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(Somewhere in the English highlands, about ten years ago)

It didn’t get very hot in the highlands in the summer, but even if it was the middle of winter, the gray-haired girl with a face full of fresh scars would still have been stalking the ice cream vending machine. Ice cream was new to her. She wanted to eat nothing else. But money was also new to her, and she had yet to make sense of it.

“Fancy a wallop? You wot mate? Have a go!” she said, frustrated, as she pressed the buttons.

A blonde unwrapped a lollipop and put it in her mouth as she walked down the hall in one of VILE’s larger UK safe houses. She hadn’t found herself at home here, and the middle school she was urged to go to only gave her anxiety.

Then there was something happening at the ice cream vending machine…

“Hey you okay?” She asked the girl, who really didn’t look that British but sure talked like a cartoon of one.

The girl paused to stare at the new person in the room, evaluating its threat level. Female, small, non-aggressive. Safe. Assured, she then pointed to the machine. “Swear on me mum”

Swear on who? The American paused and then approached. Ice cream was always good and she found herself fighting with this machine just last week.

“Which one do you want?”

The girl, who at the moment had no real name besides “that kid”, took a moment to process what was going on. Hesitantly she pointed at a picture of a fudge bar and used one of a few words she’d gained. “Bloody that!”

“Okay, you got it!” the blonde laughed a little and put in a token then pressed the button and pulled a lever. The fudge bar turned and twisted and fell with a soft clunk.

“I’m Amber,” she said with a smile.

The girl lit up like a kid on Christmas, not that she knew what that was. She eagerly snatched the ice cream from the slot and began to pull off the paper, then paused. She dreaded hearing that sequence of words. She had no proper response to it.

“I...uh….” she trailed off and let the words hang, then grabbed the other agent’s hand and shook it. If she shook it hard enough, the conversation might change.

This would have been weird anywhere, but ever since she got here, Amber has been more open to new experiences.

“Swear on me mum,” she imitated the girl’s imitation with a giggle.

The girl knew she didn’t make any sense, just that people laughed and were more agreeable towards her when she repeated the nonsense she’d been taught. But this different. She gave a genuine smile.

“I no have english, want more,” she said wistfully as she peeled off the rest of the chocolate wrapper.

Now this made sense! Amber smiled, “I can help!”

Then she pointed to the red letters on the ice cream in her new friend’s hand and slowly pronounced, “Fudge-Bar!”


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This is nice. Had no idea your boss let you have vending machines. What happens to the coins after?

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