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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,The Chief (Dr. Weller), Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Zack,Cole Gannon,Vic-The-Slick,Patty Larceny,Contessa,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas,Otto 'Gnash' Reddmore and Lee Galease whatsoever)
(Act one begins)
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

An old man enter the front door...wearing a light blue seersucker suit,blue necktie,black shoes,a derby hat and briefcase in his hand.
walking down the hallway and stop then knock on the Director of Operations' door. "Come in!" the Director said and the old man enter the office and closed the door.
"Excuse me I'm looking for the Director of Operations." the old man said.
"You come to the right place."

"Anyway I'm Perry Legal." the old man introduced himself "I'm from The Law Offices of Legal,Galease and Associates in the Business District right here in San Francisco and you are..."

"Chase Devineaux,Director of Operations right here at ACME." he introduced himself right he turned his swivel office chair around.
"Oh my thank goodness I'm glad I come to the right place." Perry said
"What is it that you're here for?" Chase asked
"Well a genealogist came to me and told me to look for you." Perry answered
"What for?" Chase asked as Perry shows Chase the last will and testament.

"You have a great-great granduncle by the name of Monsieur Renard Gris." Perry answered
"In French that means 'Sir Grey Fox'." said Chase "I'm not related to him in fact I don't know about my family tree."
"It's not my fault!" said Perry.
"Well tell that genealogist it's nobody's business to find about me or anyone else here." said Chase when shows Perry the door while he's angry.
"Alright I'll straight the genealogist out sorry to bother you." said Perry as he gave Chase his business card it said 'The Law Offices of Legal,Galease and Associates phone number 555-WILL (9455) "Call me if you need anything." as Perry grab the last will and testament from Monsieur Renard Gris and leaves the office after he opened the door...Both Bolt Upright and Lee Jordan enter the office.

"What's going on?" Lee asked
"Some lawyer came in and told me that I have a great-great granduncle." Chase answered
"That means you have an inheritance from him." said Bolt
"Yeah right,Bolt!" said Lee "There's no way our Director of Operations has an inherited from somebody he doesn't know or probably it could be a lie."
"Whatever,Jordan!" said Bolt
"He's right,Bolt!" said Chase
"Well Chase Jordan's wrong!" said Bolt as he left the office and Lee saw the business card and he notice the last name of the business card.
"What's the matter,Jordan?" Chase asked
"Chase,that last name sounds familiar." said Lee
"What do you mean by that?"

"Galease isn't that Carmen's lawyer?" Lee asked as Chase starred at him and by the look of his cold gray eyes to Lee's brown eyes.
Lee gulped and chuckled a bit and then he ran out of Chase's office.
Chase shook his head in a bad mood.

the next day...

The C-5 appeared and so did Jade Ezell but her cat,Sam all the sudden accidently jump on to an old man.
"Ow!" the old man said
"Oh I'm sorry about that sir." said Jade as she grab Sam from his shoulder.
"Thank you so much and please keep that cat at home."
"Sam is just a curious little kitty." said Jade "And by the way my name is Jade."
"Perry Legal,I'm just here to see Mr. Devineaux."
"What for?" Jade asked
"It is none of your business now out of the way." Perry answered as he pushed Jade and Sam growled at Perry.
(End of Act one)
(Perry Legal is a pun name for paralegal except the 'e','r' and'y' and just for the record I'll make sure that to used the last name(Lee Galease) to avoid the confusion)
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(Act two begins)
ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
"Man that is one tough practice I have to try and pass the exam." said Cole Gannon right after he and Maylee Young just got out of the Academy.

"I hope you do pass,Cole." said Maylee "beside you'll be join up with Jason and Tyson on the field in no time flat."
Jade came along with her cat,Sam "Hello you two!" Jade said to Cole and Maylee.
"Hey,Jade!" said Cole
"What's going on?" Maylee asked

