Julie Justice

San Francisco
ACME Detecive
Full Name
Julie Justice
Aug 1, 1970
5 feet
120 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
When she is working, Detective Justice always wears her ACME uniform. When she isn't working, Detective Justice is very feminine. Conservative, but not old fashioned, her favorite fashion idea is get clothes that she can wear many different ways, like wearing a tunic style top or nightgown as a dress. Wears slippers instead of shoes. Likes jewelry.
Character Background
Detective Justice has been officially been an an ACME Detective since July of 2009, and loves chasing Carmen and her gang. Detective Justice was born in Ohio, and joined ACME from the Midwest field office, and will go wherever her job takes her.
Friendly. Works well with others. Not afraid to ask for help when she needs it, or share credit with others when they deserve it. Helps her friends and co-workers resolve their conflicts. Patient. Never gives up trying to find the right answer.
Detective Justice is happy being a Detective for now.
Medium of Means
Good at using her computer, etc, but not an expert.
Color #


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