A Possible Reaction Part Two


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(Same characters and guest characters as of the first part of this story I don't own them whatsoever)

(Please note: I forgot about Reuben,Lee Jordan's beagle dog debut in the story called 'August Seventh' in which Jade gave Lee as a birthday present.)

And now the conclusion...

(Act one begins)

Squaw Valley,CA,USA

After a long drive from Nevada Vic the Slick parked his car to an unknown spot...

"Why here?" Shego asked
"Yeah,when do we meet your boss?" Dr. Drakken asked
"Here!" Vic answered
"Where?" Shego asked "Which building?"
Vic take off one of his gloves when a computer asked "Welcome...please place your hand here."

And Vic did and the computer scanned his eye with an infrared eye scanner.

"Identity confirmed enter proceed with caution!" said the computer after an A-OK! and Vic drives on and parked his car on the underground parking garage.

Vic,Dr. Drakken and Shego walked to the elevator...

"Remember never tell this place to no one." Vic said to Dr. Drakken and Shego.
"Reason?" Dr. Drakken asked.
"An eavesdropper might be...well!"
"Where your boss works before?" Shego asked.
"Yup!" Vic answered "So please be nice to everybody especially the boss!"

As the elevator door opens Vic let Shego in first then Dr. Drakken and himself inside the elevator and the elevator door close after Vic pick the floor by pressing a button.

San Francisco,CA,USA

ACME Headquarters

Conference Room

"What?!?!?!" said Jade Ezell
"No way!" said Zack Monaghan
"That can't be,Miss Monaghan!" said Archie Pelago
"You're not joking are you,Ivy?" Lee Jordan asked after Ivy Monaghan told him,Jade,Zack and Archie what happened at the United Nations.
"It's no joke,hot shot!" Ivy answered "It's true!"
"Why haven't Mr. Devineaux inform me about this?" Archie asked
"He's in a bad mood!" Ivy answered as Archie is upset right about now.

Outside of ACME Headquarters (on top of the rooftop)

Chase Devineaux is still upset while feeding Phoenix (his pet falcon) raw meat while Jade's cat,Sam came outside and meowed at Chase..."Hi, Sam *sighed* I'm not in a mood to talk to you." Phoenix squawked at Sam.

Sam speaks in his own language telling him what's wrong with his owner?
Phoenix squawked at Sam saying his owner doesn't want to talk about it so leave his owner alone.
And Sam leaves the rooftop and return inside the building while Chase still feels so upset.

Meanwhile in Ocean Beach...

"Do you know lots of surfers and swimmers drown here because of the rapid rip currents and cold water?" Senor Senior Junior asked while holding a metal detector looking for the Rockwaller treasure for Bonnie Rockwaller's sake in which she's holds a shovel.

"No,I didn't even know." Bonnie answered
"Father told me not to surf here." said Junior
"Your father's wrong...it's still the best surfing spot in the Bay Area they used to have a small amusement park here."
"Anything else?"
"Well I heard there was a wreckage of the King Philip."
"King Philip?!?!"
"A three-masted clipper ship still emerge from time to time."

"I thought there's something about a sea monster here." (please note: this story is not part of the Bay Gull report nor the Role-Played 'Golden' just a reminder)
"Sea Monster? Yeah right there's no sea monsters."
"What if that sea monster cause the wreckage of the King Philip and...Whoa!"
"What is it?"
"Let's go we're getting close to something!" said Junior as he and Bonnie running together after what the metal detector is detected from above...
"Whoa!" said Bonnie as she and Junior saw a wrecked ship.
"Well it isn't the King Philip...Let's find out!" said Junior and gasped "Bonnie,check this out!"
"What is it now?" Bonnie asked and she gasped when she saw the name"VILE!?!?! Oh great we've found one of Carmen Sandiego's cruise ships!"

"Carmen Sandiego?!?!" said Junior and gasped "my father used to know her."
"Oh really?!?!" someone said and Bonnie screamed.
"Bonnie!" said Junior and he saw a strong man covered Bonnie's mouth and a flaming red orange haired woman. "Hey let her go!"
"In your dreams!" said the woman as another man knock Junior down from behind and he lied to the ground...The woman laughed insanely as two men dragged Junior and the other man still got Bonnie away.

