

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Chapter 50
Acme Crimenet was indebted to Team TKT for all they had done and especially Chief Magruder. In truth, she loved when detectives rose to the challenge of threats in the field and saluted the three. She also thanked Kate Walker and informed her that she would be overseeing her training as an ACME field agent. Magruder breaking a stone block in two then said to Kate, “And you best believe Ms. Walker, I’m going to be tough as hell!” A slightly concerned Kate said she was grateful to be accepted into ACME and receive her guidance. The Peaky Blinders having reformed their ways decided to start a guild called Adventurers Consolidated Electronics Operations(AceOps) Guild would be great a way to spend their time; along with helping out in their community whenever there was trouble.

Tenchi Masaki and Kylie Griffin returned to business as usual that being ace detectives defending the law. After stopping VILE and the Golden Corporation in Siberia, they were the media's most wanted once more. They handled it with the professionalism expected of their caliber while focusing on their friends and loved ones. They knew the most important thing was keeping on top of dangerous criminals and bringing them to justice. And maybe seeing if certain people were leaving messages in their inbox. Tenchi said, “Time to check for new cases.”

Kylie replied, “And see if Patty said “Hi.” You must be so excited.” Tenchi blushing said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. This is about enforcing the law and deleting my spam folder Ms. Griffin. It says, “You have 1,716 unread messages…” this could take a while.” Kylie replied, “Too bad for you, we have to meet everyone from Detective Austin to Zack. But at least Detective Greg is announcing them as they enter the room, one at a time.” Tenchi said, “Well Ms. Griffin it's time to inspire our colleagues.”

Kylie replied, “Try to get over yourself and don’t talk about how you were right about the Da62 got it?” Tenchi said, “That never even crossed my mind.” Tenchi and Kylie happily spoke to all fellow ACME members who wanted to know how it felt to accomplish the Siberia mission and maybe what happened on Glass Beach but Tenchi informed them it was “Classified Information” and only those with the right credentials could know the details. The two of them had stopped the injustices happening in Siberia and helped make one mans dream a reality. And as they said when spoke to the crowd when they managed to do that for people, it was the cases they would always remember.

Polly Tix and Ann Tickwittee had learned much from their Siberian excursion and planned on bragging to the other students as much as possible. They were eager to resume their studies at the Academy and go on future cases with Tenchi and Kylie. Though they would also plan to ask Tenchi what happened on Glass Beach until they got an answer. But mostly they would get threats of detention and no dessert for their mischief. Polly said, “We got a lot of work to do Ann if we want to become great detectives. And trick Tenchi into saying what happened on Glass Beach.” Ann replied, “That’s affirmative! Histories antiquities and Tenchi’s romantic secrets must be figured out and safeguarded from VILE at all costs!”

Sachi Karin and Candy Corn had learned not to over-exaggerate relationships and to not be deceived. At least for the time being anyway. Sachi while a pain knew that Candy would be there for her when she needed support, such as launching an anti-Polly/Ann campaign once their punishment was over. Sachi said with a smirk, “You won this round Polly but the next will be ours. Hahahahaha!” Candy replied, “You laugh at such weird times you know?” Sachi said back, “I laugh at the right times! You laugh at the wrong times!” Candy simply stated, “I don’t know what you're talking about. Hahahahaha!”

Lisa Lash and Lady Frenzy were intent on salvaging their status as the “Best Bae Blondes” around. But they saw all the underworld news was focused on how amazing Patty was. Lash said, “This means nothing! I will whip them all until they know I am their true object of desire.” Frenzy whined, “They are so dumb! I’m prettier than her and us three together would be so jaw-dropping!” Lash agreed boys would have to figure out how great they were, but they would have to wait for more cash from Koga Shuko and LLP; to fund their schemes of blonde domination. Lash said, “Just you wait unworthy girls we’ll be back and in even more expensive clothes too! The designer name tags alone will make Carmen weep in defeat! Hahaha!” It was clear the two planned on making Carmen admit they were the prettiest of all and Frenzy suggested they even call her by phone. It was then that their final plan was enacted and they were sure it would work his time.

