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What would be your ideal suit of armor made up of everyday objects (buckets, pans, bubble wrap, etc. May be held together by duck tape, gum etc.), the situation in which you would use it, and the weapon accompanying it?
You know, I figured no one would ask me a question like that and I’m happy you proved me wrong!

I would hollow out logs to make Mokujin(wood person) armor. He’s the oldest character known in combat and would rather take his own life instead of being defeated. To honor his status as a god of kusiragama-jutsu, I would use a kusiragama which is a stick and a chain connected to a Kama which is a wooden handle with a curved blade attached.

Western variant:
I would make Steam Metal Mokujin! Getting a bucket of proper size for head protection I would use a 19th century boiler to wear as body protection and metal ventilation piping for my arms and legs. Bubble wrap would serve as padding material. I would make side arm and rifle ink guns to deal with ranged enemies and borrow a legendary bat from a friend of mine in Onett. I would use these suits to battle the Bopper Gang and defeat them once more! Whether they wanted to fight or have another musical showdown.
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