Trophies awarded to Jade

  1. 55

    Certified Post Addict

    1000 messages? Impressive! Now get some sleep!
  2. 30

    Content Royalty

    Content you have posted has attracted 1000 likes.
  3. 10

    Smart Cookie

    You've gotten your 5th best answer in a guessing game.
  4. 25

    Post Baron

    You've posted 500 messages, what?
  5. 5

    First Score

    You've gotten your first best answer in a guessing game.
  6. 20

    Oh stop it, you!

    Your content has been liked 500 times.
  7. 5

    Terrible Twos

    You have been registered on this site for two years!
  8. 5

    One Year

    You've been registered here for 1 year!
  9. 5

    Conversation Starter

    Start 20 discussions
  10. 15

    Seriously Likable!

    Content you have posted has attracted 100 likes.
  11. 10

    Post Junkie

    You've posted 100 messages, you Post Junkie!
  12. 5

    Post Dependancy

    You've posted 50 messages!
  13. 10


    Your messages have been liked 25 times. You're in the cool crowd now.
  14. 1

    Happy Birthday!

    It's your birthday! Have a trophy!
  15. 5

    Post Dedication

    30 messages posted! Now that's dedication!
  16. 1

    First Like

    Somebody liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more!
  17. 1

    First Post

    You've posted your first message!
  18. 1

    Phisiquely There

    You've chosen a physique for your character!
  19. 1

    There she goes!

    You've selected the female gender.
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