Mar 6, 1982 (Age: 41)
a small town in east Tennessee
Free agent and amateur detective
Full Name
Jade-Anne Jarin Ezell
Known Aliases
March 6,1982
125 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Jade is sort of a preppy,tomboy,casual and kinda classy lady like, wears eyeglasses and ties up her hair.
Character Background
Jade Ezell was born in Hawaii on March 6,1982 at age 4 she came to the mainland (California) when her father was in the Navy (which included her mother who was born in the Philippines and a younger brother).

Then at age 7 she met Carmen Sandiego (when Carmen was an ACME detective at that time interviewing a Naval officer about the latest case she was in Jade never introduced herself to Carmen but she got her picture made with Carmen before her mother came and takes her home)...but at age 9 after her father got discharged in the Navy and Carmen gone bad she and her family moved to Tennessee and then at age 12 she used to have a crush on Lee Jordan (well he was kinda close to Jade's age) while searching for new recruiting ACME agents she tried out she was good but never make the cut after talking to her teacher and her parents tell Lee that she was born with borderline autism and they worry something might happen to her.

Still Jade wants to help ACME despite she's not an ACME agent but she's smart to solve a case anytime ACME is stumped on a clue that is.
she's smart,pretty and outgoing,she can be so stubborn and sometimes she's angry.
be nice to everyone and don't want to get in trouble.
Medium of Means
she's got skills of an athlete,a spy and a detective...she knows Geography,math,and foreign languages (English,Spanish,French,Japanese,etc).
Her padphone can be helpful with getting messages from ACME and yes it also has the C-5 contain there.
And she is a cat person that's why she has Sam,a male short haired mackerel tabby.
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