Led Zeddelin was making sure all was well air-wise The Hinderburg managed to be operational enough to fly it back to base for repairs. Led decided to build bigger and better and not let Tenchi get too far ahead of him with airships; or Patty. Led said, “It's so groovy to know Patty and myself are VILE’s number one and two now. And soon I’ll be her only one Tenchi, bet on it!” Dirk Rigible having had enough of being shot at and unnoticed by everyone during the Zalmoxis uprising was just interested in getting his air fleet back to port. That and most importantly getting Double Trouble off the Crappy Tuna. They thought they could stick around loafing about until they found new things to steal, or throwing conventional parties instead of the “Anti-Led Party” variety that he specialized in.

It became too much to bear when Double thought he could throw a “Patty Party” to get her attention back. VILE’s “Unofficial No-No #2”: “Never use another VILE member's property to get Patty’s attention for yourself!” And so the twin swabs were booted from the Crappy Tuna quite unceremoniously via parachute. As they slowly floated down Double infuriated and a little misty-eyed said, “This isn’t over Tenchi! Patty will realize her place is with ME! And you will be sorry you ever thought you could challenge me!”

Trouble confused replied, “Dude give it a rest you blew it with Patty forever. And who are you talking to? Tenchi is nowhere around.” Double responded saying, “Shut up! Once I’m back on top at VILE, Patty will say “Wow Double YOU’RE the choiceiest! Not that LOSER Tenchi he’s so lame!” Then holding hands her and I shall point and laugh at Tenchi as he starts to cry! Hahahahaha!” Trouble simply said, “Bro you’re the only one crying right now. Now, let's plot a heist on the way down to make you feel better.”

Paige Turner was beyond happy to have Patty back as upon hugging her, she refused to let go. Once the initial reunion was over Paige made sure to properly catalog and organize all written accounts of the adventure. She thought of calling it, “The Legend of Pacifica” but Patty said that ACME’s case file name for it would suffice. Paige said, “Ah, so “The Great Trans-Syberian Adventure” then. Most appropriate choice Ms. Larceny its reasons like this that you’re the shining star of VILE.” Paige was happy to be Patty’s friend and assistant and give advice on burglary, boys, or books when she could. Her strategy guide was a big hit among other things and brought further attention to the people who helped them when it counted. Paige decided to also distribute it as a newsletter to various reading areas including Led’s airships who agreed when he realized it could subtly get Patty’s attention.

Patty was back in her usual fun world of being idolized and adored. She made sure to visit everyone who worried about her. Though everywhere she went girls found themselves suddenly wanting a Margot watch, everyone was glad Patty was safe and sound. Patty said, “Great news my faithful fans I’m planning another “Spectacular Sparkling Shopping Spree!” Be sure to shop wisely and honestly now!” Of course on hearing this everyone wanted to go and it was a little awkward to have such a large crowd gathered most of whom went along just to watch Patty do what she enjoyed. As Patty, Paige, and The Contessa exited a boutique they exclaimed, “Shopping is fabulous!” To the adoring fans and flashing photos of the criminal press making headlines reading, “VILE girls raid Fashion Street!”, “ACME Can’t Hope to Catch Up to Their Fashion Sense!”, And “Alert! Klepto-Fashionistas Have Broken In!”

It was snowing as Patty went to her room and messaged thank you notes to all parties involved and wished for speedy recoveries for all those hurt. The temperature steadily dropped as Patty told a shivering Paige to turn on the heater. Paige as usual felt too nervous to disturb her as apparently Patty wanted to check on people and plan meet and greets for the holidays. Every time she tried to speak, the words refused to leave her mouth until she decided it was okay to freeze in silence. Paige rushed to the heater and switched it on then she was off to the kitchen and brought back beverages to warm them up as well. Paige said, “One hot cocoa for you, and I didn’t forget the chamomile tea either.” Patty excitedly thought of all the gifts she was going to buy for Christmas just so Paige could remind her Thanksgiving hadn’t come yet. Patty told her that didn’t matter since this time of year would be even more appreciated by everybody in ACME and VILE as a result of what had happened in Siberia.

