A Date With Trouble


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Archie Pelago, Chase Devineaux, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Patty Larceny, Vic the Slick, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Sven Galli whatsoever...This is a Valentine's Day story nothing wrong just a touch of humor)


ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

The Hallway

*Jade Ezell and Maylee Young are helping out with the mail to every single ACME agents and employers along with the cats well two of them of course.*

(Animals don't talk but their minds do)
Kuro's mind: *to Socks* I'm sorry Sam won't be joining us for the training exercise.
Socks' mind: It's true, Kuro he caught a cold.
Kuro's mind: Tell me what happened?

Socks' Flashback

The Vet's Office just a mile from Jade's house

Jade: *to a female veterinarian* I understand, doctor! Sam should get some rest and away from Socks for a week or two.
Female Veterinarian: At least your mother should call me if he gets worse.
Jade: She understands, doctor and thank you!

After C-5 from the Vet's office to her mother's house, Jade place Sam in another room to be quarantine.

Jade: Get well soon, Sam! *Sam sneezed as his little sister, Socks is about to get in Jade grab her after closing the door.* No Socks, Vet's order....Let your brother rest until he gets better okay? *Socks meowed sadly* I don't want you to caught a cold from him understand? *Socks meowed as Jade puts her down and then write a note to her mother about Sam and just in case if his cold gets worse call the vet's office.* I'll see you later, Socks! *as she leaves by C-5.*

*Socks' flashback fades*
Kuro's mind: That's so sad!
Socks' mind: Don't worry, Kuro he'll be okay at least he'll stay put until his cold goes away.

(End of Prologue)


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Chapter One

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

The Lab

Jade: *as she and Maylee shows up with their own face mask on because of some fume still smoking from last week's minor chemical accident and everyone working at the lab must wear face mask until further notice.* Hey boys mail's here!

Male Lab Worker#1: About time!
Male Lab Worker#2: I wonder what we got *Jade puts down the ? on the table.*
Jade: Something from ACME Lab in Lima, Peru. *as Male Lab Worker #2 grab a package opener and open the package.*
Male Lab Worker#1: Hoping to clear the fumes away. *as an ACME Lab Supervisor came*
Male Lab Worker#2: Not exactly we've got some new electronic microscope for the new Computer Science Lab.
ACME Lab Supervisor (male): With a new Computer Forensics Specialist who will be flying to San Francisco just before Valentine's Day!
Maylee: *as Spencer Ross shows up from Lab Technician.* Hey Spencer, you've got mail!
Spencer: *as he grab his card from Maylee's hand.* Thanks, Maylee! *looks at the front and the back of the ✉.* Strange there's no returning address.
ACME Lab Supervisor (male): Doctor Ross you'd better read it during lunch break.
Spencer: Yes, sir!


*Jade and Maylee along with Socks and Kuro fresh off from training exercise are having lunch (Jade has a ? with two chilled bottles of water and Maylee has Pad Thai and a large bottle of water and the cats have their favorite cat food and water as well.)well just six feet from each other Spencer shows up with a greeting card with a ❤ and a ⚛ on it.*

Jade: Spencer, what's the matter?
Spencer: Oh this card it looks like homemade.
Maylee: Really?
Spencer: It sure does and take a look it has a message to me.
Jade: *as Spencer hands the card to her and reads it carefully* Dear Spencer, I can't wait to see you again after all these years of all the time everyone make us so miserable in our own lives we maybe friends but I hope you didn't forget about me. Well I'm coming to San Francisco to see you after setting in with a job...I was hoping I can share a room with you...That is if you don't have a girlfriend that is. Sincerely, Your Secret Admirer.

Maylee: Secret Admirer?!?!
Jade: Someone who admires to love that person but remains anonymous.
Maylee: Until what? Before Valentine's Day?!?! *As two male Lab Workers shows up a little further away from Spencer.
Jade: Maybe so, Maylee!

Male Lab Worker#2: Probably his mother is going to move in with him. *he and Male Lab Worker#1 laughed a little.*

Spencer: Very funny, boys! *to Jade and Maylee* But I'm not sure who my 'secret admirer' is? I'm glad it's not you or Maylee, Jade.
Jade: True, Spencer.
Maylee: Or one of those ACME girls well except some of the girls who already have their own boyfriends.
Spencer: I don't think so, Maylee!
Jade: Or maybe an old classmate?!?!

Spencer: Old Classmate?!?! You know something Jade I have a lot of classmates especially a girl who I know long time ago...*as he shows Jade and Maylee a picture of a geeky girl who has ??‍♀, green eyes, wearing a pair of coke-bottle ? and has braces on her teeth* That's Brenda N. Butters she's not only my classmate she lives next door anyway she never made any friends.

Maylee: I wonder why?

