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Welcome to the New Year's game.
  • This is an open RP
  • Premise: New Year 2016 (After January 1, 2016)
  • Idea: What your character has been doing, or have done for the holiday season.

Basic RP rules apply. Take it slow, no need to spin any stories, just focus on character interaction.



Queen of Crime
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Undisclosed location: 3:41 a.m.

There isn't a problem that couldn't be solved with compassion... and there isn't a solution that couldn't be worked in the darkest nights under hours deemed ungodly. A soft beep sounded from the corner of an old workbench. Carmen Sandiego adjusted the lights on her reader and narrowed her eyes at incoming news. Largest rough diamond ever found... Intriguing.

Ignore it.

Logically, she moved on, putting the notification down in record time. The year's end was full of distractions but she found her focus months ago on something else. It was absolutely delectable, the Mamba, and it completely enthralled her from conception to prototype. But it was lacking a few crucial components, as all large lovely things tend to need before becoming big and beautiful... but prior to the point of turning huge and hideous.

Whirling ideas moved into each other, but all were interrupted by another soft beep. The clock told her it was 4 a.m., January 1, 2016.

New Year? That can't be right. Where was everyone?

She had been severely lacking in the necessary micromanagement of human resources. Carmen paused to listen.

Nothing but the hum of electricity and low cavernous groans greeted her ears. Raising her eyes to the ceiling, she smiled at the coincidence of literally being several feet underground for New Year's Day.

Perhaps it was time to shift focus.

Joe Kerr

VILE Trickster
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Joey, Joseph,
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The Mirage Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Vegas was generally always in 'party mode' but tonight it was in full-out party overdrive. An endless sea of humanity flowed along the strip and into every single hotel along it; getting drunk, gambling, and partying seemed to be on everyone's to do-list before the clock struck twelve.

Joseph Kerr rolled his eyes as he continued to patrol the establishment for troublemakers; apparently common sense was an exceptionally rare commodity tonight.

The VILE Jester had been fortunate to avoid the Christmas chaos when he returned to Stone Harbour briefly for holiday celebrations; it had been a relaxing affair, a far cry from the craziness of Vegas. Tonight though, there was no avoiding the madhouse.

He'd already had to throw out twenty-three people tonight for cheating, rough-housing, drunken insanity, and other unruly behaviors; the irony of having the LVPD on speed dial was not lost on Joe.

Picking up his ever present assistant, Joe strolled by the poolside casually as the countdown began.


The brief moment of calm, the first since the evening had begun, was a welcome respite.


Cheers erupted as a bevy of fireworks exploded in the sky; the kaleidoscope of colors serving as a fitting reminder of the many memories 2015 had produced.

"Happy New Year, Carmine"

The ginger cat purred happily as the celebratory display continued in the sky above.

Joseph Kerr grinned; he was looking forward to whatever new adventures this new year would bring.

But for now, however, it was back to work.


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Accolade Tower, San Francisco

It was a cool night as San Francisco passed from 2015 into 2016 with roaring cheers. Fireworks lit the skies above Accolade, and Chase Devineaux walked from the mezzanine floor of the lobby, through a crowd of agents until he was finally outside. Smoke in the night reminded him briefly of another place, and an image that was far at the back of his mind replayed.

Winds howled, it was freezing, and flares burned brightly in the air signalling extraction from a frozen wasteland. Agents were calling out to one another, he could hear Ivy's voice commanding and Lee Jordan furiously typing on the computers to keep connection with the exit team. They were faced with an enemy willing to go as far as it took to win. From this point on, things would be different.

When Chase breathed again, he was back in San Francisco and in front of the gleaming new tower. He found a bench, and sat briefly to take in the fireworks. Things certainly felt... different.


Vet Assistant
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Lucy, Alice
Accolade Tower, San Francisco

Lucy made her way through the crowd of agents to the lobby to refill her drink. The air was thick with the sound of laughter and music. She refilled her drink but stopped when something caught her eye. A tall guy with an air of authority she'd not encountered before had just walked past. Curious, she walked after him.


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While Devineaux contemplated, a shadow caught his eye, and he turned to find a girl in her early 20s. Her green eyes peered at him and a drink from the party was in her hand.

He shifted on the bench for her, noting she must be an ACME agent.

"Good evening," Chase greeted, "Enjoying the fireworks?"
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Lee Jordan was enjoying the ACME new year party, mostly the girls. There was Bessie from Accounting, who was a definite 8, Jen from Forensics was an even 7, and Galinka the Ukrainian from Special Ops was a 9.5, a bit out of his league but Lee was a little drunk.

"Hey Galinka," he waved, "your eye brows are on point!"

He didn't remember what she said in response because the fireworks and music drowned a lot of her voice, but then she stepped on his foot while walking away and he got the picture. Time to wander...

"Hey Bessie," Lee greeted another girl.


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Boss (situational)
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"Yes, but you don't seem to be. "
She was right, and she was rather observant — clearly an ACME agent. Her small stature was telling, but she seemed older than her height betrayed.

Chase chuckled lightly in response and extended a hand, "I'm Chase Devineaux. Are you a student here?"

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