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Alice, Luce
Our Friendship

As I think of our friendship, I begin to see
Mere words can't describe what you mean to me.
When this cold, hard world has me lonesome and blue,
I look up to see my angel, my sweet angel, you.

You dry the tears that fall from my eyes.
You bring me sunshine to brighten my sky.
You rescue me when I'm scared and alone
And take my hand to lead me home.

No matter the miles that keep us apart,
We're always together in each other's hearts.
Sometimes we take for granted, I fear,
The ones who are so close and dear.

We get so caught up in life and things we must do.
Sometimes we forget to stop and say I love you.
If ever you felt I forgot or didn't care,
Let me stop right now; my true feelings I'll share.

You're the sun in my sky, the bed where I lie.
You're the home where I'm safe, the field where I play.
You're everything I am, everything I do.
So what I am saying is I LOVE YOU!

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Alice, Luce
A poem of mine ♥

The heart dances

Longing for days

Long ago

Things were easier

And one was younger

When the world was newer

And it didn't seem bad

dad wasn't around much

But when he was

It was like a holiday

Days went faster

And were filled with laughter

Days I wish had never ended

But alas we must grow up

And face the world

Learn one's way

And become stronger

Today I sit and stare

Looking at sunsets

No longer with laughter

But sadness

Missing ones who passed

Loved ones who couldn't

Be with you the whole journey

But who still cheer you on

From another place



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Alice, Luce
Time Does Not Bring Relief, by Edna St. Vincent Milay

Time does not bring relief; you all have lied
Who told me time would ease me of my pain!
I miss him in the weeping of the rain;
I want him at the shrinking of the tide;
The old snows melt from every mountain-side,
And last year’s leaves are smoke in every lane;
But last year’s bitter loving must remain
Heaped on my heart, and my old thoughts abide.
There are a hundred places where I fear
To go,—so with his memory they brim.
And entering with relief some quiet place
Where never fell his foot or shone his face
I say, “There is no memory of him here!”
And so stand stricken, so remembering him.


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Alice, Luce
In a world of camouflage and flags unfurled, A military child's childhood,
a unique world, With every move, a new adventure to unfold,
In the footsteps of heroes, brave and bold. From base to base, across the land they roam,
A nomadic life, far away from home, Yet amidst the changes, they find their way,
A military child's resilience on display. Daddy or Mommy, in uniform so proud,
Their presence a symbol, strong and loud, Teaching lessons of honor, duty, and grace,
In a military child's heart, they find their place. Reunions filled with tears of joy and glee,
As the deployed parent returns, finally free, Hugs and laughter, love that never ends,
In a military child's life, family transcends. Saying goodbye is a part of the deal,
But the bonds they form, they know are real, Friends all around the world, far and wide,
In a military child's heart, they're side by side. They learn to adapt, to face the unknown,
To stand resilient, even when alone, A military child's courage, a shining star,
Guiding them no matter where they are. Through deployments, sacrifices, and the miles,
They carry the pride that forever compiles, A legacy of service, honor, and dreams,
In a military child's world, resilience gleams. In the tapestry of a military life's thread,
A child's story, with love and strength, is spread, For in their journey, we find the truth,
A military child's childhood, filled with youth.


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Alice, Luce
For Everyone

In the heart of the city, where justice resides,
The ACME Detective Agency, with pride.
They track down the wicked,
wherever they flee, Bringing criminals to justice, you see.

Carmen Sandiego, the world's greatest thief,
Has evaded the law, with cunning and stealth.
But the ACME detectives, they're hot on her trail,
With their sharp minds and skills, they won't fail.

From the bustling streets to the faraway lands,
The ACME detectives follow her tracks with their hands.
They decode her cryptic clues and unravel her schemes,
Unveiling her secrets, like threads in a dream.

Through twists and turns, the chase never ends,
But the ACME detectives, they're always prepared,
my friends. With courage and teamwork,
they persevere, Justice will prevail, without a fear.

So beware, Carmen Sandiego, your time is nigh,
The ACME Detective Agency,
they're closing in with a sigh.
With justice in their hearts and determination in their eyes,
They'll bring you to justice, beneath the clear skies.

So let us raise a glass to the ACME Detective Agency,
For their dedication and bravery.
They protect the innocent and uphold the law,
And for that, we owe them a mighty applause.


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Alice, Luce
In lands where dreams and creatures roam,
A world of wonders, a place called home.
With Pikachu's spark, a lightning dance,
In the heart of trainers, a bond enhance.
Charizard soars with fiery might,
Wings aglow in the moonlit night.
Bulbasaur blooms with nature's grace,
A garden guardian in every space.
Jigglypuff, with a lullaby sweet,
Sings a melody, dreams to greet.
Misty waters where Gyarados reign,
Power surges like a stormy gain.
Eevee's choices, paths untold,
Evolution's tale in hues of gold.
From Flareon's blaze to Vaporeon's flow,
A journey of change, a vibrant show.
Mewtwo, a psychic force untamed,
In the shadows, power named.
Yet friendship conquers, hearts unite,
In the realm of Pokemon, pure light.
Gotta catch 'em all, the quest unfolds,
A tale of legends, adventures untold.
In pixels and pixels, a universe spun,
Pokemon journey, forever begun.


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Color #
That poem is wonderful for any TECS members who are fans of Pokémon. Try and read some of my stories with Pokémon involve.
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