A Carmen Sandiego Friendsgiving


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I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Contessa, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever...This is a Thanksgiving story with friends no matter which side anyone is on.

Chapter One

Somewhere in Montana

At Carmen Sandiego's mountain retreat

In the Kitchen...

*A chef and his cooking assistants got the box out a foam box out of the refrigerator*
Chef: *opened the foam lid in his French accent* Perfect ze turkey finished being brined overnight! Did you get le oven ready?
Cooking assistant #1 (male): Oui, Monsieur Du Jour! (Oui in French means 'yes!')
Cooking assistant #2 (female): I'll get ready with the classic giblet gravy before the guests comes.
Du Jour: *as Jeeves, Contessa's butler enter the kitchen* Merci beaucoup (Merci beaucoup in French means 'thank you very much!)

Jeeves: Jacque I'm glad you and your assistants have arrive here after what happened.
Jacque: It was only five days ago, Jeeves! Who would have thought Carmen Sandiego invite the ones who saved not only your employer but herself and the others too.
Jeeves: Even you and your assistants, Jacque!

Jacque: Of course, Jeeves! *to his assistants* Let's get cooking or as the Chairman said on ze TV show 'Iron Chef' said Allez Cuisine! (The TV show Iron Chef is created in Japan by Fuji TV from 1993 to 1999 and soon countries including the U.S.A. did follow afterwards...look at wikipedia.org and If anyone is an Iron Chef fan you can watch the reruns thanks to Filmrise. By the way I don't own the show, wikipedia or Filmrise whatsoever even the quote Allez Cuisine as well) *As he and his assistants starts cooking and get ready before dinner begins* I'd better get this bird ready before it's too late, Jeeves!

Jeeves: Right, I'll make sure our guests get comfortable when they arrived! And don't forget about a few pets coming in. *as he leaves the kitchen*
Jacque: Oh right! *as he starts grabbing some onions, butter and some spices for stuffing, rubbed and seasoned for the turkey sake*

(end of Chapter one)


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Chapter Two

A mountain retreat in Montana, USA

*The C-5 appears and so Jade Ezell, Chase Devineaux, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon and Maylee Young along with Lee's beagle dog, Reuben and Maylee's black cat, Kuro each ACME agent wear outfits based on the colors of Fall*

Lee: *to Jade* You didn't waste your time chosen your outfit.
Jade: At least I've found the right outfit.
Maylee: But why are you not going to see your family on Thanksgiving, Jade?
Jade: Easy, Maylee I hate separated Thanksgiving dinners.
Maylee: *downcast sweat* Oh and I thought you were an orphan.
Jade: Of course not, Maylee! Both my parents are separated my father is the only one that got married three times already and my mother never remarries.
Maylee: Unlike me I never have a family since what happened.
Cole: Well at least we're invited for a big Thanksgiving dinner.
Maylee: Let's make sure no one serves buttered toasted bread, popcorn, pretzel sticks and jelly beans for us.
*Lee :p*
Chase: Gotta admit, Jordan that's not a good Thanksgiving dinner. (Those are mention in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving I don't own that TV Special whatsoever)

Cole: Let's hope nobody makes turkey croquettes like in the cafeteria.
Maylee: I've never like that with sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows or cranberry sauce from a can but I like the pumpkin pie except I hate it when it's store-bought and frozen.
Lee: Ugh! That really got everyone sick! (Those are mention in A Garfield Thanksgiving and of course I don't own that TV Special too)

Chase: Well at least the lunch ladies have nothing with this.
Jade: Yeah, it was those crooks disguise as lunch ladies.
Lee: Oh, I get it the Rebels of Treachery and Thievery of Evil and Negotiation.
Chase: Or R.O.T.T.E.N for short.
Jade: And the ones Carmen and her gang wouldn't allied with.

*Chase rings the doorbell someone answer the door and there stood Carmen Sandiego*

Carmen: Ah you made it for Thanksgiving after all.
Chase: We sure did!