(end of act one)
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(Act two begins)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

James Timothy and Ann Possible were surprise by what Bolt Upright told them about 'Pop-Pop' Porter's healthy snack food and the contest he sponsored.

Leaving Bolt Upright's office...

"Look,I know it's hard for the both of you but I'll try to arranged a flight ride back to Middleton for the both of you." Bolt said.

"Thank you so much,Mr.Upright!" said James
"And thanks for the information we truly appreciated." said Ann
"My pleasure right now I have to talk to my colleague...it's really important!" said Bolt
"Don't mind take your time,we just have a self -guided tour guide to shows us this place." said James
"Sorry we don't do touring around this place for visitors." said Bolt "It's against policy!" and Bolt leaves.

"*sighed* Come on James let's go to the lobby." said Ann
"Yeah and find somebody on the front desk to recommended a hotel for us to stay until Bolt finishes with everything." said James as he and Ann are heading down for the lobby...when Dr. Spencer Ross came out of the Lab.

"Oh hello!" said Spencer
"Hello!" said James
"Hello there!" said Ann
"Hello,I'm Spencer Ross,Technician for ACME Lab." said Spencer
"Nice to meet you!"
"Mind if I take a sneak peek at the lab?" James asked
"I'm not the one in charge of the lab so I'm sorry I don't have permission to have any visitors coming in here." Spencer answered

"Oh I'm sorry Dr.Ross you see my husband is a rocket scientist well he was." said Ann
"What do you mean,ma'am?" Spencer asked until Josha comes out of the Lab.

"Spencer,we needed you back at the lab at once." Josha said
"Is the main computer fixed?"
"All done!" Josha answered until Jim and Tim Possible and they gasped.

"Mom!" said Jim
"Dad!" said Tim
"Jim!" said Ann
"Tim!" said James and Josha and Spencer gasped as Wade came out and said "Hey what's going...oh boy!"

When Lee is about to get a drink from the vending machine...his stunning brown eyes caught Kim Possible coming his way.

"Hello!" said Kim
"Hello,Kim Possible!" said Lee while his brown eyes stares at Kim's green eyes.
"Uh...I don't know you!"
"Until now,Miss Possible!"
"And you are...!"
"Lee Jordan,ACME Detective!" Lee introduced himself to Kim.
"Say can I get you a drink?"
"I'm okay,no thank you!"
"Oh come on,I'll take you out to dinner at the Cafeteria."
"I already have someone else."
"Really? Who?" Lee asked as Ron Stoppable came from behind and he answered to Lee "Me! Ron Stoppable!"

And then all the sudden Rufus,Ron's pet (a naked mole rat) screaming and running by Reuben,Lee's beagle dog chasing him barking..."Rufus!" said Ron as Rufus still running from Reuben.

"Reuben,sit!" said Lee as Rufus still running from Reuben while after Rufus. "Ooo...I wish I would have a greyhound instead of a beagle!"
Rufus still chased by Reuben heading for the hallway.

Josha and Spencer gasped and Josha said "Oh bueno not good!"

Spencer said "Oh no!"
James,Ann,Jim,Tim and Wade gasped as Rufus jump into Josha's pants' pocket.

Reuben is about to get Josha to get to Rufus but Spencer stop Reuben.

Lee,Kim and Ron came and so does Ivy,Zack,Archie and Bolt.

"Rufus...*gasped* uh Kim!" said Ron
"Mom,Dad,Wade,Tweebs!" said Kim
"Kim!" said James,Ann,Jim,Tim and Wade as Jade came along with her cat, Sam and Jade said to everyone "Alright,would someone tell us what is going on here?"

(end of act two)
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(Act three begins)

Squaw Valley,CA,USA

Unknown area (VILE hideout)

Vic,Dr. Drakken and Shego enter the bar and recreation room...

"Hey,Moe! Look who's back from Reno?" Lars Vegas said to Moe Skeeter.
"Oh Vic,hey buddy how's Reno?" Moe asked
"Lousy!" Vic answered "I warn them not gamble there but do they listen to me? No way!"
"So I figure this is not a good time to talk about it." said Lars as Patty Larceny came.

