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Being the personal secretary of the ACME Director of Operations, Renee St Clair knows many things.

She knows how to type 120 words per minute whilst answering a phone call in 15 different languages.

She knows how to brew one of the best coffees in the world, and how much scotch to add in to suit Chase Devineaux's moods.

She knows where to find every file in ACME and how to contact every agent at a moment's notice; she also knows just what to tell those agents so that they comply with Chase's orders.

She knows many things about ACME that others aren't privy to; like what the menu for the staff cafeteria will be - and what to avoid ordering.

But above all that, she knows secrets that she knows she's not supposed to know.

She knows where Chase really goes to when he leaves for impromptu business meetings in 'Europe'.

She knows that Chase's sources of intel are actually just all one person whom he would never admit to meeting.

She knows that Chase only uses one cologne because it was a gift - and she knows who gave him that gift.

She knows that same reasoning applies to his watch and pen.

She knows about the stash of letters and notes that Chase keeps hidden in his secret compartment; He claims its evidence against a certain thief, she knows otherwise.

She knows how to spot the near non-existent twinkle in his eye whenever his ex-partner's name is mentioned; she also knows how inaccurate that term really is.

She also knows the real reason the glitch with the security cameras has never been fixed.

She knows that when Chase stays back late to work, it's really because he has a special late night meeting scheduled; she knows this is when he 'gathers intel'

She knows that when Chase beats her to the office, it's because he never left; his 'meeting' probably lasted longer than planned.

She also knows that is why he keeps a spare set of clothes in the office.

She also knows that when he announces his need to freshen up, it really means that he is going to check for any lipstick stains.

She knows he hates flowers yet has a soft spot for a rose of the darkest shade of scarlet; a flower sometimes seen in his office after one of his late night meetings.

She knows that Chase knows she knows; he trusts her to be discreet and she knows not to break that trust.

She knows better than to question him; after all, the heart wants what it wants.

She also knows she's a sucker for a good love story.

That's why as she leaves her desk tonight, she knows to turn off the security cameras in the office.

As she walks out of the office, she glances at his doorway; He gives her a discreet nod and she does returns it as she leaves.

She knows about the figure in the shadows watching her every move. Before she reaches the elevator, she whispers, knowing she will be heard.

"Take care of him, Carmen."

And then she takes her leave, knowing that he's in good hands.

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