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I bought a Carmen mystery puzzle and I wanted to share it with you guys. You read the story, complete the puzzle and solve the mystery. (I'm doing this because of a few of you said you'd be interested in solving this.)

Carmen's gang is at it again! This time one of her pals has stolen the famous Aztec Calendar Stone. That's no mean feat. Because this is no ordinary calendar. It's a huge disk, about twelve feet in diameter. And it's carved out of stone, weighing almost twenty-two-tons. On the other hand, it is a mean feat. Very mean.

The Calendar Stone is a priceless relic. It was made by the Aztecs, a tribe who lived in the region that is now Mexico. From about 1300 to 1500 A.D. the Aztecs built a great civilization. With great cities and great works of art. Not to mention their greatest discovery of all...chocolate. The artifacts of Aztec culture are an important part of the history of Mexico. Like this calendar, for example. So naturally, the government wants to have it back where it belongs.

That's why YOU'RE on the job. As one of the Acme Detective Agency's top investigators, it's up to YOU to solve the crime. But after spending eight days tracking the thief all around the world, you still haven't cracked the case. Now, back at the Agency, you sit at your desk and examine all the things you've picked up during your journey.

You feel that the answer is at hand. Somewhere among those dossiers and souvenirs is the solution, you'll need to read through the diary entries you've made over the previous eight days. Then assemble the jigsaw puzzle. The final image shows your desk top at ACME. All the clues you need in order to solve the case are in the diary and on the desk. Can you do it? Can you figure out which one of Carmen's cronies stole the Aztec Calendar Stone and where the thief is now?

Mexico City, Mexico
Monday, 9:00 A.M.

Started at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. It's a huge museum in Chapultepec Park. That's the biggest park in the city, first used by the Aztecs themselves. Whew! What a collection of artifacts. IT took me two days just to find the director among all that stuff. Then two more days to get close enough to shake his hand. But he wasn't much help. It seems that he came in one morning to find a black space where the Calendar had been. Off to a bad start. No witnesses, no clues, no leads. Only one thing to do in a tough situation like this, Go have lunch!

Mexico City, Mexico
Monday, 12:00 Noon
What luck! This is the largest city in the world and I happened to find the right Taco Bar. A waitress here overheard two customers talking. She specifically remembered hearing two words: Brunch and Aztec. Not much to go on, but it's a start. She also recalled that one of the people was nuts about Mexican food. Ordered twenty enchiladas and ate them all. I, on the other hand, ordered a bowl of chili with tomato sauce. (Both of these dishes were invented by the Aztecs, by the way) Oh yes, the waitress overheard the two people say something about going to see a new deli in Sydney. Another meal? Okay by me. But I'd better take along a larger belt. I have a hunch this case is going to cost me a few pounds.

Sydney, Australia
Wednesday, 12:00 Noon
Wrong Sydney, I guess. Interesting place all right. It was founded as a settlement of convicts from England in 1788. Now it's a great harbor city on the southeastern coast of Australia. But nobody knows what I'm talking about here. I did speak to one of the soccer players at the Sports Arena. Nice fellow. He even invited me to a barby after the game. I thought that was a clue, until I realized he meant a good old barbecue. I went and traded broiled shrimp for some questions. But the soccer player hadn't seen anything interesting all day.

except, of course, for a few well placed kicks. Which is perfect. Because that's exactly what I feel like giving myself for playing out this dumb hunch.

New Delhi, India
Wednesday, 6:00 P.M.
Back on track. What a fool I was! The waitress in Mexico city got it wrong. The thief wasn't going to see a new deli in Sydney He (if it is a he) was going to see someone named Sidney in New Delhi! Slight difference. New Delhi is the capital of India. It sits on the Jumna River, in the northern part of the country. I made up for lost time by quickly finding the only Sidney in town. It's not a very common name here.

This Sidney happens to be vice president of one of the banks. Sure enough, he says he helped someone with red hair get rid of a few pounds. Now why would the vice president of a bank want to help an international thief lose weight?

London, England
Thursday, 12:00 Midnight
Aha! Because the pounds in question had nothing to do with fat. The thief was dealing in pounds sterling. That's the money that they use in England. So here I am in London, the nation's capital. Like many great cities, London sits on a river. It's call the Thames. I followed it down to Trafalgar Square, which is in the middle of town. Sat down on a bench to get my bearings. But I got much more than I bargained for. One of the tourists in the Square claimed he actually saw the suspect earlier today. He recognized the Calendar immediately and confronted the thief. Says there was quite a racket.
But did he mean a fight of the thing you hit balls with? Stupidly, I forgot to ask. Then I noticed a brochure on the ground. It was for the Annual Stolen Calendar Convention. In Iceland, of all places. On second thought, what better spot for a show of hot goods?

