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  4. Medieval AU

    Medieval AU

    This took a long time to screenshot and stitch together. Worth it.
  5. Chase

    Co-Written Shoot House

    [This journal entry is part of the Auld Lang Syne - Seraphim storyline. Credits: Chase Deinveaux, Eugene Grovington, Mikal Darsha] ACME Training Grounds Alameda After eleven months of rearranging for countless raids, the forest of plywood and sheet metal occupying one...
  6. Chase not Synic

    Chase not Synic

  7. Eugene

    Co-Written Danger - Ejection Seat

    (From an in character chat session on the old site. Heavily refined to reflect only Eugene's perspective.) At 0700, the Academy cafeteria was only just beginning to see traffic for the day. Agents, trainees, and other early birds were beginning to trickle in, meaning Eugene was able to slide...
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