"Lars's got the point there." Patty said.
"Hey doll face!" said Vic
"Hey Mr. Salesman,how's Reno?"
"Like I said to Moe and Lars Reno's lousy!"
"And who are these two?"
"Oh they are a big fan to our boss." Vic said to Patty "Well one of them anyway."

"Oh hello there! I'm Dr. Drakken and this is Shego." Dr. Drakken introduced himself and Shego to Patty.
"Dr. Drakken?!?!" Lars said
"Shego?!?!" Moe said "Don't these two look familiar?"
"Not to VILE but they are two rivals to Kim Possible." Lars answered
"*laughed*What a couple of weirdos!" said Moe as he and Lars laughed until an energy ball just hit the wall both Moe and Lars duct and Shego said to Moe and Lars "You boys knock it off or I'll kick the ego out of the both of you."

"Yikes!" said Moe and Lars in unison grinned,gets up and walk over to Dr. Drakken.
"She means it,boys,trust me that happens to me all the time." Dr. Drakken warned Moe and Lars until a VILE henchman who is also a bartender shows up.

"What's going on here?" the bartender asked
"Oh nothing!" Dr. Drakken answered "She just give these two gentlemen a warning about me and her."
"Oh I see!" said the bartender and he clears his throat and asked "What'll it be?"
"Oh make me a Blue Chi!" Dr. Drakken answered
"Blue Cheese?!?!"
"No,I want a Blue Chi."
"Blue Tea?!?!"
"Shego!" said Dr. Drakken and Shego cartwheeled herself to the bar and said to the bartender while grabbing his shirt "Now get this make him a Blue Chi."

"I don't know what that drink is." said the bartender
"A blended of two cocktail drinks: Pina Colada and a Blue Hawaii." Shego answered as Carmen Sandiego shows up.

"What is going on here?" Carmen asked
Shego gasped and she saw the elusive thief in red grinned and laughed "Why Carmen...hi?"

"Shego!?!?!" Carmen said "What are you doing here and who is this blue skinned psycho?"
"Psycho?!?!" Dr. Drakken said "Shego!"
"Well this 'psycho' here is Dr. Drakken!" Shego introduced Carmen to Dr. Drakken.

"Nice to meet you,I'm afraid our visit is cut very short." said Carmen
"What do you mean by that,Carmen?" Shego asked until she saw the elevator door open and she and Dr. Drakken gasped

"Dudes seriously this is great!" said Motor Ed as he and Double Trouble shows "Cuz! Green!"
"Oh no!" said Dr. Drakken.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Lobby

"Hick-a-no way!" said Jim
"That can't be!" said Tim
"Is this true,dad?" Kim asked
"I'm afraid so,Kimmy-cub!" James answered as Ann comforted him and after what James inform ACME about what happened in Middleton.

And then Chase came walking pass by the Possibles until Archie shows up and said "Mr. Devineaux,thank goodness listen Miss Sandiego has broken in again I'm positive and I'm shocked."

"What?!?!" said Chase

Conference Room

Other than Chase...
Jade gasped "Carmen!"
"Oh no she didn't!" said Ivy
"She did already!" said Zack as he,Jade,Ivy,Chase,Lee and Josha saw Carmen on the screen...
"I never thought to see you again,detectives!" said Carmen on screen "And you too,Jade."

"What's your game this time,Carmen? Because ACME is going to end your game." Lee asked

"Correction,Lee the game's already over for ACME!" Carmen answered.


"That's right ACME I'm taking over the world and you can't stop me."

"Cut! No,no,no! Be more aggressive,be more powerful than any other villains would take over the world than that Dr. Dragon!" someone said
"It's Drakken!" Dr. Drakken said (voice only)
Jade gasped "Really you want your boss to take over the world yeah right that's not her thing."

"Well nice try so drop the cue cards Jane Reaction!" said Jade as Chase,Ivy,Zack,Lee and Josha were surprise at whose voice Jade heard.

"Oh great,it's that no good free agent!" said Jane as she appears on screen.

"What are you trying to do,Reaction make VILE more aggressive than what your boss does?"

"Oh I almost forgot I or should I say,Carmen is holding three people hostage." said Jane as she shows ACME the three people.