Reykjavik, Iceland
Thursday, 3:30 A.M.
Forget the convention. It sounded dull anyways. I didn't have to go any further than the airport. A porter saw a suspicious person pushing a very large round black case. Bingo! What else could that be? The world's biggest yo-yo? The porter also noticed something dangling from this person's neck. Could have been a tie or a necklace.

Learned something else too. Since Reykjavik is on the southwestern coast of this island, it gets pretty cold. So they heat some of the houses with water from nearby hot springs. Pretty interesting. Eventually, the suspect must have gotten another plane. But the porter couldn't recall which one. "Why don't you ask at the information desk" The porter suggested.

"He probably stopped there first." I did--but the clerk didn't remember seeing anyone suspicious. Still, there were only two places someone could have gone at that hour. New York--or Kigali in Africa. For me, the choice was easy. I was getting hungry. And would much rather eat a hot dog than a rhino sandwich.

New York City, U.S.A
Thursday 4:30 A.M.
I think this case is getting to me. Why do I keep seeing someone in a wide-brimmed hat in every reflection? Can't shake the feeling that I'm being followed. And not by a hat salesman either. Spooky, Anyway, I finally wound up at South Street Seaport. It's at the lower tip of Manhattan. The taxi driver says the area was once underwater and that the Seaport was built on landfill from the rest of the city. Fascinating, but not too helpful. Then she remembered taking someone down to the Seaport this morning from the airport.

The passenger tried to pay in kronur. That's the currency of Iceland, so I know I'm on the right track. I wandered around the tall ships for awhile. At first, nothing turned up. Then, I stopped to get that hot dog I'd been craving, and....wham! Stumbled on a lead. IT seems that a person with a hat and a shifty expression had been asking all around for directions to the library. I'm on my way.

.....To Be Continued.....
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New York City, USA
Thursday 10:30 A.M
More Luck. Only this time it's lousy. I got to the New York Public Library on famous Forty-Second Street, but missed the suspect by five minutes! The Librarian took me to the exact spot where the suspect was sitting. And guess what? The books at the table were still warm! One of them was entitled "How To Sell Your Priceless Aztec Calendar. That sounds like our man. Or woman. Another was Island Hopping for Fun and Profit. Hmm. Australia, Iceland, Manhatten, England. All Islands. Definitely on track. And then there was The musician's guide to Carnival. That can only mean one place. Rio de Janeiro. Can't say I'm in the mood for singing and dancing beneath a tropical sun--but duty calls. Oh yes, also found a fourth book on a chair nearby. It was called Murder by Talk, Talk, Talk. I read it on the plane and slept well.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Thursday, 11:00 P.M.
Rio is beautiful. IT lies on a narrow strip of land among majestic mountains, a tranquil bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. And Brazil is the largest country in South America, so there's plenty to explore. But not for me. No time for fun and games. Or for Carnival. The thief was here, trying to sell the Calendar to a ring of stone smugglers.

It seems there's a big black market here for buying and selling old stones. They even have one of the stones from Stonehenge, those crooks! But the smugglers wouldn't touch the Aztec Calendar. They're afraid of angering Tonatiuh, the ancient God show in the middle of the Calendar. Wise decision. One of the smugglers also says the suspect kept nervously fiddling with a large ring and mentioned the name Molly. Molly? Why does that sound familiar?

Mosow, U.S.S.R
Friday, 9:00 P.M.
Followed a lead from Rio to a heavyset woman with red hair and glasses named Molly Minkle. She was seen with a huge round black case boarding a flight from Brazil to Moscow, posing as a tourist. I followed. I tracked her to Red Square and confronted her in from of the world-famous Church of St. Basil. That's the one with the colorful domes shaped like turnips. Thought I had the whole thing wrapped up right then and there. But it seems I was a bit hasty.

She's got nothing to do with Carmen or her gang. This Molly really is a tourist. And she never goes anywhere without her personal trampoline. That's what was in the case. And for me, it's back to Square One.

Bamako, Mali
Saturday, 6:00 P.M.
I knew it sounded familiar! This clue wasn't a person at all. It's a country in northwestern Africa that was once part of French West Africa. Bamako is its capital. Simple enough mistake. Upon arriving, I went right to the hotel that overlooks the NIger River to see what's what. Good move. It seems the suspect was here too--rented a room for a few hours before moving on. I did a careful search of the room. Found chips of stone from the old block. Also a scrap of paper with 5 parallel lines and some strange dots on it.