(End of Chapter Two)


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Chapter Three

Inside the Mountain Retreat

Cole: Whoa! This place is amazing!
Carmen: Why thank you, Cole! I've figure someone gives me a compliment.
Lee: Yeah, more rustic than elegant huh, Carmen? *Chase lightly heads slap Lee's head and Carmen laughed a little bit. * What's so funny, Carmen?
Carmen: What else? I've figure Chase would do that in case someone mess up or made a bad compliment of where I go and stay for a while. *As Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas shows up with four plates of appetizers*

Vic: Hey you ACME agents made it after all.
Moe: Hope you don't mind for the appetizers?
Lars: Yeah, we have deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, baked brie cheese and shrimp cocktail.
Moe: We're just making sure you need a little appetite before the first course comes out. *As Contessa shows up along with Jeeves bringing the beverage cart over. *

Patty: And liquid refreshments are here.
Lars: I figure we can have these while watching football.
Patty: Football I rather watch the dog show.
Moe: Oh, c'mon, Patty we really want to see the Dallas Cowboys.
Lars: Dallas Cowboys?!?! I thought we really want to see the Detroit Lions.
Moe: Cowboys!
Lars: Lions! (Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are NFL Teams and they played on Thanksgiving Day and no I don't own them whatsoever)
Vic: *As he whistled* Cut it out you two! This is not an ordinary Thanksgiving this is Friendsgiving. *To Carmen * Am I right, boss lady?

Carmen: Exactly, Vic and we should thank them for saving our lives from R.O.T.T.E.N.
Contessa: We should be grateful for them after all it's better than those cowboys and lions in soccer.
Moe/Lars: Football?
Contessa: Football?!?!
Jade: There's a difference between soccer and football, Contessa.
Jeeves: Indeed, soccer is like football with eleven players but different ways to play.
Contessa: Like football is really rugby but soccer is like an associated football without a helmet.
Jeeves: Exactly, ma'am!

Contessa: We should be thankful for you, Miss Jade if it hasn't been for you, my personal chef and Jeeves' friend, Jacque Du Jour and his cooking assistants wouldn't have cooked a good Thanksgiving dinner they would have end up in a hospital in Montreal.

Patty: I should be thankful for Maylee, if it hasn't been for her, I would be cover in pumpkin puree around Illinois.
Maylee: Oh, that's nice I wonder if I could a few truffles home.
Jeeves: Oh no we wouldn't let you take those home.
Maylee: I wonder why not? *As she about to take a bite of a chocolate truffle...Jade grabs it from her * Hey, Jade, I'm starving!
Jade: I wouldn't spoil our Thanksgiving dinner with you get dizzy a little bit.
Maylee: What?!?!
Lee: Jade's right, Maylee they're rum balls! *Maylee is shocked after what would happen if she eats one of those after another*

Vic: Oh, by the way, Detective Jordan I should be thanking you for saving me.
Lee: Oh yeah, I remember you can't swim in the cranberry bog in Massachusetts.
Moe: And we should give thanks to Cole for saving us by piling those R.O.T.T.E.N boys with a lot full of Russet Potatoes.
Lars: Yeah, I remember you and I were cornered, Moe while we were in Idaho.
Carmen: And I should be thanking you, Chase for saving me from the leader of R.O.T.T.E.N. while in Minnesota.
Chase: Well at least we all together for Thanksgiving!

All: Happy Thanksgiving!

(The End but it's not over yet I've got the menu coming up in the last page)


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Here's the Thanksgiving or should I say Friendsgiving dinner

Appetizers (mention in Chapter Three)
Deviled Eggs
Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Brie Cheese
and Shrimp Cocktail

First Course: Butternut Squash soup with herbed corn muffins

Main Course: Roast Turkey (Brined the bird overnight, then stuffed, rubbed and seasoned)

Side dishes: Classic turkey gravy, sweet potato casserole (no marshmallows just pecan toppings), green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, not-so canned cranberry sauce, glazed baby carrots and roasted asparagus

Desserts: Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Red Velvet Cake and Banana Pudding (the apple pie and pumpkin pie are sugar free)

Beverages: Autumn Iced Tea (black tea flavored with unsweetened apple juice, diet cranberry juice, stevia (sugar substitute), lemon juice and pumpkin pie spice (spice is made of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves), Hard Apple Cider (For Lee Jordan), Red Riesling (For Carmen Sandiego) and Sparkling Cranberry Lemonade (For Cole Gannon and Maylee Young).

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