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Thanks guys 🙂, I had three appointments today and that took up most of the day.

Just dealing with DA's new site with it's *cute 🤬* glitches ... it shouldn't have taken so long to submit the most recent page and then submit that to groups.

In regards to Carmen's comments, that spreads out over the AU. You can easily ID stuff going on in Loaded Stone, plus the period set stories of Smoke, Steam and Mirrors, along with Snake Pit, so far. Vocal Canvases counts too, but that is still being worked on unpublished.


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Here it is, the last page of this short.

How in a sense this continues into Loaded Stone is Ivy will be showing up later in the story but her jumping into dealing with the renewed VILE isn't going to happen.

Also that translation I hope is right. That wasn't done on auto through a translation site or Google. I have one of those hand held devices that you can speak into to do the job. One char does not appear on my laptop's keyboard and didn't even appear in the Character Map app. . Easy guess what had to be drawn in for the font here, huh?

Now if you don't know the IG fandom, that robotic transportation Carmen gets into, it's unknown. It's a redesign of submarine-type robot shown in what sometimes is called the Classic series *pilot ( *although not official ) Monster Lake. Here's a screenshot I found so at least in part you can see the canon take:

I know one of these pages needs a retouch. That alteration will come up later on DA and of course ComicFury.

PS: Still no answers after all those medical tests yesterday.
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