Carmen was content that her enemies were licking the wounds they now knew she was as good as she said she was and that was all that mattered. VILE would return to full strength and ACME would be defeated next time. As Carmen rode in the elevator she was joined by a very happy Patty who stood next to her in the rear. Carmen said, “You look well did you enjoy your heist?” Patty replied, “Oh you bet I did it was so cool to be on that beach.” Carmen said, “It would have been nicer dear if you stole that beach.” Patty responded, “Yeah well ACME was there, and that Zalmoxis guy was too. I’m just glad Tenchi was able to stop him… Told you so.”

Carmen off guard and in a motherly tone hastily replied, ”Silence young lady!” Carmen then half turned her head and seeing her little protégé smiling in the knowledge she was right said, “He may be as you said he was, but that just means I expect more from him next crime.” Patty jokingly responded, “And for him to bring me back home by 11:00 pm-ish.” Carmen narrowing her eyes said, “10:00-ish, going on 9:30-ish.” Patty replied, “10:30-ish it is then.” Once the final time for a lady to be escorted home was agreed upon Carmen and Patty returned to her room where Paige was waiting. Before Carmen left to her room next door, Patty decided on a whim to ask if she had another heist in mind.

With a wicked look in her eye, Carmen smirked and said, “I heard Tenchi has a “Secret northern supplier” and I think VILE should pay “Him” a visit.” Patty returned the devilish smile in kind as she and Paige said with a slight bow, “By your command Carmen.”

Meanwhile over at ACME Tenchi and Kylie were finishing up their reports and were ready to call it a night. Kylie did ask Tenchi what if VILE tried something unexpected and he told her then ACME would have to stop them, it was their job after all. And so it was now time to bid goodbye and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight.


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Tenchi Masaki

Kylie Griffin

Pacifica “Patty” Larceny

Kate Walker

Hans Voralberg

Captain Tristan

Sergeant Cooper

Pollyanna Tix

Angela Tickwittee

Steven “Tommy” Shelby

Benjamin Shelby

Margaret Shelby


Colonel Rye “Pop” Corn


Tatyana Erzin

Zack Monaghan

Rock Howard

Pollyanna Tix

Angela Tickwittee


Delores Edmund

William McCready

Samuel Magruder

Chief Justice Quincy

Chief Justice Magruder

Corn Family

Kettle Corn

Wheat Corn

Maize Corn

Flour Corn

Barley Corn


Carmen Sandiego

Dazzle Annie Nonker

Merey La Roc

Victor “Vic the Slick” Fumigalli

Led Zeddelin

Dirk Rigible

Paige Turner

Lars Vegas

Sarah Nade

Sachi Karin

Candy Corn




Dee Cryption

Carri Daway

Lee Galese



Moe Skeeter

Judge R. B. Traitor

Rig Atony

Grandmaster Shibumi

Grandmaster Gen

Grandmaster Beast

Baron Von Wasteland

Claire A. Net

Cora Net

Wonder Rat

Kids Down Street/Splash Squad

Galina Lebedev

Dmitri(loves the earth)

Nicolai(victory of the people)

Kisa Yuriev

Aleksandr(to protect)



Tania(fairy queen) (name meaning?)

Zugravescu Family

Dalil Zugravescu

Polina Zugravescu

Alexander Zugravescu

Alexandra Zugravescu

Bogdi Zugravescu

Bogda Zugravescu

Daria Zugravescu

Darius Zugravescu

Emil Zugravescu

Emilia Zugravescu

Gabriel Zugravescu

Gabriela Zugravescu

“Woah! Wait! Stop the credits NOW! Upon closer inspection of this farce of a story, The Clock has seen glaring issues that need to be addressed. Its bad enough that those ACME cheap ponies put out this one sided stable of lies but now you add insult to injury and don’t put the Golden Corporation at the top of the credits list? Where are we? After the wannabe eskimos? And whats that name? Zug… Zuggy Zuggo, It doesn’t matter because that families name absolutely stinks!

“The rest of these minor players should be glad to even be featured in the credits with the Clock’s immaculate name. So now it is time to listen to The Clocks velvety sweet voice offer some advice you cheap ponies. And The Clock says this. You are to imagine the Golden Corporation is at the top of the Credits list first name Shamus McMahon; second, The Clock who was nice enough to embolden his name. Then you are to issue an in credits apology for slandering the good name of Golden Corporation if ya taste what The Clock is bakin’! Now back to the Credits…”

Curator Team

Vitale Dascalu

Efim Baciu

Angelica Eder

Boian Eder

Cristian Eder


Ahna = A wise woman.

