Babes in Toyland: Cast Interviews

Tenchi Masaki

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*All cast members are wearing their 500 dollar Johnny Cage sunglasses*

Interviewer: Oh My Gooooood!!! We are here with the cast of the blockbuster hit movie Babes in Toyland!!!

Hollywood Tenchi: Hi! My adoring fans!

Hollywood Kylie: Hi! Everybody! Kisses!

Hollywood Charlet: *waving both arms* Hi! Buy my dolls! And see the movie a whole bunch of times!
Hollywood Ruslan: Hi! This is amazing! And Charlet is not my girlfriend!

Hollywood Charlet: Yes I am! Deal with it! And shout out to Bob The Train Planet Song represent!

Hollywood Georgie: It is a pleasure to be here folks!

Hollywood Barnaby: Blarg! And Boo! Kiddies!

Hollywood Bo Peep: I am delighted to be here!

Hollywood Tom Piper: Hey all! And love the Tom Piper t-shirts In the crowd!

Hollywood Jester: A pox on you al! No seriously I’m glad to be here!

Hollywood Wiley: My science is supreme! And my love for the fans is too!

Interviewer: So were hearing a lot of people saying the trailers weren’t accurate.

Hollywood Tenchi: Are you implying we shot scenes just to make trailers?

Hollywood Charlet: *stands in chair and places hand on Tenchi’s mouth* *What he’s saying is he shot scenes because he was over ambitious.

Hollywood Tenchi: Exactly my artistic vision was shackled by the studio they said “Be coherent” whatever that means.

Hollywood Kylie: *giggles* He wanted me to pilot a giant mech; Marybot Mk. 5...
*looks at Tenchi*

Interviewer: We are totally taking questions from the audience!

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