Spencer: Well she tries to fit in with other girls but couldn't not even the boys like her but I always know I could help her out because she struggles badly she was afraid she would be dropping out of school not only her parents are struggling to keep a job from a grocery store to dry cleaning to well a diner I guess...But we never fell in love with each other because of my parents and her parents are really cautious.

Jade: Well thank goodness you and Brenda are not like Romeo and Juliet except for the tragedy ending.

Spencer: True, Jade afterwards we go on our separate ways and probably have a boyfriend already.
Maylee: Or she's probably into college right now.
Spencer: Yeah I remember my parents told me that Brenda has gone Utica College in New York after her grandfather on her father's side passed away and her parents well end up in a homeless shelter until they move to New Hampshire running a bed and breakfast place after her uncle on her mother's side passed away.
Jade: That's wonderful of Brenda and her parents!
Spencer: Well it's true, Jade but now I don't know who my secret admirer is.

Male Lab Worker#1: I know we're going speed dating.
Maylee: Speed Dating?
Jade: A formalized matchmaking process which has the purpose of encouraging eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period of time.
Maylee: Like how long?
Jade: Probably four minutes or less.
Maylee's mind: *Maylee ?*Awkward!

Spencer: Sorry boys not interesting!
Male Lab Worker#2: C'mon, Spencer it'll be fun!
Male Lab Worker#1: Who knows your secret admirer might be there?
Spencer: *?* I don't know.
Male Lab Worker#1: Please?!?!
Male Lab Worker#2: It's only for tonight what ya say?
Spencer: Alright but only for tonight! *the two male lab workers high five at each other as they and Spencer goes back to the lab so they would finish before tonight.*

Maylee: *to Jade* Would you ever want to try speed dating?
Jade: I doubt it, Maylee! It's never easy to find someone and find out that person isn't the one for you or for me.
Maylee: I agree with you, Jade!

(end of Chapter One)
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Chapter Two

A few days later...

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA,USA

The Hallway...Shirley the Receptionist is well...happy because of her 'secret admirer' brought her a ? of pink ?s and white ?s while Jade and Maylee came from the Academy.

Shirley: Afternoon, girls!
Jade: Afternoon Shirley!
Maylee: Say I like those flowers they're so beautiful. *as Lee Jordan just got out of the File Room.*
Shirley: Thank you, Maylee I'm going to meet my 'secret admirer' tonight at a Italian restaurant in the North Beach District.

Lee: You're lucky you have a date, Shirley! *seeing a ? box.* Ah a box of chocolates! *Shirley slap Lee's hand with her hand.* Ow! *as Spencer came out of the lab with the two lab boys.*
Shirley: That's not from my secret admirer, Detective Jordan in fact it's just came in but it's for Doctor Ross.
Spencer: *as he came to Shirley* For me?
Shirley: Of course, Doctor Ross! *as he grab the ? box he opened it and saw a tin ? box with a note on it.*

Spencer: *reading the note* Spencer, I made these brownies bites for you, be sure to give me something when I arrive in San Francisco from Your Secret Admirer. P.S. Don't eat them all share them with your friends.

Male Lab Worker#1: *to Male Lab Worker#2 quietly* I still believe Spencer's secret admirer is his mother.
Male Lab Worker#2: *quietly* I bet a ? it is.
ACME Lab Supervisor (male): *as he came out* Boys should've you finish cleaning up the new Computer Science Lab Room before our new Computer Forensics Specialist comes?
Male Lab Worker#1: Yes, Sir! *as he grab two brownie bites out of the tin gift box after Spencer opened the lid.*
ACME Lab Supervisor (male): Doctor Ross would you mind come to my office and give me one of those brownie bites.
Spencer: Sure *grab two brownie bites out of the tin ? box* Enjoy everybody!
Jade/Maylee/Lee: Thank you, Spencer! *as Spencer heads back to the Lab*
Lee: *after tasting a brownie bite* Mmm...it's good!
Maylee: *after tasting a brownie bite* Not bad!
Jade: *after tasting a brownie bite* And it's quite healthy!
Lee: * grab three more brownie bites* I've better give one each to Zack, Ivy and Chase! *as he leaves*
Maylee: *grab four more brownie bites.* And one each for Cole, Jason, Tyson and Jessie. *as the two male lab workers came out after throwing out the brownie bites in the Lab's trash can.*

Male Lab Worker#1: Yuck this brownie doesn't taste like his mother's!
Male Lab Worker#2: It's not that chewy at all...say where's Detective Jordan?

Jade: Just giving those bites to Chase, Zack and Ivy!
Male Lab Worker#2: We need to talk to him.
Jade: About what, boys?
Male Lab Worker#1: How to find a girlfriend for ourselves?
Jade: I don't think Lee wouldn't give you boys the answers.
Male Lab Worker#1: Why not?
Jade: It's none of his business.

