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  1. Jade

    Closed The Isles Have It

    Is it Thousand Islands?
  2. Jade

    Closed Hold still please!!! [Solved]

    I say it's the Little Mermaid!
  3. Jade

    Closed [Hot/Cold] Sing to Me Again, Paolo

    Oops! I misunderstand the clue...uh Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle?
  4. Jade

    Closed Hold still again please (Hot/Cold)

    The Michael Jordan Statue?
  5. Jade

    Closed [11 Questions] Where none will tread...

    Is it the original town of Oradour-sur-Glane,France? Because it was destroyed on June 10 1944 by massacre 642 people by a German Waffen-SS company...until a new town was built nearby the after the war however Charles de Gaulle (the 18th President of France) order the original maintained as a...
  6. Jade

    Deduction Set in stone

    Is it the Deer Stone Monuments?
  7. Jade

    Deduction [11 Questions] Almost an Island

    Great Meatballs! Is it the Italian Peninsula?
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