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Tick, Ticky, Blinky, Annaconda
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Ann's boots shunted into the sand as she launched towards the campsite. Black hair streaming in her draft, she clomped between tents and trumpeted, "Sandstorm! Everyone, hurry and grab your vital tools and then get inside the plane! Right now!"

Rounding the stakes of the medical care shelter, she parted the tent's flaps with little fanfare and terminated the power generator's conduction. "Connie, quickly--pack up the facilities and transport it to the aircraft. I'll try to acquire some help. But please: hurry."

Aware of the sixty-meter distance between the medical tent and Tall Glass, the supervisor again made haste to the current residence of Eugene Grovington. Minute flecks of dust spattered against her darkened face as she ran into the incising wind. "Pilot--" She halted, glancing around erratically. "Where is Lee?"
Known Aliases
Spring-Heeled Jack,
With a loud laugh, Spring-Heeled Jack announced his presence on a dune overlooking the camp directly, hunched over like some predatory beast ready to strike. The wind at his back carried his voice down into the encampment, his eyes seeming to glow red as his medium-length cape whipped around him.

With a single leap, he landed at the edge of the camp, letting his eyes scan over the ACMEs there.

"I fear I must stop the evac
And place you all under attack
With swirling sand
Lending a hand
Your opponent is Spring-Heeled Jack!"

He called out his challenge, spreading his arms wide and rubbing his fingers together, seemingly in anticipation but actually adjusting the mechanism on his legs and back.

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