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  1. Claire Yeon

    Closed Nashville to Norway

    Is it Duluth, Minnesota?
  2. Claire Yeon

    Closed I Cantata Hear You...

    Is it Carmina Burana?
  3. Claire Yeon

    Closed [Hot/Cold] Storeys to Tell

    Is it the Lotte World Tower in Seoul?
  4. Claire Yeon

    Closed [11 Questions] Sing to Me, Paolo

    Is it Katy Perry?
  5. Claire Yeon

    Closed [22 Questions] Well Versed

    Is it Scheherazade?
  6. Claire Yeon

    Closed [Hot/Cold] state of the art II

    Is it Kat Von D?
  7. Claire Yeon

    Closed [11 Questions] No Man's an...

    Is it Dominica?
  8. Claire Yeon

    Botticelli: Round 3

    No, but I have it narrowed down. I keep coming back to one name, so I'm going to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Mary Pickford?
  9. Claire Yeon

    Botticelli, round 7

    Are you Michael Faraday?
  10. Claire Yeon

    Deduction Find a Forest

    Is it the Hoia Forest in Romania?
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