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The following is a FanFiction based mainly on the WOEICS cartoon series. Hope you guys get the references and enjoy it. (Note: Kleenex recommended for front part of the story)

Carmen's Legacy

Ever since the incident with Lee in the Forbidden City, it had dawned on all the players involved that the game was becoming much more dangerous. Carmen, for her part, never changed her philosophy and continued to do everything in her power to keep the game safe, for as long as she ran it; Lee Jordan however, was another story.

The sibling detectives always used to joke that surviving the C5’s unpredictable portal placements was the most hazardous thing on the job. That changed when Lee escaped and began pulling capers again. To counter Lee’s penchant for violence, despicable tricks and handguns in general, Zack and Ivy had to don equipment that they had never had to use before – bullet-resistant vests, stun guns, tear gas grenades. Granted, Suhara had taught them the value of always carrying a knife in the field, but not until Lee and his men begun pushing things did they ever have to use the knife as a weapon, albeit a defensive one.

Things came to a head one day when Lee pulled a caper with the express purpose of capturing and killing the ACME duo. Carmen had caught wind of this and come to Zack and Ivy’s aid. However, no one was prepared for what would transpire.

Carmen had distracted Lee and allowed the siblings to escape their bonds. Somehow, during the ensuing scuffle, Zack and Ivy had got separated and Zack had found himself face to face with Lee and his Glock. One moment, Lee was gloating and the next, Carmen had dived in and pushed Zack to safety. Unfortunately for Carmen, she had placed herself in the line of fire in order to do so and now, her luck had run out.

Time seemed to stop as the scarlet clad thief dropped to the ground with a sickening thud. A stunned Lee dropped the handgun and turned to run, only to be apprehended by the ACME Calvary who had only just arrived. Zack and Ivy meanwhile just rushed to Carmen’s side in full panic.

“Someone call an ambulance!” yelled Zack as he wiped tears from his eyes.

“Don’t bother Zack. And please don’t cry for me,” Carmen wheezed out in a strained voice.

“Carmen, don’t give up. Stay strong. You’re…you’re the strongest person I know. You can’t give up!” Zack cried as he held her hand.

“Zack’s right, Carmen. The game isn’t over, you can’t leave us, not like this. This game has to end by your hand or ours, not by Lee. I won’t allow it, can’t allow it. Carmen!”

When the paramedics arrived to carry Carmen to the hospital, the detectives followed her in the ambulance, never ceasing the flow of tears. C.H.I.E.F joined them in the ambulance moments later, for once suitably sombre and morose.

The trio sat in silence gazing at their favourite thief who somehow still managed to look elegant despite the situation. The last few moments of Carmen’s life were spent reconciling with C.H.I.E.F and giving her last few words of wisdom to the detectives. She never made it to the hospital in time – she had lost too much blood.

Nobody could believe it, nobody wanted to believe it, but nobody could deny it: Carmen Sandiego was dead – and it wasn’t a hoax this time.


Two days later, on the isle of Mont St Michel, all of VILE had turned up for the funeral. ACME had called a truce with VILE so that everyone who wanted to could pay their last respects without fear of incarceration. Carmen’s body had been dressed in her usual red attire, replete with fedora on her chest. She had placed in a glass coffin to create what C.H.I.E.F. had dubbed ‘An elegant burial for an elegant thief’

Clad in a black dress complete with black gloves and veil, Ivy took her seat in the front row beside her Tuxedo clad brother. The C.H.I.E.F., Suhara, Tatiana, Armando, Jasmine and other ACME agents that had once chased Carmen sat in the same row with them. C.H.I.E.F. had even brought out his old body and wore a tux on just for today.

Directly behind them, some of Carmen’s longest serving VILE agents, led most surprising by Dr Sara Bellum, took their seats. Sarah Nade, Patty Larcerny, Vic the Slick, Double Trouble, Lars Vegas, Mo Skeeter, Eartha Brute, and Lee Galese were the few faces Zack and Ivy managed to make out between their tears. The rest of VILE and ACME randomly took the rest of the seats.

There were five eulogies in all – One from Suhara, one from the C.H.I.E.F., one from Vic, one from Sara Bellum, and finally a combined one from Zack and Ivy.

“…whenever Carmen led us on one of her merry chases, we always wondered how she could take grand larceny and treat it as a game. It was one of the things, that personally, infuriated myself abou her…” Ivy had uttered

“…but now we understand.” Zack smiled and continued where his sister left off.
“Looking back, we realized that the closest thing Ivy and myself have had to a maternal figure was Carmen. Through her games, she taught us how to overcome our fears, to see our weaknesses and overcome them…”

“…to believe in ourselves, and most of all to be a better person and a better Agent.” Ivy finished with a sob.

