Claire Avalon

FYI I RP with the Earth series as cannon and roughly set in the show’s timeline, so my writing takes place in the mid 90s, unless I specify otherwise…or just feel like ignoring continuity.
[real me: I joined this forum when it was theelusivecarmensandiego in like…it had to have been no later than 2012? I was super young, maybe 13? My original name was Nicole Barnes and I’d do anything to access those stories again for nostalgias sake. But as the lady in red would say, “I’m taking a trip down memory lane.”]
WOEICS is cannon and Netflix series can’t complete IMO😬
Dec 23, 1996 (Age: 25)
Profiler, opera singer
Full Name
Claire Violet Avalon
Known Aliases
Violet Nowak
Claire Nowak
Eye Color
Hair Color
Medium height, slim, soft, extremely pale, brown eyes, long black hair in a long shag with curtain bangs (straight when not styled), strives to look more angular and intimidating, usually in pantsuits or all black.
Character Background
Unwanted daughter of a reclusive millionaire and his 2nd (now ex) wife. Mother abandoned Claire as a toddler leaving her with a father in who was not interested in her and seemed to resent her. Despite her father living mainly in South America, Claire studied music at various boarding schools for the arts but became interested in criminal profiling when Acme recruiters visited schools in her area. Claire studied profiling at the ACME academy, but ultimately got her degree studying opera in Chicago. While not a full time agent, she is a contract free lancer for ACME and often gives lectures on criminal motives and behaviors. Although lately, Claire seems to be more interested in understanding criminals than catching them at all, and ACME is hearing less and less from her.
Bossy, sarcastic, talkative, introverted, determined, stubborn, hyper-emotionally intelligent, artistic, sensitive, pessimistic
☀♑, 🌙♊, ⬆♊
Leading lady mezzo at an A1 class opera house, restore a Victorian house, and a conversation with the worlds greatest thief.
Medium of Means
Mostly archived ACME case files and evidence, videos, handwriting, public records, a few high tech tools, but when it comes to physicality in the field, she’s better off mastering a melisma than zip lining down the Eiffel Tower.
Color #



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