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  • is in her office, refreshing her memory on all the items that Joe Kerr might want to pick up on his "shopping trip" to China. :)
    30 msgs = Likeability Trophy. Like Sally Field's famous Oscar speech, "They like me, they really like me!!" Thanks, everyone. :)
    I'm just starting to wake up from my nap. Still a bit sleepy. Maybe I'll have dinner in the ACME Cafeteria tonight. :)
    is back in my office at HQ. The good news: the Bridge is still there. The bad news: I'm very tired, and I'm taking a nap. :)
    Is at the Golden Gate Bridge, hoping I can help prevent it from being stolen , as the msg in my fortune cookie predicted. :)
    I did FINALLY get done unpacking !! YAY!! LOL!! Thanks for all the kind msgs, Agents. I look forward to working with all of you!
    I try to make it seem I'm very "organized" but I arrived back here at HQ last night, and I'm still not done unpacking *sigh.* :)
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