August 7
San Francisco
Full Name
Lee Heston Jordan-Holcomb
August 7
175 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Lee Jordan is often found wearing a jacket and in jeans. Over the years, he had tried changing that aspect of his wardrobe, but it rarely worked for him. Unless forced to use a STUN suit or disguise during cases, he likes his blue/green/brown/white t-shirt combo with darker denim.

Lee always wears a Maui bead necklace or choker. He says it's for luck, but an ex-girlfriend once complimented him on how muscular it made his neck look and he kept it up.
Character Background
Lee Jordan-Holcomb was born Aug 7, the middle son of senator Hank Holcomb and his wife Brittany Holcomb. He grew up well-to-do, and with a passion for law enforcement. While his eldest brother took after his father, and his youngest brother took up a career in engineering, Lee entered the Academy at ACME compounds and made his way to Detective.

Sometime during his career, frustrated with his progress, he decided to make a move that copied a Senior Agent's decisions and joined Carmen Sandiego. His recklessness and audacity eventually led to a falling out with the ringleader.

Several years later, Lee Jordan is now back at ACME Headquarters, older and wiser. He had proven a skilled detective and a team leader in his own right. He operates now under Direct of Operations Chase Devineaux as Supervisor over Field Agents.
Lee is underhanded, and his skills are found in the ability to dig up information. He chooses where his loyalty lies very carefully, and he doesn't take lightly to being wronged. On the field, he gets along well with co-workers, but he mostly keeps to himself even with a large number of friends and drinking buddies. When social, he's funny, but he's passionate about certain topics and could go on all night about things like how to serve a Shisha.

Lee is also sort of eager to please when it comes to people he respects. His own father was distant and he finds himself often looking for some structure in life.
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