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(Note to all members of VILE: The following will be progressively implemented after the events of Ultramarine.)

1. Increased defenses for all VILE crafts, especially the MAMBA

A) Current Situation:
  • The MAMBA, whilst using biometrics, is still susceptible to theft if someone gains Carmen’s master access codes or if they somehow manage to ‘brute-force’ hack the system.
  • Other VILE crafts & vehicles are even more susceptible to theft as they have no such protection mechanisms
Solution: Improved Anti-theft mechanisms
  • Full Biometrics (fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, voice recognition, facial recognition)
    • The Mamba will be modified to require a special set of circumstances for operation
      • Full Biometric credentials of one admin (Carmen, Joe, Vic) AND one other authorised agent (Patty, Neb, Flag)
      • Full Biometric credentials of two admins (Carmen, Joe, Vic) OR
      • Full Biometric credentials of one admin + vocally given overwrite command (each admin has a different vocally recorded phrase)
  • If incorrect or forged credentials are presented, craft will instantly lock user in and release knockout gas in the interior. Craft will then be stuck in a ‘frozen’ state unless admin credentials are given.
  • Mamba to send out a silent alarm to VILE HQ if the overwrite command is ever used, if the craft is in danger of being stolen or if heavy damage has been taken.
  • Other VILE crafts/vehicles will be modified to at least require a fingerprint and retina scan for operation.
  • GPS tracking on all crafts and last user login info
    • Enables VILE HQ to keep track on location of all crafts and who was the last known user
  • Mamba and other key VILE crafts to potentially also have CCTV incorporating facial recognition technology to identify possible hostiles and automatically trigger the security system
B) Current situation:
  • The MAMBA is vulnerable to attacks from other crafts
  • VILE’s stance on not killing makes retaliation difficult to accomplish
Solution: Anti-attack systems
  • Doppler illusion projection drones
    • MAMBA can launch some expendable drones as a decoy
    • Drones will emit projection of craft to create a doppler illusion
    • Drones, when activated, will also be visible on radar/sonar so as to mislead missiles/hostile crafts
    • Note: This tech works best when combined with stealth tech or cloaking tech
  • Improved stealth tech (can also be installed on other selected VILE crafts)
    • Makes craft completely undetectable by Radar & Sonar by emitting special jamming/neutralizing signal.
    • The downside to this tech is that it requires a fair bit of energy to maintain the stealth mode. MAMBA has no issue with this unless power cells are damaged.
    • For other crafts, this mode might possibly be usable only in short bursts.
  • Cloaking tech (Mamba only)
    • Special tech allows Mamba surface to either
      • Totally stop bending/reflecting light
      • Use LED mirrors to create illusion that the craft is not there
    • Visual cloaking technique. Does not hide craft from Radar.
    • Use in tandem with stealth tech for maximum effectiveness
    • Can only be used in short bursts as it drains a lot of power
  • Flares
    • For misleading heat-seekers
    • Works underwater also
  • Smokescreen
    • Aerial version releases smoke
    • Underwater version is an ink-screen
    • Can be used in tandem with either doppler drones & stealth tech or cloaking tech
  • Bubblefoam shield
    • Special foam released to cover certain surfaces on the craft
    • Foam hardens on contact with air or water
    • Can absorb enough impact from a missile/torpedo/mine to preserve the craft
    • Foam is non-flammable so will also put out potential fires from missile/torpedo/bombs
  • Hacking drones
    • MAMBA can release special drones equipped to remotely hack the guidance and navigation systems of opposing crafts.
    • Hacked systems can then be remotely controlled to be forced to land/surface or be diverted away from Mamba
    • Drones can also hack and erase blackbox/recording data so that no digital records of any encounter with the MAMBA exist/remain.
  • Gag Depth Charges
    • Explodes to emit biodegradable sticky foam into sea that makes it hard for vessels to chase the MAMBA
2. Defense system for Stone Harbor

Current situation:
While Stone Harbor is a well-disguised HQ, it is still vulnerable to attacks from foes should they discover our location.

Solution: Improve defences

(i) Lockdown system to lockout intruders/traitors
  • Facial recognition system and database linked to all cameras
    • Same database as used by VILE crafts and Mamba
    • MAMBA to contain backup servers
    • Cameras in key areas of compound to identify threats / hostiles
    • Cameras in regular (publicly accessible) areas around Stone Harbour to pre-emptively identify possible problems
    • Cameras in strategic locations on outskirts of stone harbor for identifying possible threats in the area
    • Hits on database feedbacked to operations room / system admins
    • Possible backdoor into various law enforcement and intelligence community database systems?
    • Possibly linked in some way to monitor law enforcement and intelligence community ‘chatter’
    • Possible satellite tracking system?
  • Limited administrative access
    • The system admins are Carmen and Joe (potentially Patty? Vic?)
    • Only admins can shut off the system and/or reset it. Other admins will be notified when such actions are taken.
  • Ability for admins to remove someone from authorised list from ALL VILE facilities
    • If any VILE agent is found to be a traitor, admins have the ability to remove their authorization from ALL VILE crafts and VILE facilities
  • Ability for admins to remote activate traps and defences in stone harbour
  • Lockdown system will activate signal jammers in compound to jam all communications
    • Can be tweaked to not affect VILE’s specific communication channels unless a traitor situation has occurred.
  • Silent alarm sent to VILE communication devices and VILE facilities
    • Warns all of VILE to be on the alert and lay low if the base or MAMBA is under siege
    • Another version of the silent alarm can be activated by VILE agents to indicate one of their own is down/compromised.