Shirley: Boys if want to know how to find yourselves a girlfriend? Go talk to your parents, your siblings, aunts, uncles or your cousins they know someone who is single.
Male Lab Workers: *to Shirley* Boring!!!
Shirley: Or maybe meeting someone at a library or a :coffee:?, or a laundromat or even a ? alley.
Jade: Have you boys went to the gym while working out?
Male Lab Worker#2: Yeah right those ACME girls are nice but we're afraid they have boyfriends already.
Shirley: Have you try online dating?
Male Lab Worker#1: We try that?
Male Lab Worker#2: But no luck.
Jade: Well the only place that is better to meet and single is at ⛪. *As Archie Pelago came out of his office.*
Male Lab Workers: Really?

Archie: Really, Miss Ezell are you and Shirley trying to help them to find a girlfriend somewhere else beside here?
Shirley: Oh Archie, Miss Jade and I are just suggest some places other than speed dating.
Archie: Well I hope you two will not give me and Mr. Devineaux any advice on find some women the same places you mention.
Jade: Oh no! Not for you and Chase it's just only these two.
Archie: Boys you've better get back to work.
Male Lab Workers: Yes, sir! *as the boys head back to the lab.*

Archie: Miss Ezell comes to the Conference Room it's important!
Jade: Yes, Archie! * as she give Archie a brownie bite.* Trust me they're good! *as she and Archie head for the Conference room.*

(End of Chapter Two)
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Chapter Three

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA,USA

Pier 39

*Spencer looking a little bit nervous while wearing a polo shirt, khaki pants and loafers...then he remember something.*

Spencer's Flashback

ACME Headquarters

The Lab

Lab Supervisor (male): Doctor Ross someone call here and looking for you.
Spencer: Why is it something I did with the other lab boys going to a speed dating event?

Lab Supervisor (male): Not exactly, but I hope you didn't find the right one there.
Spencer: No I didn't and I even ask each girl if she's my secret admirer and none of them are.

Lab Supervisor (male): Well those lab boys should've known better to ask you for that event...But that's not why I need you here we fear that VILE might steal our new electronic microscope from our new computer science lab before our new Computer Forensics Specialist comes here...beside this caller didn't leave her name but she wants you to meet at the Aquarium of The Bay at Pier 39. (Aquarium of the Bay is a real place I don't own that place whatsoever)

Spencer: o_O Are you sure that caller wants me to meet her there?...I'm not surprised for this.
Lab Supervisor (male): Doctor Ross, This is important I don't want that microscope to be stolen...I want you to go there and find out if she after it she could be a VILE operative for all we know.
Spencer: Okay, but I really going to regret myself for this...I wish it would've been Josha instead of me.

Lab Supervisor (male): Just take of the rest of the day off and report back to me in the morning.
Spencer: I'm just a lab technician not an ACME agent.
Lab Supervisor (male): Well it's true but you always might be needed glad you've been aiding and the only one wearing an instant battle suit.
Spencer: Oh alright I'll do it then.
Lab Supervisor (male): Thank you, Doctor Ross I'm counting on you.

*Spencer's flashback faded*

?: Yoo-hoo! * Spencer saw a girl with a short raspberry pink hair, ?, sunshine yellow tank top, blue?, silver hoop earrings and red hi tops* Hello, are you Spencer Ross?
Spencer: I am and you are?
?: Megan Glitz!
Spencer: * ?*So Megan, what brings you here to San Francisco?
'Megan': Oh I'm just leaving my cheapskate boyfriend.
Spencer: Oh I'm sorry I thought you were one of those girls at a speed dating event.
'Megan': Oh no too much to look for the right guy I prefer guys with ?s.
Spencer: *?* You look familiar have we met?
'Megan': Uh no actually I'm a college student from UCLA. (University of California Los Angeles I don't own that university whatsoever)
Spencer: Really? You look sort of familiar to me.
'Megan': Oh stop why don't we go see the entire aquarium right now. *she grab him and enter inside the Aquarium of the Bay.*

Inside the Aquarium of the Bay's Underwater Tunnel

'Megan': Isn't this amazing you can see everything without going scuba diving?
Spencer: That's nice but...Oh yikes!
'Megan': ? It's a big ?...Run! *as she and Spencer as the big ? comes and you guess it knocks the tunnel at least all the tourists are safe.*

Spencer: I'm glad we've got out there in...*?* What the?!?! Whoa, that big ? is a submarine..
*Boatswain's call came from a sailor after opening the hatch of the submarine*
Sailor: Excuse me, miss! *as he pointed his finger to 'Megan'* You with the pink hair are you Patty Larceny?
'Megan': :eek:, Hey sailor man who brought you here? *as the sailor throws a ? to Patty
Sailor: A man named Vincent sent me and to give you that and a poem...*clear his throat* ?s are red, violets are blue, Patty, please come back to VILE and you and me well we can cruise on the Nile. *Megan ? at the sailor and throws the ? back to the sailor.*
'Megan': Tell that creep in a plaid suit I'm through with him and VILE.
Sailor: But Vincent said to me your aunt Carmen is worried about you.
'Megan': Don't care she got herself a brand new teacher's pet...*:p at the sailor*
Spencer: Megan?!?!
'Megan': Let's go somewhere and eat...I'm hungry! *she grabs Spencer and run*

At a Pizzeria around Russian Hill

*Jade is looking at the lunch menu while keep an ? on things and remembers what to do.*

Jade's Flashback

ACME Headquarters
Conference Room two hours ago...