"Nothing much except my cat accidently jumped onto a creepy lawyer who wanted to see Chase for no reason." Jade answered "Anyway I'm just seeing Spencer with the latest gadgets that's all."
The Hallway
Commander Ivy Monaghan and her brother,Zack were about to see Chase when all the sudden while the door at the Director of Operations is closed Chase yelled "WHAT?!?!"
"I'm sorry,Mr. Devineaux, I try straightening out with the genealogist but unfortunately it's true according to the genealogist beside you have to come to my office tonight you will see my partner,Lee Galease he will tell you how to get your inheritance." said Perry "No one at ACME should know about this."
The Lab
Spencer Ross shows Jade the latest gadgets "This bouquet has a pepper spray hidden in the center to spray at your attacker." he said
"Cool perfect to crash in on a wedding while undercover as a bridesmaid." said Jade as Archie Pelago enter the lab
"Dr. Ross have you seen Mr. Devineaux around here?" Archie asked
"I don't think so,Archie." Spencer answered
"Well the Chief is excepting him to show up for the latest meeting at the Conference Room." said Archie "I try to answer his door it seems he's not here or maybe he was tired and went home or something."
Business District,San Francisco
Chase enter the office and saw Perry and Lee Galease standing there. "Ah,Chase Devineaux,it's about time to get your inheritance." Galease said.
"Alright where is it?" Chase asked
"In-order-to-get-your-inheritance-you-must-get-married." Galease answered
"WHAT?!?!" Chase yelled "I have to married somebody in order to get the inheritance."
" afraid so,Mr. Devineaux." Perry answered.
"In whom am I going to married?" Chase asked as a gentleman with an Italian accent came and said "I'm glad you made it,Chase."
"Falco Castel,what are you doing here?"
"It's been what? Fifteen years." Falco said to Chase
"Where were you all this time?" Chase asked
"Here and there and to be fair I own a restaurant called Asiago."
"Named after a cheese am I right?"
"Very,very good!" Falco answered "and now you will married the one I selected for you to married."
"I hope you got a daughter,Falco."
"Chase,you know I'm not married."
"Then you got a niece." said Chase as Falco slapped his face.
"Chase,I have no brothers and sisters." said Falco "Actually you know her...Am I right,Carmen Sandiego?" as Carmen enter escorted by two men.
"*sighed*You're right Falco!" Carmen answered sadly "Sorry Chase,it looks like I'm going to be 'Mrs. Chase Devineaux' for now on." Chase gasped after what Carmen said.
(end of Act two...don't worry this won't be pretty for both Carmen and Chase I'll tell you that much and no this is not a love blog thing seriously?)
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(Act three begins)
Business District,San Francisco

Cole and Maylee were heading back to ACME Headquarters from Chinatown (don't worry they're not holding hands together) when all the sudden they stop right after they heard Chase yelled "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS,FALCO!"

Both Cole and Maylee sneak inside and squat down at the same time "I already have,Chase." said Falco as Maylee accidently knock down a trash can (a small one that is) "What was that?" as one of Falco's henchmen saw Cole and Maylee but just then Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas came in and said when they saw Carmen in unison "Boss!"
Carmen turn around and saw Moe and Lars and said unto them "Boys warned everyone at VILE...*as one of Falco's henchman cover her mouth*"

"Gannon,Young go back to ACME,now!" said Chase as he struggles to get freed by one of Falco's henchmen and both Cole and Maylee listen to Chase and so did Moe and Lars listen to Carmen..."GET THEM!" said Falco when saw the four of them (two ACME Academy students and two VILE agents) ran off and his henchmen goes after them...
ACME Headquarters
The Chief's office
"I try calling Chase with my cellphone he didn't answer." said Lee
"Same with the home phone it got disconnect somehow." said Bolt
"That can't be!" said the Chief as someone knock on the door "Come in!" as Cole and Maylee enter the office they catch their own breath after all that running.

"Cole,as if you and Maylee ran down fast to make it back before class starts in the morning." said Lee
"I don't think so." said Cole
"We just got back from Chinatown and we just saw Chase!" said Maylee.
"Chase,where is he?" the Chief asked

"At a attorney's office in the Business District unfortunately he and Carmen are taken away by some guy called Falco!" Cole answered as the Chief,Bolt and Lee were shocked and surprise at what Cole was saying.

Somewhere in Italy

Contessa (while holding a glass of champagne) along with Vic-The-Slick and Patty Larceny are worry about Carmen when all the sudden Moe and Lars came in.
"Moe,Lars what's going on?" Vic asked
"We've found Carmen in San Francisco." Moe answered as Contessa asked them "Is she alone?"
"No way,Contessa!"
"She was with Chase and some guy called Falco..." Moe answered but Contessa interrupted by saying "Falco!"
"Yeah!" Moe and Lars answered in unison.
"That name sounds familiar." said Contessa
"You know him?" Lars asked
"No,but my deceased husband does (her husband referring to Conte Covrenzi)." Contessa answered.
"Who is this Falco guy?" Patty asked
"Falco Castel is a conman who owns the restaurant called Asiago to cover his crime." said Contessa "my deceased husband was one of his friends for a long time...the only question is what is he up to?"
Jade's house

