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(Hi all, I'm back with another fanfiction. This one is a film noir type story about you know who. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - Joe Kerr)

Miracles do happen...

It all started when she walked into my office. She sashayed in with all the flair and panache one would expect from a lady of her position; not surprising really until I considered that she had entered through the window.

Impressive, not that I would let her know of course.

She was devoid of her usual personal effects, opting instead to don a form fitting evening dress; it was strapless and on closer inspection looked to be made out of the finest silk; its burgundy tones complimented perfectly by the similarly hued stilettos she wore. The ensemble was capped off with a white faux fur shawl, diamond earrings and a matching necklace.

Very impressive indeed. Right, stop staring.

Her crimson lips curled into that infamous smirk of hers and soon parted to let her dulcet tones seduce my oh so weary ears.

"Relax, I'm not here to cause trouble; not this time, not tonight."

I merely raised an eyebrow in response.

And I would believe you, why?

Displaying her unearthly and frankly sometimes disturbing ability to read minds (mainly mine), she answered the question that had been on the tip of my tongue.

"The diamonds aren't stolen. They were a gift from a dear friend; And yes, hard to believe as it is, I do have friends; they are few but trustworthy, as I am sure you would agree."

Without a word, I turned to the silver tray behind my desk whereupon sat a couple of glasses and a bucket of ice. I could feel her gaze on me as I poured out a measured amount of the amber liquid that had been my solitary friend for so many a night in the office.

I handed her a glass which she received in silent mirth. Almost as if we planned it, we sipped our golden beverage at exactly the same time.

"You always did have fine taste in Bourbon. Although, I am tempted to think you picked "Devil's Cut" for a reason. Trying to send me a message?"

You're not exactly in a blue dress but it's close enough.

I merely answered in my trademark stony gaze and waited for her to continue. She let out a sultry giggle before continuing.

"I am merely here on professional courtesy. I would like to inform you that for once, you shall have no trouble from me or, over the next few days."

Should I be glad or wary? With you I never know.

"Our mutual friend, Mr Vincent, has persuaded me to take a well-earned vacation this year. 'Tis the season of goodwill' is how I believe he put it."

I withheld the urge to laugh as I took another sip from my glass. For her part, she waited until the last drop of golden goodness had vanished down my parched throat before she carried on.

"Do be aware though, that you just might run into me in town, if you ever get out of your office. Seriously, it is Christmas Eve, you really should consider taking a break."

Coming from you? Ms Workaholic? Yeah, and miracles do happen.

"A little hypocritical of me, I know; But at least I'm not the one working tonight."

Technically you are still working something...wait...mind out of the gutter.

"I'm meeting my friends for a meal over at John's. I'm sure you're well acquainted with it; though it has been awhile since we dined together."

Ah memories...that I should be forgetting and not raking up. Curse her honey-laced words!

Smirking like the cat that got the cream, she waltzed towards my door with what could only be described as unearthly grace.

"Farewell, Chase; and Merry Christmas."

Before I could blink, the door had open and shut and she was gone as suddenly as she came; the only trace of her being her perfume; it was a classic fragrance of which I would never forget, and probably never admit to liking.

Chanel No. 5. A classy scent for a classy dame...what the heck am I thinking?

I looked back to where her glass had been placed on my desk to discover that she had left me with three little gifts.

The first, was a simple black box that held within it a watch, MY watch; the same timepiece she had pilfered from me in one of our earlier meetings.

The second was a little red card with gold cursive writing on it.
Reservation is at 9pm. Sandra Giemenco.

Instinctively, I flipped the card over and smirked at the four little words on it.
Leave the handcuffs behind.

Any indecisiveness I had on the matter was put to rest when I realized what her third gift was - a sprig of mistletoe.

Pocketing the cheeky little trinket, I slipped the watch onto my wrist and glanced at the intricate dials.

8.45pm. I can make it if I hurry. After all, someone has to make sure she doesn't take the falcon...again.

As I left the office, I was vaguely aware that it had started snowing.

I guess miracles do happen after all.


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Gotta say, your writing gets better with every story. This is my favourite so far.

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