“The games were her way of teaching us the lessons of life; they were her way of caring for us. I’m just sorry that I’ll never get to know what the other lessons she had in store for us were.”

“For all of us gathered here today, Carmen Sandiego was more than just the world’s greatest thief. She was for some of us a daughter…”
Zack paused to looked at Suhara whilst Ivy looked at C.H.I.E.F. before continuing.

“…a sister…” Sara Bellum, Vic and Sarah Nade all let out loud sobs as the siblings paused again.

“…a maternal figure… “ Zack paused and spared Patty and emphatic glance. She smiled in return.

“…a teacher…” the ACME agents and various VILE agents shed tears amidst their bittersweet smiles.

“..but most of all, for all of us, she was our friend. In her own unique way, she wormed her way into our hearts and our lives and became our friend. ..” everyone paused to sob and wail at this.

“…thank you, Carmen. Thank you for all the memories. We will never forget your legacy in our lives. Your memory will live on in all of us here today. Rest in peace.”

After all the happy memories and umpteenth boxes of Kleenex later, Sarah Nade wrapped things up with a beautiful rendition of ‘ Amazing Grace’ as the coffin was lowered.

When the proceedings were over Zack, Ivy and the C.H.I.E.F. were approached by Lee Galese. “Hey Detectives, I’m sorry to bother you at such a time but I still have to do my job. There is the little matter of Carmen’s will that needs to be executed A.S.A.P. We’ll be meeting at VILE HQ to discuss it. Here’s the address and the time of the meeting. See you there.”

It had taken a while for it to sink in but the siblings finally recalled that Carmen had left them the rights to VILE. That was why Lee gave them the otherwise sacred address – they owned it now.

“What are we going to do sis?”

“I dunno little bro, I dunno.”

For once, C.H.I.E.F. had no smart comments to add. He too was perplexed.


The next day at VILE HQ, the detective duo sat a round table with Sara Bellum, Vic the Slick, Patty Larcerny and Sarah Nade. All six individuals stared blankly as Lee Galesse orchestrated proceedings and read out the will. From all the legal jargon, the six individuals somehow managed to grasp that Carmen had left Sarah Nade, and Patty Larcerny to continue to run the charitable side of VILE, Carmen’s patents for various tech was given over to Dr Bellum, Vic was to handle welfare and insurance for all the henchmen and agents, and finally, all of VILE and all of Carmens other previously unmentioned assets were to go to Zack and Ivy. The siblings would have joint custody.

After Lee had finished his part and everyone had signed the various contracts, Lee pulled out two large stacks of documents and tossed them to Zack and Ivy.

“What is this for? I thought we were done?”

Lee stared at the duo solemnly.

“Those are the documents both of you are going to have to sign if you want to shut down VILE.” Four gasps rang out from around the table and Lee paused, annoyed, before continuing.

“I took the liberty of drafting these up for you since I assume that’s what you want to do. I’ll need everything in triplicate by the way.”

“Efficient! No wonder Carmen chose you.” Zack joked briefly before wincing at the memory of Carmen. Lee Galese bristled with pride briefly before he too winced at the memories.

Before the detective duo could ponder their next move, the four thieves at the table stood up to confront them.

“You can’t shut down VILE!”

“You’ll do more harm than good if you shut us down!”

“Think of the henchmen. Where will they go?”

“Please reconsider!”

Zack and Ivy were reeling and Lee Galese just smirked and left the six to talk things through. He mentioned briefly that he would be out getting a double expresso and would return in half an hour for their verdict.
“Detectives,” Dr Sara Bellum began, “please reconsider your actions. Do not shut down VILE.”

“Give us one good reason, Sara” replied Ivy a little tersely.

“We’ll give you four!” replied Vic. “Dr Bellum, you first.”

“Da. Thank you Vincent. Now where was I? Ah yes, consider this. You know that VILE is always full of high tech vehicles and gadgets, most of which are built and developed by Carmen and myself, but do you know where the funding comes for all of this?”

“Not really, we just assumed you stole everything.” Replied Zack abashedly.

Rolling her eyes, the scientist continued. “NO! We have two sources of funding in VILE and neither one is Carmen’s heists. The first source is through our patents. You have just heard how Carmen’s patents now all fall into my purview?”

The detectives both nodded and awaited her elaboration.