Jade and her cat,Sam were watching the news they saw the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas,Nevada took over by a mob of men but the only thing they did is to get rid of the hotel guests and employers.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Chief's office
"I have nothing to do with this." said Perry
"You came here twice why?" the Chief asked
"I have to see Mr. Devineaux and show him the last will and testament of Monsieur Renard Gris,Duke of Normandy." Perry answered
"He wasn't surprised I wish I would have told him the truth."
"About what?"
"The will was fake I was forced by Falco, my partner,Lee Galease and that grin librarian named Otto Reddmore who pretended to be the unknown genealogist and probably preaching the wedding of him and Miss Sandiego,Galease's client she was set up by Falco to get back at her and Chase after what they discovered Falco's plot they solve the case but they didn't catch him that was fifteen years ago."
"Where are Mr. Devineaux and Miss Sandiego are going to get married?"
"They are going to get married at the Venetian." Perry answered as the Chief was shocked.
(end of Act three I almost forgot Bolt Upright is from the Carmen Tapes hey go seeing it on YouTube from Leonia 109 it features you know who on it.)
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(Act four begins)
The Venetian,Las Vegas,NV,USA (three days later)

The henchmen stand guarded while one at time two other henchmen escort the 'groom'(Chase in a tuxedo)...Somehow Jade (while dressing up as the 'maid of honor' the dress turn to be a bell sleeve,tea length and sweetheart neckline in the color 17,000 degrees in Kelvin that means 'clear blue sky' in color temperature with a red ribbon belt over her waistline,her shoes are ankle strap,low-heeled and red,her hair is down,her make up is based on her skin and she's holding a bouquet Spencer gave her earlier)

and Lee (dressed in a tuxedo that he wore in 'The Purr-fect Crime' @ carmensandiego.info/Jade's journal and don't make a comment there..while as the 'best man') sneak inside until the henchman and he said to them "Sorry,I have to escort you two out?"

"Go ahead make my bouquet." said Jade as she used her 'bouquet' unto the henchman's eyes and Lee plunge him to the water...The henchmen saw them and one of them said "creating a distraction."
Just then Ivy,Cole,Maylee,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson came along with the other ACME agents takes care of the henchmen and Ivy said to Jade and Lee "Go you two." and they did.

In the Venezia side garden...

Chase stood still while Falco escort the 'bride' (Carmen is wearing a dress that looks like Penelope Cruz's off the shoulder dress at 2012 Oscar Awards except it's ecru,wears a wide brim hat like you're going on the Kentucky Derby that is except its ivory,no veil of course,she wearing shoes like from 1985 to 1999 except its white and a bouquet of fake white camellias like in the first scene in the 1936 film 'Camille' starring Greta Garbo) then gave the 'bride' (Carmen) to the 'groom' (Chase) while Gnash dress as a preacher and said

"Dearly Beloved we are gather together this man to this woman if for any reason why these two should be wed speak now or forever hold your peace." as Jade and Lee enter the garden and Jade yelled

"WE DO!"

"How did you two get here?" Falco asked
"Let's just say we pass the guards." Jade answered
"Who are you two coming in uninvited?"
"Why I'm the maid of honor who said they do not want to get married at all."
"And I'm the best man who said there's never going to be a wedding." said Lee
"What are you two talking about?" Gnash asked as Zack came with the 'last will and testament of Monsieur Renard Gris'
"This 'will' is a fake." Zack answered "And thanks to Perry Legal's confession there's no inheritance for Chase after all."

Chase and Carmen were relieved as Ivy and the other ACME agents came..."Cole the 'rings' please." said Lee as Cole gave the 'rings' (handcuffs) to Lee and handcuffed both Falco and Gnash "And we pronounced you two under arrest officers you may take them away." and the police did.
Five hours later in San Francisco (right after Carmen,Chase,Lee and Jade return in their own attire)
Benihana (Japantown)
as a teppanyaki chef came in to prepare the meals for Jade,Chase,Lee,Cole,Maylee,Jason,Tyson and Bolt
"You all didn't have to do this for me." said Chase
"We have to,Chase." said Lee
"While everyone is enjoying 'steak night' we decided to have 'a get along night with Chase Devineaux'" said Bolt
"Yeah it's good thing Jade recommended Benihana to us." said Tyson.
"It's too bad Carmen wouldn't join us for a get together." said Jade
"You know her,Jade." said Jason "She rather get along with her gang or just be alone for herself." as the teppanyaki chef is starting cooking.
"Make sure less vegetables more meat." said Lee "*Jade pinch Lee's shoulder* Ow! Jade,What is that for?"
"It's not fair,Lee everybody should get the right portion." said Jade.
"Then again just kidding!" said Lee as everyone laughed.
(end of Act four)
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