Well the good news is the Jalapeño Fleet Fleet is here. The bad news is, they’re dead.

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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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This game is connected to the short story of the same name and vice versa. Clues are highlighted in the story The link to it is below.

Rules of engagement:
  • You have an unlimited number of questions
  • They must all be yes/no questions
  • Correct ship names exorcises that ship and seals it away
  • Naming a Battleship removes “Murky Mist” from a portion of the Ghost Fleet
  • I will provide hints to revealed ships of the fleet in that case
  • Hit means, Yes
  • Miss means, No
Hint: The Golden Hind is not in Morgan’s fleet (Maybe we’ll find out why later)

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