The more things change...

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(The following is in honour of Valentine's Day and everyone's favourite couple)

New agents, new technologies
Yet the game has never changed
New strategies, new targets
Yet still ‘cat and mouse’ by any other name

Paper has given way to screens
Ink replaced by digital text
New systems, new formats
Yet the work is still as complex

The more things change, the more the stay the same...

New planes, new vehicles
Yet the destination is the same
The same Isle, the same street
Same Café with no name

New décor, new menu,
Yet the tables and chairs remain
New glasses, new bottle,
Yet the drink is always single grain

The more things change, the more the stay the same...

New world, new era
Yet still the same two souls entwined
Grey King, Red Queen,
In silence, their relationship defined

New music, same dance
Same three words unspoken
New lipstick, same kiss
A promise forever unbroken

The more things change, they more they stay the same

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