"*gasped* Chief!" said Ivy and Zack in unison as they saw Dr.Weller along with Junior and Bonnie.
Lee and Chase is angry.

"And beside you'll never save them *laughed*" said DNAmy as she brings out her army of Coonigators.

"Oh bueno!" said Josha and he saw a bunch of monkeys in ninja outfits along Monkey Fist.

"You'll never find Carmen Sandiego now!" said Jane "and she means it *laughed out loud* and Jane turns off the screen.

(end of act three)
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(This is the second half of Act three forgot to mention that after posting the first half I apologizes for this so bare with me)

ACME Headquarters

The Possibles are shocked after Jade inform them.

"So it wasn't Carmen Sandiego who wanted to take over the world?" Kim asked
"That's right,Kim!" Jade answered as Ron came

"Jade,I know this is sounds hard but where's the nearest Smarty Mart I need a new mission outfit?" Ron asked

"Oakland is all I know,Ron!" Jade answered (Smarty Mart is version of Wal-Mart according the cartoon, Kim Possible.)

"Why do you need a mission outfit,Ron?" Kim asked
"Well duh my mission pants is ripped by those cute yet dangerous raccoons."
"Dangerous raccoons?"
"They have a mouth of an alligator."
"As in Coonigators?!?!" Jade said
"Yeah!" said Ron
"I remember I read a book about them and believe me they are folklore animals of Vermont in the woods surrounding Montpelier,the capital city of Vermont unless one of your rivals is an animal splicer,Kim."

"That's DNAmy,Jade!" said Kim
"Yeah and I notice more crooks on screen especially a villain I haven't seen only his voice when called himself Drakken." said Jade
"Drakken?!?!" Kim and her father said in unison.
"Is he involve in this?" Kim asked
"I doubt it,Kim!" Jade answered "And how did your father know Drakken?"
"He used to be an old college friend of mine...his real name is Drew Lipsky." said James as Chase,Ivy,Zack and Lee came.

"Other than Double Trouble,Carmen's pair of party posses." said Jim
"Kim we met your rival Motor Ed." said Tim
"Who is in fact of Dr. Drakken's cousin." Kim said
"Cousin!?!?" The tweebs said
"I didn't know Drew has a cousin." said James
"It's a long story,dad trust me." said Kim.

"And not only that crook but me,Tyson and Reuben met Monkey Fist." said Lee
"And a guy named Killigan!" said Ivy
"When we try to capture Dara and Al!" said Chase
"He slip us with a lot of golf ball!" said Ivy
"It's true,he and two crooks ruined the Model UN meeting!" said Kim.
"And thanks to Double Trouble and Motor Ed we both end up with a t-shirt." said Jim
"Yeah we both got disqualified for illegal used that is not suitable for a science project." said Tim
"Oh tweebs you should made a better science project than that." said Kim
"Kim's right,boys there's always next year." Ann said
"We're banned from next year's science fair." said Jim
"So much for scholarship money." said Tim

"Relax,boys there's a scholarship program for the both of you at MIT." said Zack.
"MIT?!?!" said James
"Massachusetts Institute of Technology,that's where Spencer Ross attended there." said Jade (I'm not sure if they have it in real life but in my story is fictional) "Beside Kim we noticed the Chief is one of the three hostages can you recognize these two?"

Jade shows Kim the description on the piece of the paper Jade wrote.

"*gasped* the brown-haired female is Bonnie Rockwaller." Kim answered
"And the black haired tanned male with a yellow shirt that's Senor Senior Junior,son of Senor Senior Senior." Ron answered. "Say what ever happened to him?"
"I don't know,Ron but we have no choice but to save them and recovered the largest electromagnet in North America." said Kim
"What? Why?" Ron asked
"Dad got fired from the space center that's why!"
"It's true,Ron!" said Ann as Wade,Spencer and Josha came from the lab.