“Those patents are for various vehicle types we have invented, various little tech items used in heists, and the other aspect of VILE’s projects we don’t tell many people about – our medical branch. One reason Carmen hired me is that I have an extensive background in biomedical engineering.

Carmen had me work on improved technology for pacemakers, defibrillators, artificial limbs and even mechanical organs. All of these inventions we sell to various industries – all of which were screened and handpicked by Carmen herself. They pay us for the rights to use the ideas and the technology. We also sometimes consult on their implementation or current projects.

Of course, all of this is done under aliases and pseudonyms but effectively it is still VILE that is doing it. Our technological patents bring in hundreds of millions each year, and save an even greater number of lives.

And NO! We have never and will never sell weapons or inventions that can be used as such.”

The detectives looked stunned at the revelation but Vic and the others weren’t through. It was now Sarah Nade’s turn to appeal.

“The other revenue source is a little darker…it comes from the underworld.”

Seeing the suspicious looks the detectives were giving her, she quickly elaborated.

“Carmen used VILE to run an extensive intelligence network. As a result, we often pick up on various activities of money laundering, drug running, arms smuggling, etc. When we do pick up such information, we sometimes pass anonymous tips onto various law enforcement agencies, including ACME.

Other times, we act on our own and intercept these activities. We take the money we intercept and use it to fund our own activities instead of leaving it to fund various arms deals and smuggling activities. If we find weapons or drugs, we burn and dispose of them. We free any people we find being smuggled and even help put them up in halfway homes for rehab if needed.”

At the mention of this, Vic’s face distorted in disgust as he recalled the couple of occasions in which they had uncovered human smuggling rings and had to rescue the poor victims. Sarah gave him a small comforting touch before continuing.

“You might wonder if we interfere so much in the activities of other criminal organisations, why haven’t they struck back at us? The answer is because they can’t. Remember that I said we had an intelligence network? Carmen amassed a vast amount of intelligence and evidence on various criminal organisations. At times, she would use this information to bring down some of these organisations; at other times, she kept it as leverage.”

“I see yous is wondering what kind of leverage? It was leverage to keep those goons at bay.” Vic continued as Sarah sat back down.

“Carmen realized that she couldn’t shut down every criminal organization because others would spring up and take over them. Humanity is sadly quite depraved sometimes. But anyways, what she couldn’t shut down, she kept in check with what she had on them. If you shut us down, there will be no one to keep them in check anymore.”

“But can’t we just hand in the information to all law enforcement agencies?”
The four thieves smiled at the naivety of the detectives before Vic set them straight.

“You aren’t listening. These organisations sometime have roots even in corrupts cops and such. What’s to prevent the information from disappearing suddenly thanks to a corrupt cop, or one of the other organizations intercepting all the information and becoming a global kingpin? Besides, even if we could shut down every existing criminal organizations, others will spring up in their place and this time there will be no one to keep them in check. Speaking of which, we now come to reason three.”

Taking a deep breath, Vic continued with his ‘sales pitch’.

“Now consider that VILE has numerous employees directly and indirectly. They are all scattered around the world and somehow or other make their living via VILE. They might run our legit fronts, our safe houses, HQs, etc. or simply one of the many charitable organisations which Patty here will tell you about shortly.

Anyway to put it briefly, all these employees, including ourselves, are either ex-cons, current cons or people with no real educational background. Carmen took all of us in and gave us a way to earn a living without having to resort to things that would be extremely harmful. VILE may be criminal but we’ve never hurt anyone or condoned anything other than theft. We don’t do drugs, arms, human trafficking, murder, political manipulation and all those other evil things you hear about on TV. Compared to the other criminal organisations, we’re saints.

If you shut us down, all the current employees won’t have any place to go. Sure there is jail but I doubt your jails would hold all of us for too long. Then what? We can’t get decent jobs with our records and lack of formal education in some cases, so all that’s left is crime. Us senior agents who were friends with the boss might have taken on her ideals but the lower level grunts, without supervision might have to revert to harmful crimes again.

So technically, if you shut us down, you’re setting loose a tonne of murderers, kidnappers and the like on the world. It’s your call, detectives.”

Finally, Patty stood up.

“Please, consider the charities too. VILE doesn’t just use its revenue for its own criminal activities, we also used much of the money to fund charities around the world. We pour billions hundreds of millions into various charities every year. We even run a few under our aliases. If you shut us down, those charities we run will have to shut down to because we won’t be able to fund them.”

“Oh, and here’s a fifth reason, just as a bonus.” Lee Galese said as he walked in and took his seat again.

