Apr 15, 1983 (Age: 39)
the abandoned lab.
Full Name
invader horizongreen
Known Aliases
The kid, laundry room ghost.
4' 11"
111.6 pounds
Eye Color
Hair Color
Short , very bony and tiny, with short brown hair that barely reaches her shoulders. Has two scars , one faint one above her left eye, and a more recent visible one above her right eye. Has dimples on her cheeks
Character Background
A person sent from another space and time, to locate a girl codenamed Julia.Invader is from another dimension,and hails from a world called everdream.
Invader was sent to right a wrong that would have ripped apart Julia's world. It would have upset the very existence of a few worlds nearby as well. Invader was only supposed to locate her and send Julia home.

Unfortunately she arrived late,but sent Julia home anyway. This came at the cost of being trapped in this world. All of her powers have been neutralized, due to an unknown event.

As a result of the delay invader was captured and forced to live what Julia went through.Doing so negated the mental damage Julia suffered, and Julia has no memory of this world. Taking her place has negated what Julia would have gone through.

This has left invader with memory loss, severe mental scars, and a few physical ones. She can only reach her home world through dreams ,and only has her full powers in dreams.

Memories of her old life, and who she really is do come and go though. Perhaps one day she can return home, only time will tell.

She is finally free from other world labs where she has spent the last 13 years as a prisoner.

She sometimes can sense the emotions of those around her, and can also sense some things about the places she is in. If you see her with a dazed look she is taken in the spirit to her home world but it does not last long.

In order to return home she needs to find her old name (before she was invader) , receive a new name ( must find the right person) and find the connecting door.

She harbors a self aware artificial life form that is currently in a deep sleep. They share a symbiotic relationship and usually take on a crystal form.

Currently they are back at the now abandoned lab, and found some nanobots.
Quiet but not shy , however tends to scare people when yelling. . Has the age of an adult but the emotional state of a kid.

If she admires you she will never admit it, for fear of offending those she admires. In fact she does not wish to possibly interrupt group dynamics and keeps to herself unless one reaches out to her. Gaining her trust is very difficult, however once acquired her trust of you will never fade.

Currently a lot more adventurous, and a little restless.
To help any of the ACME detectives as a means of repaying them for their kindness for letting her stay here.
Medium of Means
Currently some recently acquired nanobots.
Color #


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  1. It is hard to read the riddle of ones own soul, much more of another.


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