Hello everyone.

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Storm, Windrider, Ororo Komo Munroe, Goddess of the (Serengetti) Plains, Weather Witch
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I am here from New York, visiting the ACME Detective Agency, which I have heard so much about. I came here, to be part of one of your role playing game, which is supposed to start tomorrow, in that little area that you call the Shoutbox, but I cannot post a comment there. So I decided to come to The Door, and introduce myself here, thinking that it might help. Although I don't see any of that any of my fellow mutants have posted here. Please help. I'm beginning to to get frustrated. And you really do not want to see me get frustrated...

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figuring out what to get for Carmen's birthday.
If the wind blows, ride it.
*has some hot chai tea, naan bread, and chicken mulligatawny that she ordered from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House, because they deliver.* ;)

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