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Lucy’s always loved the poem "The midnight ride of Paul Revere", and while doing more research she came across the legend of Sybil Ludington who is considered the female version of him. The legend goes that she either volunteered or was told by her father who lead the local militia, to ride and rally his men because the British were planning to attack the Continental Army’s supply in Danbury. It was more likely because of her father’s position she rode behind him. The British had burned down part of Danbury by the time his men arrived but they were able to push General Tryon and his men back to Long Island. Of course with all legends details vary.

(Martha Joanna Lamb; Mrs. Burton Harrison (1880). History of the City of New York: The century of National Independence Vol 2) *got facts from here*

(Hunt, Paula D. (June 2015). Sybil Ludington, The Female Paul Revere: The Making of a Revolutionary War Heroine". The New England Quarterly.)

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Lucy,I look up about who you're looking for on wikipedia that is. Believe me,I read about how she did the same way Paul Revere did.

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