No idea what that is. Oh yes, one other thing. The bellboy got into a heated exchange with the suspect. They argued about which was taller, Mount Olympus or Mount Fuji. Question: Is the suspect a mountain climber, or just a weirdo? I have my guess.

Athens, Greece
Saturday, 9:00 P.M.
A little under 10,000 feet. That's how tall Mount Olympus is. Why I should care is another question. Meanwhile, no sign at all of the suspect. Checked the map and found that Greece stretches from mountains in the north down to hundreds of islands in the Aegean Sea. Lots of territory to cover. The waiter in a local cafe saw me planning my next move and interrupted. He thinks someone meeting the description pulled up on a motorcycle and stopped for a bowl of dates.

He also saw this person write something down in a date book. But he could read only one word. That word was Ottoman. Very intriguing. But does it refer to the Turkish Empire? Or to the padded footrest?

Istanbul, Turkey
Sunday, 11:00 P.M.
It's the footrest all right. IT sure doesn't have anything to do with Turkey. Because there is absolutely nothing going on here relating to the case. Don't get me wrong, Istanbul is great. Once called Constantinople, it's split right in half by the Bosporus, a narrow body of water separating Europe from Asia. And it's one of the oldest cities in the world. Some buildings date back to the fifteenth century, when Turkey was the center of the Ottoman Empire. But one thing is certain, the thief isn't hiding in any of them. A street urchin at the local marketplace made up a long story about a black case, then promptly stole my wallet. Maybe I should send his name along to Carmen's gang. They can always use someone with his talents. What I can use is a good night's sleep. Beginning to feel like I'm the world's biggest yo-yo. Now where was I before I got off on this crazy detour?

Tokyo, Japan
Monday, 11:00 P.M.
Ah yes, the mountains. With time running out, I decided to try the other lead. Namely, Mount Fuji. It's on Honshu, one of the four larger islands that make up Japan. A real nice mountain. Snow capped and majestic. And, in fact, it is a little taller than Mount Olympus. But so what? The tour guide was quite sure she'd never seen anyone meeting the description. That's when I realized what was going on. This little trek had nothing to do with mountains, even though they cover most of the country. The thief had simply used Tokyo, the capital city, as a stopping-off point. The suspect was probably just getting a flight to somewhere else. But where?

To be continued.......


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Tokyo, Japan
Monday, 5:00 P.M.
Raced back to the airport, but got there too late. The suspect was gone. And for a minute I thought I had lost the thief for good. Too many flights out. but then, one of the clerks came up with just the ticket. In haste, the suspect had dropped something before getting on the was a bunch of baggage claims from previous flights. I think I've narrowed it down to three of Carmen's henchmen. And I've got a hunch where they might go next. So it's back to the office to do some heavy thinking. And Sitting.

Now that you've read the diary, read the dossiers and assemble the jigsaw puzzle. Clues in the diary, dossiers and the puzzle picture will point to the thief and to the next city where that slippery character can be arrested. Guess them both right and you'll solve the case.

Carmen Sandiego A-K-A "Buffy"
Sex: F
Occupation: A former spy for the intelligence Service of Monaco
Hobby: tennis
Hair color: brunette
Feature: Never appears in public without her ruby necklace.
Auto: 1939 Packard convertible
other: She has a fondness for tacos
Misc: Carmen Sandiego the brown-haired founder of the VIllian' International League of Evil (VILE) has recruited the most cunning and resourceful band of thieves in history.

Name: Merey LaRoc
Sex: F
Occupation: Freelance aerobic dancer
Hobby: Mountain Climbing
Hair Color: Brown
Feature: She has a mania for fancy jewelry
Auto: A fancy limo
Other: Merey likes spicy food
Misc: For the past 5 years this brunette beauty has been traveling around the world with a mobile health spa to conduct exercise classes for the extremely wealthy.

Name: Dazzle Annie Nonker
Sex: F
Occupation: Owns a yogurt bar
hobby: tennis
Hair color: Blond
Feature: She has a tattoo
Auto: Bugatti Limousine
Other: Dazzle Annie has a craving for shellfish
Misc: Born sole heir to the fortune of the shoelace king, Baron Franz von Nonker, Annie was quickly disinherited when she ran off with a Croatian tennis pro.