"Guys,we've found the location where our suspect is at?" Wade said

"Where's the suspect hiding,Wade?" Kim asked
"Squaw Valley!" Wade answered
"That's where the 1960 Winter Olympics games was held." said Jade.
"You are right,Jade!" said Josha.
"Well we better get going." said Kim
"Can we stop at Oakland and head for Smarty Mart I need a new mission outfit?" Ron asked
"We don't have time,Ron!" Kim answered

"Hold on Kim Possible you and Ron Stoppable are not going ACME will handle this." said Lee
"Jordan,we don't have a choice!" said Chase
"Yeah right Chase!" said Lee "If anything happens to them it's ACME's fault especially me."
"Lee, we have to take them they know each villain they encountered like ACME encounters VILE." said Jade

Lee sighed "Alright you both can come."
"Ron,why don't you make a new mission outfit?" Jade said
"How?" Ron asked
"Look at your suitcase the answers in there." Jade answered
"Oh I don't know what's the best mission outfit from...Wait a minute! *his light bulb clicked from his brain* Of course I remember an outfit I used to wore." Ron said and he ran.

"And take our boys too they have their own mission outfit as well."
"Hoo-sha!" said Jim and Tim
"Now boys behave and listen to everyone and stay together or you two are grounded for a month." said James.
"Yes,Dad!" said Jim and Tim as the boys and Kim ran to get into their own mission outfit.

"You all be careful it could be a trap!" said Wade
"The rest of us will catch up!" said Zack.
"Better get Maylee on the double,Ivy!" said Jade as Sam jumped on her shoulder. "Come on,Sam,I've figure I need a furry assistance."
"Good thinking,Jade!" said Ivy as she and Jade ran
"And Jordan,get your team ready!" Chase commanded
"On it!" said Lee as he ran to get Cole,Jason and Tyson.

(now everyone is ready for the capture and the rescue)


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Before I get to Act Four here's the mission outfit for Kim Possible,Ron Stoppable and Jim and Tim Possible (I don't own the wardrobe whatsoever)

Kim Possible's Mission outfit is from the episode 'Clothes Minded'... a purple shirt,black pants with purple on the sides,tight grey gloves,grey belt and black sneakers.

Ron Stoppable's Mission outfit inspired from the episode 'The New Ron' except like his old mission outfit inspired combine together...a blue 3/4 sleeve mock-turtleneck,black pants,gray utility belt,dark gray gloves and black sneakers

Jim and Tim Possible's Mission outfit inspired from Ron Stoppable's old mission outfit except Jim wears a green 3/4 sleeve shirt and Tim wears a red 3/4 sleeve shirt they both wear cargo pants except it's black,gray utility belt and black sneakers.

(Now let's get ready for the mission)


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(Act four begins)

Squaw Valley,CA,USA

While being tied up with The Chief (Dr. Weller),both Bonnie and Junior struggle to get outer here but not good enough.

"I'm not happy with you and you new posses around." said Carmen as Jane brought her latest invention under the cloth.

"Relax,boss lady,soon the party will get started with a blast." said Double Trouble.
"Just take it easy,Lassie!" said Duff Killigan as DNAmy asked to the bartender "You don't know how to make a frozen tropical berry daiquiri?"
"I can make a strawberry banana daiquiri if you like." said the bartender and gasped as he saw one of Monkey Fist's monkey ninjas starring at him.

"You better make a frozen tropical berry daiquiri for her or else?" said Monkey Fist
"And please no rum or sugar." DNAmy said to the bartender who was panicking to make it but too scared to do so because of the monkey ninjas and Jane grab the bartender by his shirt and Jane is about to the punch the bartender...

"Oh so not the drama!" said Kim as she,Ron,Jim and Tim came along with Rufus of course.

"It's Kim Possible!" said Patty
"And that has to be her sidekick or boyfriend?" said Vic
"You mean Ron Stoppable!" said Monkey Fist.
"That's the one!" said Vic and Motor Ed push him..."Ew! Does he reminds us of someone we know?"
"Yeah,Top Grunge!" Patty answered.

"Oh no Red,you,Skinny Dude and you two troublemakers are going to get it..seriously and the bald rat too." said Motor Ed and then Sam jumped onto Motor Ed "Oh no not again...seriously!"

"What's a cat doing here?" Drakken asked
"And where's its owner?" Shego asked
"Right here!" said Jade as she came in her medium blue battle suit.

