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  • *is back at home, in Ohio, and while trying on her new Easter dress for tomorrow, watched the end of the "Princess Diaries" and saw some very familiar San Francisco streets.* ;)
    *says a little prayer for the people of France before having sparking cranberry-grape juice, 1/2 chicken a la broche, with cilantro lime pesto, Romesco & Porchini mushroom sauce & French fries with harissa aioli from Cocotte on Hyde Street.* :)
    *is having some spinach pakora, nan, and iced tea, that she picked up from Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House.* :)
    *has come home after taking her donated clothes to Mission Dolores Basilica, picks up some aloo pakora from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House.* :)
    *is doing some spring cleaning, going thru her closet, and stops to have a little vegetable samosa from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House.* :)
    *is having aloo tikki for dinner, followed by a wee bit of mint chocolate chip ice cream; and says "Slainte" to all her ACME and VILE her friends, and she drinks an emerald champagne mocktail.* :)
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