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No I led the tiger to the zoo where a lovely lady tiger was waiting. They plan on inviting us to the wedding.


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Just thought I should give a heads up about this. Those "ACME Detective Agency" shirts from Walmart.com . I finally decided to order one today as a late Christmas gift to myself because I was given a gift card for the store. Those shirts through Walmart have unknown shipping restrictions through the site. But get this? Same provider on Amazon is selling the shirt and there the shipping isn't restricted. ... Not because of ordering a T-Shirt but this isn't the first time I've seen P.O. Box rejection. .. Yeah, the gift card was useless on Amazon of course but I didn't want to give up. My new shirt is due to hit my box on the 7th.?


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I'm not sure it even had a rating on Amazon but it looked just about the same as the Walmart one.

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