Pana = guardian of souls in the underworld before their reincarnation.

Alasie = she who is honest and noble.

Arnaaluk = A big woman or spirit of the sea goddess.

Aqakuktuq = Fish catcher.

Asiaq = goddess prayed to for good weather.

Amaqjuaq = The strong one.

Amaruq = Grey wolf

Nootaikok = God of ice berg

Golden Corporation

Shamus McMahon

The Clock (Credit Edit: The most electrifying man in Golden Enforcement)

Koga Shuko


White Tiger

Jean Carlo

Linda Lash

Lady Frenzy

Huey Lang

Lewis Lang




Hak Foo


Lee Jordan


Zalmoxis Zamfir

Support Cast

Emeliov Goupatchiev

Anna Voralberg

Edward Marson

Yazid Hofer

Uncle Masaki

Nick Cantin

Sergei Borodin

Pythagoras Fieraru

Ivan Bourgoff

Igor Bourgoff

Eduard Munteanu

The Conductor

Helena Romanski

Svetlana Zakharova

Yuri liaison(go between) based last name

Mikhail (conductor based last name)


End Credits Scene

Tenchi: “So Djinn What did you think of our adventure?” Djinn: “Well to be perfectly honest it’s not too shabby.” Tenchi: ”That makes me very happy to hear that, its not easy braving evil robots to save the world you know.”
Djinn: “No I don’t know, but what I do know is this was a really overcomplicated way of saying how Carmen got that globe in the intro of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?”

Tenchi: “...Well she had to get it somehow, and this case file finally revealed the truth.”Djinn: ”The only truth it revealed, is that you like Patt-” Tenchi: “Well! Look at the time Djinn! Bedtime, goodnight!” *Turns off lights and runs to bedroom* Djinn: ”Sigh, Goodnight everybody.”

All Rights reserved for the respective owners and companies involved real or otherwise. All names and likenesses are the properties of their respective owners. No Animals were harmed in the asking of this adventure. All records are on file at Home 01 Archives with access granted to files based on security clearance. All mission expenses accrued are credited to and paid for by ACME Detective Agency. *Any cost overruns exceeding expense account limit is paid for by voluntary donation(Chase Devineaux Credit Account). ACME Labs cannot be held liable for any malfunctioning equipment. Hardware or software will be tested for defects as per ACME regulations.

ACME Detective Agency All Rights Reserved under penalty of law, Copyright 1985 to present 2025.

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This is over chapters 12-16.

I am really curious bringing up that world building mentioned earlier. This is also driven by a comment I got in PM from Lucy. The private comment being about the forum's AU used by RP writing members. The shared universe for their OCs and structure information.

I can't remember when I read this, only that it was years ago and it made sense to me about mass collaborative projects. That for DC Comics as I'm sure this applies to other major companies, Marvel ect. . That their writers have sit downs to discuss everything from character changes to world aspect changes to make sure all series align for information continuity and ideas meshing together properly.

What has been laid out here I have to ask knowing I have gaps in my knowledge to the forum's AU. How much is being introduced here and how much was pre-existing?

I'm having a hard time running through the forum attempting to locate exactly what stories I've read over and reviewed. I know I've done that to a good number but clearly not all of them. Basically most ones I've read are from friends. I'm not sure if I'm referring to, I think is one of Julie's stories. But ACME was written on a scale which normally is much larger an entity than how I normally view it and please forgive my stance doesn't apply to the forum AU. Here ACME and VILE have been given such roles and histories. That outside of forum RP chat I was thinking while going over this of table top offline role play gaming. This reminded me of that ( world structure ).

I have to say further recognizing other incorporated fandoms. Some I'm catching, others I just have a feeling are coming in from another field. I feel ashamed in geeky knowledge that I'm not catching all of the origin references. But it's still a fun read in it's self without that pre-knowledge. 🙂

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Effectively in site RP ACME grew to combat VILE relying on the c5 which was then lost along with Accolade Tower. ACME has to return to normal travel methods to track and apprehend VILE Henchmen. My stories are reintroducing technology that enhances skill sets instead of replacing them. Carmen is worried about my intentions or if I’m going to change what ACME does. When she understands what I’m doing she fully supports it since it further shuts out rival groups from interfering with her “fun”.

