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(What are about to read it's fictional this takes place after La Vie de Luxe,beginning and after Hiatus and somewhere between Paradigm Shift and Auld Lang Syne and probably before How Jade Got her Padphone and Seraphim remember those Role Playing Games at the old site at please don't make a comment there on How Jade Got her Padphone and beside it's never mention at all)
ACME Headquarters
The Lab
Jade Ezell enter the lab where Spencer Ross is happy to see her...

"The Chief has sent me and he told me something important about my padphone is there a reason why?" Jade asked

"It's true!" Spencer answered "The Chief is really concern and I'm here to tell it."

"And I promise never to reveal to no one at all."

"I knew you're going to say it." said Spencer

"The story goes almost four years ago Carmen Sandiego and her gang left Luxembourg and end up in San Francisco in which is at ACME Headquarters...And stolen the first ACME tower and the only thing left is the underground or the Bunker like the Bunker Boys always said."

"Are you one of them?"

"No,I was about to be transferred from ACME in the Boston office at that time of the theft anyway to make a long story short and it's confidential and beside I can't reveal the secret of the source of the C-5 corridor but I'm going to tell you about your padphone..."

"You see Jade the ACME technicians try to get the C-5 up and running but it wasn't successful so therefore they gave up on it but one found a microchip that is part of the C-5's secret source so in 2010 after I came in we got an idea to get one agent to transferred to anywhere around the world in order to stop Carmen Sandiego and her gang just like the C-5 did but we figure it can transferred one to three agents well three and a half that includes pets like your cat,Sam for example."

"I see which right before it gets a upgraded."

"That's right and since replacing the first ACME tower with the second tower called Accolade sort of like the Freedom Tower in which it will replace the World Trade Center's Twin Towers after two planes crash and the buildings collapses to the ground some survived but others are gone on September 11, 2001."

"But what about the padphone?"

"I'm getting to it,Jade! Somehow we got a weird device that is a flopped from an inventor by combining the i-pad and i-phone thus it's called the padphone ...
so we decide to used the padphone with the microchip and right before the ACME Winter Ball begin it is time to test after a okay from the Chief its time to find out which ACME agent will used turns out that every single agent refused to used it they figured it's best without it...The Chief felt upset but then he realized coming from the 1990's and the only time ACME search for kids from the fourth to the eighth grade becoming an ACME agent."

"Of course I remember I try it out although I was good but I never the cut because after my parents and teacher told Lee Jordan that I was born with a mental illness."

"You're not the only one who didn't make the cut in fact no one did and it was a flopped for ACME so it was heartbreaking for future ACME agents at that decade...maybe because their own parents worries something might happened to their own children."

"So anyway the Chief has no other option left so its best to look for an non-ACME agent to step in for ACME's sake by helping them and joining them to stop Carmen and her gang's thefts...and it wasn't easy but the Chief and all staffs (which doesn't included Bolt Upright) agree and that person turn out to be you."

"Why me?"

"You were the only one with good intelligence and excellent personality and making sure that VILE won't get the padphone."

"Uh no VILE agent wouldn't be interested in the padphone or the microchip anyway."

"Figures! Now you know the story of the padphone." said Spencer

"I sure have...thanks for sharing the story with me I truly apprenticed...see you later,Spencer." said Jade

"Thanks and remember the promise we make." said Spencer and Jade winked as she leaves the lab happily ever after...hey it's not romantic you know.
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