Along with Archie are Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Ivy Monaghan and her brother, Zack are discussing Jade something important

Archie: *quietly* This is an important, Miss Ezell we're concern about Doctor Ross.
Zack: *quietly* We're all worry about him.
Ivy: *quietly* So does his supervisor.
Chase: *quietly* We want you to follow him with the mystery date find out everything about her who she is and where she's from?
Lee: *quietly* And whatever you do Special Secret Agent Jade don't approach him and tell him about his date. *Archie head slaps Lee with a ?*
Archie: *quietly* Detective Jordan, it's not officially rank just yet.
Lee: *quietly* Okay sorry, jeez!
Jade: *quietly* Don't worry leave it to me.

*Jade's flashback fades*

*Suddenly Megan and Spencer came inside and take a booth with the hostess.*
Hostess: Be right back with your server!
Spencer: Uh thank you! *is about to grab the lunch menu but Megan stop him.*

Waiter: *came to Jade* Are you ready to order, Miss?
Jade: Yes, I'll have the lunch special.
Waiter: Ah good! Pick either a half of our ?es or a ? of soup and a ? with a choice of dressing?
Jade: What is your soup of the day?
Waiter: Creamy Portabella ?.
Jade: Excellent I'll have that and a ? with an olive oil and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.
Waiter: And more :water:?
Jade: Yes, please! *the waiter left and went to Spencer and Megan*

Waiter: Ready to order?
Spencer: Well uh...
'Megan': We have a ❤ shaped ?, please?
Waiter: Coming up! *as the waiter leaves a violinist came and play a romantic music with his ? until an accordionist push the violinist away and starts playing his accordion with tune of Barry Manilow's Mandy (by the way I don't own that song whatsoever) and coming inside is Vic the Slick...

Vic: *sings to Megan* Oh Patty will come back to VILE and forget what I done to upset you? Oh Patty perhaps a ? will make you better please come back to VILE. *Megan slap his face*

'Megan': *as she pushes him onto the accordionist* Get lost loser! *Vic screamed as he and the accordionist knock down the waiter who is about to place a pasta bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce to a married couple and then yup you guess it the spaghetti and meat sauce go spilled onto the married couple by accident.

Vic: *as the married man looks at him in a ?* Uh-oh!

*without a doubt ten seconds later Vic well screamed and got throw into the pile of garbage bags after the married man beat the meatballs out of him and the accordionist came out of the restaurant came to Vic.*

Accordionist: Humph! Arrivederci! *and he leaves while Vic is ? from getting beat up and fainted afterwards.*

(End of Chapter Three)
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Chapter Four

Unknown hideout somewhere in San Francisco.

*Vic, Moe Skeeter, Lars Vegas and Sven Galli are playing Poker.*

Moe: I can't believe this, Vic you try to get Patty back what would you say to the boss when she comes here?
Vic: Oh I don't know boys but...
Lars: But what, Vic? You send a henchman dressed in a sailor suit to convince Patty back damage an aquarium and then hire an accordion playing a sour note at a pizzeria?
Sven: Boy Vic you can't win her back with a ?, a short poem and a weird song? No wonder she got someone else wrapped around her finger to get even with you after you cheated on her with another woman.

Vic: Yeah it turns out to be that science geek from ACME.
Lars: Who? Zack?
Vic: No I meant another one.
Moe: You mean Josha?
Vic: No not that Mexican I meant the other science geek you know looking like Chase Devineaux only with ?.
Moe and Lars: *?* Huh?!?!
Sven: Boys he describe that science geek as a lab technician who hangs out with Devineaux and that free agent girl.

Vic: I don't know who he is and no Sven I didn't cheat on Patty with that weird saleswoman that woman ruins my life and making Patty Larceny quit VILE after she got the ?...I'm outer options boys help me win Patty back. *Moe, Lars and Sven ? when all of the sudden a ? Carmen Sandiego shows up by opening the ?*

Carmen: *yelled while in a ?* VIC!!!! *Moe, Lars and Sven gasped and ran out*
Vic: *gulped* Hi boss lady look I can...*Carmen slapped his face*
Carmen: How could you be so gullible? I've talk with that henchman and told me you were to get Patty back in a submarine...thanks to you, that aquarium is bound to be in repairs.
Vic: I told that henchman to get Patty back by taking a yacht not a submarine.