The nature of the technology is symbiotic you can’t rely on it completely as the purpose is to enhance what you already have trained to do. As a result ACME Detectives see an increase in effectiveness enabling them to more easily stop more violent criminals. VILE is perfectly happy with this outcome as it clears the field for their plans to go uninterrupted. This helps explain why in the games, game show, and cartoons why VILE is seen as such a threat. ACME uses their abilities to keep arresting more violent criminals and world governments go along with it until ACME has a near mythic status.

This is caused by the worlds government’s beauracracy and corruption. They refuse to follow their own rules and find themselves needing an impartial organization to enforce the laws. ACME does this out of respect for the law and fights VILE for separate reasons but since VILE is a thieves guild it kinda ends up being cops and robbers anyway. And in the public eye ACME is seen as this small group only the worlds elite know what their true capabilities are. ACME Detectives themselves bring private eyes consider themselves independent of each other and ACME is more an alliance of private investigators, agents, and spies all dedicated to stop VILE originaly.

But as more violent groups formed and became too powerful, people wronged by them had to join or work alongside ACME Crimenet as “affiliates” to continue fighting against them as government and police corruption meant they were not safe on their own anymore. This is what caused the major gripes and criticisms alluded to in the story. People were upset they had to get help from ACME and question their legitimacy out of feeling bitter and resentful that ACME is doing just fine and getting all positive attention from world governments. They also hate as a result finding out the true state of the world and that ACME all but decides legal issues of the nation states themselves.

Or put more simply they believed ACME and VILE were just small scale groups with minimal influence and what they were doing in their own organizations was far more important. But once the bad guys they were fighting achieved protection by corrupt governments and police, They saw that ACME and VILE were more influential than they could have imagined. And the only reasons they didn’t project this is down to the reasons they train to be cops or thieves.
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I did notice however that my information is probably as extensive as warhammer 40K at this point. I’m glad I’m not the only one:D


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This is over chapters 17-20.

The more I get into this story the more it comes across to me as a series of stories being played out as opposed to one. Like something you'd expect to see published in installments to . The installments - chapters work well for it here considering this is a forum and how the postings are broken up.

There were scenes in this I could picture would be lent well into being Illustrated, especially the fight scenes. But I guess my mind leaning into that direction is a matter of habit thinking.

This Carmen on using family name to make a presence for herself. Is this one based from woeics? in that respect? Also the bit with the fax machines. While I can't remember anything like that from the CS fandom and I'm sorry forgetting it if I've run across it before. But it felt with one word exchange for another, straight out of classic IG with one of it's plots. Really same idea but in IG it was the phone system.

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Basically this adventure is individuals, organizations, and factions being introduced and having their goals start to align as a bigger threat begins to loom. I love this classic take on an expedition theme when it’s done well (The Mummy Returns) and the ven when it’s done poorly (Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive... yuck). That is because it creates a huge amount of story arc potential for the characters and the groups they are a part of. As a result I had to give goals for the characters and have them possibly change as alliances start shifting. So it does lead to self contained adventures here and there (Kate Walker, Polly, Ann, etc.) to name a few.

And gives an excuse to feature characters and stories. It’s the same as devoting episodes to the characters and groups to give “screen time” which was used sometimes to sell toys especially in the 80’s. The end goal is to give an idea of the groups reasons for looking for the object(The Converter) and have them all start taking each other down as the story progresses. I think this factions on a quest trope was established during the serial film era and they had to be episodic since most people didn’t have a tv.

One of the editing tricks heavily utilized in shows using this trope is jumping from group to group to see what they’re up to. A great example again being The Mummy Returns. You get to focus on interactions with the groups you want while not having to always explain how they got where they are step by step.

The final layer is the “Crack team assembled from around the world”. It usually starts with one or two characters but they meet or are assigned new members to deal with the ever growing threats. An example of that done well story wise is “Codename: S.T.E.A.M”.

The ACME Fax-Net is from the Carmen Sandiego game show. Greg would Fax himself and the jr detective to the location of the VILE henchman of the week using it.
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