“Consider what happens to your ACME friends if we shut down. The criminals you’ll be facing in future will be the likes of Lee Jordan or worse. We’re glad he’s behind bars for murder right now but I don’t think he’ll stay there very long.

As Vic has mentioned previously, we keep other criminals in check. Without us, you’ll be facing much more dangerous foes on the street. You sure you want to be doing that?”

“Give us some time to discuss things” Ivy had replied and dragged her brother outside to talk.


Twenty tense minutes later, they returned.

“You win. We’re not shutting down VILE. We can’t. We promised to carry on Carmen’s legacy and what VILE does is just that.”

Zack made a show of tearing up the documents for shutting down VILE but was stopped by Lee Galese.

“I wouldn’t do that detectives.”

Everyone stared at him as if he had grown a second head.

“You should use a diamond cut shredder when disposing official documents. Here, let me.”

At that everyone sighed in relief as Lee Galese shredded the documents. Soon, Patty was tossing the shredded documents as confetti in the air.

“Uh, not to be a killjoy boss..uh bosses, but when’s our next caper?” Vic had sprung the million dollar question and everyone looked expectantly to the new heads of VILE.

Ivy smiled a Carmen-like smile. “Soon Vic, soon. But first we have some things to settle.”


The C.H.I.E.F. just about had an aneurysm AND a hernia (if either was possible for him) when Zack and Ivy both tendered in their resignations three days later. Both cited that with Carmen gone, they wanted to move on, but there was an unspoken acknowledgement that the game would be continuing with the duo now playing adversaries.

Later that day, a call from Armando confirmed the C.H.I.E.F.’s suspicions when the ‘Tigress’ costume and all its effects mysteriously vanished from the ACME safehouse.

Two weeks later, a young blonde Russian chased a costumed cat-burglar up the stairs of Notre Dame.

“Give it up, Tigress, you can’t escape from us!”

“Nice to see some things haven’t changed, Tatiana.” Ivy flipped her visor to give a cheeky gaze to her old friend and potential sister-in-law.

“By the way, Zack sends his regards.”

“Funny. I’ll have to send him yours once I lock you up.” Tanya smiled in return. She pointed behind Ivy to clue her in to Jasmine having cut off all seeming escape routes.

Ivy merely laughed in response.

“After chasing Carmen for so long, I finally learnt what she’d always been trying to tell me.”

“What’s that?” Both Jasmine and Tanya growled.

Flipping her visor down, Ivy jumped out the window, shocking both detectives.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” came Ivy’s yell as she blasted away on her jet pack, much like Carmen used to do to her and Zack.

Tatiana and Jasmine just shook their heads and laughed. The game was back on, albeit with new players on one side but it was something that would not change – it was Carmen’s legacy for them. As much as they hated that Zack and Ivy switched sides, they understood it and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Meanwhile, Ivy zoomed by the Eiffel Tower and memories of her first case against Carmen flooded back.

“Interesting how things came full circle, eh sis?”

Zack’s voice over her communicator jolted her out of her thoughts.

“Yeah. It is. Hey Bro, if you don’t mind, I might be making a small detour.”

“Sure. I would too if I were you. Give her my regards.”


An hour later, on the isle of Mont St Michel, the Tigress stood in front of a simple tombstone and placed a red rose on it. She also placed in front of it the Mona Lisa, complete with protective case. She knew ACME would be here soon so she didn’t have long.

“This one’s for you, Carmen. Thank you for everything. Zack sends his regards as well."

Pausing to wipe away some tears, she uttered her final words before fleeing into the night, much like her mentor before her used to do.

"Rest in peace.”



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Great fanfic Joe. I'm still wondering how Zack and Tanya would resolve that issue if this were to happen.
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Wow, that is a great story, Joe Kerr. I'm surprised I didn't cry, but I'm glad that I didn't..otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to read it!! Yes, we can agree that the kind-hearted queen of crime has just as many admirers here at ACME as she does at VILE, and the world would not be as good of a place without Carmen Sandiego in it!! :)


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as interesting and fun as this was to read, I have to admit I'm still sitting here hours later with a box of tissues. Well done.


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Joe,I read this and I'm glad and sad at the same time...but is there going to be a sequel in this story where Lee Jordan meets his fate for what he have done? Just asking!:)


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Looks like I never read this piece. I don’t even remember coming across it. You should probably put somewhere up there that the events in this story happened because Chase doesn’t exist in that universe.


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I think I read this one once on fan fic, but I am not sure, if I did I likely bookmarked it. Still very touching.

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