Carmen: *??* I think the henchman misunderstood what you said to him.
Vic: And I even hired an accordion player to bring Patty not only to me but to you and VILE she refuse...And I'm out of ideas how to get her back.
Carmen: Vic, if you don't bring Patty back I'll make sure to rearrange your wardrobe! Is that clear?
Vic: *gulped* Whatever you say, boss any suggestions on how bring Patty?
Carmen: Sorry Vic, you're on your own...beside don't even hire ? because that idea is stupid! *as she slams the ?in front of his face.*

The Next Day

Union Square

*Spencer enter the shopping center after what happened this morning.*

*Spencer's flashback*

ACME Headquarters

The Lab

Male Lab Worker#1: Really, Spencer that's great!
Male Lab Worker#2: Finally we're proud of you dating such weird girl as Megan.
Male Lab Worker#1: So when are you going to introduce your date to your parents?
Male Lab Worker#2: Or maybe us I hope she has sisters.

Spencer: Never we didn't get connected in fact she's really weird somehow she really tries to get away from someone calling Megan, Patty.
Male Lab Worker#1: Doesn't matter, Spencer bring her in we like to meet her.
Spencer: No way!
Male Lab Worker#2: Why not?
Spencer: I'm worried about that microscope.
Male Lab Worker#1: C'mon what if she's a Science major.
Spencer: No would you boys mind your own business?
Male Lab Worker#2: C'mon! *as the lab supervisor coming out of his office.*
Spencer: *yelled* LEAVE ME ALONE!

ACME Lab Supervisor: What's going on?
Male Lab Worker#1: Uh, nothing!
ACME Lab Supervisor: Really, it seems you boys try to tell Doctor Ross about his personal things in which he doesn't like to discuss while working? You boys know better than that.
Male Lab Worker#2: Sorry!
ACME Lab Supervisor: Back to work, boys! *to Spencer* Doctor Ross! *Spencer follows his supervisor to his office.*

Lab Supervisor's office

ACME Lab Supervisor: *quietly to Spencer* I know you have a hard day yesterday I can't believe she make go to some places you don't want to go to please her.
Spencer: *quietly* You got that right, sir and I'm not sure if she's going after the microscope somehow she wants to get away from Vic.
ACME Lab Supervisor: *quietly* What? Why Vic-the-Slick?
Spencer: *quietly* He call her Patty!
ACME Lab Supervisor: *quietly* Oh dear but doesn't mean you should've shout when you're being bugged by your co-workers why don't you just calm down and the rest of the day off.
Spencer: *quietly* Are you sure?
ACME Lab Supervisor: *quietly* I'm positive!
Spencer: *quietly* Yes, sir! *as he leaves the office and saw Jade* Jade, What're you doing here?

Jade: Oh Spencer, I'm glad you're here why don't you do something for yourself why don't you get your 'secret admirer' a present when she arrives.
Spencer: What do you suggest me to buy for my 'secret admirer' I don't know who she is?
Jade: Maybe a pair of Swarovski crystal stud earrings, uh a phone sling bag for her ? or maybe an Anti-Theft ? Backpack. (Swarovski I don't own the glass company whatsoever)
Spencer: Jade, you thinking my 'secret admirer' is my old classmate, Brenda nice try Jade! I got to go! *as he leaves*

*Spencer's flashback fades as he look at his wallet he got a $500 VISA gift card for Christmas last year from his parents and he starts to shop.* (VISA I don't own that ? company whatsoever)

(End of Chapter Four)
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Chapter Five

Spencer's Apartment, San Francisco, CA,USA

*After putting away the ? in his closet making sure his 'secret admirer' likes them or not.*

Spencer's mind: I can't believe I have to buy something for my 'secret admirer' I mean what if my 'secret admirer' is just a nobody and being shy all these years and I can't believe what one of my co-workers said who my 'secret admirer' is.

Male Lab Worker#2: Probably his mother is going to move in with him

Spencer's mind: Or probably what Jade said who my 'secret admirer' is.


Jade: Or maybe an old classmate?!?!

Spencer's mind: *sighed* I don't know who is it as if I don't know the person oh well maybe that 'secret admirer' is just some Valentine's Day prank to cheer me up.

*Knock on the ? Spencer opens it a deliveryman shows up with a ?*

Deliveryman: Package for Spencer Ross!
Spencer: I'm him *as he sign the paper for the deliveryman and the deliveryman gave him the ?* Thanks! *as the deliveryman close the ? and he opens the ? and notice again there's no returning address...* Cool a stylish touchscreen smart ⌚, Wow just what I need for my ? a visible laser bike light...what the...an Anti-Theft ? backpack in Forest Green wait a minute I got one for my 'secret admirer' except it's powder blue.

