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(Character is transitioning from the old version 20 years ago to one more believable)

Grew up in a normal family in a normal city in Missouri, USA. Quickly acquired a penchant for oddness and left home early, legally changing her name from Megan Anderson. Worked her way through state college with a degree in Criminology. One of her roommates was a refugee from the second Rwandan civil war, which piqued her interest. Her graduate work got her a job at ACME, and she used her experience there to publish a book on investigating war crimes. Has met Neb before. If asked, she simply says, "It's a very long story".

Physical Appearance:
Reasonably physically fit for a 45-year-old. Usually wearing loud skirts, blouse, and vest with hair tied back, and wood jewelry. A smoker trying to quit, so usually holding a cigarette that she lets burn up. Has a standard service weapon but is more adept with fists than guns.

Outwardly cheery and generally at ease, but guarded about personal details. Not afraid to pick a fight, verbally or physically, but keeps that secured for use when necessary. Has an appreciation for gallows humor. Likes loud music.

Role at ACME
Not as involved in Carmen-related capers as the other agents; often jokes that Carmen is "too smart for her, so why bother". Usually in the field or at her desk, pouring over the medical examiner's report. Likes to tease Chase about agents going "to the Dark Side". Terrible with machines but exceptional at tackling cold cases.


The VILEiest VILE to ever VILE a VILE
Known Aliases
Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman), Kitty, Seryy Pripyat
Color #
Okay for real though, would Seldavia consider joining us on our adventures?
Any particular genre, or just loud?

Were there any cases you found particularly satisfying to crack?
For music, I like metal, Latin, techno. Anything that moves quickly and has a lot of variance in sound.

Most cold cases are more difficult than the standard, because in murders the corpse has nearly always been moved from the place the crime has been committed. Often, as in mass graves, there is more than one corpse. But there was one in Brazil where all I had to go on was a foot in a shoe that had floated down the Amazon...took a long time and a lot of help from co-workers, but I finally nailed the murderer last month.
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Known Aliases
Boss (situational)
Color #
International cold cases, then? Your office is on the 21st floor: Accolade

At which age did you start working at ACME, and under which division?

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