(ii) Corridor/Hall traps
  • Strategic/key corridors can be rigged to be able to emit one or more substances to incapacitate intruders/hostiles:
    • Knockout gas
    • Pepper Spray
    • Super Glue / Quick-dry Epoxy
    • Small beads that burst into a paralysing foam
    • Smokescreen/Fog
    • Glitter Flash Bangs (the glitter is a distraction for the chemical spray released at the same time; the spray can be seen/tracked via ultraviolet or black light - good for tracking foes)
    • High frequency sound waves that may immobilize/disorientate certain targets
  • Trapped corridors mentioned in previous point can also have ability to be sealed off, trapping intruders/hostiles.
  • Key walls modified so that once damaged/breached they release a quick-dry, fire retardant, epoxy foam which when dried is hard as steel?
  • Areas with smokescreen/fog trap can be rigged with projectors to project illusions
  • Defence Droids
    • Modified Roomba with ability to release any of the same trap substances as the rigged corridors
    • Swarm of small aerial drones for distracting foe and emitting high frequency sound waves
    • Drones equipped with facial recognition tech to scan and identify hostiles
    • Patrol key areas / non-trapped areas
    • Can also be remote activated as defensive soldiers

(iii) Sea Defences
  • Theatre sponsored buoys around sea front of harbour.
    • Buoys can be equipped with cameras running with the facial recognition tech and also ability to scan all ships for contraband
    • Buoys can also be rigged to do one of the following:
      • Have an infrared laser tripwire that if broken can activate silent alarm/traps
      • Emit a mist and illusion projection to misrepresent the area
      • Sonar/Radar scramblers
    • Anti-marine light turrets stationed along the shore that can be activated at night to shine bright lights and blind the ships
    • Artificial reef
      • Man-made metal structure that can be raised or lowered from seabed.
      • Raising structure provides another obstacle for hostile crafts to overcome
    • Gag depth charges
      • Explodes to emit biodegradable sticky foam into sea that makes it hard for vessels to enter the harbour (1 hour half-life for the substance once it makes contact with sea water)

(iv) Air Defences
  • Area cloaking
    • Similar stealth cloaking system to Mamba.
    • Turns entire area invisible from sky view
    • Con: Drains power to keep activated?
  • Radar scramblers (similar to those on MAMBA)
  • Flares and anti-missile system
    • Will look like fireworks to locals/un-informed
    • Uses flare missiles to neutralize any incoming missile threats
    • NOT for S.A.M. purposes
  • Fog generators to make it unsafe for aircraft to attempt landing
    • Can be coupled with illusion projectors as a backup cloaking option

3. Agent Safety

Current Situation: VILE Agents usually opt for their signature flamboyant attire when out on capers, and while they are expert thieves, they are ill-equipped for encounters against foes who are out to kill/equipped for lethal combat.

Solution: Better equip VILE Agents for high-risk encounters

(i) Recon Droids
  • A collection of drones of various shapes and sizes available for any VILE agent to use
  • Can fly in air and swim in water
  • Can be equipped with facial recognition camera system
  • Can also have infra-red and night-vision options for the cameras
  • Can be equipped to fire off knock-out gas / knock-out darts
  • Can release mild electrical pulse to short-circuit security systems
    • Mild electrical shock can also be used to ward off capture by ‘hostile’ agents
  • Can be equipped to emit ultraviolet / black light
  • Larger variant of drones can be modified to hold/retrieve small items
  • Micro sized drones can also be used for GPS tracking (insect-sized)

(ii) Improved weapons
  • Knock-out gas beads (all 'beads' can be disguised as part of jewelry and accessories - refer to section on PPE)
  • Silly Putty/Crazy Glue beads
  • Stun Foam beads
  • Smoke beads
  • Glitter Flash Bang (not only does it blind your foes, it tags them)
  • Modified Tonfas (emits mild electrical pulses?)
  • Telescopic Staff or Baton
  • Sonic Emitter earrings / cufflinks
  • Knock-out darts?
  • Safety blade hidden in shoes (not to be used on people)

(iii) Personal Protective Equipment
  • Improved outfits for all VILE personnel [Includes tactical gloves and all-terrain footwear]
  • THIEFS Armor (Tactical, High Impact and Element resistant, Full-body Stealth Armor)
    • Gortex?
    • Heat, Cold & Electrical Resistance
    • Bullet Resistant
    • Cut Resistant
    • Lightweight, comfortable
    • Flexible, Doesn’t not restrict movement
    • Tailored to each agent
    • Henchmen get standard uniform
  • Easy to use gas masks
    • Small and portable
    • Military grade
  • Silent alarm jewellery
    • Rings / Watches / Bracelets / Bangles
    • Allows user to send out silent SOS to HQ / nearby allies
  • Improved In-ear communication devices (secure frequency, near unjammable)
  • Small containers of wound sealing foam (requires Dr Roux’s help to synthesize)
    • Non-toxic
    • Used as a temporary sealant on serious lacerations
    • Used to slow bleeding / prevent bleed out
    • Can also be used to hold an open fracture in place temporarily
  • Cloaking tech
    • Limited charges of cloaking (so that the tech is not too ‘broken’ in RP)
    • Each charge lasts maybe 5 mins
    • To recharge a charge takes at least 30 minutes
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I can imagine some difficulties with the retina stuff depending on lighting. We'll have to coordinate a time to work that out.

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