*Just then the doorbell rang and Spencer opens the ?*

Spencer: Ah! Megan!
'Megan': *who is holding a picnic basket and dress up in a yellow feminine tank top, pink Capri pants, denim jacket and white sneakers.* Hey Spencer uh about yesterday...
Spencer: Yeah, I didn't have a great time with you, you were just overdoing it too much.
'Megan': Well yeah listen maybe I can try again with a picnic perhaps? *Spencer sighed*

ACME Headquarters

Director of Operatives' Office

* the ☎ rings and Jade picks up the ? while Socks chews up a piece of catnip flavored grass that someone gave that to Chase.*

Jade: Chase Devineaux's office!
Spencer: *on the phone* Jade uh where's Chase?
Jade: Weekly meeting what's going on, Spencer?
Spencer: *on the phone* Well Megan is inviting me on a picnic at Golden Gate Park what should I do?
Jade: Spencer, be nice to her, be positive, keep calm and steady as possible.
Spencer: *on the phone* Alright thanks for the advice, Jade gotta go!

*as Chase returns to his office after Jade gets off of his chair and hang up the ☎*

Chase: Jade, was there any phone calls?
Jade: Just Spencer, Chase! He's going to Golden Gate Park with Megan.
Chase: *quietly* You know what to do!
Jade: *quietly* Right...*to Socks* Let's go, Socks! *as Socks finish her snack and goes with Jade*

Golden Gate Park

*While Jade is on the bench her cat, Socks with a pure blue collar with an attached mini camera and a matching harass on it keeps an ? on Spencer and Megan.*

Spencer: You didn't have to go through with this for me.
'Megan': I have to, Spencer after what I did on our first date is a totally disaster.
Spencer: It isn't a good date believe me first the aquarium, then the restaurant and the matinee movie afterwards I mean I wasn't thrill at the movie you chose.

'Megan': Aw c'mon Spencer I thought you like that movie I pick.
Spencer: Well it is boring to me.
'Megan': But it's my favorite.
Spencer: Your favorite?!?! Megan how many times you see that?

'Megan': All the time I can't even count. C'mon at least I made lunch to make up that first date...*as she opened the picnic basket with two teacups, two plates and thermos.*
Spencer: A thermos what's inside ☕?
'Megan': Close...I've figure I made some hot ?, slices of ??es and for dessert...Cherry ?.
Spencer: Cherry ??!?!
'Megan': Yeah wanna slice after a good lunch.
Spencer: Megan I hate ?!
'Megan': o_O Why?
Spencer: Well because ? are sour and never that sweet in fact this look a short :tea:party not a picnic no offends Megan but this won't turn out to be a relationship that won't happen and believe me I'm not happy. *as he stands up and leave the park...Megan weeps*

Jade: I can't believe Spencer would...wait a sec that girl looks familiar and Socks where'd she go? *as someone grab her*

(End of Chapter Five)


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Chapter Six

Kafe Gato, Mission District, San Francisco, CA,USA (a fictional cat cafe)

*Remember what happened to Jade and Socks well Vic just grab them one at a time in his convertible and drives from the park to here.*

Jade: *? after she looks at a building* Kafe Gato?!?! Why did you bring us here, Vic?
Vic: Darjee Ling works here.
Jade: And I thought he runs his tea room in Haight-Ashbury.
Vic: His business didn't go nowhere...C'mon you'll gotta love this place. * he ? at Jade who is ?*

Inside the cat cafe

*There are three ?s...*a Himalayan ? meowed in front of male Ginger domestic shorthair and a female sable Burmese while they just ? each other.
Jade: *holding her cat, Socks* Mina?!?! *as a tan-skinned woman and Darjee came out of the kitchen.

Darjee: Ah Miss Jade I haven't you since my tea room close...oh by the way this is Miss Mocha.
Miss Mocha: How'd you do?
Darjee: And her ?s Beignet and Truffle.
Jade: It's a pleasure to meet you three and this is my ?, Socks!
Darjee: Socks, where's Sam?
Jade: Out with a cold?
Darjee: I hope I'll see him again.
Jade: You will, Darjee!
Miss Mocha: I hope you'll enjoy this place as much as you like Darjee's place.
Jade: I wonder which ones Beignet and which ones Truffle.
Miss Mocha: Beignet is the ginger tom? and Truffle is a female sable Burmese they love each other.

Vic: C'mon, Free Agent...And your little friend will be at the playroom. *Miss Mocha takes Socks to the playroom to play with the other ?s.*

Three minutes later...after ordering a ? and a light iced skinny no sugar added mocha for Jade and an espresso for Vic

Vic: I'm out of ideas I don't know how to win Patty and I was wondering maybe you can break them up?
Jade: Why did you want me to do that?
Vic: You're the one who knows that science geek?
Jade: Who Spencer? Vic the Slick, I'm not going to do that.

