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  4. Carmen

    Q & A AMA - Carmen Sandiego

    Shall we begin?
  5. Rain (Full Version)

    Rain (Full Version)

    This was the full version of Rain, before it was cropped. I have no idea why I cropped it, looks much better here, composition-wise.
  6. Joe Kerr

    Co-Written Planning Committee

    (co-written with @Carmen and @Acton Roux ) The following events happen 1 month after the events of Ultramarine. ‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’ Flanked by his favourite feline, Joseph Kerr strode briskly through the network of tunnels beneath Stone Harbor. In lieu of his...
  7. Chase

    Open Discussion for Unnamed RP in Greece

    As some of you know, we're merging the VILE-Only thread (VILE - Eudaimonia) with a more open site-wide RP. Premise: Contessa is heading to a party [on an unnamed island]. ACME has infiltrated said location as staff on an information-gathering mission. So far, the cast includes: @Contessa...
  8. Joe Kerr

    Of Kings and Queens

    (all mentions of Carmen have been approved by her writer/author) Of Kings & Queens “Have you ever thought of working in a bigger team?” Willy Kerrigan paused at the seemingly innocuous question; his calculating gaze hovering over the weathered chess board that stood between him and his...
  9. Joe Kerr

    Red and Black

    (Note: The following poem is loosely inspired by the 'Red and Black' song from Les Miserables. Treat it as a trailer for what is to come in Ultramarine. WARNING: May contain spoilers :P) RED It is the color of the skies bearing witness this day And the rivers of blood flowing through...
  10. Carmen

    A Siberian Lesson

    Something enlightening happened to me along the tracks of the Trans-Siberian. Awaiting departure from Sverdlovsk station, I was in my seat, reading an English-translated copy of 'Crime and Punishment'. Gratifyingly, I discovered the 1938 edition inside a used bookshop in Yekaterinburg. I was...
  11. Joe Kerr

    Fan Fiction A very Secret Santa

    ACME HQ, San Francisco, CA The second floor of Accolade consisted almost entirely of multi-purposed function rooms; each room was segregated by soundproof partitions which could be removed to create a huge, exhibition hall-sized venue for larger events. A pair of black pumps graced the rich...
  12. Carmen survelliance sketch

    Carmen survelliance sketch

  13. That one time...

    That one time...

  14. Chase not Synic

    Chase not Synic

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  17. Two Wheeler

    Two Wheeler

  18. Masquerade


  19. Window of Opportunity

    Window of Opportunity

  20. Maserati


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