Hung Out to Dry

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Hung Out to Dry

It was hot, oppressively so, earlier in that July day in Florida. The thermometer peaked at 106 with plenty of humidity to back it up. Now that night had fallen, the temperature was finally starting to drop back down into a more livable range, but there was one person who wasn't alive to enjoy the change.

The police and Inspector McGuire had been there since 9:30 P.M., about 20 minutes after they had received word that someone had been found dead inside the two-story upper-middle class home...
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Sometimes we are so focused on the treasure we are seeking, that we fail to see the one right in front of us
Joe Kerr wrote on Patty's profile.
Is it weird that when someone said "things that glitter" my first thought was you?
At times, when we're so focused on 'who' we are, we forget 'where' we are.

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