Vic: And why not?
Jade: All I'm saying is... He can do it himself and I wanna know why you're trying to win Patty back?

Vic: Okay, I'll tell you why...a travelling realtor came and her name is Clarice Sale and she wanted to sell ?s around the world to people with their needs and she talks to Carmen about selling her manor to a big ?‍?‍?‍? but boss lady refuse she knew that realtor is just fooling her but then she saw me and looks at me for help and then Patty heard a conservation between me and her.

Jade: And? *Vic shows Jade Patty's letter of resignation to Carmen she gasped* So that's it Patty decided to retire?
Vic: Worse she's going to get even with me for cheating on her and that's why I want you to break them up.
Jade: Sorry Vic I'm not gonna do that like I said Spencer can do it himself trust me he'll notice her right way... *as she stands up from the chair* And by the way someone's hearing our conversation anyway. *as she goes gets Socks out of the playroom who was scared by the other ?s hissing and growling at her...to Miss Mocha* Miss Mocha, make my order to go please.
Miss Mocha: Excellent choice!

Vic's mind: *as Jade pays her order, leaves a tip and she and Socks leaves* I wonder who is...* Vic gasped as he notice someone is there while reading a newspaper and having a cup of :coffee:...Vic ? at Carmen in disguise and Carmen is ?.*

Spencer's apartment

Zack: Spencer I look at the UCLA website there's no such name as Megan Glitz.
Spencer: *?* I knew that girl looks familiar I've figure she lied to me. *and then someone slipped a ? underneath his ?.* What the?!?! *he grab the ? and notice the glitter around the ❤ and opens the letter and right away he is ?.*

Zack: Spencer, what's wrong?
Spencer: Take a look at this letter, Zack. *As Zack grab the letter.*
Zack: *read the letter carefully* My dear Spencer, After a few days I've figure our romance isn't going nowhere fast please give one last chance to make it up one more time meet me tomorrow night for dinner at my place at Geary Boulevard in the Richmond District. Please try to dress nicely. Megan

Spencer: First the aquarium then the pizza parlor then the matinee movie, the picnic and now dinner at her place tomorrow what's her problem?
Zack: I do I believe that Patty Larceny is jealous of Vic.
Spencer: What?
Zack: Probably he likes Carmen the best.
Spencer: Zack what're you mean about...wait a minute did you say Patty Larceny?
Zack: Yeah!
Spencer: I knew that face looks familiar she lied to me but why.
Zack: I don't know but you're going to confront her tomorrow night.

Meanwhile at an apartment at Geary Boulevard in the Richmond District.

*Megan or should I say Patty enter inside an apartment (after removing her raspberry pink short wig and ? and look at a closet and notice an old light red silk ?.*
Patty: Boy that ?looks so 1980s better try it on.

Five minutes later in the bedroom...

Patty: Jeez laweez I look like a birthday present...well at least I can fix that. *looks at her bag and got a coral pink ? with iridescent white glitter on it that she purchase at a fabric store, she remove the ?puts back on her clothes and gets the ✂, measuring tape, ? and a travel size sewing machine. I'm so going to win Spencer's ❤ and get even with Vic big time.

(end of Chapter Six I'm almost done with this story so trust me)
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Chapter Seventeen

Spencer's Apartment

*someone rang the doorbell and Spencer answer the ?*

Spencer: *? while in a bathrobe (with a t-shirt and boxer shorts underneath)* Lee, what're you doing here?
Lee: Spencer, I know you've been stressed out over the past two days.
Spencer: Yeah no thanks to Miss Stupid Cupid.
Lee: Yeah Patty pretending to be a college student to win your ❤.
Spencer: *sarcastically* Gee I wonder why.
Lee: Jade explain to all of us...:oops:!
Spencer: Jade?!?! Okay Lee confess?!?!? *Lee gulped*

Thirty Minutes Later...

In Spencer's bedroom

Spencer: *?* Thank goodness Jade didn't want to approach to me at all.
Lee: I've figure Jade just knows you can do it yourself.
Spencer: I will tonight at the Richmond District I'm done with her.
Lee: And about your 'secret admirer'.
Spencer: Forget it, Lee I've got a bad feeling it's a Valentine's Day Prank...And I have no idea what to wear...I wish Chase was here to pick a outfit for dinner date.
Lee: *his ? just lit up* You don't have to be like Chase Devineaux you always see him dressed up for work.
Spencer: Like a business suit?!?!?
Lee: With or without a ? trust me, Spencer you've got your own style...Let me help you pick out the right outfit.
Spencer: Good enough with me, Lee. *as the boys enter Spencer's closet.


Geary Boulevard, Richmond District

Outside the building where Patty is staying...

