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*is very 😀 now that she has a new 🐭 for her 🖥.* 😉
Really glad your mouse is working again. Missed you. <3
Julie Justice
Julie Justice
Thanks, Lucy. I'd had had that wireless mouse for 11 yrs; and used it pretty hard; it was time to replace it. But, as with anything remotely "technological" it picked a very inconvenient time to "die" on me. Lol. And even though I didn't really go away, I'm very happy to posting again. 🙂
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*drops off some chicken mulligatawny:misosoup: hot tea :tea: naan bread, and some cough drops with a note the says, "Feel better soon."
Thank you...I think that and my newest sleep medicine helped. I haven't slept through the night in years....
I hope you're having a very Happy Birthday today, and I'm wishing you many more to come. 🎂🙂
Happy Birthday Lee Jordan! I hope you'll like these presents I've got you: a bottle of West Coast style IPA beer and a Magnetic Shark Repellent Surfer's Bracelet (Just in case you go surfing this bracelet will protect you from a shark attack).
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