Name: Lady Agatha Wayland
Sex: F
Occupation: Reader of upper class English mystery stories.
Hobby: Tennis
Hair Color: Red
Feature: She has a diamond ring the size of a grapefruit
Auto: Denghby speedster
Other: She drives through the countryside looking for great Mexican restaurants.
Misc: Lady Agatha has no ability solving murder cases but is very interested in amassing great wealth. An avid sportswoman, she has been known to pick up a few extra dollars on weekends trouncing unsuspecting locals at the local tennis courts.

Name: Len Bulk, A-K-A "Red"
sex: M
Occupation: Ex-professional hockey player and gambler
Hobby: Gambling
Hair Color: brown
Feature: He has a tattoo of a mermaid on his right thumb.
Auto: Convertible
Other: Len Loves seafood
Misc: Because of an unfortunate habit of blocking too many shots with his head, Len will occasionally think he is a Bighorn sheep and begin climbing the nearest peak.

Name: Scar Graynolt
Sex: M
Eyes: Hazel
Auto: Limo
Feature: Five-carat pinky ring
Favorite food: Mexican
Occupation: Hippy dippy street musician.
Other: So laid-back he sometimes oversleeps and misses the crime entirely.
Misc: Far away, druggy look in his eyes. HIppy clothing, multiple necklaces, fringes, wide brimmed hat, constantly twanging his guitar and singing obscure folk songs.

Name: Nick Brunch
Sex: M
Hobby: Mountain climbing
hair color: Black
Feature: He wears a soiled trenchcoat, snap-brimmed fedora, and a Dick Tracy watch. Nick has brown eyes and a mustache.
Auto: Motorcycle
Other: Nick and his close friend, Scar Graynolt, both like mexican food.
Misc: The only thing hat interests NIck are fast cars and faster women. He'll never turn down a caper that permits him to live in the fast lane.

Name: Fast Eddie B.
Sex: M
Occupation: World Class croquet player
Hobby: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Feature: He always leaves a diamond stickpin at the scene of his crimes.
Auto: convertible
Other: Fast Eddie is an impeccably dressed jet-setter and likes Mexican food.
Misc: Gentlemen thief and society cat burgler, Fast Eddie mixes easily with the jet set and can usually be found at one of People Magazine's top 10 playgrounds for the rich.

Name: Thor Ihorovitch
Sex: M
Occupation: Pretender to the Czarist throne
Hobby: Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons.
Hair color: Blond
Feature: Thor has a tattoo
Auto: Limo
Other: He has a fascination for large marsupials, and he likes to eat lobster.
Misc: A likeable brute, provides an additional hand for the mob's nefarious activities.

Name: Katherine Brib,
a-k-a- "Boom" "boom"
sex: F
Occupation: Motorcycle racer
Hobby: Health and fitness
Hair color: unknown.
feature: She has a tattoo of an eagle on her left bicep
Auto: Boom-Boom drives a motorcycle
Other: Katherine is also a gourmet seafood cook, and she's fascinated with mountain climbing.
Misc: The brunette beauty--a one time centerfold for Popular Mechanics magazine--is a fanatic about health and fitness.

(I swear this puzzle took me 4-5 days and was frustrating to put together lol. There are two missing pieces that I cannot find but I finished it.)

Carmen Puzzle22.jpg


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This is going to be tough...I look at the story found a few clues about the suspect, Lucy all I found out the suspect likes enjoys Mexican Food, has red hair, tie or necklace, mountain climbing

I could be wrong, Lucy

The first suspect I have in mind was Lady Agatha Wayland has red hair and enjoys Mexican Food but doesn't have a tie or necklace but wearing a diamond ring about a size of a grapefruit and not a mountain climber but she plays tennis.

Another suspect I have in mind was Scar Graynolt enjoys Mexican Food but he doesn't climb a mountain, but wearing multiple necklaces and a five carat pinky ring.

And the last suspect I also have in mind is Scar's friend, Nick Brunch who climbs mountains as a hobby and likes Mexican Food as well.

However the last destination is probably Rome I saw the picture of the Colosseum but I might be wrong as well.
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Try again. It isn't Lady Agatha. I should have said early that I was looking for the country and the henchman/woman. Sorry, I wasn't more clear on this.


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Try again. It isn't Lady Agatha. I should have said early that I was looking for the country and the henchman/woman. Sorry, I wasn't more clear on this.
It's not your fault, Lucy! I wasn't more clear either.

And I should've said Italy instead of it's capital city.

And of course I should've chose Scar Graynolt but I've got a feeling the diary just throw me off anyway.

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