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    Archived La Vie de Luxe

    Eartha didn't quite understand what Carmen was doing until she was told to head out. Head out? Leave the apartment? But why? None of her questions were answered as she packed to run. There wasn't much in the apartment she needed, and everything else could be left. Eartha took one last look...
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    Archived La Vie de Luxe

    City of Luxembourg, Luxembourg el-halcon-verde said: El Halcon wrinkled his nose. 'El Maestro de Absurdo?' If this wasn't a cover he'd take serious objection to that. He straightened himself up though and cleared his throat. "Si, as you may well know, it is against the honorable code of...
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    Archived La Vie de Luxe

    Eartha didn't take many tours around Luxembourg, but in the morning, she made it a point to powerwalk down streets with names she liked. Stopping by a local market on Grand-Rue, she spotted a Luchador and his side kick. He was dressed like he wanted to not be seen, but that bright green mask...
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    Archived La Vie de Luxe

    Luxembourg, near Am Tunnel Yesterday morning, Eartha Brute was enjoying one of her favorite pastimes, bending metal bars into pretzels. After only about fifty bars, she got an assignment from Carmen, telling her to go to Luxembourg. Eartha was big and when she traveled, people noticed, so the...
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    [Chat Log] Feb, 2019

    *waves to all*
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    Closed [22 Questions] Well Versed

    Was the thing she's in an epic poem?
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    [Chat Log] Feb, 2019

    Which book was it?
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    VILE V.I.L.E. Conspiracies

    Link: Secret Santa 2018 - Gifts Thread
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    Writing The Last Time...

    Second time for this question in only 5 posts? I bawled 30 minutes ago watching The Notebook (again). *sniffs* When was the last time you said "I love you" to somebody and meant it?
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    VILE V.I.L.E. Conspiracies

    Guys *looks around* Didn't @Patty give @Carmen get a new cat for Christmas? Where is it?
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    Q & A AMA - Jacqueline Hyde

    What advice would you give to anyone who's just time traveled and recently joined VILE?
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    Q & A AMA - Claire Yeon

    Would you ever read a romance novel about an intelligent but lonely art curator and a fishing detective with selective color-blindness?
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    Q & A AMA - Joseph Kerr

    Does Joe ever wish he was a better version of himself? What is that better version like?
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    Q & A AMA - Contessa Adrianna Covrenzi

    How do you keep your hair so nice and moisturized even after changing its color so many times?
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    Q & A AMA - Flag

    Did Flag have a birth name that was different from the one he has now?
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