July 21
San Francisco
Canine Unit
Full Name
Lucinda Marie Sanchez
Known Aliases
Alice, Luce, Lulu
July 21
4' 10"
104 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Short stature, black hair goes down to her butt. Lol. Others perceive her as thoughtful, sweet-natured, very determined. Her big personality makes up for her lack of height.

Sometimes surprises people with how deep she is. (As if people aren't expecting anything under the anxiety)

Depending on what she's wearing, her eyes can look either green or blue.
Character Background
Lucy was born in 2000 in Louisiana to Arista Sanchez, former Law enforcement and ACME agent, who left after her husband's tragic loss. Lucy's first memories are watching The Thunder Birds perform and going to the commissary for food, along with moving often. The young woman wanted to be an agent since childhood. At the age of fourteen, she joined the academy, her mother not supporting her decision.

Currently, Lucy is a part-time student majoring in communication arts. She is hoping to go into public relations, non-profit organizations, such as The Humane Society. She also has an internship as a Vet, working with ACME'S K-9 unit. Pitya Ivyr is K9 unit manager.
curious, stubborn, hates being center of attention, quirky, very shy around new people, not good in large gatherings, sensitive, emotional. Tries to see the good in everyone.

She doesn't get angry very often but push hard enough and she will.)
Advocating for animals, finding out about her father, gaining confidence, and making friends
Medium of Means
uses small size to advantage. Computer she's always got, and items from backpack.


"If you're not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you"

-Zig Ziglar


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