Moe: I can't believe why Patty Larceny using one of our boss' old hideouts in the first place.
Sven: No idea boys but I believe Vic is trying to win Patty back.
Lars: As long as he doesn't beat the living daylights out of that ?‍?.
Moe: Why? *Lars points his finger to Chase, Ivy, Zack and Lee...Moe gasped* You're right Vic better not do that!
Lars: Why? *Moe points his finger to Archie, Jade and her ?, Socks just standing around.* Oh that's why!

Inside the building...

*after hours of making dinner Patty light a candle while in disguise as 'Megan Glitz' dress in a light red silk knee length ?with a coral pink glitter ribbons she added last night as a neck halter strap, fake belt for the waist and trim on the skirt, matching low heel pumps and a pair of coral pink heart stud earrings.*

*Someone knock on her ?and she answered it was Spencer in a blue blazer, white dress shirt, khaki pants and brown loafers.*

'Megan': Spencer you came would like to come in?
Spencer: No thank you, Megan or should I say Patty!
'Megan': I don't know who are you talking about.
Spencer: *shows Patty the ?* That glittering ❤ didn't surprise me.
'Megan': Spencer, I...*gasped when Vic shows up in a black polyester suit with a pink dress shirt on and black dress shoes * Vic, what are you doing here?

Vic: I didn't come alone, Doll face! *Carmen shows up*
'Megan': What's 'Aunt' Carmen doing here?
Carmen: I'm here to explain everything not only to you, Patty but Dr. Ross as well.
Spencer: Carmen, care to explain?
Carmen: Ever since yesterday Vic explain about that new 'henchwoman' to Jade.
Spencer: I know Detective Jordan inform me hours ago.
Carmen: But what Jade or Lee Jordan didn't know that she was just using Vic to cyber robbed the bank accounts belonging to the ones who has it in Switzerland including yours truly. *Patty gasped and she began to sobbed.*

Patty: *to ?* I didn't realize I thought Clarice wanted you to fired me.
Carmen: She was lying to you the whole time so I have to fired her.
Spencer: At least the truth has been spoken thank you, Carmen! *to Vic* She's all yours! *as he leaves the building...While Team ACME (Chase, Ivy, Zack, Lee, Jade, Archie and Jade's ?, Socks) and the rest of the boys well ?*

Vic: Thanks! *to Patty* Pats I love your ? where did you get this?
Patty: I made out of 'Aunt' Carmen's old dress I didn't mean to...
Carmen: Don't Patty I was about get rid that old dress anyway I'm glad you make something out of it.
Vic: *to Patty* You're know something I really love the dress, sweetheart but lose the wig and ?. *Patty removes her wig and ? and Vic present Patty with a ?of flowers.* Happy Valentine's Day, Patty Larceny!
Patty: *?* Oh Vic, thank you.
Carmen: *? that flowers are not for her* I'm glad that's over with it. Don't stay too long.
Vic: You got it, boss lady! *to Patty after Carmen leaves* I wonder what you made me.
Patty: I hope you like cream of ? soup, ? Carbonara and raspberry trifle.
Vic: Mmm! Boy you know a lady like you knows a man's ❤ is through his stomach.

ACME Headquarters

The Next Day

*Spencer is sitting alone outside when two male lab workers came.*

Male Lab Worker#1: C'mon let's try this speed dating again tonight.
Spencer: I don't think so.
Male Lab Worker#2: Oh c'mon last time you were just shy about wanna try again?
Spencer: No thank you!
Male Lab Worker#1: Your lost! *as he and his partner ? and bumped into a ??‍♀ with ? on and holding a ?...the boys left Spencer came to her!

?: Oh dear...my ?!
Spencer: *got her ?*Here you go!
?: *as she put her ? on* Thanks I...Spencer!
Spencer: *gasped* Brenda N. Butters what're you doing here in ACME?
Brenda: I'm the new Computer Forensics Specialist and I was wondering...
Spencer: *interrupted* To find the Lab I'll escort you there.
Brenda: Really, Spencer! Thank you! *as he grab Brenda's ? and he and Brenda heads back to ACME together.*


Spencer's Apartment (after setting in at ACME)

Spencer: *as he gave Brenda the ?* Here you go...Happy Valentine's Day! *as Brenda is ? when she sees the gift mention in Chapter Four*
Brenda: Oh Spencer, it's perfect! I love these.
Spencer: I'm going to make dinner.
Brenda: I hope for dessert doesn't have any ?.
Spencer: No it's not I'm making a garden ? with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Garlic roasted ? with scalloped ?es and roasted asparagus and for dessert ? ? with vanilla ? and caramel sauce.

Brenda: That's nice!
Spencer: Yeah if only I knew who my 'secret admirer' is oh well maybe next year.
Brenda: Spencer!
Spencer: Yeah, Brenda! *Brenda whispered to Spencer's ? saying...I am your secret admirer!...?* Brenda, would you help me cook dinner?
Brenda: *?* I would love to, Spencer!

The End! ? (Happy Valentine's Day everyone)
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