Neb is 5 feet tall, about 7 stone, and looks completely, totally normal, except having grey hair and a face full of scars. She showed up at a VILE safe house when she was roughly 13, unable to talk, emotionally stunted, with no memory of who she was, and just sorta...stayed. She was named Kid Kidman by Patty, and became a cheerful grunt mechanic that kept Carmen's many vehicles in order, until one day something disturbing happened. She wasn't quite right after that.

Afraid of what she might be and what it could mean for her, Kidman pulled away from the group, until one day Carmen called her back into the fold. It didn't go well. Kidman returned to training, sorta, and met Flag briefly, but this was cut short by the tower heist, which she had tried, too late, to object to.

Bad stuff happened and Kidman took part in damage control. It wasn't a good time. In a desperate attempt to get help finding Carmen, Kidman gave herself to ACME to secure a deal. She didn't like that either, but she met Chase, and he was neat. She also met Rosen, who is not neat.

Reunited with VILE, Kidman went to Kamchatka, where she lost her mind after thinking Carmen blew up. Concerned, Carmen had Flag take her under his catlike wing for training. Which went as well as one would expect. Still she'd grown feelings for him, somehow.

Because of her involvement in Flag's ritual, when time reset, Kidman did eventually come to remember her last life and actively sought to change it. She stayed in the fold, finished her training, and re-dubbed herself Neb (Nebuchadnezzar) Ullyss, as she generally felt nebulous, but soon went drifting again, fearful of getting too attached to Carmen after what happened the last time. Eventually she runs into Flag again, who she thought was dead, and they catch up. Neb tells Flag her new goal and asks for help. Flag is down for it. So is Joe.

They raid Bran Brychanson's house of horrors to get some things, but Neb almost dies and ends up in the hospital, where Joe and Flag look in on her. Neb realizes she's too attached the Flag, which is a bad thing, and goes to take off again, when Carmen asks her not to. They go to a festival in China, and nothing bad happens after that.

tl;dr (and I can't blame you)

Neb is Carmen's shadow, has a messed up past in a Russian lab that she doesn't remember, and is micro-bio-psychokinetic (can manipulate living matter with her mind, mainly for healing. Mainly).
Here and there
Shadow extraordinaire
Full Name
Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman)
Known Aliases
Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman), Kitty, Seryy Pripyat
About 25
Unknown, but celebrates July 13th
5 foot
About seven stone
Eye Color
Grey (Gray)
Hair Color
Grey (Gray)
Character Background
She enjoys pasta, being in the air, and snakes.
To come into her own.
Medium of Means
Originally a 'grunt' , Kidman is a cog of all simple trades. She prefers to work behind the scenes, and was instrumental in the continued survival of VILE through steady maintenance, even as her health declined.

She is also psychically gifted; able to manipulate biological matter on a small scale with a good deal of effort. It is a carefully guarded secret, with only Carmen and Flag being aware of it.

Kidman has crayons and roombas and she's not afraid to use them.
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