"Jade!" Carmen smiled when she saw Jade and Jane gasped in anger.
"It's about you show up!" said The Chief
"And I'm not alone!"
"What?!?!" said Jane as Chase (in his dark red battle suit),Ivy (in her teal battle suit),Lee (in his deep black battle suit),Cole Gannon (in his dark gray battle suit) and Maylee Young (in her hot pink battle suit) shows as well as Jane lets the bartender go.

"That's right,ACME's here as well!" said Ivy
"Everyone who helps out Jane Reaction is under arrest!" said Chase.
"And we got the warrants to prove it!" said Maylee.

"Oh no not you again!" said Monkey Fist

"Oh step a banana peel Monkey Fist you're going down." said Lee
"I hate it when you say that!" said Monkey Fist.
"You tell that rude detective real good Monty!" said DNAmy as Lee laughed.
"What's so funny,Jordan?" Chase asked
"His name is Monty!" Lee answered as he keeps laughing.
"Uh Lee you already got Monkey Fist's bananas split." said Ron as Lee gasped.
"I'm tired of you tasteless humor...MONKEY NINJA ATTACKS!" Monkey Fist said and the monkey ninjas shows up to attack Ron and Lee while Rufus jumps out of Ron's pants pocket to help Sam against Motor Ed..."Seriously again!"

Duff Killigan starts off and said while using a golf club (driver) and his own golf ball "Fore!" but Maylee uses her hi-tech version of a golf club (wedge/putter combo) and Duff's golf ball change into a net which caught only the monkey ninjas.

"You're going to regretted this young lady!" said Monkey Fist angrily.
"Coonigators free those cute monkey ninjas!" said DNAmy but just then Tyson Jackson and Jason Argonaut capture the Coonigators with a huge animal cage after they knock down two henchmen out cold while guarding the exit door.

"Yes!" said Tyson and Jason in unison and high five at each other.
Cole stop DNAmy from freeing the Coonigators "Nuh-uh! Not a chance!"
Double Trouble are about to get Cole but Jim and Tim knock them down from behind and used plastic ties on Double Trouble's wrists.

Jane's 'cheese' is about to have a meltdown..."That doesn't it you ACME nitwits are going to get it with this!" as she reveals her invention..."Behold my gravity beam to you ACME agents up,up and away to space."

Carmen gasped "You're insane!" she said to Jane
"That's not going happen!" said Jade
"So true,Jade!" said Kim.
"Uh before you beam ACME out to space,where did you get that electromagnet?" Drakken asked
"The Middleton Space Center!" Jane answered as Drakken,Carmen and Jade gasped.
"Oh so not the drama!" said Kim as she's about to get Jane but Dara Riska stops her with a punch.

"Oh great there goes Kim Possible out cold!" said Bonnie.
"Coming,Kim!" said Ron but Monkey Fist block Ron.
"Not so fast,Stoppable!" said Monkey Fist as least Ron knows to fight him with his Monkey Kung-Fu moves being taught since his high school senior year.

"Who are trying to impersonate,Stoppable Bruce Lee?" Lee asked
"Just using my monkey kung-fu skills." Ron answered "Stand back,Lee Jordan leave it to Ron Stoppable."

Ron and Monkey Fist starts to fight...Dara is about to get rid of Kim Possible with her laser pointed gun but Shego stop Dara with her energy ball.
"Hey nobody messes Kim Possible except me!" Shego said "What am I talking about I'm not villain!"
"Shego,look out!" Drakken said after he saw Al Loy about to get Shego by using a barrel Drakken somehow roll a barrel with his left foot and down goes Al and Shego jumped.

"Traitors!" said Jane and she gasped when she saw Moe and Lars freed The Chief,Bonnie and Junior by using an old fashioned razor Vic gave to Lars..."That does it! It's time put you all up starting with the free agent."

Jade gasped as Jane aims at Jade with her gravity beam but it didn't work! "What the...?!?!"
"Okay,what just happened?" Ivy asked
"It seems Reaction just blew it!" Jade answered "You flunk Physics 101."
"At least you're okay,Jade!" said Carmen as Jane growled "Moe,Lars,Vic and Patty get yourselves outer here along with the hostages." and they did.

As Motor Ed who getting very angry on Rufus and Sam as throws them one at a time.
Sam lands on his four feet but not Rufus.
"Rufus!" Ron said as Monkey Fist knock him down.
"Ron!" Kim said while in pain and Lee's anger gets even with Monkey Fist while blocking the moves and attack Monkey Fist with a good self defense of his own..."Good work,Jordan!" said Chase as he cuffed Monkey Fist.

