Personal Trainer
Full Name
Eartha Brute (Born Edyta Zofia Czeslawa Zielinski)
Known Aliases
Earth, Edyth, EB, Sheila Rose
Body Builder
Eye Color
Hair Color
Tall and brawny with the odd scar or bruise from colliding into glass doors.
Character Background
Eartha Brute was born Edyta Zofia Czeslawa Zielinski and raised in a Polish orphanage until the age of 7 when she was adopted by her mentor Marek Ladziak and his wife Apolonia. Ladziak was an obsessive body builder and won the Polish National Prize on several occasions. He helped her understand muscle toning and physique, and even helped Eartha enter a youth body building contest when she was 16. She left with second prize.

After Ladziak's sudden death when she was 18, Edyta was given a sum of money and parted ways with her adoptive mother. She migrated to the United Kingdom where she began training the rich and famous.

At a rave in Ibiza, she was introduced to a young socialite who was recovering from something she called a 'tennis elbow' but was clearly an injury caused by excessive globe-trotting. After a few training sessions they bonded, and Eartha became an indispensable part of VILE.
Outwardly, she's strong, vivacious, a regular comedienne with a love for bright colors and a firm believer in action speaking louder than words. Inwardly, she's a concealed romantic, keeping a personal library of romance books. Eartha keeps a secret diary of her imaginary or one-sided pursuits for love, which she vents to almost religiously.

It's apparent that everyone in VILE knows of this book, because Eartha mentioned it unintentionally on many occasions. Most leave her be and those who tried to read it have found her handwriting impossible. Her recent limerences include good guy detectives and watch collectors.
-To finish her own collection of romance stories.
-To match at least one couple and give a speech at their wedding.
-To fix Vic's hunch.
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