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    Archive Blue Moon Masquerade

    ((OOC: Mates, I'm bringing in Lee for some extra fun if we can use him for more trouble, he uses the same colour as Pete, hope you don't mind, ai?)) Lee Jordan was in Venice and in the party, but not as one of the guests. He didn't need an invitation because he was part of the masked security...
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    Q & A AMA - Chase Devineaux

    If you could serve in a war, any war past or present, which would it be?
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    Closed [11 Questions] Rounding the Bend

    Is it the Irrawaddy?
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    Closed [11 Questions] Rounding the Bend

    @Chase, because the Salween River in Myanmar crossed more than one country, and we know the river we're looking for don't, can't you give @Julie Justice's question a pass? Could use an extra answer point. Then, want to ask, is this river in India?
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    Q & A Your First Love

    (LOL at the example, mate) I was in the second grade and there was this girl with braided pigtails. I used to go over to her on the playground and pull one of them until she cried. After a few times she slapped me, and the teachers had to separate us. Then for valentine's day the next year I...
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    Hello there

    *Looks at Emma, wonders why she's so average*
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    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 1]

    LOL! Forgot about that completely... until now. Thanks a lot.
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    Secret Santa 2018 - Gifts Thread

    LOL Beer and ashtray, thanks @Jade. My secret receiver is you. Here’s something I thought you'd enjoy. A music box that can play any song you want. Just take a sheet, punch the holes, and feed in the sheet through. Have fun this Christmas!
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    Canon Tête de Femme [Part 1]

    (aite, liked this a lot. as a fan, it’s fantastic)
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    Closed [11 Questions] Bridge to Nowhere

    What there’s a club?
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    Christmas Tunes

    Share your favorite Holiday melodies, and tell us why. I'll go first, mine's Frosty. We used to make snow men and shoot at them, me and my brothers.
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    Closed [11 Questions] Profession

    Alright, takes care of living things, not animals, but doesn't require a university degree. Does this profession work with plants?
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    Closed [11 Questions] Profession

    Does this profession take care of living things?
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    Open Secret Santa 2018

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    [Chat Log] Neutral Grounds

Neutral Grounds
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