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(Note: The following poem is loosely inspired by the 'Red and Black' song from Les Miserables.
Treat it as a trailer for what is to come in Ultramarine. WARNING: May contain spoilers :p)

It is the color of the skies bearing witness this day
And the rivers of blood flowing through the fray
It is the rage that boils in each warrior's veins
And the passion which burns but ne'er wanes

It is the sand beneath feet marching into war
And the evil that threatened and gathered them all
It is fear and doubt, lying in wait to ensnare
And the burden of suffering each soldier must bear

It is her color, the queen's royal dress
She who made intrigue and cunning her crest
It is the sign of hope and a promise of aid
From she who made knowledge and wisdom her blade

It is the color of shadows which plague and dismay
And which soon shall be scattered by the first light of day
It is the abyss that awaits to consume and to punish
He who his own downfall has furnished

It is the scars every man and woman shall carry
A badge of honour, and an everlasting memory

It is the steel of weapons forever laid to rest
As smoke finally settles, and peace last


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Good job, Joe
Is this Carmen and Flag?

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