Jane is really angry but gasped when Jade said with a pocket sized screwdriver. "I have to disassemble your beam!" As the police came just in time.

(end of Act four but the story isn't over yet)
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Explain by Wade along with Kim,Ron and Rufus are at the airport in San Francisco while waiting for an ACME jet plane will take them back to Middleton after recovering for a week.

After what happened at Squaw Valley a week ago everything's back normal...

1. After recovering the most powerful electromagnet in North America and return to the Middleton Space Center...Kim's dad got his job back...

"Boo-yah!" said Ron
"Ron!" said Kim.

2. speaking of Ron,he and Kim are still together although Kim's Model UN Meeting is done for...she still continues her major except she was forced to do it online at home while Ron tries other Mexican fast food joints after the closing of Bueno Nacho.

"I really miss the Naco!" said Ron "I really miss Bueno Nacho!"

"Me too!" said Rufus as he and Ron cried

3. Kim's brothers although they didn't win the science fair but thanks to Spencer they got a scholarship program at MIT.

4. As for Kim's mom...Mr.Pop-Pop Porter apologize to her and to accept his apology he gave her a coupon book for Pop-Pop Porter's snack products.

5. As for Bonnie and Senor Senior Junior thanks to the medal detector and shovel they found the Rockwaller treasure it turns out to be nothing but a key and the key leads Bonnie and Junior to Ocean Town in which passes through the tri-cities and end up working at a beach side diner.

"But what happened to the other villains in which Carmen Sandiego doesn't count." said Ron

6. Let's just say Drakken and Shego are still together while his cousin Motor Ed loses his hairstyle.

"No dude seriously!" said Ed as he was upset after the prison guard gave him a haircut.
The Raccoons and the Alligators are back to them own selves while DNAmy, Monkey Fist and Duff Killigan end up in prison.

7. And ACME and Jade are always staying on Carmen and her gang of VILE villains' trail am I right,Jade?

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Conference Room

"Exactly,Wade till we meet again,Kim Possible!" said Jade.
"Thanks Jade!" said Kim on screen
"Yeah so long,Kim Possible!" said Lee "And by the way,Stoppable what in the world is a naco?"
"a combinations of nachos and a taco!"Ron answered while on screen "In which I created it myself!"
Lee got shocked and said "You're the creator!?!?!"
"Yeah!" Ron answered as Lee fainted to the floor.

(I hope everyone understands I'm worried that this story might end up in the story library so my apologies that I wrote too long)

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    Looked at my weather today from my computer....it said 9. I thought it meant 9 F. I was like huh. It's gonna be unusually cold today. Then I noticed the C beside the number. :D
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  • I :
    Guest invader2 has joined the room.
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  • I (Guest) invader2:
    hi this is invader IF ANYONE SEES CHASE please ping them for me I cant get into my account and I cant get a reset password email either even though i have whitelisted this site
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  • Lucy Lucy:
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  • I (Guest) invader2:
    I am at my whits end I cant ping them here if i cant get in
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  • Lucy Lucy:
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    let me try
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  • I (Guest) invader2:
    Thanks for any and all help
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  • Jon Eckart Jon Eckart:
    ((OOC: If anyone can get ahold of Invader (or Invader2), might want to let them know @Chase hasn't been seen for over 2 or 3 years... no idea, unless it's a test of us to not get out of hand or something. Invader might have to make a new account (not sure how that'll work, using the same e-mail address), but I don't know who has admin rights here besides Chase and maybe Carmen and possibly Ivy. For a while now, it's seemed like the higher-ups have left us maybe in charge for a bit.))
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    If there's a league of extraordinary Men why isn't there for women? Carmen would DEFINITELY be the extraordinary women 😄
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  • Deric Storm Deric Storm:
    Invader, have you checked your spam folder. Sometimes, I've had password reset emails go in there
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  • Lucy Lucy:
    @Deric Storm She says she's already done that and she has the site whitelisted
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    Lucy Lucy: @Deric Storm She says she's already done that and she has the site whitelisted
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